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UNCLASSIFIEDIIFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY INTELL S3ay 2022 ars PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY (U/POUO) Potential for Threats to Public Safety in Response to Abortion Debate (U/eOud) Domestic violent extremists (DVEs) and criminal actors have adopted narratives surrounding abortion rights to encourage violence, likely increasing the threat to government, religious, and reproductive healthcare personnel and facilities and ideological opponents. Following the public disclosure of the draft majority opinion in a high-profile, abortion-related US Supreme Court case, individuals across a broad range of various DVE ideologies are attempting to justify and inspire attacks against abortion-related targets and ideological opponents at lawful protests. The volume of violent threats targeting Supreme Court Justices, members of Congress, other public officials, clergy, healthcare officials and providers, and others associated with the abortion debate are likely to persist and may increase leading up to and following the ern issuing of the Court's official ruling * (Uu/FOuO) According to the US Supreme Court Police, the public disclosure on 2 May prompted a significant increase in violent threats —many made online via social media and some of which are under investigation—directed toward some US Supreme Court Justices and the Supreme Court building, Separately, the National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium identified at least 25, violent threats on social media that were referred to partner agencies for further a investigation. Some of these threats discussed burning down or storming the US Supreme Court and murdering Justices and their clerks, members of Congress, and lawful demonstrators. (uyrouo) In early May, several social media users attempted to encourage violence at an abortion-related lawful protest event in Washington, DC, scheduled for 17 May, by sharing images and comments related to terrorist vehicle rammings of lawful demonstrators, according to open source reporting. Since July 2021, at a least four incidents of violence occurred between ideolo abortion-related protests in Oregon and Califor “an Prepared by he Courtererroram Mission Corley, The National Captal Region Th Court Poles, Coordinated within the DHS Inteligence Enterprise (CW For questions, contact DHS-SPS-RFI LUNCLASSIFIED/IFOR OFFICIA\ UNCLASSIFIEDIFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY individuals used smoke grenades, paintball guns, batons, chemical irritants, and bats, according to press reporting. * (u/FOuo) Historically, changes to abortion law have driven violence, as was evident in the years following the Roe v. Wade decision, in which pro-life abortion-related violent extremists committed at least 10 murders, as well as dozens of bombings and arsons, all targeting abortion providers and facilities, according to a DOJ task force. In 2021, several arson attacks targeted reproductive healthcare facilities and violent threats were directed toward these facilities and their doctors and patients, according to a review of court documents and press reporting. (u/ouo) We assess that the broader ideological spectrum of potential DVEs linked to recent abortion-related threats likely seek to target a range of individuals and entities. Historically, violent acts related to this issue were primarily committed by abortion-related violent extremists that opposed abortion rights. Going forward, grievances related to restricting abortion access could fuel violence by pro-choice abortion-related violent extremists and other DVEs. As such, potential targets viewed as symbolic of this issue could increasingly include lawful protestors, government officials involved in the decision, advocacy groups, organizations linked to religious institutions, companies that sell or manufacture medication to end pregnancies, and organizations that fund and facilitate travel for those secking abortions. ' (usroud) On8 May, an unidentified perpetrator used an incendiary device to start a fire at a pro-life organization's building in Oregon. Also, on 8 May, an unidentified perpetrator conducted an arson attack at the headquarters of a Madison, Wisconsin, family advocacy group that promotes abortion alternatives. Graffiti found at the scene read, “If abortions aren't safe [then] you aren’t either” and included symbols typically used by anarchist violent extremists and others to convey anti-law enforcement sentiment. News outlets reported that a group claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened further attacks if “anti-choice establishments” and related entities did not “disband”; however, this information has not been verified by law enforcement, * (u/rouo) In early May, social media users outside Justices’ residences, encouraging vic one stating, “Dead activists in front of a SC. boog” —shorthand for “Boogaloo,” a term 0 extremists and racially or ethnically motiv belief in the superiority of the white race to 1 LUNCLASSIFIEDIFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY * (U/FOUO) Some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists’ embrace of pro-life narratives may be linked to the perception of wanting to “save white children” and “fight white genocide.” On 7 May, a social media channel administrator associated with such racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist content encouraged other users to engage in “unrelenting violence” as an alternative to “counter protesting.” The administrator also referenced individuals they identified as prior pro-life abortion-related violent actors, stating, “If you're pro-life but aren’t prepared to follow in their footsteps you're wasting your time.” (U/FOUO) The following indicators may suggest an increased or evolving threat environment leading up to or following the US Supreme Court's forthcoming official decision. The mere advocacy of political or social positions, political activism, use of strong rhetoric, or generalized philosophic embrace of violent tactics does not constitute domestic violent extremism or illegal activity and is constitutionally protected. Therefore, reporting on activities observed in response to this Supreme Court case must include articulable facts and circumstances that support the suspicion that the observed behavior is reasonably indicative of criminal