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Introduction to Vedic Reiki (The Usui System of Natural Healing) (1) Medical Systems Traditional - Modern - Alternative dhanvantaris

ca bhagavan svayam eva kirtir namananrnam puru rajam nija asu hanti yajne ca bhagavan amrtayur avavaraundha ayusya vedam anasasty avatirya loke "Bhagavan Dhanvantari very quickly cures the diseases simply by His fame, awarding long life to the devas sharing in sacrifices. He inaugurated the medical science in this world." The Vedas are the source of all knowledge. Thus all knowledge of medical science is there in the Vedas for the perfect cure of all the diseases. By the grace of the Lord, not only are diseases of the body and mind cured but also the soul is liberated from the cycle of repeated birth and death. The Vedas have a holistic approach in presenting the medical system, viz : (a) The living being is constitutionally eternally healthy. (b) The very construction of the body by the material elements is a block or diseased condition. (c) By unconstitutional or unnatural behavior, the constitution of the body is imbalanced resulting in countless diseases. (d) By understanding the constitution of the body - both physical and psychic - and living a natural constitution life, one can, by the grace of the lord, prevent many diseases, easily cure many diseases, and ultimately become free from birth, death, old age and disease. On the other hand, the modern medical systems which are based on materialistic, speculative science do not account for the soul at all. Acclaimed as based on scientifically verifiable concepts and boosted up by ongoing, cleverly documented research the modern medical systems try to use unknown methods and medicines to treat the unknown conditions of the ailing patients. These so-called remedies could easily bring death closer or create many new chronic problems, which can be worse, than the original sickness. Apart from the misuse of the medical sciences by the commercially motivated industries, the very foundation of the modern method is wrong due to lack of knowledge of the what, how and why factors about the suffering individual. The modern scientific disciplines manufacture knowledge through locally constructed representational systems and practical devices for making their discovered phenomenon

visible, accountable and consensual to a larger disciplinary body of tradition. The modern medical systems suffer from this credible knowledge that is situated in an intersection between gross physical locales and self-centered social conditions. Due to the deadly expensive and no guarantee remedies with myriads of side effects, the modern medical systems have certainly taught us a lesson that the age old concept of holistic health is the real key for long and healthy life. All over the world now, there is a great interest and inquisitiveness for alternative system of treatment. What is Reiki Healing? (The Usui System of Natural Healing) There are a lot of misconception about healing. Commercialization of this otherwise noble aspect of medical science has managed to propagate these ignorant and illusory ideas to a risky extent. Some of these are summarized below : (1) Healing cures diseases. (2) Healing mystically increases life-span. (3) Healing makes one a successful personality. (4) Healing awards visions and makes one omniscient. (5) Healing flushes away early life/childhood negativities. (6) Healing transforms one religiously/spiritually and is the process for becoming (or becoming one with) God. Even though the first three of the above listed have a minor decimal of truth in them, the rest are all totally wrong and have nothing to do with the wonderful science of healing. There are different levels of our subtle-existence that get affected badly, due to improper behavior in our lifestyle. This decreases our resistance, resulting in physical diseases. Consciously, drawing energy from the source of the life-force, these afflictions can be mitigated, wholesome resistance revived, and thus diseases can be fought and won over. There is nothing mystic about healing. Neither does it depend on ones religious faith. Healing works on or for anyone. To draw the strength from the original source of lifeforce one will have to expand the consciousness to both physical and subtle/psychic levels of existence, by awareness and proper training by an expert. It is a subtle science.

A short history of the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing Japanese Theologian and missionary, Dr. Mikao Usui (after whom the Reiki system is named) is the Founder visionary of Reiki (in vedic language, the Rishi or Drashta of the system).

Dr. Usui was eager to find a simple but efficient system devoid of medicines and surgery for recovering the health of the inmates of shelters where he was serving as a missionary. Knowing that the monks in Buddhist monasteries keep very good health and live for a century, in spite of working in remote hilly areas with minimum facilities, he traveled to Tibet. After an intensive deep research, consulting many adepts and saintly Buddhist monks, Dr. Usui finally undertook an austerity of 21 days of fasting. Through meditation he visualized the mantras of the ancient Reiki system, and thus became the Drashta or Rishi. After a deep study of many Tibetan scriptures under expert guidance, Dr. Usui organized the process into a universal system. Later this was brought to the United States and thereon to the western world by missionaries in succession. For the past century, many masters initiated into this system have been conducting seminars all over the world and training others both for self-healing and for practicing as therapists, know as Reiki channels.

