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2011 University of the Philippines College Admission Test Review

Gasan Central School Gasan District May 26-June 6, 2011


Subtests: Part 1: English and Grammar............(90 items) Part 2: Science and Technology........(60 items) Part 3: Mathematics..........................(60 items) Part 4:Reading and Comprehension.(90 items)



90 items Time Allotment: 60 minutes DIRECTIONS: In each of the following sentences there are four inderlined words or phrases. Shade the letter of the word or phrase that makes the sentence incorrect. If the sentence has no error shade letter E for No error. Answer every item quickly and accurately, don't waste time. 1. According to Boyle's law, as the pressure exerted on a medium decreases the volume of A B the same medium raises. C D 2. The global financial crisis has effected not only the United States of America but the A B C Philippines as well. D 3. The jury have decided not to disqualify the contestant after allegedly cheating in the A B C competition due to lack of evidence. D 4. After seeing the massive tsunami that hit Japan, it made me scared, worried and uneasy. A B C D 5. Biology is such important study because learning it is the basic step of learning life. A B C D 6. Twenty thousand pesos are not enough to buy a new cellphone and a new camera for my A B C D mom. 7. To who did you give the data needed to determine the statistical variance of the survey A B C conducted last month? D 8. Jathropa Curcas, locally known as Tuba-tuba, is famous for it's potential as an alternative A B C source of bio-fuel in our country. D

9. A mammal can be easily distinguished from a reptile like a mammal has fur as a protective A B C covering for its body while a reptile has scales to defend its body. D 10. Elements such as nitrogen, oxygen and fluorine are diatomic in nature. A B C D 11. Professor Gerry Medallion, together with his student assistants, are going to an expedition A B in Palawan to gather more information regarding the new species of flora and fauna found in C D the province. 12. A number of books was turned to ashes when the Chemistry Pavilion in the University of A B the Philippines- Diliman was ravaged by fire. C D 13. The number of students willing to take the risk of enrolling in difficult courses like EEE12 A B C and Journalism 18 are steadily declining. D 14. Neither the client nor the security guards claims that they saw the bank robbery that had A B C happened a while ago. D 15. Either the students or the teacher are requested to attend the symposium about illegal A B drugs that will be conducted the day after tomorrow. C D 16. Corruption, dishonesty and greed are the main reason why our country is still lagging A B C D behind other Asian countries. 17. A eukaryotic cell is a that has its own DNA and organelles that help it function properly. A B C D 18. Because of your stubborn behavior, I have a simple favor to ask you, Will you please A B come back to the place where you came from? C D

19. The council has agreed to honor the highest award to anyone who can make a notable A B C invention out of native materials. D 20. Half of the cake were eaten by my classmates when they visited me yesterday. A B C D DIRECTION: Choose the letter of the best answer that will complete each given statements.

21. Everybody in the class ____ complimented by the principal because of their good performance in the test. A. have been C. was B. had been D. were 22. He was very articulate in his campaign and he was believed to be the one to win the mayorial race but it turned out that only _______ really supported him. A. a few C. a some B. a little D. a portion 23. Mico ______ decided to pursue nursing in college rather than pursuing engineering. A. have C. must have B. has D. must has 24. Neither the priest nor the nun ______to pray every 6 o' clock. A. forgets C. have forgotten B. forget D. forgotten 25. Did you already ________ the specimen to be examined? A. prepares C. prepared B. prepare D. have prepared 26. Does she ______ how to integrate complex integral problems? A. knows C. have known B. know D. has known 27. _______the animals in the zoo, I found the sloth to be the most interesting. A. Between C. Of all B. Among D. Among of 28. The news program _______ that there is a low pressure area found in the Philippine Area of Responsibility. A. broadcasted C. has broadcasted B. broadcast D. have broadcast

29. 50% of the oranges ______ consumed already by the visitors. A. is C. was B. are D. were 30. They _______ together ever since they met each other. A. have been C. are B. has been D. is 31. He felt remorse, anger and ______ when he saw the man who have stolen his laptop recently. A. aggressive C. aggressiveness B. aggression D. agressed 32. He may already has his professional driver's license but I still don't have a good feeling about ______ driving us to the hotel. A. his C. he B. him D. he'll 33. Being a well rounded individual, I love playing badminton, swimming and ______ books. A. to read C. to have read B. read D. reading 34. I am already tired, I want to _____ down on the couch for a while. A. lie C. l ays B. lay D. lies 35. The couple _____ in many activities that made them more productive. A. engages C. engaging B. engaged D. engage DIRECTION: Shade the letter of the pair of words that has the same relationship as the given pair of words. 36. external reproduction: fish:: A. dogs: sexual reproduction B. amoeba: cell division C. binary fission: protists D. filter feeding: flagella 37. cell eating: phagocytosis:: cell drinking: A. pinocytosis B. filter feeding C. endocytosis D. bulk transport

38. Shintoism: Japan:: A. Hinduism: Indonesia B. Confucianism: China 39. maladroit: adroit:: A. prone: supine B. relevant: important 40. medicine: illness:: A. love: treason B. play: be fit 41. President: executive:: A. Senate: Court of Appeals B. Lower House: legislative 42. flood: inundation:: A. fire: conflagration B. outrageous: monstrous 43. geologist: rocks:: A. biologist: cytokinesis B. chemist: substances 44. solar system: galaxy:: A. councilors: vice-mayor B. airplane: airport 45. playwright: play:: A. writer: pen B. policemen: gun 46. lustrous: satin:: A. bright: future B. luminous: sea 47. lunatic: maniac:: A. insinuate: abstract B. inseminate: impertinent 48. amnesty: pardon:: A. friendly: belligerent B. ambiguous: lucid 49. electric fan: electricity:: A. love: couple B. relationship: love 6

C. Zoroastrianism: Bangladesh D. Judaism: Turkey C. enmity: amity D. apathy: aloofness C. law: anarchy D. nutrition: health C. Supreme Court: Judiciary D. Senate: Senate C. surveillance: supervision D. outright: arrant C. physicist: projectile D. mathematician: integrals C. bus terminal: bus D. sun: solar system C. baker: rolling pin D. teacher: graduates C. radiant: armor D. splendid: castle C. inscrutable: mysterious D. instinctive: intuition C. decoy: magnify D. supple: resilient C. affection: infatuation D. wind: windmills

50. light bulb: light:: A. Sequoia: oxygen B. exhaust: car

C. carbon dioxide: organisms D. heat: engine

DIRECTION: Choose the best word that means almost the same as the underlined word in each statement. 51. There are so many predicaments our government is facing right now. A. trivial problems C. difficult problems B. unimportant problems D. unsolvable problems 52. The sound of the Jet plane as it takes off the airport runway was indeed earsplitting. A. loud C. deafening B. stentoric D. audible 53. My seatmate is so talkative that I cannot understand anything my teacher says while giving her lecture. A. curt C. loquacious B. taciturn D. silent 54. His manly manners of dealing with others is kind of awkward because sometimes I see him being too soft to other guys. A. malevolent C. machismo B. maladroit D. malign 55. Mr. Rico Sotto, the president and secretary of the company, is very economical in managing his business transactions. A. lavish C. effective B. frugal D. sparing 56. Michael's lavish spending of his money buying trivial things will make him go broke sooner or later. A. profuse C. frugal B. exaggerated D. parsimonious 57. His comical characteristics always make the class go wild whenever the teacher is not around. A. aggressive C. ridiculous B. funny D. abeyant 58. The cumbrous pile of paper found in Mr. Reyes' shop will be sold to the junk shop near the school. A. large C. gigantic B. heavy D. enormous

59. The United States of America was able to obviate too much damage when the earthquake struck. A. prevent C. forestall B. lessen D. decrease 60. The court has invalidated his claim that he was not in the crime scene when the crime had happened. A. justified C. eradicated B. nullified D. accepted DIRECTION: Choose the best word that means the exact opposite of the underlined word in each statements. 61. His perfidious personality is what I am very worried of for anytime he can abandon us without knowing it. A. loyal C. honest B. faithless D. traitorous 62. His argument regarding the RH bill is indeed palpable and unmistakably substantial. A. perceptible C. insensible B. tangible D. intact 63. Our pledge of allegiance to our country is seldom ignored by many Filipinos. A. treachery C. faithlessness B. perfidy D. historical 64. The story of Mt. Malindig is an apocryphal tale that has been passed from one generation to another generation. A. mythical C. legendary B. fiction D. realistic 65. Rafflesia, the largest known flower in the world, emits a pungent smell similar to that of rotten meat. A. piquant C. racy B. bland D. poignant 66. Many Filipinos abhorred the past administration due to the countless anomalies that had happened. A. hate C. praise B. admire D. accept 67. Grimmie's greatest secret was finally divulged when her best friend unintentionally informed one of her siblings. A. revealed C. restrained B. concealed D. recurred

68. Gerry Penalosa, a seasoned Filipino boxing veteran, tried to rejuvenate his career but failed to do so when he lost to Eric Morel. A. renew C. wear-out B. alleviate D. restore 69. The victim castigated the suspect who stole her purse when the police got hold of him. A. punished C. chastised B. pardoned D. disciplined 70. The vociferous cries and protests of the protesters in front of the Mendiola arc have alarmed the police unit monitoring them. A. feeble C. sarcastic B. loud D. blatant DIRECTION: Choose the odd-one out. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. A. frustrate B .fulfill A. attenuate B. dilate A. vague B. specific A. antiquated B. antediluvian A. rely B. trust C. thwart D. baffle C. constrict D. circumscribe C. explicit D. definite C. obsolete D. modish C. depend D. doubt

