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Dr Spyridon Tsitsigkos was elected Lecturer in 2004 and in 2008 Asso-ciate Professor of Psychology of eligion in Theological School of the

!ni"er-sity of Athens# $e was %orn in &'(' in )halkida where he finished for*al training and in the sa*e ti*e he studied +,y-antine and instru*ental .uro-pean/ *usical and pictorial studies# After the graduation of the Theological School of the !ni"ersity of Athens he signed up at the Philosophical School of ethy*no +)rete/0 while was perfor*ing the office of the Secondary .ducation twenty years and o"er0 and the highest .cclesiastical Acade*y of Athens# Then0 with scholarships of . AS1!S and the )hurch of 2reece0 he re-educated at the !ni"ersity of Durha* in .ngland +1aster of Art in Patristic Depth Psychology/0 while o%taining a Diplo*a of .nglish Language0 )ertificate of .LTS of 3ing4s )ollege of the !ni"ersity of London +&''0/0 )ertificate of 5.. of !ni"ersity of Durha* School of .nglish +&''&/ and )o*petence in .nglish fro* the 2reek 1inistry of .ducation +&''6/# )o*ing %ack in 2reece0 he recei"ed the degree of Doctor of Theology %y the Theological School of Thessalonica and the degree of Doctor of Psychology %y the Psychological 7aculty of the !ni"ersity of Athens# Aside fro* teaching )o*puter with an official certificate training +&''8/ 9 :nternet0 )ounseling Psychology0 )ultural Anthropology and Psychology of )ulture in the )enters .ducational Training +&;8;&6;';2000 and 22;'-&8;8;2000/ and .ducational Training :nstitutes +&8;8;2000-2';';2000/ and0 also0 *ore generally in his acti"e presence on the :nternet0 like the gaining of the official )ertificate of :nstructor +<# =<#>?@0 Ao egister 400B'';26-4-2002/0 he has participated and attend "arious educational0 pedagogical0 pastoral0 psycho-logical +)o**unity )enter of 1ental $ealth0 6;&&;&''B/ and psychiatric +ProCect of )linical Psychiatry of the !ni"ersity of Athens for one year0 Athens 20000 ProCect of )linical Psychiatry of the !ni"ersity of Athens with colla%oration to :nstitute of Psychiatry 3ingDs )ollege London for one year0 Athens 200(/ Se*inars0 and he has participated as a Lecturer in se"eral psychological0 theological and philosophical )onferences0 5orkshops0 Postgraduate0 e-educated and e-fresher )ourses of Synod of )hurch of 2reece0 Theological School of Athens0 "arious training :nstitutes etc# Si*ilarly0 he has participated in "arious radiotele"ision %roadcasts and has ga"e "arious scientific0 cultural0 national0 social0 educational0 pedagogic0 scholastic and religious lectures in 1unicipalities0 )ha*%ers0 *ulti"alent and intellectual )entres of Athens0 in )enters of open protection of old *en0 )hurches0 Schools0 Parents Associations etc# !ntil now he has written a lot of scholarly %ooks Ee#g# FSpiritual 7atherhood0 according to St# Gohn )hrysosto*Ds ho*ilies on Penance in the light of Psychology of DepthH0 T$.ILI2:A 80;4 +2000/ 826-'600 The Soul of *an according to Gohn )hrysosto* +diss#/0 )hrysosto*Ds .thos +with psychological para*eters/0 )hristianity in "iew of the third

*illenniu* +)ontri%ution to the Psycho-history of conte*porary )hristianity/0 Psychology of eligion0 eligiosity and Desire according to A# Jergote0 Psychology of Sects0 eligion and Science +with e*phasis on Psychology/0 )o*parati"e Psychology of )ultures Gudaic-)hristian and o*an0 eligiosity0 Personality and :dentity in 2reek Students +diss#/ et al#K and se"eral essays and encyclopedic entries0 whereas he contri%utes to se"eral *aga-ines and newspapers# $e has elected steward of the Pan-$ellenic !nion of Theologians and is a *e*%er *any 2reek and foreign !nions or :nstitutes0 scholarly Associations +A*erican Psychological Association0 :nternational Association of Applied Psychology0 :nternational Association for the Psychology of eligion0 Association :nternationale DD .tudes 1edico-PsychologiLues et eligieuses0 2reek Psycho-logical )o*pany0 eligious esearch Association and others/ and )o**ittees and *e*%er of super"isory %oards of pu%lication of scientific Cournals MSI) AT.SM0 M3I:AIA:AM0 and director of Cournal FA.5 N:IAH of Patriarchate of Gerusale*# At repetition he has %een rewarded with Distinction and ewards for his concrete scholarly works0 as well as his o"erall cultural offer and social contri%utions fro*O the 1inistry of Aational .ducation and eligions0 the Pan-.uropean eport and 7rankfurt ,ook )o*petition in colla%oration with the Aational )entre of ,ook0 the Patristic and ,y-antine :nstitute A*erica0 the Prefecture of Piraeus and the Piraeus :ntellectual )entre FPhiloH0 the M2oddess AthenaH Acade*y of Letters and Arts0 and fro* the :nternational !nion of 2reek 1en of Letters0 which enCoys *e*%ership as second Jice-president#