Reiki Initiation and the Three Attunements As described before, Reiki is the simplest healing method know to our present world. In the Reiki seminars, the master initiates or awards attunements to the students, in three levels. This is after the students learn the theory very well and become qualified by successfully performing necessary exercises on the practical level, as may be prescribed by the Master. A Certificate of Degree is given for each level of attunement. During the attunements, the Master by transmitting mantra energy, opens up certain metaphysical/physical energy centers. This enables the students to link and channel deeper vibrations of life-energy. Japanese symbols of relevant mantras are subtly inscribed on the person by the Master. Once attuned strictly according to the tradition, the 1st degree holder can lay the hands on oneself or another person and help accelerate healing by transferring Reiki energy. By drawing in the exact amount of energy as needed by the recipient, Reiki activates physical, psychic and cosmic level energy sources. In the second attunement, there is a greater transaction of Reiki power. Even though shorter in theory, the practice involves deeper and more demanding sadhana. The flow of Reiki energy is multi-faced with the deeper techniques. Linking the mental and emotional levels of the psychic, the experience of the student is more subtle in this attunement. Awareness is immeasurably is increased. Distant healing is one of the important features of this attunement. Establishing access to the different subtle energies, one can purify them on physical, atmospheric and cosmic levels.

Transmitting Reiki energy to several people at shorter times, even subconsciously, is the wonderful aspect to the second attunement. The third attunement makes one a Reiki Master. After receiving this level of attunement one can initiate others in the first two attunements. This attunement requires a lot of sincere practice, selflessness and dedication. Deeper connection to the mantras and symbols are spontaneously established in the training. Vedic Reiki: Anatomy on Three Levels (Cosmic, Psychic and Physical) The potency of the Lord divides into three:
Controlling Powers (Cosmic) Controlled Entities (Psychic) Material Bodies (Physic)

The following is a consensus of the Vedic medical study of human anatomy in 96 categories.
Cosmic - Adhidaiva - 8 Categories

(1) Modes of Material Nature - Jada Gunas (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) - 3 When consciousness identifies with matter, that identity transforms into three features, namely powers that evolve matter (dravya sakti), knowledge of material creation (kriyasakti), and guiding intelligence (jnana sakti). Devoid of ones real identify as part and parcel of the Divine Pleasure Potency, the consciousness gets conditioned by these three modes of material nature viz., goodness (sattva), passion (rajas), and ignorance (tamas). The controlling deities of these gunas are Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. (2) Great Elements - Maha Bhuta - 5 Ether, air, fire, water and earth are the five great elements. Everything in creation is made of these ingredients, be it the body of a small worm or the gigantic astral bodies floating in the unlimited space.
Psychic - Adhyatma - 35 Categories

(1) Three Energy Circuits - Mandalas The Fire (Agni) Mandala is two finger-spaces above the pelvis, just below the generative organ. It appears in 3 flames. The Sun (Aditya) Mandala is four finger-spaces above the navel. It appears as a circle below chest.

The Moon (Chandra) Mandala is above the centre of neck, below the center of eyebrows in the middle of the face. (2) Six Energy Centers - Chakras There are six circles of the movements of the life air. These are called life energy centers, Chakras: The Muladhara Chakra is located beneath the pelvis. It appears as a circle with a triangle in the middle, and a four petalled lotus flower. In the middle of that flower is the pranava or 'aum'. The controlling deity is Ganesha. The Svadhistana Chakra is located between the genitals and the naval. It appears as a square with a six petalled lotus flower and a 'yoni' in the middle. The controlling deities are Brahma and Saraswati. The Manipuraka Chakra is located eight finger-spaces above the Svadhistana. It is surrounded by 1,008 nerves. It appears like the crescent moon on the seventh day of waxing with a ten petalled lotus flower. The controlling deities are Mahavisnu and Lakshmi. The Anahata Chakra is located ten finger-spaces above Manipuraka. It appears as a triangle with a twelve petalled lotus flower. The controlling deities are Rudra and Rudrani. The Visuddhi Chakra is located ten finger-spaces above Anahata, in the pit of the throat. It appears as a six angled star with a sixteen petalled lotus flower. The Ajna Chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows. It appears as a three petalled lotus flower. The controlling deities are Sadasiva and Manonmani. (3) Four Psychic Elements, the Subtle Body - Anta-karanas, Sukshma-sarira The Mind (Manasa) is an aspect of air. It constantly waves, thinking of sense objects. It is generated from the mode of goodness (sattva-guna). The controlling deities are: The controller of directions, Dik. The controller of air, Vayu. The controller of light and heat, Arka. The controller of water, Varuna. The controller of herbs, the Asvini Kumaras. The controller of fire, Agni. The controller of the heavens, Upendra Vishnu. The controller of temperature, Mitra. The controller of rain, Indra. The controller of creation, Brahma. The Intelligence (Medhas or Buddhi) directs the mind from the mode of passion (rajas).

