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Pakistan is Facing a Hard Time of Life

Analyzed by Dr.Masood Tariq As the Pakistan became Pendulum between U.S.A and China along with many Regional and Supporting Players. Therefore, neither the U.S.A is able to isolate the Pakistan like Iraq and not be able to capture like Afghanistan. Because, this type of adventure may initiate the 3 rd World War. However due to the Game of Domination between International Players, During this Decade, either the Pakistan will be The Asian Tiger with Strong Institutions and Political Parties (Most probably) or a Failure State with Strong Personalities and War Lords. (Remote chance) Geographically Pakistan has Strategic Importance for International Players U.S.A, Russia and China, including Regional Players India, Iran and Saudi Arabia, along with many Supporting Players. Therefore, Pakistan is a Pivot for War of Domination between International, Regional and Supporting Players and now day by day Pakistani Politics will Start to Dominate the National and International Issues along with the past era Regional, Ethnic, Sectarian, Local and Personal Interests and Emotions because, most of the Major International, Regional and Supporting Players will enhance the Proxy Facilitation and Interference in Politics and Governance. Therefore, Trends of Pakistani Politics will turn into Beyond the Imagination and Understanding of Layman. As the Russia was already attempting to reach The Hot Water but now China is also willing for it by 2030 and from 2020 China will start the Advancement towards The Hot Water and till 2020 China will Work to Choose and Secure the Corridors. However, owing to Chinese Role in Pakistan since 60s, People of Pakistan trust the China as a Faithful Friend. Consequently; People of Pakistan are not ready to support any action against Chinese Interest, as they did Against Russia for Decades. Furthermore, People of Pakistan are also fading up by the Arrogant, Autocratic, Dictatorial, Dogmatic and Tyrannical Rulers as well as Crooked, Corrupt, Dishonest, Dummy, Puppet and Pseudo Politicians, along with their Masters, Patrons and Facilitators. Therefore, it is a Hard Time for PAK-US Establishment and Pakistani Politicians to revise their Policy, to make it according to the Will and Wish of Pakistani People. Pakistan is facing a Hard Time of Life due to Communication Corridor for Russia and China. Therefore, if China is ready to reach The Hot Water in near future then Pakistan will be a Battle Ground instead of Communication Corridor. Otherwise, it is not suitable for U.S.A to break or even reduce the Strategic Relationship with Pakistan because without Geographical support of

Pakistan, U.S.A will lose the Control over Afghanistan and Russia will again advance towards The Hot Water. Yet any Plan of U.S.A to convert Pakistan into a Battle Ground will Force or Facilitate the Pakistan to change the camp. Otherwise, Pakistan will prefer to maintain the Strategic Relationship with U.S.A. However, due to Geo-Political importance of Pakistan in War of Regional Domination and Psychosomatic Aptitude of Pakistani People, Any Political Proxy Facilitate at National and International stage by the U.S Opposing Players; Especially China or Russia, will burst the Situation. Because, due to Domination and Control of Opportunists, Hypocrites and Power as well as Money Hunger Persons in Governance and Polarization. Therefore, Institutionally Collapsed and Economically Distorted Pakistan along with, Socially Polarized, Administratively Victimized and Politically Deprived People of Pakistan due to Terrorism, Fascism and Nepotism, As a result of Inefficiency, Misconduct and Corruptive Practices of Dogmatic and Tyrannical Rulers as well as Puppet and Pseudo Politicians in Conjunction with their Masters, Patrons and Facilitators, May Turn Out to be a Major Political and Moral Hazard for U.S.A at National and International Level. Defiantly, it will be Consequential to the War of Regional Domination, along with Control over Afghanistan. Although, for Game of Domination between International Players, the suitable option is, the Will and Wish of People of Pakistan represented by the Political Leadership. Furthermore, the Sovereignty, Integrity and National Interests of Pakistan are An Internal Subject, related to the Qualities of Nation and Leadership. But, due to Un-organized and Non-systemized Political Parties, since from Liaquat Ali Khan era to Present Government, Dictatorial and Puppet Rulers were Sweet Choice for U.S.A, to secure the interests in Pakistan and to keep Russia away from The Hot Water. However, now People of Pakistan are fading up. They are furious and frustrated about the Dictatorial Rulers and Puppet Leaders due to negligence of Public Affairs, Interests and Problems. Therefore in future, Atmosphere and Circumstances will not support the Dictatorial Rulers and Puppet Politicians, Absolutely. Because, in future era Game of Domination between U.S.A, Russia and China will Enhance. Therefore, Pakistani Politics will dominate the National and International Issues; it will facilitate the People of Pakistan and Major National Political Players to make Pakistan an Asian Tiger through well-built State Institutions along with Properly Organized and Systemized Political Parties. Nevertheless, None- democratic and Un-constitutional Actions by the Establishment or None-Political and Un-ethical Activities by the Politicians, will Abrupt the Politics, Public is already under threat of Administrative Victimization and Judicial Injustice along with Economical Disaster and Social

Situation and Lead the Country towards a Failure and Malfunctioning State by way of Strong Personalities and War Lords. Because, in past era due to Social Polarization, Administrative Victimization and Economical Disintegration, Lower and Middle Class Peaceful, Law-abiding and Honest People of Pakistan have suffered a lot. But now they are going to be Immune and Reactive. It is Visible from their Attitude of Ignorance and Not-willingly participating in Political and Governance Activities. Whereas, the Dictatorial Rulers, Elite Class Feudal Lords, Opportunist and Hypocrite Politicians along with their companions were the Advantageous Lot by means of Dividing and Disappointing the Nation through Cultivating and Harvesting the Regional, Ethnic, Sectarian and Locality Oriented Emotions and Interests. But now they are going to be Fragile and Filthy. It is Noticeable from their Lack of Attention in Public Politics and Governance Activities, due to Public Embarrassment and Feeling of Ashamed by their Political and Governance Character. In Democratic Political System, Government cannot be formed without Election Victory by Public Support through Political Party. However, in Pakistan, Political Parties were never Organized and Systemized by the Party Owners according to the Political Ethics and Manners, along with Party Manifesto. Therefore, most of Political Parties work like Public Ltd. Companies and have their own Sole Agents, Distributors and Salesmans. Because of that most of the Politicians have their Own Paid Workers and Working Partners. They behave with the Political Workers like Customers and they treat the General Public like Slaves. Therefore, Public is Disappointed, Dissatisfied, Disillusioned from Politicians and Political Parties. Whereas, Political Leaders are Dependent on Establishment for Leadership and Governance, like the Owners of Public Ltd. Companies always remain Dependent on Government Departments. Therefore, Political Parties of Pakistan needs to be Organized Appropriately by Considering the Necessity of Cadres at Union Council, Tehsil, District, Province and National level. These "Cadres" should include Persons: (a) Those possess Intellectual Wisdom to Prepare Proper Plans and Programs. (Leaders or Initiators) (b) Those have Organizational Skill to Organize and Systematize the Party. (Workers or Motivators) (c) Those are Socially Well Respected among the Masses and Capable to Impress the Public. (Supporters or Actors)

For the reason that, Grooming of Local, Provincial and National Leadership is not possible without Well Organized and Systemized Political Parties, as per Party Manifesto and according to the Political Ethics and Manners. Otherwise, Un-groomed Politicians and Un-organized and Nonesystemized Political Parties will have to dependent on Establishment for Purpose of Leadership and Governance. Moreover, Dictatorial Rulers and Puppet Politicians will remain be the choice for International, Regional and Supporting Players.