activity. © (U/FOUO) Levying violent threats, encouraging others to commit violence, or doxing, individuals to incite or enable violence against others for abortion-related motivations; * (U/FOUO) Plans to bring weapons, including firearms or incendiary devices, to abortion-related events to conduct violence against ideological opponents or damage government facilities; ‘+ (W/rouo) Pre-operational surveillance, unusual or suspicious interest in a facility, or attempts to gain unauthorized entry to government facilities, neprocuctivehesltt care facilities, or personal residences of Supreme Court Justices; (U/FOUO) Individuals promoting successful or attempted attacks ag LUNCLASSIFIEDIFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Source, Reference, and Dissemination Information Source Summary Statement Definitions (U/rOUd) We have moderate confidence in our assessment that DVEs and Giiminal actors have adopted narratives surrounding abortion rights to encourage violence. We base this assessment on a body of reporting that includes news media accounts, DHS ‘open source reporting, and Department of Justice press releases. Accurately determining which, if any, ofthese threats will culminate in violence remains a significant challenge. (uprouo) We have moderate confidence in our assessment that potential DVEs linked to recent abortion-related threats likely seek to target a range of individuals and. entities. This assessment is based on open source intelligence reports, recent incidents ‘of DVE activity, and reporting from organizations focused on online extremism and violence at lawful protests. We have moderate confidence in information obtained from ‘nongovernmental organizations, as we cannot always corroborate sources, but we have included only information from reputable organizations. We would have greater Confidence in both assessments if we were to receive more reporting related to incidents of violence, violent reactions to the upcoming decision, threats of violence being discussed online, and evidence of individuals planning specific acts of violence. (wr0u0) Abortion-Related Violent Extremists (ADRVEs): Groups or individuals who facilitate or engage in the unlawful use or threat of force ot violence with the intent to intimidate or coerce in furtherance of politcal and/or social agendas relating to abortion. (ujrouo) Anarchist Violent Extremist (AVES): An individual who seeks, wholly or in part through unlawful acts of force or violence, to further their opposition to all forms ‘of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions, which they perceive ‘as harmful to society. (uyrouo) Boogaloo: A term used by some militia violent extremists and racially oF ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) motivated by a belief in the superiority of the white race to reference a violent uprising or impending civil war. Militia violent extremists often use the term to reference an impending politically motivated civil war or uprising against the government following perceived incursions ‘on constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment, or other actions perceived ‘as government overreach, while RMVEs typically use the term to reference an impending race war or other conflict that will lead tothe collapse of the “system,” including the US Government and society. (uprou) Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs): Individuals based and operating primarily within the United States or its territories without direction or inspiration from a foreign terrorist group or other foreign power who seeks social goals wholly or in part through unlawful acts of fore advocacy of political or social positions, political activism, ‘generalized philosophic embrace of violent tactics extremism and may be constitutionally protected. D categories of ideological motivation and can span a br ‘movements. I&A utilizes this term synonymously (u/rouo) Militia Violent Extremists (MVES) ‘engage in acts of unlawful violence directed at officials or infrastructure in response to their stripping Americans of their freedoms and is regime. These individuals consequently oppo LUNCLASSIFIEDIFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY designed to violently resist perceived government oppression or to violently overthrow the US Government (uyrouo) Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVEs) motivated by a belief in the superiority of the white race: Groups or individuals who facilitate or engage in acts of unlawful violence or intent to intimidate or coerce the federal government, ethnic and racial minorities, or non-Christian faiths, and often specifically Jewish persons, in support of their belief inthe inferiority of nonwhites and non-Christians. Reporting Suspicious ‘Activity (@ Toreport suspicious activity, aw enforcement, Fire-EMS, private security personnel, and emergency managers should follow established protocols; all other ‘personnel should call 911 or contact local law enforcement. Suspicious activity reports (GARs) will be forwarded to the appropriate fusion center and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force for further action. For more information on the Nationwide SAR Initiative, visit ‘wwrwdhs gow/nsi. Dissemination (i Federal, state, local tribal, and territorial homeland security personnel, law ‘enforcement, frst responders, and private sector partners. Warning Notices & Handling Caveats (ujFOu0) This document is UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. It contains {information that may be exempt from public release under the Freedom of Information Act (§ USC. 552). It isto be controlled, stored, handled, transmitted, distributed, and disposed of in accordance with DHS policy relating to FOUO information and is not to be released to the public, the media, or other personnel who do not have a valid need to know without prior approval of an authorized DHS official. State and local homeland, security officials may share this document with authorized critical infrastructure and, key resource personnel and private sector security officials without further approval from DHS. @w Al US person information has been minimized. For all other inquiries, please contact the Homeland Security Single Point of Service, Request for Information Office ‘at DHS-SPS-RFI@hq dhs gov, DHS-SPS-RFIGdhs sgov gov, DHS-SPS-RFIGdhs.ic gov.

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