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: 01/12 : First : 17/01/2011 to 21/01/2011 : First week in SK Sungai Merab (Luar)

On the first day, I was with my partner to report to the Pn. Samilah binti Jusoh, headmaster SK Sungai Merab Luar. We introduced ourselves and showed the letter of practicum placement. Then, we were introduced to En. Muzzan bin Talib, GPK1 SK Sungai Merab Luar for the next briefing with respect to our duties and responsibilities during the practicum. He gave a short briefing about the school and our cooperative teachers. Then, we continue to rush to the assembly area. Upon arrival at the assembly area, I can feel that this is the beginning of the history of my life as a primary school teacher. The teachers and students here are very friendly and help each other. I also feel that a lot of knowledge and experience should I get from the teachers here to teach myself to be a good educator. GPK1 has given a description of the curriculum at school and then asked us to wait for the arrival of our teacher, Mrs. Zarisa binti Jailani that is still taught in class 4UM. Meanwhile, we also met with GPK HEM, Pn. Khadijah binti Abd. Rashid for orientation. After that, we were brought to the teachers room to find our seats. We were introduced to several teachers who were there including Pn. Adliah, En. Syed Kamal, En. Azwan, Pn. Rohana, Pn. Siti Aisyah and many more. Today we have not started teaching session in which we need to complete the teaching schedule and lesson plan for tomorrow. I will be teaching in year 3UKM for the English subject and year 4 UPM for the Health and Physical Education subject. I am very grateful to both of my cooperative teacher, Pn. Zarisa and Pn. Salizawati who gave much help and guidance that is useful to me during this practicum. she also reminds me of things that must be done and not have to be done and important things I have to prepare an interesting and creative lesson plan. My first class was 4 UPM where I taught Physical Education. This class is relatively easy for me as I can communicate in Malay language with them. Pupils in the classroom are also easy to approach and understand the lesson and instruction given to them. This makes me excited and more confident with my abilities.

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After that, I went to class 3 UKM to teach English subject. Pupils look dumb-founded when I enter the class and immediately introduce myself to them. There are many improvements that need to be done and an increasingly challenging environment in which I deal with lower and intermediate level of pupils. I need to speak in Malay and English to ensure students understand and clear with my teaching. Class that conducted in the afternoon making them a bit tired if there is no activity that could activate them. On the third day, classes were suspended because the school hosted a 'Maju Diri' programme for year 4 pupils. I was there during the program but only as an observer. It was very good in terms of building up the pupils confidence and motivation. They were also taught with several ways of learning smartly. However I still managed to relief another class for that day which is 6 UPM. for this class I gave them a topic for the essay of Bahasa Melayu subject 'Ciri-ciri murid yang berwawasan'. I give them about 10 minutes to talk with friends on their side to get the content and information. Each pupil must give an answer different from each other. Apparently they can produce their ideas for this question. I am very proud that they are able to express their own thoughts. Overall for my first week at SK Sungai Merab Luar are very enjoyable and relaxing. This is because the teachers here are always ready to provide guidance and knowledge to me. Furthermore, my cooperative teacher is always giving advice, guidance and comment useful to me as a student teacher to become a good educator. Thanks to all and may God bless our lives.

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