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Nguyen Ba Vu A.


2010 2013

Tran Quoc Tuan High School

The order of adjectives

We can use more than one adjective before a noun. There is usually one correct order. Ex: It's beautiful sunny weather. Nick has got a big black dog.

We cannot say sunny beautiful weather or a-black big dog

B. ADJECTIVES AND NOUNS: We sometimes use two nouns together. Ex: + a glass door + a computer program

Here we use glass like an adjective, to describe the door. When we use another adjective as well (Ex: heavy), it comes before both the nouns. Ex: + a heavy glass door + a useful computer program C. WORD ORDER: We order adjectives according to their meaning. This is the normal order: GROUP EXAMPLES 1 Opinion (how good?) 2 Size (how big?) 3 Most other qualities 4 Age (how old?) 5 Colour 6 Origin (where from?) 7 Material (made of?) 8 Type (what kind?) 9 Purpose (what for?) Here are some examples. a small green insect (size, colour) Japanese industrial designers (origin, type) a wonderful new face cream (opinion, age, purpose) awful plastic souvenirs (opinion, material) a long boring train journey (size, quality, type) some nice easy quiz questions (opinion, quality, purpose) a beautiful wooden picture frame (opinion, material, purpose) We sometimes put commas between adjectives in Groups 1-3 a horrible, ugly building a busy, lively, exciting city wonderful, nice, great, awful, terrible Adjectives that say how good large, small, long, short, tall and how big come first. quiet, famous, important, soft, wet, difficult, fast, angry, warm new, old

Nguyen Ba Vu red, blue, green, black American, British, French stone, plastic, steel, paper an electric kettle, political matters, road transport a bread knife, a bath towel Most adjectives come next if they do not belong to another group. Some of these are nouns.

2010 2013

Tran Quoc Tuan High School

Exercises 1 The order of adjectives (A-C) Describe the pictures. Use these words: boots, building, car, seat, singer

big leather boots 1. .. 3 . 2. .. 4 2 The order of adjectives (A-C) Write a list of things to be sold at an auction. basin / sugar, antique, silver an antique silver sugar basin 1 vase / glass, old, lovely 2 mirror / wall, attractive 3 desk / modern, office 4 chairs / kitchen, red, metal 5 boat / model, splendid, old 6 stamps / postage, valuable, Australian 7 table / small, coffee, wooden 3 The order of adjectives (A-C) Look at each advertisement and write the information in a single sentence. This game is new. It's for the family. And it's exciting. This is an exciting new family game. 1 This computer is for business. It's Japanese. And it's powerful. 2 This fire is electric. It's excellent. And it's small. 3 This is a chocolate bar. It's new. And it's a big bar. 4 This comedy is American. It's for television. And it's terrific. 5 These doors are aluminium. They're for your garage. And they're stylish. 6 These shoes are modern. They're for sports. And they're wonderful. This phone is a mobile. It's German. And it's very good.