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SYLLABUS 2006-2007 Course: Freshman English Delta House Times and location: Main 248 Periods 4, 5 and 6 Instructor:

: Mr. Garbe Phone: 225-5059 classroom / message 975-4624 cell E-mail: Class website: Conference times: Monday Friday 7:00-7:53 and Mondays 1:50-3:00 Course Description: Composition instruction concentrates on paragraph writing skills, basic language mechanics and usage. Writing skills are enhanced through a study of grammar, sentence patterns and the AIMS Six Traits Rubric. Literature studies focus on four major genres: short stories, novels, poetry and drama. Literature assigned is from the classic tradition of Western Civilization including the Ancient Greeks and Romans through contemporary literature. Vocabulary development continues throughout the year in conjunction with reading assignments. In addition students will: Research material to clarify their own responses to situations and issues explored Develop skills in using standard grammatical conventions and language Develop skills in writing for various audiences and purposes Develop and expand vocabulary Think and speak critically and persuasively Participate in group discussions / projects Write daily journal entries to explore connections to and Literature Reflect on work completed in class Complete a Learning Record Portfolio Engage in Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) from self-selected books Increase reading proficiency using the Reading Apprenticeship framework Readings may include, but are not limited to: Title Author Novio Boy Gary Soto Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare The Old Man and the Sea Earnest Hemingway The House on Mango Street Sandra Cisneros The Odyssey Homer Animal Farm George Orwell The Pearl John Steinbeck I Shall Not Be Moved Maya Angelou The Language of Literature Published by McDougal Littel Materials: A spiral notebook for students journal will be provided. Students need to bring a writing utensil and loose-leaf paper in a binder or spiral notebook for note-taking, weekly vocabulary lists, and in-class writing. Folders will be provided to store student work and for student portfolios. Completed work is to be kept in these folders and is available for parental review.

SYLLABUS 2006-2007 Supports: All students can and will succeed. Should a student experience difficulty, we will intervene in order to ensure all students are successful. Progress Reports: Every student will receive 2 grade updates (class) at least one progress report (school) for each grading period. They are to be signed and returned. Criteria for Success / Grading Policy 25% Papers / Essays / Projects a. on time b. all the criteria c. honest peer / self edit d. use workshop time and edit feedback to make changes 20% Journal 1/3 page daily = 1 page per week 20% Vocabulary a. study b. use peers / conference time c. ask questions d. take notes 15% Homework a. USE AGENDA / PLANNER b. on time c. use conference time to clarify 10% Class work a. contribute b. ask questions c. focus 10% SSR a. bring a book each week (Wed / Thurs) b. 2 sentence starters that show how you interact with your book OTHER Use makeup log Conference time AM / Monday afternoons Seek tutoring A= 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69 F = 0-59 Make Up Work: All make-up work needs to be completed within the same amount of time as students are excused. Students are responsible to get missing assignments from the makeup work binder. Students can make an appointment to come in before school, during lunch, or after school for any further clarification. Students missing 10 or more classes per semester will not pass the class.

SYLLABUS 2006-2007 Daily Journal: Each student will be required to keep a daily journal. Students will find the daily topic on the board in class each day. Journal writing will take place during the first 5-10 minutes of class. Journals will be graded weekly: 25 points per week. Homework: Homework will be assigned weekly. The goal of homework is to deepen students understanding of material introduced in class. Additional help is available during conference periods and by appointment as well. Class Rules (all house classes): 1. Come to class, on time and ready to learn 2. Show respect for self, others and physical environment 3. No personal electronic devices are allowed in the classroom *cell phones for emergencies must bring parent note each day 4. Be prepared for class 5. Follow school rules Final Notes: Students will have much success in this class if you keep in mind two important quotes: Education is a partnership. Teachers have a responsibility to teach; students have a responsibility to learn. Education is not a preparation for life; it is life itself. Please sign below indicating that you have read and understood the syllabus. If you have any questions, please ask. Students printed name: Student signature: Parent signature:
*Please print clearly email address: (used only for updates on grades / progress) phone(s) home: work: cell:

Date: Date:

Parents and Guardians are welcome and encouraged to come to class anytime. ***Please keep syllabus and return this page only.***