DIRECTION: Arrange the following sentences to make a coherent paragraph. 76. 1. The meeting of the egg and sperm will result to cell division. 2. Fertilization is the process when the egg meets the sperm in the fallopian tube. 3. The embryo will now move from the fallopian tube to the uterus to be implanted. 4. An embryo will then be formed after the primary cell division. A. 4-3-2-1 C. 2-1-4-3 B. 1-2-3-4 D. 2-4-1-3 1. Deliver the solution drop by drop. 2. The first step in titration is to prepare the burette to be used. 3. Wash the burette with detergent solution and rinse with distilled water. 4. Rinse the burette with the solution to be used. A. 4-3-1-2 C. 2-1-4-3 B. 3-4-2-1 D. 2-3-4-1



1. History tells us that we cannot understand the future if we cannot understand the past. 2. Additionally, history makes us realize that without it we cannot fully comprehend how things work in the present. 3. History is not just about memorizing but it is also about making us understand how history plays a vital role in our society. 4. Finally, history teaches us to value our own history because it defines our own identity. A. 1-2-3-4 C. 1-3-2-4 B. 4-3-1-2 D. 4-3-2-1 1. First, always scan the test booklet given if there are missing pages. 2. Next, answer questions that are easier compared to others. 3. Lastly, check your answers if there is still time to do so. 4. There are three important things students must remember when taking a test. A. 4-3-2-1 C. 4-1-2-3 B. 4-3-1-2 D. 4-1-3-2 1. The choice of words must also be taken into consideration because this factor is very important to convey your message. 2. A brief conclusion of the ideas presented in your essay will make it more substantial to read and a better way of ending an essay. 3. Writing an essay is not as simple as one might think. 4. Writing an essay requires the opinion of the writer about a certain topic and this opinion must be elaborated with facts that are verifiable. A. 3-4-1-2 C. 3-2-1-4 B. 3-1-2-4 D. 3-1-4-2



PANUTO: Tukuyin ang mga salita o pariralang nakasalungguhit sa ibaba na nagpapamali sa pangungusap. Kung walang mali ay itiman ang letrang E. 81. Kakagaling ko lamang sa bayan kaninang umaga tapos ngayon ay iyo nanaman akong A B C pababalikin? D 82. Kumain ka na ba ng umagahan? Sa wari ko'y hindi pa sapagkat ang lamya mong A B C gumalaw. D 83. Pumunta ho ako doon noong isang araw upang kunin ang lunas sa gamot ng aking A B C Amang. D


84. Ayon kay Tata Selo, matatagalan daw siya sa kanilang baryo sapagkat roon siya A B C magbubungkal ng lupa at magtatanim ng gulay. D 85. Ako man ay nababahala sa maari mong sapitin dahil sa kalapastanganang 'yong A B C ginawa., ani ni Berto sa kanyang kapatid. D PANUTO: Piliin ang salitang may pinakmalapit ang kahulugan sa salitang may salungguhit sa bawat pangungusap. 86. Nagalit ang inhinyero ng mawala ang krokis ng kanilang proyektong ginagawa. A. plano C. resibo B. pondo D. suhol 87. Kilala si Kapitan Enteng sa kanilang lugar sa pagiging ganid sa salapi at kayamanan. A. mapagbigay C. gahaman B. matakaw D. taksil 88. Huwag mong paabutin sa tambulukan ang iyong tapa. A. karneng sariwa C. karneng masarap B. karneng malapit ng mabulok D. karneng inasinan 89. Mahilig manghinuli ang aming guro na si G. Reyes palibhasa'y hindi gaanong pinapansin ng ibang estudyante. A. mamuri C. mamalo B. manita D. mampahiya 90. Tadtad na ng atip ang bubong natin baka 'pag umulan ng malakas ay matanggal ang mga iyan. A. pantakip C. tabon B. butas D. gulong

-------------------------------END OF ENGLISH AND GRAMMAR EXAM--------------------





60 items Time Allotment: 45 minutes DIRECTIONS: Do what is asked and choose the BEST answer from the choices. Do NOT waste time, answer quickly and accurately, to save time and effort avoid erasures and be neat. 1. This is the scale used to measure the hardness of a specific mineral, what is it? A. Moh's Scale of Hardness C. Mercalli Hardness Scale B. Ritcher's Scale of Hardness D. Mineral Streak Scale 2. Mountains have roots which extend down the lithosphere and its elevation is inversely proportional to its density. This principle is known as? A. Buoyancy C. Gravitational balance B. Isostasy D. Lithosphere Effect 3. Which of the following mountains has the deepest mountain root? A. Mt. Kinnabalu C. Mt. Everest B. Mt. Vesuvius D. Mt. Apo 4. Which of the following does not belong to the group? A. Mercury C. Saturn B. Jupiter D. Uranus 5. Which of the following planets has the most defined ring system? A. Jupiter C. Uranus B. Saturn D. Neptune 6.The terrestrial planets are rocky I composition. What are the three main elements comprising these rocky planets? A. Si, Fe, O2 C. Si,O2 , N2 B. Si, Fe, Mg D. Si,O2, Mg 7. Earth is differentiated into layers due to magmatic differentiation. This differentiation caused the formation of boundaries. What do you call the boundary between the crust and the mantle? A. Mohorovicic Discontinuity C. Lehmann Discontinuity B. Gutenberg Discontinuity D. Airy's Discontinuity 8. What could likely happen when an earthquake occurs on an oceanic plate? A. There will be a tsunami C. There will be a new continent formed B. There will be a new island formed D. Nothing will happen


9. These are acidic rocks that are formed inside the earth's crust having large crystals, what do you call this kind of rock? A. Intrusive Igneous rock C. Macro-crystalline igneous rock B. Extrusive Igneous rock D. Micro- crystalline igneous rock 10. Which of the following places would a sedimentary rock will most likely form? A. high pressure, high temperature areas C. high pressure, low temperature areas B. bottom of the ocean D. none of the above 11. It is the area directly above the focus of an earthquake? A. hypocenter C. epicenter B. hypercenter D. central focus 12. Magnitude and Intensity are often associated with each other but they have very different usage. Which of the following terms is said to be the extent of damage done by an earthquake? A. Intensity B. Magnitude 13. This is the scale used to measure the intensity of of an earthquake, what is it? A. Moh's Scale C. Mercalli Scale B. Earthquake Intensity Scale D. Ritcher's Scale 14. On July 16, 1990, the Philippines experienced one of the most devastating earthquake in the history of its existence. This earthquake is popularly known as? A. Baguio earthquake C. Mindanao earthquake B. Mindoro earthquake D. Marikina earthquake 15. The Philippine fault system runs from Luzon to Mindanao. Luckily, there is one province in the country which is not affected by this fault system. What province is it? A. Palawan C. Basilan B. Marinduque D. Cebu 16. Organisms react to their environment. Plants reaction towards water is known as? A. geotropism C. phototropism B. hydrotropism D. tropism 17. Meiosis occurs only on sex cells. What happens to the number of chromosomes after undergoing this process? A. doubled C. halved B. tripled D. stays the same 18. This is known as the power house of the cell because in this organelle occurs cellular respiration? A. lysosomes C. cytoplasm B. mitochondria D. endoplasmic reticulum


19. Which of the following is true? A. Lysosomes are responsible in cellular respiration. B. Mitochondria are responsible in transporting nutrients inside the cell. C. Ribosomes are the sites of protein synthesis. D. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is only present in prokaryotic cells. 20. Which of the following is not true? A. Plants have macro-vacuoles larger than the vacuoles of animal cells. B. Plant cells do not have centrioles. C. Plant cells do not have a cell membrane. D. Plant cells have chloroplasts. 21. Animal cells have centrioles which are not found in plant cells ergo, plant cells have cell membrane which animal cells lack. What happens to centrioles in a mitotic process? A. forms mitotic spindle fibers C. forms DNA and replicates it B. forms into chromosomes D. forms cleavage in telophase 22. This is the splitting of glucose into two pyruvic acids? A. synthesis C. oxidative phosphorylation B. metathesis D. glycolysis 23. The light-dependent reaction in photosynthesis produce all of the following except? A. ATP C. Oxygen B. NADPH D. Glucose 24. Which of the following is the correct tissue-function pairing? A. Xylem transports water and dissolved substances from the leaves, roots and stems B. Xylem transports water and dissolved substances from the roots to the other parts of the plant. C. Phloem conducts dissolved organic substances from the leaves to the rest of the plant. D. Xylem and Phloem have the same function because they are both vascular tissues. 25. Which of the following is true? A. The left ventricle is smaller than the right ventricle. B. The right atrium is the passageway of oxygenated blood to the heart. C. Pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs. D. Aorta is one of the smallest artery in our body. 26. What do you call the distance between two neurons? A. lapse C. synapse B. transmitters D. myelin


27. What is the correct order of the stages occurring in mitosis? A. Prophase- Anaphase- Metaphase- Telophase B. Anaphase- Telophase- Metaphase- Prophase C. Prophase- Anaphase- Telophase- Metaphase D. Prophase- Metaphase- Anaphase- Telophase 28. Which of the following illustration shows telophase?





