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CSR activities: CSR Policy: A business does not exist in isolation.

It impacts and is impacted by the environment it operates in. We, at United Breweries Limited recognize this fact and thus feel as responsible for contributing towards the creation of social capital as towards maximizing returns for its stake holders. Over the past few years UB has undertaken social programmes with a vision to bring about sustainable social development. CSR programmes at United Breweries Limited are not conducted as an impromptu humanitarian activity but as a sustainable effort to improve the quality of life of the employees and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. The concept of CSR is deeply ingrained in UBs culture. Mission: To contribute positively to the community well being. Objective: Undertake a comprehensive social development program in the identified areas to promote. 1. Primary Education Provide children with quality education and nutrition which will kindle their interest to study as well as encourage families to support their education. It includes : * Awareness programmes * Infrastructure for existing schools * Financing payroll of teachers or support staff appointed * Providing meals 2. Primary Health Care To make primary health care more accessible and affordable. It includes : * Awareness programmes * Health Camps * Providing infrastructure to existing dispensaries, clinic 3. Water Availability Promote conservation of water resources and facilitate access to clean and portable drinking water. It includes : * Rain water harvesting * De-silting of tanks/ponds or other water bodies * Providing portable drinking water to communities UBL LUDHIANA Books Distribution: During his visit to UBL Ludhiana, Mr.Cedric Vaz distributed books and stationery to children of the school adopted by the Unit. Mr. Vaz listened to poetry recited by the children. MBIL DHARUHERA LITERACY DAY CELEBRATIONS: A function was organized on September 8 on the eve of International Literacy Day, at the GovernmentPrimary school, Joniawas which has been adopted by the unit. The function was attended by local villagers, parents and children. Mr. Bhupinder Singh, MLA, presided over the function. Also present were Mr. R K Jindal, Mr. Rakesh Gupta and Unit staff. A warm welcome was given by villagers to all the visiting dignitaries. The newly constructed school kitchen was inaugurated by Mr. Singh. This will resolve the problem of preparing midday meals for the students. Repairs and maintenance of the school infrastructure, complete white washing of the school along with building new urinals for better sanitation was undertaken by the unit. Distribution of uniforms, writing and reading material and sports goods to the students was also done on the occasion. The students presented a cultural programme which was appreciated by all.

UBL KALYANI SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND: UBL Kalyani is associated with the Anne Sullivan Institution for the Sightless, Kalyani, which is situated within 2 km of the Brewery. This school has 32 students, of which 21 are girls and 11 are boys. The school provides education from class I to V. All educational aids like Braille books, Taylor frame, stylus, and geometry kits, are provided by the Unit. The school also provides vocational training in making of cane chairs, coir mattresses, and incense sticks. Currently, the Unit is looking to rejuvenate training of candle making and incense stick to enable self employment for the blind students. The Unit provides free nutritional tiffin to the blind students. It also conducts a free health check-up clinic on the school premises for the benefit of neighbouring economically weaker community. Currently, Dr. D.K. Sen and Dr. Mrs. Shampa Sadhukhan attend to the clinic. The school lacked drinking water and proper drainage of waste water. The Unit persuaded the local municipal chairman to extend the drinking water connection to the school. The Unit has provided the school with a proper drainage system to improve hygiene. The Unit has also initiated and contributed in making an RCC roof for the two rooms of the school which had been damaged beyond repair. UB PALAKKAD LIBRARY INAUGURATED: The inaugural ceremony of the sponsored computer centre and library at the Govt. LP School, Kanjikode was held on September 22 at the school premises. Mr. Joe Noronha, Sr. VP HR was the chief guest. The function was presided over by Mr. S Ramakrishnan, Unit head. The meeting was attended by parents, teachers, students, government officials, panchayat members and the local public. The Panchayat President, School Standing Committee chairman, and PTA president offered felicitations. Mr. Vinu Philipose, Manager HR welcomed the gathering and the headmistress of the school proposed a vote of thanks. The event was covered by the local television channels and leading news papers. In addition, the Unit meets the educational expenses of 12 students and provides nutritional supplements to all students of the school. UBL RAJASTHAN a. SCHOOL SUPPORT: UB Rajasthan has adopted the Govt. Primary School, Gandola, which is situated just behind the plant. The unit distributed school uniforms, bags and stationery to the students. The District Education Officer, the Additional District Education Officer and panchayat members attended the function. The event was covered in the local press. b. MOBILE UNIT: The Unit inaugurated a mobile medical service in September to serve seven villages in the vicinity and provide medicines to the poor. Mr. J. Noronha, (Sr. VP HR) inaugurated the project along with unit employees. MBIL AURANGABAD MEDICAL CAMP: The Unit organised a free medical camp at Jogesawari, a neighbouring village on August 8. About 200 people attended the camp.