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Are we fulfilling our responsibility?

Please Come let us analyse its importance, need and advantage. Islam is the only Devine religion and Prophet MUHAMMED (S.A.W.S) was sent as the complete and the last Messenger to show the true path to whole of Humanity. Quran is the only Holy book to guide us unto the right path. Is this Message reaching to Brother of our Nation? Are we doing this? We have printed a book called



through which we can propagate the true Message of Islam to every house of our nation. KALKI AVTAAR: Pandith Ved Prakash Upadhyay a sanskrith professor [Bengali Brahmin] of Allahabad University after reading all the holy books of Hindu religion and Holy Quran and Hadees and also Encyclopedia came to the conclusion and with their references wrote a book called


(Pulisher : SAARASWATH VEDANTH PRAKASH SANGH) as a thesis, for which he got his Ph.D in the year 1997 which was approved by various 9 other professors and pandiths.If we circulate this thesis among the brothers of our nation ,we can promote peace and brotherhood in the entire nation. UNIQUE FEATURES AND SIGNS OF KALKI AVTAAR : Kalki Avtaar the last and complete Messenger will be born in sacred city of Desert region (MAKKAH) belonging to the high family (QURAISH) In month of Magh (Rabi-ul-awwal) 12 on Monday at the time of fajr (early morning).His Mother's and father's names are Vishu bhagath and somwathi (Abdullah-Amena). His Favorite food would be Olive, Dates and Fig. He will ride horse and weapons are sword, arrow and spears. He will be famous due to his honesty and modesty. An angel will bring him devine Message in the cave of Hira. He will ride on the fastest horse (burraq). He will shift to (Madina). In the war of Badr. He was rein-forced by Allah through his angels. He gets victory on Makkah. His sweat will be scented. He will know the (past-present-future) unknown. In this way the unique features written in vedas about Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.S) are true. In the end of the thesis it is also written that people waiting for the last and the complete Messenger is no other than Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.S). Hence obey and follow the Quran. Waiting for Kalki Avtaar to come is just the waste of time. Humble Appeal: An appeal to the Muslim Ummah to gain favour of Hzt. Muhammed (S.A.W.S) on the day of judgement, that on present day environment it is very necessary to actively participate in propagating and promoting the greatness of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S) and Truth of Islam to every door of our nation with book Kalki Autaar (the live proof and reality of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S) in the Holy Hindu religious books has been printed in 4 different languages (Urdu, Hindi,Telugu and English) for which you can contact us. Propagate this book to every one so that the nation would get strong Peace, Harmony, Brotherhood and Prosperity and also for the Success of life and life here after. Dr. Md. Siraj-ur-Rahman
BDS, FCIP, MDS [Chennai]
Khalf-o-Khalifa Maulana Ghulam Nabi Shah Naqshbandi





Ghulam Nabi Shah Naqshbandi

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