29. A homozygous blood type AA male married a heterozygous female AO. After a year, they had a child and it turned out that their child has a type AB blood. Is homozygous blood type AA the legitimate father of the child? A. Yes C. Maybe B. No D. Cannot be determined 30. A farmer decided to cross yellow seeds (YY) and green seeds (yy) and the first filial generation yielded 100% yellow. When the off springs (Yy) from the f 1 generation were crossed with each other, what will be the percentage of the yellow and green seeds that will be yielded in f2 generation? A. 75%, 25% C. 50%, 50% B. 25%, 75% D. 100%, 0%


31. How many nanometers are there in 13 meters? A. 13x109 B. 1.3x1010

C. 1.3x1012 D. 1.3x108

32. What is the molecular weight of the substance Copper sulafte? (Cu=63.546, S=32.066, O=15.9994), Round to three significant figures. A. 160 C.162 B. 161 D.163 33. Which of the following is the set of quantum number pertaining to 3d 10? A. n=3, l=2, ml=2, ms=-1/2 B. n=3, l=3, ml=-2, ms=-1/2 C. n=3, l=2, ml=2, ms=1/2 D. n=3, l=2, ml=0, ms=-1/2 34. Which characterizes the bonding in covalent molecular compounds? A. transfer of electrons from ionic to non-ionic element. B. sharing of electrons between two non-metallic elements. C. electron repulsion of the covalent bond. D. proton donation of the ionic compound. 35. What is the electron group geometry and polarity of H 2O? A. linear, polar C. trigonal bipyramidal, polar B. octahedral, polar D. tetrahedral, polar 36. What do you call the point where both solid, liquid and gas co-exist with each other? A. critical point C. triple point B. super-critical point D. co-incidence point 37. It is the physical change characterized by changing of gas to solid without passing the liquid state? A. deposition C. sublimation B. freezing D. condensation 38. According to the Arrhenius definition, acids and bases must: A. have H3O+ and OHC. donate H+ to the proton acceptor + and OHB. have H D. accept protons from proton donors 39. Which of the following has the shortest wavelength but has the highest energy? A. microwaves C. ultraviolet B. infrared D. gamma rays 40. In the reaction Na + H2O ---> NaOH + H2, what must be the numerical coefficient to balance the equation? A. 1 C. 3 B. 2 D. 4


41. The reaction of an acid and a base yields salt and water. In the reaction of H2CO3 + 2NaOH what will be the possible products that will be obtained? A. NaCO3 + H2O C. 2Na2CO3 + 2H2O B. Na2CO3 + H2O D. Na2CO3 + 2H2O 42. How many electrons does Se2- have given that it has 16 protons? A. 16 C. 18 B. 17 D. 19 43. FeCl3 is written as? A. Ferrous Chloride B. Ferric Chloride C. Iron Chloride D. Iron (II) Chloride

44. Which of the following does not belong to the group? A. HCl C. HClO3 B. HBr D. H2CO3 45. Sodium bicarbonate is written as? A. NaH2CO3 B. NaHCO3 C. Na(CO3)2 D. Na2HCO3

46. Which of the following would be the best conductor at 30 oC at 1 atm? A. pure BeCl2 C. pure H2O B. pure Si(s) D. pure Cu (s) 47. Which of the following has the largest atomic radius? A. Fr C. Rb B. Cs D. K 48. Fluorine is known to be the most electronegative element. With the exception of Fluorine, arrange the other halogens in decreasing electronegativity. A. Cl2>Br2>At>I2 C. Cl2>Br2>I2>At B. Br2>Cl2>I2>At D. At>Br2>Cl2>I2 49. Water is a polar substance and it is known as the universal solvent but not all subtances would dissolve in water. Which of the following of these will not dissolve in water? A. Sugar C. Salt B. Naphthalene D. Vinegar 50. Which of the following gasses would effuse fastest from a container with a volume of 3.0 L at 250K? A. O2 C. F2 B. N2 D. Br2


51. Newton is the SI unit of force, this unit of force is equal to? A. kg x m/s2 C. kg x m2/s2 B. J/m-1 D. kg x m/s 52. What law of motion is applied when you suddenly jerked backwards when the train suddenly went forward? A. Law of Inertia C. Law of Action and Interaction B. Law of Equilibrium D. Law of Acceleration 53. Two objects have the same mass. Object 1 was pushed using 30N while object 2 was pushed using 32N. Will object 1 be farther than object 2? (neglect friction) A. Yes B. No 54. Where will you weigh heavier? A. top of Mt. Everest B. top of the highest building C. Maybe D. Cannot be determined C. foot of Mt. Everest D. ground floor of the highest building

55. What do you call objects that have zero resistance to the prevailing current? A. super-insulators C. super conductors B. super wires D. super current 56. The acceleration due to gravity is equal to? A. 10 m/s C. 32ft/s2 B. 10ft/s D. 66ft/s2 57. Light can behave as a particle and as a wave. One of its manifestation is the photoelectric effect. Which of the following describes this phenomenon? A. A particle is localized in space continuously B. Waves superpose and pass through each other C. Energy wave is amplified to increase energy D. Light falling on metallic surface eject electrons from the surface 58. Albert, who is outside the train, saw a lightning struck a train in front first while at the same time, Jessica inside the train saw that the lightning struck the back of the train first. Which of them is right? A. Jessica C. Both B. Albert D. cannot be determined 59. It is the manifestation when light changes its direction, what is it? A. diffraction C. reflection B. refraction D. dispersion


60. In an additive color mixing, what will be the product if all the primary colors will be mixed together? A. yellow C. black B. blue D. white

------------------------------END OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EXAM----------------------------




60 items Time Allotment: 75 minutes DIRECTIONS: Choose the best answer among the choices below. Solve quickly and accurately and avoid allotting to much time on a specific problem. Use your time wisely. 1. Find the equation of the line perpendicular to the line passing through the points (-1,2) and (3,-4). A. 2X-3Y+8=0 C. 2X-4Y+8=0 B. 3X+2Y-1=0 D. 2X-3Y-7=0 2. Find the equation of the line passing through (0,2) and is parallel to the line 3X+2Y+3=0? A. 3X+3Y-4=0 C. 3X+3Y-5=0 B. 3X+2Y-4=0 D. 3X+2Y-1=0 3. Find the area of a trapezoid that has the following coordinates: (5,0), (0,0), (2,3), (4,3). A. 21/2 C. 19/2 B. 23/2 D. 6 4. A quadrilateral has the following vertices: P1(-3/2,4), P2(-7/2, 3), P3(1,0), P4(3,1). What must be the mid-points of the quadrilateral in order for it to be a parallelogram? A. 2, -1/4 C. 1, -3/4 B. 3, -1/2 D. 0, 1 5. What is the distance between the midpoints of the points (0,1), (3,2) and (4,1), (0,3)? A. 2/3 C. 3/2 B. 2 /2 D. 3/2 6. What is the slope-intercept form of the perpendicular bisector of the line segment with endpoints P(2,-3) and Q (4,-7)? A. Y=3X/5+13/2 C. Y=3X/5+13/3 B. Y=3X/5-13/5 D. Y=3X/5+13/5 7.Give the standard form of the equation whose center is at (3,4) and r=4? A. (X-3)2 + (Y-4)2=25 C. (X-3)2 + (Y-4)2=0 2 + (Y-4)2=36 B. (X-3) D. (X-3)2 + (Y-4)2=16 8. Find the distance of the P(1,-2) from the line Y=3X/4-3/2? A. 17/6 C. 17/8 B. 17/7 D. 17/5 9.Find the sum and product of the roots of X-5X 2=7? A. 3/2, C. 1/5, 3/5 B. 2/5, 7/5 D. 1/5, 7/5 20

10. Find a quadratic equation that has the following sum and product of roots: 3/2 and -5/2. A. X2-3X/2-5/2=0 C. 2X2+3X+5=0 2-3X-5=0 B. 2X D. 2X2+2X+2=0 11. Find k so that 4X2+kX+6=0 has one real root equal to -2. A.11 C. 13 B.12 D. 14 12. What is the domain of the function: x3-27 x2-9? (Note: R=all real numbers) A. R\{-3,2} B. R\{3,4} 13. Solve: (2-3 + 3-2)-1 A. 17/72 B. 43/15

C. R\{-3,3} D. R\{-3,-4} C. 72/17 D. 72/18

14. What is the remainder when you divide 3z3-11z2-18z-6 by z-5? A. 4 C. 3 z-5 z-5 B. 4 D. 2 z-6 z-5 15. Evaluate: 35u2v3-20u3v2/-5u2v. A. -7v2+4uv B. 4uv+7v2 16. Evaluate: (3x-2y2)3 A. 27x3-54x2y2+36xy4+8y6 B. 27x3+54x2y2+36xy4-8y6 C. 27x3+54x2y2+36xy4+8y6 D. 27x3-54x2y2+36xy4-8y6 17. What is the remainder when (x2010+2x2011-1) is divided by (x-1)? A.1 C.3 B.2 D.4 18. Find x if: 25x+2= 1/1251-x. A. 6 B. 7 19. What is the inverse function of f(x)= x+1/3x-2? A. y=1+2x/3x+1 B. y=1+2x/3x-1 C. 8 D. 9 C. y=1-2x/3x-1 D. y=1+2x/3x-2 C. -8v2+3uv D. -8v2-uv


20. Simplify the equation (x-2)2-5(x-2)+6. A. (x-5)2 (x-4) B. (x-5)2 (x+4) 21. 5/6 is equivalent to how many degrees? A. 90o B. 120o

C. (x-5) (x-4) D. (x+5) (x-4) C. 150o D. 130o

22. What are the numeriacal coordinates of P(7/6)? A. 3 /2,1/2 C. B. 3 /2,1/ 2 D.

3/2,1/ 2 3/2,1/2

23. What are the numerical coordinates of P(3/2)? A. (1,0) C. (-1,0) B. (0,1) D. (0,-1) 24. tancoscot is equivalent to? A. sin B. cos 25. Which of the following is not true? A.tanxcotx=1 B. secxcosx=1 26. The trigonometric function 1-cos2x is equal to? A. cos2x B. sin2x 27. Evaluate sin 5/3. A. 3/2 B. 3 /2 C. cot D. tan C. cscxsinx=-1 D. csc2x=1-tan2x C. tan2x D. cot2x C. 2/2 D. 2 /2

28. If cosx=12/13 and lies in quadrant IV, find the values of secx, sinx and tanx. A. 13/12, 5/13, -12/13 C. 13/12, -5/13, -5/12 B. -13/12, -5/13, -12/13 D. -13/12, 5/13, 12/13 29. There are only two even functions of the six circular functions, these are cosx and what other function? A. secx C. cscx B. tanx D. cotx 30. sin /3 + sin is equal to? A. 3 /2 B. 3/2 C. -1/2 D.


