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I am wanting to add an attached carport to my shop or house. How do I go about creating that in Chief Architect?

You can create an attached carport very easily within Chief Architect. By following the instructions below, you'll learn how to create a carport in no time! For the purposes of this article, we will use an existing 24' x 40' structure, with a Ceiling Height of 12'. The roof is a basic gable at a 6/12 pitch with the overhang is set to 2 1/2", as in the image below.

Before you begin

1. Within your plan that has the basic existing structure already drawn, select Edit> Default Settings

2. In the Default Settings dialog, click on the plus + sign next to Walls to expand out this category.

3. Select Deck Railing, to highlight it, then click on the Edit button to display the Deck Railing Defaults.

4. On the Railing Tab, change the following information:

Move the radio button No Rail Check the No Halfpost checkbox Check the Post to Ceiling checkbox

5. On the Newels/Balusters tab, set the Newel Width to 4" and set the Newel Type to 144" O.C.

6. Click OK on the Deck Railing Defaults window, then click Done on the Default Settings window

Drawing Deck Railings

1. Go to the Build> Deck> Straight Deck Railing
, then in a clockwise fashion, draw three deck railing walls attached to the left side of the existing structure, as in the image below.

2. Select the left deck, and use the Temporary dimension that displays to set the railing 12' from the house.

Note: If you do not have temporary dimensions set to display, select CAD> Dimension> Display

Temporary Dimensions

to toggle the feature back on.

3. Using the Select Objects


tool, select the newly created Deck room, then then click on the Open

edit button to display the Room Specification dialog.

4. On the General tab, use the Room Type drop down menu change the Deck in to a Slab room.

5. On the Structure tab, uncheck Ceiling Over This Room and Roof Over This Room, then click OK.

Drawing the Carport Roof

1. Using the Select Objects
theOpen Object tool, click to select the existing main structure's left roof plane, then click

edit button to display the Roof Plane Specification dialog.

2. On the General tab, write down the Fascia Top height (in this example, 150 5/16").

3. On the Options tab, in the Supply category, uncheck the Gutter checkbox, then click OK to apply the
change and close the Roof Plane Specification dialog.

4. Next, select Build> Roof> Roof Plane

carport, as shown in the image below.

, and click and drag out a roof plane along the left wall of the

5. Release the mouse button, then select the Roof Plane and use its edit handles to resize the roof plane
until it completely covers the carport.

6. With the Roof Plane still selected, click on the Open Object
Specification dialog.

edit button to display the Roof Plane

7. On the General tab, set the Ridge Top height to the height of the Fascia Top height recorded earlier
(150 5/16" in this example), then click OK to apply this change and close the dialog.

8. Finally, let's select 3D> Create Perspective View> Full Overview

to see the results.

Article Number 598: How to create a post and beam structure Last updated on: Jun 01, 2011
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