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Transmission & Distribution

SB6 123-245 kV - SF6 circuit breaker

SF6 circuit breaker with gas dynamic operating mechanism Powerful
Up to 50Ka Isc 10.000 CO mechanical endurance

Poles are delivered complete and ready to operate: Fit them onto the simple structure Fill up the SF6 gas Plug-in the electrical connectors .operate Integrated pole + operating mechanism,self contained architecture Free lay out


Protected st operating mechanism Only static SF6 to air seals Sealed for life concept 40 years experience of puffer interrupter

All moving parts housed Tested seismic capability 0,5g

A. B. C. D. E. F.

Interrupter Insulating, support column Operating mechanism Local Control Cubicle Interconnection cables Support structure

DESIGN Each breaker consists of three identical poles, each one is a complete functional unit comprising the interrupter, the insulating column and a power actuator driven by the SF6 gas of the pole in a closed cycle. Each pole is installed over a small simple lattice structure. A local control cubicle (LCC) provides for the control of the three-pole unit, connected to each pole via cable(s) with plug-in gas-tight connector(s). The density switch of each pole is installed inside the operating mechanism enclosure. A glass window allows to see the mechanical position indicator. A design combining simplicity, reliability and safety Only one technique provides insulation, current interruption and contacts operation. The breaking chambers and the operating mechanism are totally enclosed, assembled and factory tested, for minimum on site works and optimized maintenance. Static interfaces between SF6 and atmosphere : no dynamic revolving or sliding joints. Routine maintenance is unnecessary and environment is protected. Safety is improved as there are no accessible moving parts. No mechanical assembly on site related to operating mechanism ( no pipes, no ganging, no setting). Application Outdoor installation in AIS substations Protection of lines, cables, reactors and capacitors Standards : IEC 60056 and 62271-100 GAS DYNAMIC OPERATING MECHANISM PRINCIPLE The energy for actuating the main contacts is provided by SF6 pressure differential between : The volume formed by interrupter and the insulating column (1) The volume of the operating mechanism enclosure (2) Opening (fig 1): The interrupter (1) is at rated normal SF6 pressure for insulation and interruption. The mechanism (2) is low pressure rated. Opening (fig 2): On control signal, the valve group (3) directs the gas in the front of piston (4) to open the contact. At the end of the operation the driving gas inside the cylinder is released to expansion volume (2). Gas recovery (fig 3): A sealed compressor (5) housed inside the expansion enclosure (2) restores the pressure in the upper chamber. Closing (fig 4): On control signal, the valve group (3) directs the gas behind the piston (4) to close the contact. At the end of the operation the driving gas inside the cylinder is released to expansion volume (2). Closing (fig 5): The sealed compressor (5) restores the pressure in the upper chamber.

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. A. B.

HV terminal Fixed arcing contact Nozzle Moving main contact Upper porcelain insulator Insulating rod Opening valve group Closing valve group Auxiliary contacts Compressor Gas filling valve Plug-in electric connector Density switch Spring toggle device Double effect piston Filter Lower porcelain insulator Moving arcing contact Fixed main contact Molecular sieves Coils High pressure volume Low pressure volume

Rated voltage Ur Interrupters / pole Type Rated frequency Fr Insulation levels - Power frequency - BIL 1,2/50ms Rated continuous current Ir Symmetrical breaking capacity Isc Making capacity Duration of short circuit Rated break time Rayed closing time Operating sequence Minimum creepage distance Ambient temperature range Seismic capability
mm/kV C g kVrms kVp kA kAp s ms ms Hz kVrms nr

123 1 SB6 123

145 1 SB6 145 50 / 60

170 1 SB6 170

245 SB6 245

230 550

275 650 3150 31,5 - 40

325 750

460 (*) 1050 (**) 3150-4000 31,5 - 40 -50

2,5 times Isc (50Hz) - 2,6 times Isc (60Hz) 1-3 50 <70 O-0,3s-CO-3min-CO or O.0,3s-CO-1min-CO or CO-15s-CO according to pollution levels of IEC 60815 -25 to + 55 0,3 / 0,5

(*) a version is also available for 530kV to earth and / or across open gap (**) a version is also available for 1200kVp to earth and / or across open gap

Installation easy erection pole by pole transported as a complete unit installation without need of a specialist (no adjustments no dismantling or re-assembly) extremely simple civil works (no need of tight tolerances) pre-wired LCC half a day installation time simplified adaptation to existing civil works Maintenance for many applications , interrupters can be considered maintenance free(electric endurance >800kA cumulated under short circuit conditons) only periodic non-invasive checks suggested inspection after 5000 operations Limits of standard supply The supply normally includes : poles with brown porcelains standard insulator creepage 25mm/kV support structure per pole LCC and cables to poles SF6 gas for 1st filling set of accessories for site assembly (no standard tools included) aluminium terminal pads drilled to IEC/NEMA, single sided earthing connection points on structures standard centre-line distances O-CO-CO stored operations a.c. motor supply

Tests CB type tested according to IEC Standards Seismic tested 0,5g before delivery each CB must pass routine tests in accordance with IEC for each CB a routine test report is issued with actual test results Notes modules and columns are transported with SF6 at 0.04 barg ; 1st filling gas cylinders remain customer's property gas and / or support structure can be excluded from the supply on request primary and earthing clamps can be supplied on request the factory is certified Main options overpressure relief device on poles extended creepage 31mm/kV and higher synchronized switching grey porcelains customized phase distances different terminal pads or double sided undervoltage tripping coil specific versions for 30 or 35C d.c. supply for the motor

Dimensions: type/mm SB6 123 / 145 SB6 170 SB6 245 SB6 245 extended

2575 2575 2575 2575

3900 4090 4535 4735

5350 5730 6520 7020

800 800 800 800

1800 1800 1800 1800

390 390 390 390

620 620 620 620

2200 2500 3200 3200

CB mass kg
1800 2160 2700 3050

Design, data, dimensions are indicative and subject to change without notice


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