31. cos 2x is equal to all of the following except? A. 1-2sin2x B. 2cos2x-1

C. cos2x-sin2x D. cos2x+sin2x

32. If cos ( /2+3/2) will be expanded then what will it most likely be? A. cos /2 sin 3/2 + cos 3/2 sin /2 B. cos /2 sin /2 + cos 3/2 sin 3/2 C. cos /2 cos 3/2 - sin /2 sin 3/2 D. sin /2 cos 3/2 + cos /2 sin 3/2 33. How many revolutions the terminal side will make if it is made to revolve 4 radians? A. 1 C. 3 B. 2 D. 4 34. Which of the following identities is not a Pythagorean identity? A. sin2x+cos2x=1 C. 1+cot2x=csc2x 2x=sec2x B. 1+tan D. tanxcotx=1 35. Choose the odd one out. A. sin(A+B)= sinAcosB+cosAsinB B. sin(A-B)= sinAcosB-cosAsinB C. cos(A-B)= cosAcosB+sinAsinB D. cos(A+B)= cosAcosB+sinAsinB

36. Find the area of the sphere whose radius is the y-intercept of the line 3x+9y=18. A. 32/3 units C.34/3 units B. 33/3 units D. 37/3 units 37. The length of the longer side of the Find the length of the remaining leg. A. 11 B. 12 ABC is 35 units while the hypotenuse is 37 units. C. 13 D. 14

38. A line contains points (-3,2) and (8,-4). What is the slope of a line perpendicular to this line? A. 11/5 C. 11/6 B. 12/5 D. -6/11 39. An angle whose measure is greater than 180 o but not more than 360o is called what? A. complimentary angle C. supplementary angle B. reflex angle D. complex angle

40. What is the supplementary of the complimentary angle of 45 o A. 145o C. 135o B. 125o D. 115o


41. Based from the illustration, which statement is true? A. Angle 1 and Angle 2 are congruent B. Angle 5 and Angle 8 are not vertical angles C. Angle 7 and Angle 8 are supplementary D. Angle 7 and Angle 4 are congruent 42. A rectangular parallelepiped has the dimensions x, x+1 and x+3. Find the volume of the solid. A. x3+3x2+2 C. x3-2x2-3x B. x3+2x2+3x D. x3+2x2+x+1 7

1 3 5 8 6

2 4

43. In a quadrilateral two angles are equal. The third angle is equal to the sum of the two equal angles. The fourth angle is 60o less than twice the sum of the three other angles. Find the measures of the angles in the quadrilateral. A. 60o, 60o, 80o, 160o C. 20o, 20o, 80o, 240o B. 70o, 70o, 90o, 130o D. 35o, 35o, 70o, 220o 44. How is z affected when x is doubled and y is halved given the original value is z=k(x/y 2) A. z will be 5 times larger than the original value B. z will be 6 times larger than the original value C. z will be 7 times larger than the original value D. z will be 8 times larger than the original value 45. The first term of the series is -2 and has a common difference of 3/2. Find the 31 st term of the sequence. A. 41 C. 43 B. 42 D. 44 46. Find k so that 8k+4, 6k-2 and 2k-7 will form an arithmetic progression. A. -1/4 C. -1/2 B. D. 47. Find the sum of the first 10 terms of the sequence 24, 13, 2 -9... A. -75 C. -255 B. 75 D. 255 48. Find the sum of all numbers between 10 and 200 that are divisible by 7. A.2834 C. 2836 B.2835 D. 2837 49. Find the 6th term of the sequence , 1,4... A. 254 C. 256 B. 255 D. 257


50. A right circular cylinder has radius of 3 units and height of 5 units. Which of the following dimensions of rectangular solid will have the same volume closest to the cylinder? A. 5,6,6 C. 5,5,5 B. 5,6,7 D. 4,5,6 DIRECTION: Solve the following limits. 51.lim x3-3x2+2x-3 x->2 A. 3 B. -3

C. 2 D. -2

52. lim x2+2x+1/x+1 added to lim |x+1|/x+3 is equal to? x->1 x->2+ A. -13/5 C. -5/13 B. 5/13 D. 13/5 53. lim y2+4y +2 y->0 y2+2 A. 0 B. 1 54. lim x3-8 x->2 x-2 A. 6 B. 2 55. lim |x2-4| x->2 x+2 A. 0 B. 1

C. 2 D. 3

C. 12 D. 13

C. 2 D. 3

56. There are 5 persons in a circular table, in how many ways can they arrange themselves in such pattern? A. 3, 125 C. 24 B. 20 D. 25 57. There are four boys in a straight line, in how many ways can they arrange themselves without going back to their previous position. A. 24 C. 26 B. 25 D. 27 58. What is the probability of obtaining four aces in a standard deck of playing cards? A. 1/14 C. 1/13 B. 2/13 D. 3/13


59. How many combinations can be formed provided repetition is allowed? A. 17 576 C. 13 800 B. 15 600 D. 12 144 60. What is the mean, median, mode and range of the following data: 10, 13, 10,10, 15, 16, 17, 29, 10, 13, 10. A. 13.9, 10, 13, 19 C. 13.9, 13, 10, 19 B. 13.9, 10, 10, 19 D. 13.9, 13, 10, 18

----------------------------------------END OF MATHEMATICS EXAM-----------------------------------------





90 items Time Allotment: 60 minutes DIRECTIONS: Read each selection carefully. Shade the letter of the best answer in your answer sheet to each question that follows. SELECTION 1
Dulaang UPs breath taking portrayal of the play Orosman and Zafira by Francisco Baltazar is one of the foremost confirmations that Filipino culture and literature is rich, dynamic and immortal. The play showcases Baltazars classic komedya in a modernistic approach that added more thrills and excitements to the euphoric atmosphere that filled the auditorium. Baltazars Orosman and Zafira deals with the competition for power of the three kingdom namely: Marruecos, Duquela and Tendenst. Amidst the war, Orosman and Zafira saw each other and fell in love without knowing that both of them are from separate sides. In order to raise the tension, Abdalap, Orosmans older brother became interested with Zafira which sparked a siblings rivalry that is always evident in other Balagtas play such as Florante at Laura. Dexter Santos, director, utilized ethno-linguistic sounds and movements that gave the play a very distinct character which is pre- colonial. The sounds were done live and very precise that gives you the feeling of being in the past and seeing everything as if it is happening in reality. It is absolutely Filipino in sense even though the plot of the play is in Middle East. Balagtas approach of setting the plot on a foreign soil and insinuating Filipino culture, traits and tradition on the play shows that he wanted to make Philippine Literature be of global value. In addition, Via Antonio and Jeff Hernandez choreography of the ethno-linguistic dance movements were superb. It is very festive in nature. The choreography of movements, especially of the war scenes, were so intimate, so passionate and full of angst, anger and heart that it will make you hold onto your seat for the fear of seeing yourself with the performers dancing with them. Also, the triumphant ending of the play where everybody is dancing wildly due to their unmatched euphoria is very moving, inspiring and satisfying which at that moment verified that Filipino culture and literature is globally competitive and Balagtas dream of making Filipino literature of global value was fulfilled. Moreover, the main actors of the play were very effective on portraying their characters specifically Zafira, played by Delphine Buencamino. Her character is very powerful that it was so evident through-out the play. Her character was so strong that it over-shadowed the masculinity of his male counter part, Orosman. From this, we can infer from the play that it emphasizes the role of women in a society and how important and strong a woman can be depending upon certain situations. This also shows that in times of distress women are more capable of accepting serious blows in life such as personal problems because they have emotional outlet such as crying which is not palpable in most male. Furthermore, Abdalaps character is the only male character that almost matched the powerful aura of Zafira. He is the most developed character in the play for he started as a very loyal son to his father to someone who is treacherous, that he even killed his own father in order to be the king, and finally into someone who accepts defeat. His masculinity in most points overshadows Orosmans which is very passive in the play. Overall the casting of the characters were all well casted that really made the play one of the best that can be seen. Indeed, Orosman and Zafira punctuates the fact that Filipinos rich culture and literature is something that is worth being proud of and it confirms that our literature is one of the many treasures are beloved country has.

