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Food Manufacturer Selects Ondeo Nalco

n February 2001, Ondeo Nalco was awarded a fiveyear contract to operate a biological pretreatment wastewater facility in Kentucky for a national food manufacturer. The facility treats 15,000 gpd (gallons per day) of high strength (COD>10,000 mg/L) wastewater from the food manufacturer. The facility is staffed with two Ondeo Nalco operators.

As a direct result of our efforts, the customer asked Ondeo Nalco to assume operation of the existing pretreatment facility as of February 4, 2002, and to work together to implement the proposed plant upgrades in order to have the biological pretreatment facility fully operational by June 1, 2003. The contract term for the Ohio facility is five years. The Ohio facility treats 20,000 gpd of high strength wastewater. Both facilities are staffed with two Ondeo Nalco operators.

Ondeo Nalco Process Services / Ondeo Nalco Center / Naperville, IL 60563 / 630.305.1000

After assuming operation, Ondeo Nalco had the pretreatment facility back in compliance with its discharge permit. As a result of our cost-effective, efficient operation of the Kentucky plant, we were asked in October 2001 to evaluate the operation of the manufacturers biological pretreatment facility in Ohio. The Ohio pretreatment facility was under a consent order from the Ohio EPA to restore the deteriorated facility to its original condition by June 2003. Ondeo Nalco made a site visit, collected operating and maintenance data, and produced an engineering study that responded to the issues raised by the Ohio EPA.

Ondeo Nalco provides direct oversight of plant operations utilizing NalcoSERVs regionally located team of field service supervisors. The oversight includes two weeks of on-site time during start-up and will provide a minimum of one day per month for ongoing management of the operations. For the Ohio start-up, Ondeo Nalcos Unisolv district manager was on hand to assist with wastewater treatment chemical needs and to establish a relationship with the customer that will hopefully lead to new

Original Pretreatment Plant Design

Influent Dissolved Air Floatation Equalization Tank Aeration Basin Aeration Basin

DAF Sludge

Mix-and-Divide Tank Effluent Final Clarifier Waste Sludge Return Sludge

Plate & Frame Press Disposal

The customers biological wastewater pretreatment facility is generally meeting the EPAs pretreatment effluent limits for BOD5, TSS, pH, and FOG (Fats, Oil & Grease). At issue is the need to restore or upgrade the pretreatment facility to an operational status that meets with the approval of the state EPA. In order to do this, nonfunctional equipment needs to be retrofitted, replaced, or removed and the pretreatment facilitys overall operation needs to be optimized. business that would include, for example, the boiler and cooling tower chemicals. The Ohio project will generate approximately $900,000 of sales for Ondeo Nalco over the fiveyear contract period. This Ondeo Nalco customer is a privately owned bakery with 3,500 employees and multiple manufacturing facilities. They provide a wide variety of quality products in contract baking, dairy, private label, institutional, and branded products. The baker is also a major manufacturing partner for many leading food companies in the United States.

The upgrade will include automated screenings, primary equalization with pH adjustment, dissolved air floatation, secondary equalization with pH adjustment, nutrient addition, biological treatment, final clarification, sludge processing using the plate and frame press, sludge storage, and final effluent flow measurement.
Upgraded Pretreatment Plant Design
Influent Flow From Sump Pits pH Adjustment

Nutrient Addition pH Adjustment

New or upgraded equipment is shown in red.

Equalization Tank No. 1 Internally Fed Rotating Screen Polymer Feed

Equalization Tank No. 2

Aeration Basin Mix-and-Divide Tank

Aeration Basin

Effluent Final Clarifier Flow Measurement

Dissolved Air Floatation Unit


Disposal Plate & Frame Press

Return Sludge

Sludge Storage

Waste Sludge