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Apostolic Fathering and Sonship for Double Anointing (Part1) The whole concept of fathering, apostolic ministry, relationships, anointing is going to have to have a reappraisal. We always thought that the concept of ministry, local Church, was sufficient for this, in fact it is not. The fact is more and more the local church is coming away from the necessity of true relationship. Ministers no longer father so much. The fact is many pastors and leaders are more busier with pursuing the latest fad of church growth, cell structures, than the simple one to one father/son relationship. When we look at the relationship between Elijah and Elisha, Moses and Joshua, Jesus and the apostles, we see interesting principles of fathering, passing a commission. In some circles, this is no more than having candidates for ordination, where strict guidelines for gaining recognition are now rationalised into a fitting of requirements and demands. When we see Joshua a young man who spent his time on the Mount of the Lord, or the Tent of the glory. He was always with Moses, always by his side, even when others doubted, so Joshua remained faithful to the commission of God. When we see Elisha the first time, we see two mantles. One is thrown over, the other is thrown down. We see an Elisha with the first mantle, being that of washing the hands of the master. This according to scholars, being the most menial of tasks, humiliating. So we can surmise that the call to the anointing, the office, will be two fold. It will be forming of

2 Kings 2 by Russell Durose

character, through fatherly discipline. It will mean having to walk with the peculiarity of his master's walk to the end. This is a call to patience. How many have fallen away? How many have indeed thrown away their patience in their apostle or their leader, because of the peculiarities. How many of us have risen up to rebel like Korah, not being content with their office, to assume what they were not anointed to occupy! How many of us broke rank, just at the height of the test. Indeed Elisha was sorely tested to the end...we see here in 2Kings 2, a prophet determined to put Elisha away...Elisha is determined to inherit that which he was trained for. He understood the anointing...when the first mantle was thrown over him...he immediately burned his oxen and every yoke of the past! How many of us went back on the anointing, to the past yokes of our past occupations! Elisha follows, until the final request is given for. Elisha knows what he seeks. Beyond the humiliation, beyond the harshness he saw the glory of the Lord, it was this double mantle that he sought. And whilst the prophetic companies prophesied his master's departure, he silences them...for it is simple to prophesy, but not simple to walk through its preparation! If you want to inherit, you must walk through all the preparation, which means, we must not seek out our own betterment but rather treasure that which makes our master...we being his prodigy. We must determine to not only imitate his mannerism...but his flow in a celestial river...called the anointing. This only can flow freely in a refined character! It is time for our mantle to be thrown down to us by our Elijah...indeed we have one Greater than He, who INDEED ALSO THREW DOWN HIS MANTLE...TO US ALL. What is required is the waiting, the determination. What happened to

the great tarrying meetings in Pentecostal many of us are content with being put through a laying on of hands, and forced into imitating tongues, instead of "tarrying" to break through to SEE, TO CRY that all of our desire is we have cheapened somewhat this...let us get back to seeking this God. We get back therefore to the culmination of 2 Kings 2, where Elijah lays down the condition...if he sees, he receives. How many of us in the beginning see the vision, lose sight of it, through the tough ride? We must see...catch...then walk. The first place that he is placed is by Jordan and once again is parted in two...Jordan is a river which is a challenge to many go through her miraculously? The day is coming when our "apostles" "masters" of this moment will be taken...will we walk with them right to the end..or will we be found simply prophesying. It is one thing to prophesy, it is another to walk through the prophecy.