1. Which title best fits the selection above? A. Orosman and Zafira: The story of love, courage and loyalty in times of war B. Orosman and Zafira: A masterpiece by dulaang UP C. Orosman and Zafira: A Confirmation of Rich Filipino Culture and Literature D. Orosman and Zafira: An assertion of dulaang UP's rich and dynamic artistry 27

2. According to the selection, all of the following are the main characters of play EXCEPT: A. Zafira C. Abdalap B. Orosman D. Sossias 3. What does the underlined word in the first paragraph mean? A. festive C. happy B. gloomy D. noisy 4. Based from the selection, which of the following is TRUE? A. The play showcases Baltazar's play in a colonial approach that added thrills and excitements to the euphoric atmosphere that filled the auditorium. B. Via Antonio and Jeff Hernandez' choreography of the modernistic dance movements were superb. C. Orosman and Zafira by Francisco Baltazar is one of the foremost confirmations that Filipino culture and literature is rich, dynamic and immortal. D. Orosman and Zafira does not punctuate the fact that Filipinos rich culture and literature is something that is worth being proud of and it confirms that our literature is one of the many treasures are beloved country has. 5. Her in the sixth paragraph refers to whom? A. Zafira B. Tendenst C. Via Antonio D.Gornaya

6. What does the passage say about women? A. Women have stronger characters than men. B. Women can also engage in battle like men. C. Women have important roles in the society like men. D. Women can sometimes be stronger than men in some aspects. 7. What word is synonymous with the underlined word in paragraph six? A. perceptible C. amiable B. refutable D. affable 8. According to the selection, which of the following has the strongest character? A. Gornaya C. Tendenst B. Orosman D. Abdalap 9. Based from the selection, which of the following is not TRUE? A. Dexter Santos directed the film and utilized ethno-linguistic sounds and movements. B. Abdalaps character is the only male character that almost matched the powerful aura of Zafira. C. The main actors of the play were very effective on portraying their characters specifically Zafira, played by Delphine Buenomano. D. Orosman and Zafira punctuates the fact that Filipinos rich culture and literature is something that is worth being proud of.


10. The plot of the story happened in what Asian domain? A. East Asia C. South-east Asia B. West Asia D. Middle East SELECTION 2
Since the start of the new millennium, the Philippines has been experiencing a very alarming deterioration on its educational system. Based on the Commission on Higher Educations 2008 data, out of 100 Grade 1 pupils, 66 were able to finish Grade 6. From the 66 pupils who graduated from elementary, 58 will be able to enrol to high school but only 43 from these students will graduate. Finally, 23 from the group of high school graduates will be able to enter college but only 14 students shall graduate from the tertiary level.(5). With the figures presented, it is indeed true that the number of drop-out students steadily increases every year. Another indication of the declining educational system in our country is the low proficiency in subjects namely: Mathematics, Science and Technology and English. The low proficiency in these subjects is attributed to the fact that most of Filipino students, especially those who are from public schools, are inefficient in understanding and in speaking English.

11. What is the main problem being tackled in the selection? A. The decline in number of hig school students attending college B. The low proficiency level in Science, English and Mathematics C. The inefficiency in understanding and in speaking English D. The deterioration of the Philippines' educational system 12. What is the percentage of the students graduating from college? A. 66% C. 14% B. 58% D. 43% 13. The data from the passage was based from? A. BIR B. CHED SELECTION 3
Steve Walter, a multilingual education consultant for SIL International, observed that worldwide, even in countries considered developed, any proposal for an educational program in which children begin their education with their first language or mother tongue as the medium of instruction is greeted with public concern. Much of this concern focuses on the supposition that such an approach will surely compromise a childs learning of the language of higher education and career opportunity.The mandated languages of instruction in the Philippines English and Filipino are foreign to the majority of Filipino students. This predetermines a lack of understanding of the lessons.On the other hand, using the language the child understands not only affirms the value of the child and his cultural heritage but also enables the child to immediately master the lessons while facilitating the acquisition of Filipino and English. Additionally, when the mother tongue is used in the classroom, the critical thinking skills that are developed transfer to other languages when those languages become functional.The Lubuagan Kalinga First Language Component (FLC) multilingual education (MLE) program has been featured as a case study in a newly released UNESCO DVD, which highlights multilingual education programs that prepare students from minority language communities to successfully retain their home language and culture while achieving well in national education programs.Initiated in 1998, the Lubuagan MLE program is currently used in nine primary classrooms. In early 2007, Lubuagan District Grade 3 students ranked No. 1 in the Kalinga Division in the 2006 NAT Grade 3 Reading Test, scoring in the English and Filipino reading tests 15-25 percent higher than all other Kalinga Division districts. Source: Greg and Diane Dekker, Philippine Daily Inquirer, February 02, 2008

C. COA D. DepEd


14. What is the main idea of the passage? A. The mother-tongue based educational instruction is the better way for students to become more proficient in English and Filipino. B. The first language instruction is an alternative to aid better understanding of the English language as well as of the Filipino language. C. Multilingual education programs that prepare students from minority language communities to successfully retain their home language and culture. D. Using the language the child understands not only affirms the value of the child and his cultural heritage. 15. Under the mother-tongue based instruction, what will be the first language Zamboangeno's should be exposed to? A. Ilonggo C. Pangasinense B. Ilacano D. Chavacano 16. When was the MLE program inititiated in Kalinga province? A. 1996 C. 1998 B. 1997 D. 1999 17. What was the ranking obtained by the Kalinga division in the grade 3 National Achievement Test? A. First C. Third B. Second D. Fourth 18. What can be inferred as the main obstacle to the full implementation of the mother-tongue based language instruction? A. Lack of fund to print the materials in more or less 88 languages B. Lack of support from the government C. Lack of teachers who are well versed in teaching in mother-tongue D. All of the above 19. What does the word acquisition mean in the passage? A. learning B. acquiring 20. What kind of passage is the selection above? A. Procedural B. Informative C. getting D. Obtaining C. Narrative D. Editorial


SELECTION 4 Arzadon, Ched. Open letter reply to Pnoys Dep Ed Team. Weblog entry. The Multilingual Education. 5 Aug. 2010. Web. 23 Sept. 2010. Bearne, Eve. Use of Language across the Primary Curriculum. London: Routledge, 1998. Print. Chapin, June R. and Rosemary G. Messick. Elementary Social Studies: A Practical Guide. 5th ed. Boston: Pearson, 2002. Print. 21. Which of the following works above is not published? A. Use of Language across the Primary Curriculum B. Elementary Social Studies: A practical Guide C. Open letter to Pnoy's Dep Ed Team D. The Multilingual Lingual Instruction 22. Which of the following works has already four previous editions? A. Use of Language across the Primary Curriculum B. Elementary Social Studies: A practical Guide C. Open letter to Pnoy's Dep Ed Team D. The Multilingual Lingual Instruction 23. Which of the following works should an elementary student use? A. Use of Language across the Primary Curriculum B. Elementary Social Studies: A practical Guide C. Open letter to Pnoy's Dep Ed Team D. The Multilingual Lingual Instruction 24. Where and when was Elementary Social Studies: A practical Guide printed? A. 2002, Boston B. Boston, 2002 C. Routledge, 1998 D. 1998, Routledge 25. Which of the foolowing works can be accessed using the internet? A. Use of Language across the Primary Curriculum B. Elementary Social Studies: A practical Guide C. Open letter to Pnoy's Dep Ed Team D. The Multilingual Lingual Instruction


M. Night Shyamalans most anticipated movie adaptation of Nickelodeons famous television series entitled Avatar: The Legend of Aang turned out to be this years most disappointing film after failing to live up to the expectations of a well casted, action- packed, Asian- centered movie. The mere idea of having a trilogy of the movie, Air bender, with M. Night Shyamalan as the same director would be very disastrous to the television and more importantly to the movie itself. The story is all about Aangs adventure, along with his friends Katara and Soka, of defeating the fire nation after taking over the world in order to return the lost balance among the four elements of the world namely: air, water, earth and fire and to bring peace to the whole world. As soon as the fire nation knew of the avatars existence, Prince Zuko, Fire Lord Ozais son, was assigned to track down Aang in order to redeem his honor and claim to the throne. Knowing for a fact that M. Night Shyamalan adapted the storyline from a hit TV series would become easy for him to come up with a sensational movie but still it turned out to be a disaster. Upon close observation of the movie, there are four major mistakes that Shyamalan committed that led to the down fall of what was anticipated by many as an excellent movie. First, the movie itself had some discriminatory issues specifically when it comes to the casting of the characters. The story of the Avatar: The Legend of Aang is primarily of Asian descent, meaning most of the characters are Asians particularly Aang, Soka and Katara. Instead of choosing actors that are purely Asian or half- Asian, Shyamalan portrayed the main characters as Caucasians. By doing so, it already ruined the real essence of the movie to showcase the rich Asian culture by its own people. Another thing is it implies that Caucasians are more superior in acting than Asians which is an implicit insult to the Mongol race. In addition to this, Shyamalans approach of modifying the plot of the story made it confusing for the viewing public who had the knowledge of the original plot from the TV series. The modifications done did not do justice to the original concept of the writers of the series which was his second mistake. One good example of this modified plot in the movie is when the fire nation fought toe to toe with the Earth benders that they keep as prisons in a prison colony which was in the series happened on a fire nation battle ship. That particular scene is not even half as exciting as in scene from the series. Third, the transition from one scene to the other scene is not that organized. There were even no sounds as the scenes changes from one act to another. The fight scenes were very limited; it would have been more exciting if the bending capabilities of the warring groups were utilized properly. The fire benders in the movie cannot even produce their own fire. They still need a source in order to bend fire which was a major turn off in special effects. And finally, the epic fail of the acting prowess of the main characters: Aang, Soka and Katara. Aang in the movie was not even playful; he is so serious at most times which were the exact opposite of the Aaang in the series. Katara was obviously not Asian for he is so fair as well as Soka. Soka is not even funny in the movie but very snobbish. Over-all it is a miss-cast. The main protagonists in the movie are not attached to each other or did not even try to do so which was very evident to them in the series. The only character that gave a little bit of justice to his character is Uncle Iroh played by Shaun Toub he was indeed very patient and caring towards Zuko but lacks humor and is not fat. Over-all, the movie that was intended to showcase to the whole world the rich and dynamic culture we Asians have failed its mission. How can we showcase our own culture if we, Asians, cannot even get the spotlight and be the one to share it to the whole world? Think of it. Because this movie is degradation not only to the TV series itself but to our own culture, the Asian culture as well.

26. What is the best title that will suit the passage above? A. The degradation of Nickelodeons Avatar: The Legend of Aang B. A reaction to M. Night Shyamalan's unjustice directing of the Last Airbender C. Avatar: The Legend of Aang, from epic success to epic degradation D. The Last Airbender's behind the scenes special 27. What does the underlined word in the first paragraph mean? A. ignored C. watched B. demanded D. Awaited 32

28. All of the following are the mistakes done by Shyamalan EXCEPT? A. The movie had some discriminatory issues specifically when it comes to the casting of the characters. B. The approach of modifying the plot of the story made it confusing for the viewing public who had the knowledge of the original plot from the TV series. C. The movie had a messed up music transition that lessened the drama of the scenes. D. The actors of the movie are miscasted. 29. What is the exact opposite of the word underlined in the last paragraph of the passage? A. exaltation C. affection B. humiliation D. assertion 30. What is the primary aim of the passage? A. to ridicule B. to humiliate C. to criticize D. to demean

31. The cast of the movie is predominantly of what race? A. Chinese C. Caucasians B. Mongoloids D. Latins 32. Based from no. 31, what does it imply that the answer in the previous question dominate the main cast? A. They have cheaper talent fees. B. They are better actors. C. They are easy to instruct. D. They appeal more to the movie stream of America. 33. Implicit: explicit:: A. protagonists:Zuko B. antagonist:Aang C. Zuko: Aang D. Aang: Zuko

34. All of the following are not true EXCEPT? A. M. Night Shymalan's latest masterpiece is a well-casted, Asian centered movie. B. The actor who portrayed Soka is very funny. C. The movie was intended to showcase to the whole world the rich and dynamic culture of Asia. D. The movie is an exaltation not only to the TV series itself but to the Asian culture as well. 35. Based from the passage, from what tribe did Aang come from? A. Air tribe C. Earth tribe B. Water tribe D. Fire tribe


We cannot deny that when we were still on our childhood days we used to play with our favorite toys treating them as if they are our best friends. We always wanted these toys to be at our side for we are afraid to lose them. But as we grow up we tend to move on with our toys that we have treated as our friends and gradually forget about them in the process. And the main reason for this is we need to grow up. Indeed, being a child is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we cannot have again ever in our life but Toy Story 3 defied this natural law. The Toy Story 3, directed by Lee Unkrich, is the latest movie of the Toy Story Franchise that focuses on letting go and facing a new beginning. Letting go because Andy, already 17, is too old for him to play with Woody and the rest of the gang and that he is already leaving for college. The other, facing a new beginning, is because they will now be taken cared of by a new owner, Bonnie, a young little girl who, like Andy, cares so much about his toys. Through-out the whole film, Woody was the only one who kept on believing on Andy. He had the strongest character for he showed loyalty, determination, versatility and intelligence that was not evident on other characters. Actually, Woody, this time had the upper hand of being a tactician over Buzz Lightyear. Woody also had the grace under pressure which was very obvious when he planned the escape plan in order to save his family. Indeed, Woody was the star of the film. Basing it from the film, we can say that Andy, even though he is already a teenager still has the attachment with his toys. These only shows that toys are not only things to play with but they also serve as an extension of our childhood life. An extension that is so nostalgic, so important that it is very difficult to let go. The Toy Story 3 is not only about toys, it is about redefining the true meaning of the word childhood that being a child knows no age. It was never lost, it lies within the heart of every person and it manifests whenever circumstance would permit it. This movie shows that we may not be a child physically but the memories we had when we are still at that stage is our hold that we have a heart of child in us that will never cease to exist no matter what happens. This is made clear on the last scene in the movie where Andy was seen playing with Bonnie together with his toys. Here, Andy savored the feeling of being a child again that is carefree and out of worries. The way the director utilized the parts that have flashbacks added more emotions to the film especially when the time came for the toys that they have to accept the truth that they will no longer be played by Andy again. Indeed, this film is for all ages. Most of us will surely be able to relate to the story. The simplicity of the movie itself will keep anyone watching it. Every scene is moving as well as exciting. After all, these are all the trade mark of Toy Story movies. Finally, the story tells us that it is difficult to let go of something that has been so important to you, which is true for the part of the toys, but then it must be taken into consideration that if letting go of someone, who you have seen grow in the process, in order to make a new child happy then it is worth doing so.

36. What idea can be inferred from the selection above? A. Being a child is a once in a lifetime opportunity thus one must make the most out of it. B. Childhood is the only stage in life where childishness can be experienced. C. Being a child knows no age, time or maturity because there is always a child in everyone of us. D. Childhood is all about playing toys, going to the park and having fun all the time. 37. According to the passage, Toy Story 3 is the third movie of the Toy Story franchise which is mostly about? A. being a child despite imminent maturity B. letting go and facing a new beggining C. forgetting the past and moving-on to the future D. cherishing happy moments of being a child 34

38. Based from the selection, who was the only character who persisted to believe in Andy till the end of the film? A. Mr. Potato head C. Woody B. Buzz Lightyear D. Bonnie 39. In what paragraph is the main idea located? A. Paragraph 1 ` B. Paragraph 3 C. Paragraph 5 D. Paragraph 7

40. In paragraph 5, second sentence to what does it refers to? A. being in childhood C.being a teenager B. being afraid to leave the past D. being a child 41. What makes a man a child in the text? A. toys B. immaturity C. memories D. playmates

42. What is the exact opposite of the word nostalgia, root word of nostalgic a word found in the selection? A. anticipation C. yearning B. homesickness D. wistfulness 43. What are the trade marks of the Toy story movies in the selection? A. action-packed and exciting C. moving and exciting B. moving and fast-paced D. action-packed and fast-paced 44. What does grace under pressure mean? A. ability to dance gracefully in times of distress B. ability to think the right thing in times of distress C. ability to do the right thing at the right time D. ability to solve a problem despite the pressure of failing 45. Who was the director of Toy Story 3? A. Neil Sese B. Steven Spielberg SELECTION 7
The LHC will be the ultimate key for the human kind to decipher the hidden mysteries of science that until now are waiting to be discovered. This was my immediate generalization after I have attended the talk by Dr. Roerck, a scientist from CERN, about the Large Hadron Collider or LHC. There were so many things about LHC that caught my imagination and answered the questions lingering in my mind, one of which is what is LHC really for. According to the talk, LHC is a collider designed to collide particles at very high speeds in order to come up with the so called anti-matter which was said to have co-existed with matter when time and space began. They use tremendous amounts of energy, specifically 7TeV, to keep the particles moving at near speed of light. What is amazing about this is that the LHC before collision is to be carried out is said to be one of the coldest

C. Jackie Chan D. Lee Unkrich


places in the universe and once the collision takes place this will be thousands of times hotter than the sun itself. Hearing all these things makes me believe that the human mind is really something that will never cease to discover and uncover new innovations for science. Another thing is that LHC poses a great promise to the whole world and that is: to discover our origin, the origin of the universe. With all of these being said its just saddening that our country itself is not even directly affiliated with the CERN and honestly speaking it is indeed a disadvantage to us. Looking deeper to the things that I have learned from the talk, I realized that LHC research project under CERN is the catalyst that will bring forth advancement in our own realm of science here in the Philippines. Taking into consideration all the things that I have learned from Dr. Roerck, it is possible for us Filipinos to be more advanced in the field of science if we will have the initiative to pursue on joining the LHC-CERN project. By doing this, we Filipinos will have the privilege to exchange knowledge with other countries affiliated with CERN in order to have a wide range of scientific in puts that could also be applied in our own country. But in order for this to happen, the government should also help research universities in our country, such as our university, in its bid to scientific progression. Like what Dean Saloma stated in his talk, the government must fully utilize its state universities in order to have a productive scientific advancement in our country. With all of these being said, it will be a definite thing that the addition of Filipino scientists to LHC-CERN research will surely boost the efficacy of the experiments being done because Filipinos have one of the greatest minds in my opinion. Therefore, it is only fitting that we use these minds in creating not only the scientific history and development of our country but of the whole world as well.

46. What does LHC mean according to the selection? A. Large Hydrogen Collider B. Large Helium Collider

C. Large Heat Collider D. Large Hadron Collider

47. What does the underlined word in the passage would likely mean? A. know C. obtain B. discover D. investigate 48. Which of the following statements is not TRUE based from the article above? A. LHC is a collider designed to collide particles at very high speeds in order to come up with the so called anti-matter. B. They use tremendous amounts of energy, specifically 8TeV, to keep the particles moving at near speed of light. C. LHC before collision is to be carried out is said to be one of the coldest places in the universe and once the collision takes place this will be thousands of times hotter than the sun itself. D. LHC poses a great promise to the whole world and that is: to discover our origin, the origin of the universe. 49. All of the following words are synonymous with the underlined word in the passage EXCEPT? A. invention C. instauration B. creation D. stagnation 50. Which word in paragraph 5 also means related? A. affiliated C. allied B. cognated D. kindred


51. What word in the passage has the same meaning with the word that is higlighted? A. consideration C. advancement B. learning D. exploration 52. The government must fully utilize its ____________ in order to have a productive scientific advancement in our country. A. State subsidy C. Scientific knowledge B. State institutions D. State universities 53. The addition of Filipino scientists to LHC-CERN research will surely boost the efficacy of the experiments being done. From the given statement, what word could substitute to the underlined word? A. efficacious C. quality B. productivity D. efficiency 54. What could be the first possible implication if the Philippines will able to join CERN? A. The level of scientific knowledge of the Filipino masses will increase. B. The level of scientific knowledge of the Filipino scientists will increase. C. The Philippines will improve its proficiency in Science and Mathematics. D. The Philippines will experience drastic scientific advancement. 55. It is said to have co-existed with matter at the beggining of space and time, what is it? A. multi-matter C. anti-matter B. ultra matter D. hydrogen and helium SELECTION 8



56. The editorial cartoon above is a primer for the 2012 Presidential elections in the US. What is the main problem being shown in this caricature? A. Too many candidates that are qualified and capable of leading the people B. Too many candidates running for elections that lack the experience and wit to lead C. The inability of voters to vote the right person D. The inability of the candidates to inform the people about their platforms 57. What does the elephant suggest in the editorial cartoon? A. America's population increase B. America's demand of a good leader C. America's demand of decent jobs D. America's political problems 58. Based from the illustration, when was the editorial cartoon created? A. March 28, 2011 C. 03/28/11 B. Marso 28, 2011 D. 3-28-11 SELECTION 9 Remember me when I am gone away Gone far away into the silent land; When you can no more hold me by my hand, Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.
(an excerpt from the poem Remember by C. Rosetti)

59. What is the rhyme pattern of the excerpt from the poem Remember? A. a-a-a-a C. a-b-b-a B. a-b-a-b D. a-b-a-a 60. What emotion can be inferred from the statement Remember me when I am gone away? A. mirthful C. morose B. perky D. convivial SELEKSYON 10
Neokolonyalismo, ito ay ang terminong tumutukoy sa patagong pakikialam ng mga colonial powers sa dati nilang mga kolonya sa pamamagitan ng pagpapanatili ng mga pang-ekonomiko at pang-kapitalistang kasunduan upang mapanatili ang kontrol sa mga ito. Sa likod ng terminong ito ay napapaloob ang prinsipyo ng kapitalismo na siyang ginagamit ng mga colonial powers upang magamit at mapagsamantalahan ang Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng murang ngunit de-kalibreng hilaw na sangkap at cheap labor. Ang mga implikasyon ng Neokolonyalismo ay nasasalamin sa mga tekstong Estranghiritis at Class in the Unhispanized Philippines. Sa estranghiritis, makikita natin na si Chico ay namamaga na sa pagiging isang estranghero sa sarili niyang bayan. Patunay nito ay ang madalas niyang pagtangkilik sa mga produktong banyaga. Sa inaasal niyang ito, kitang-kita sakanya ang pagkakaroon ng kaisipang kolonyal na kung saan mas pinapaboran niya ang banyagang pananaw at itinuturing ito bilang mas nakabubuting pananaw. Sa dagling ito, si Chico ang siyang kumakatawan sa dumarami nating kababayan na nagiging baluktot sa tunay na pananaw ng progresibong pag-unlad. Sapagkat ang tunay na progresibong pag-unlad ay sa pamamagitan ng pagpapayaman at pagtangkilik ng sariling atin maging produkto man o sa kultural na pananaw.


Ipinapakita rin ng akdang ito na napakalala na ng epekto ng neokolonyalismo sa ating bansa. Isang matibay na pagpapatunay nito ay pagtangkilik ni Chico sa ibat-ibang produktong banyaga. Ito ay malinaw na indikasyon na ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa ay kontrolado ng mga invisible colonizers na siyang nagdidikta sa ating ekonomiya na nagreresulta sa specialization of labor. Sa ganitong paraan ang mga invisible colonizers na ito, na siya ring mga kapitalista, ang nagdudulot ng uneven development sa ating ekonomiya. Dahil dito, isang sektor lamang ng ating ekonomiya ang malakas at ito ay walang iba kundi ang sektor ng mga multi-national corporations na siyang primaryang makinarya ng mga kapitalista upang mamonopolyo ang ating ekonomiya. Ginagawa nila ito dahil nais lamang ng mga kapitalistang ito na matustusan ang kanilang pangangailangan. Samantala, sa akdang Class in the Unhispanized Philippines, tuwirang makikita rito na noon pa man ay mayroon ng class structure ang Pilipinas. Isang class structure na tila kahawig din ng sa kasalukuyan ngunit ginawang masalimuot ng neokolonyalismo at kapitalismo. Dahil sa modernong class structure na mayroon tayo ngayon, halos imposible ang pag-angat sa buhay dahil ang mga mahirap ay lalo lamang nababaon sa kahirapan at ang mga mayayaman ay lalong tumataas. Sa pagkakaroon ng bagong depinisyon ng social class sa ating neokolonyal na lipunan, umusbong ang isang bagong kaisipan at ito ay ang kaisipan ng middle class aspiration. Sa lipunang salat at tuluyan nang binago ng neokolonyalismo upang maging isang semi-colony, marami ang may ganitong pananaw. At madalas ang mga taong may ganitong pananaw ay yaong mga nabibilang sa working class na siyang tunay na nagtatrabaho upang makaangat sa buhay at siya ring nagsisilbing direktang instrumento ng mga kapitalista upang masustentuhan ang kanilang pangangailangan partikular ng bansang Estados Unidos. Sa akda ring ito ay ipinapakita kung paano naging semi-feudal ang ating pamahalaan. Isang konkretong patunay nito ay ang patuloy na pangingikil ng pamahalaan sa mga abang magsasaka na siyang tunay na tinatamaan ng neokolonyalismo. Sa halos limang dekada ng pakikibaka ng mga magsasaka upang makuha ang nararapat sa kanilang lupa ay wala pa ring magandang paraang ginagawa ang gobyerno upang malutas ito. Sa halip, ay lalo pa nilang pinapatagal ang ugnayang amo-alipin na talamak sa isang pyudal na pamahalaan. Sa ganitong paraan, ang mga agricultural lands ay mas madaling maicoconvert sa commercial lands na pabor para sa mga multi-national corporation upang tuluyang makontrol ang ating ekonomiya.

61. Ayon sa akdang nabasa, saang mga akdang pampanitikan maaring makita ang mga implikasyon ng neokolonyalismo? A. Tata Selo at Walang Panginoon B. Canal de la Reina at Uhaw ang Tigang na Lupa C. Dekada '70 at Moses moses D. Estranghiritis at Class in the Unhispanized Philippines 62. Ayon sa akda, si Chico ang siyang kumakatawan sa anong klaseng mga mamamayan sa lipunan? A. Siya ang kumakatawan sa mga taong naniniwalang mayroon pang pag-asa sa kabila ng pagtangkilik sa kaisipang banyaga. B. Siya ang kumakatawan sa mga taong pilit na pinaniniwala ang sarili na ang pagkiling sa kaisipang banyaga ang siyang kaisipang dapat isaalang-alang. C. Siya ang kumakatawan sa mga taong malakas pa rin ang paniniwala na ang pagunlad ay ang pagtangkilik ng sariling atin. D. Siya ang kumakatawan sa dumaraming taong nagiging baluktot na ang pananaw sa tunay na progrsibong pag-unlad.


63. Ano ang dalawang kaisipan na siyang sinisisi ng may-akda sa pagiging baluktot ng pananaw ng mga Pilipino sa pag-unlad at pakikibaka? A. Pyudalismo at Imperialismo C. Marksismo at Pyudalismo B. Neokolonyalismo at Kapitalismo D. Imperialismo at Kapitalismo 64. Sa pagkakaroon ng bagong depinisyon ng social class sa ating neokolonyal na lipunan, umusbong ang isang bagong kaisipan tinatawag na_________________? A. middle-class ideology C. middle-class aspiration B. middle-class norm D. middle-class principalia 65. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang siyang direktang tinatamaan ng pagiging semi-feudal ng ating pamahalaan ayon sa teksto? A. mga magsasaka C. mga middle-class B. mga manggagawa D. mga mayayaman 66. Lahat ng mga pahayag sa ibaba ay sumasangguni sa kaisipan ng teksto maliban sa isa, alin sa mga sumusunod ang sumasalungat sa kaisipang naghahari sa teksto? A. Ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa ay kontrolado ng mga invisible colonizers na siyang nagdidikta sa ating ekonomiya na nagreresulta sa specialization of labor. B. Dahil sa specialization of labor isang sektor lamang ng ating ekonomiya ang malakas at ito ay walang iba kundi ang sektor ng mga multi-national corporations. C. Dahil sa pagkakaroon ng mga multi-national corporations dumarami ang nabibigyan ng trabaho kahit mababa lamang ang sahod. D. Ang specialization of labor ay nagdudulot ng uneven development sa ating ekonomiya. 67. Ano ang layunin ng may-akda sa nabasang pahayag? A. Magpaliwanag C. Magpahayag ng sariling kuro-kuro B. Magbigay ng impormasyon D. Magkwento 68. Ano ang layon ng teksto? A. Ang neokolonyalismo at kapitalismo ang siyang ugat ng pagkakaroon ng hindi pantay ng pag-unlad sa lipunan. B. Ang mga implikasyon ng neokolonyalismo at kapitalismo ay laganap na ng tuluyan sa ating lipunan. C. Ang neokolonyalismo ay lumaganap ng mabilis sa ating lipunan dahil sa pagyakap sa mga kaisipang banyaga. D. Ang neokolonyaismo ay isang pwersang kay lakas na kahit sino man ay walang kakayanan upang ito ay supilin. 69. Sa akdang Class in the Unhispanized Philippines, tuwirang makikita rito na noon pa man ay mayroon ng ___________ ang Pilipinas. A. social class C. class principle B. social structure D. class structure


70. semi-feudalism: magsasaka:: A. kapitalismo: manggagawa B. Imperialismo: middle-class SELEKSYON 11

C. middle-class: Imperialism D. capitalism: manggagawa

Sa ikalawang pagkakataon ay nakapanuod nanaman ako ng isang de-kalidad na pagtatanghal na inihain ng Dulaang UP bilang parte pa rin ng ika-35 taong selebrasyon ng organisasyong ito sa pag-arte. Tulad ng aking inaasahan, hindi nasayang ang aking salapi sa panunuod ng nasabing pagtatanghal dahil sa dalawang importanteng bagay. Una ay dahil napakagaling ng pagkaka-ganap ng mga artista sa kanilang tauhang ginagampanan at ikalawa ay dahil sa modern touch ng palabas dagdag pa ang mga patok na mga punch line ng mga bida partikular ang gumanap na si Sossias. Ang pagtatanghal ay tungkol sa kwento tungkol sa magiting na Heneral ng Thebes na si Amphitryon at ang kanyang iniibig na si Alcmene. Ang buong kwento ay uminog sa pagpapanggap ni Jupiter bilang si Amphitryon na siyang napaibig din kay Alcmene. Si Alcmene ay walang kaalam-alam na hindi ang tunay na Amphitryon ang kaniyang pinag-alayan ng kaniyang sarili. Maraming beses sa palabas na ipinakita na kahit nakabalik na ang tunay na Amphitryon sa Thebes ay hindi pa rin tumigil sa pagpapanggap si Jupiter na siyang nagdulot ng pagkalito sa mag-asawa. Sa aspeto ng pag-arte, hindi matatawaran ang galing ng mga aktor sa pagtatanghal. Una, ang gumanap na Amphitryon na si Neil Sese ay hindi ko inaakalang magaling din pala sa komedya. Mahusay ang pagkakabitaw ng mga linya kahit bahagyang may mga pagkakataong nabubulol ang bida. Si Sossias at Merculo ay kapwa katawa-tawa din dahil sa pagkakapareho ng kanilang identidad dahil si Merculo, bilang look-out ni Jupiter ay ang naghuhudyat kung kailan kailangan ng lumisan ni Jupiter. Maganda ang pagkaka-ayos sa entablado kahit simple lamang ito at walang gaanong magarbong palamuti. Nagdagdag kulay din sa kwento ang pagsusuot ng mga lalaking ng unipormeng sundalo na tila pagpapakita ng modernong mandirigma at tuligsa na rin sa katiwaliang nagaganap sa sandatahan.hindi rin matatawaran ang pagkakalapt ng musika sa bawat eksena,simple at tama lang. Masarap sa pandinig at kaakit-akit. Isa din sa pinakanagustuhan ko sa palabas ay ang pagiging interaktibo nito. Ang mga tauhan ay mga pagkakataon na kung saan sila ay nakikipag-usap sa mga manonood na til sila mismo ay kasali din sa dula. Nakatutuwang panuorin na naghahabulan ang mga tauhan sa iyong harapan sapagkat itinuring nilang entablado ang buong auditorium. Ang mga eksena sa palabas ay pulido kahit may kasimplehan ang plot ng istorya. Gumamit ng mga akmang special effects ang palabas na siyang as nagbigay kulay at realidad sa palabas. May bahid ng senswalidad ang palabas ngunit nagdagdag lamang ito ng mas makulay na eksena sa palabas. Sa panunuod ng palabas, sumagi sa isip ko ang katanungang, sino nga ba ang mga kasalukuyang Amphitryon sa ating lipunan? At napagtanto ko na ang mga kasalukuyang Amphitryon ngayon sa ating lipunan ay ang mga sundalo. Bakit? Dahil sila ngayon ay batbat sa kalituhan sa kung sino dapat ang paniniwalaan na isang malaking pagsubok sa kanila.

71. Anong klase ng teksto ang pahayag sa itaas? A. Tekstong Informtiv B. Tekstong Narativ 72. Si Amphitryon ay heneral ng anong lugar? A. Sparta B. Gresya

C. Tekstong Prosijural D. Tekstong Ekspositori C. Thebes D. Ehipto


73. Ano ang nagdulot ng malaking kalituhan sa mag-asawang Alcmene at Amphitryon? A. Ang pagpapanggap ni Merculo bilang si Sossias B. Ang pagpapanggap ni Jupiter bilang si Amphitryon C. Ang pagpapanggap ni Sossias bilang si Merculo D. Ang pagpapanngap ni Jupiter bilang si Sossias 74. Amphitryon: Merculo:: A. Alcmene: Sossias B. Jupiter: Charice C. Jupiter: Sossias D. Sossias: Charice

75. Sino ang mga itinuturing na mga modernong Amphitryon ng kasalukuyan? A. mga sundalo C. mga magsasaka B. mga pulis D. mga manggagawa 76. Sa anong talata matatagpuan ang salitang katumbas ng umalis? A. Talata 1 C. Talata 3 B. Talata 2 D. Talata 4 77. Saang talata matatagpuan ang salitang katumbas ng pagkakakilanlan? A. Talata 1 C. Talata 3 B. Talata 2 D. Talata 4 78. Anong talata ang naglalaman ng buod ng kwento ni Amphitryon? A. Talata 1 C. Talata 3 B. Talata 2 D. Talata 4 79. Anong pangungusap ang siyang nagsaad ng pagiging katawa-tawa ni Jupiter sa ikatlong talata? A. Unang pangungusap C. Ikatlong Pangungusap B. Ikalawang pangungusap D. Walang sagot 80. Ano ang kasing-kahulugan ng salitang tuligsa? A.batikos B.pabayaan SELEKSYON 12 Kleng! Kleng! Kleng! Recess time na!, sigaw ko sa buong klase Sabay kuha sa bag ng baong kamote Mga mata'y nanlaki sa nasilayan Naglaway ang bibig ng 'di namalayan Di lang pala basta kamote ang lulan Kamote Cue nga!, tuwa'y walang paglagyan! C. hindi pagsunod D. pag-uyam


Ilong ko'y halos masinghot ang kamote Amoy lang, busog na! sambit sa sarili Nang nanamnamin na ang sarap ng baon Siga ay dumating, pangalan ay Baron! Masarap yan ah!, bati niya sa akin Kamote Cue! Gutom ko, iyong pawiin! Sabay kuha niya sa aking kakainin! Kleng! Kleng! Kleng! Mabigat ang loob, pumasok sa klase Nagmukmok sa upuan, walang masabi May umutot!, sigaw ng aming kaklase Bagsik ay kumalat sa lahat ng parte Ng silid aralang tunay ngang kay liit Karma! sambit ko habang ilong ay ipit! 81. Anong klase ng tayutay ang ginamit sa una at ikalabing limang linya ng tula? A. Parikala C. Metapora B. Simile D. Onomatopeya 82. Anong pangungusap ang nagpapahayag ng pagmamalabis? A. Mabigat ang loob, pumasok sa klase B. Amoy lang, Busog na! C. Kamote Cue! Gutom ko iyong pawiin D. Kleng! Kleng! Kleng! 83. Aling taludtod ang naglalaman ng tayutay na personipikasyon? A. Unang taludtod C. Ikatlong taludtod B. Ikalawang taludtod D. Walang sagot 84. Ano ang tiyak na sukat ng tula? A. 12 B. 13 85. Ano ang uri ng tugmaang ginamit sa tulang ito? A. tugmang katinig B. tugmang patinig SELEKSYON 13 Aliping kasama saan man nagsisilbi bilang tanggapan mga mensaheng nagdatingan laman ay nais kong malaman 43 C. 14 D. 15 C. tugmang karaniwan D. tugmang tudlikan

86. Anong uri ng tula ang pahayag sa itaas? A. Ambahan B. Haiku 87. Ano ang sukat ng tula? A. wawaluhin B. siyaman

C. Tanaga D. Bugtong C. sampuan D. 12

88. Anong uri ng tula ang nasa itaas batay sa bilang ng sukat nito? A. Pares C. Tersera B. Gansal D. Quinta 89. Ano ang uri ng tugmaang ginamit sa tulang ito? A. tugmang katinig B. tugmang patinig C. tugmang karaniwan D. tugmang tudlikan

90. Anong modernong bagay ang maaring tinutukoy ng tulang ito? A.cellphone C. ipod D. gameboy

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Prepared by: Benjamin O. Sosa III bososa201047840