This is generally known a the power of discrimination. The controlling deity is the Supersoul, the Paramatma. The False Identity (Ahankara) binds the spirit soul in matter. To think that this body is 'me' and as such any thing in relation with the body or its possessions are 'mine' is called 'aham-mamata', False Identification. The controlling deity is Sankarshana assisted by the group of ten controllers. (4) Three kinds of Attachments - Isanas Attachment to the opposite sex. Attachment to the off-springs. Attachment to wealth. (5) Eight kinds of Agitation - Vikaras Lust (kama) Frustration (krodha) Anger (kopa) Pride (mada) Bewilderness (moha) Enemity (matsarya) Negligence (udasina) Envy (asuya) (6) Three kinds of Contamination - Doshas Like dirt on copper and husk on the grain, Pride (Dambha), blocks the consciousness from transcending lower existence. It covers the identify with the misconceptions of 'me' and 'mine'. Greed (Lobha) provokes the desire for everything perceived. It also blocks the discrimination of what is really beneficial and what is not. Illusion (Maya) confuses one by ideas of wrong proprietorship. It causes one to take one thing to be yet another. (7) Two kinds of activities - Karma Pious activities (Punya Karma) are activities prescribed in the scriptures. Impious activities (Papa Karma) are activities prohibited by the scriptures. (8) Five levels of Consciousness - Chitta Avasta Wakeful State - Jagratha Dreaming State - Swapna Dreamless Sleep state - Susupti Free from Gross State - Turiya Free from Subtle State - Turiya Atita

(9) Consciousness - Chetana The constitutional pure consciousness.

Vedic Reiki: Physical Anatomy Physical Anatomy of Matter - Adhibautika

Five Knowledge Acquiring Senses - Jnana Indriyas

Ears Eyes Nose Tongue Skin.

Five Working Senses - Karma Indriyas

Hands Legs System of Speech Reproductive System Digestive System

Five Objects of the Knowledge Acquiring Senses - Vishayas:

Sound Sight Smell Taste Touch

Five Objectives of the Working Senses - Pravritis

Holding, Pulling, Pushing Walking, Running, Standing, Jumping, Kicking Speaking, Singing Sexual, Reproductive Eating, Digesting and Evacuating
Ten Vein groups - Nadis

The Ida and Pingala Nadis start from the right and left toes, go up gradually in a scissors pattern parallel to the back bone, into the head, and then passing through the nostrils return to the anus. The Susumna Nadi appears at the bottom of the anus. It combines with ida and pingala and with life air goes upto the top of head, sharingbreaths.

The Gandhari Nadi climbs from the navel, adjusting with the seven great veins. It spreads around the throat and takes seat under the tongue. The Atti and Sikhu Nadis start from the anus and run up into the ears, protecting the instruments of hearing. The Alampurusa and Alampada Nadis start from anus, run up into the eyeballs, directing their movement. The Sangini and Guhu Nadis start from the navel and end under anusIda. Ida, Pingala and Susumna combine in vata creating constipation and other digestive problems, bringing lethargy and laziness, tamas. Gandhari, Atti, Sikhu and Alampurusa combine in pitha creating excessive heat, thirst, gastric upheavals, pressure, and bring up lusty desires, rajas. Guhu, Sangini and Alampada combine in kapha creating widening of the eyes, deepening of the eye-socket, excessive sweating of face, and anxiety resulting in depression, deeper tamas.
Ten kinds of life airs - Pranas

The vital force of life includes 5 main categories of life air, viz., prana, apana, vyana, samana and udana, assisted by 5 other categories of subtle life-airs viz., naga, kurma, gregara, devadatta, and dhananjaya. The vital force is like a snake because it is sustained by air, (snakes can subsist simply by drinking air) and when there is derangement of air, the vital force is weakened and thus with lesser resistance the body becomes a victim of diseases. Mental diseases are results of derangement of the subtle airs. Harmonizing the sustenance of vital force by meditation (like Reiki meditation) is especially beneficial to keep the airs in order so that the diseases of the body become almost nil by such exercise. When this is properly done, vital force need not be used up unnecessarily in fighting diseases. Thus, naturally the life-span will also increase. If one becomes really perfect in this, even control of death is possible, as has been proved by the great yogis of India. Prana appears in the middle of eyebrows in the Ajna Chakra... - then falls into the vein called Citra... - vibrates Aum in the pelvis (Muladhara Chakra)... - echoes Reem in the naval (Manipuraka Chakra)... - runs through the Ida and Pingala nadi)... - moves around the skull... ...and exits through the nostrils at four to twelve finger-spaces. For a perfect body, in 24 minutes it gives 360 breathes. Per day there are 21,600 breaths - 7,200 exhalations and 14,400 inhalations. Apana flows from the naval down, functioning between the anus and genitals, helping evacuation of Liquids and solids.

Vyana is established in the shoulders. It works with 7,200 veins helping the limbs to fold and extend. It distributes the food nutrition equally so that bile does not increase. Udana increases the fire in belly helping digestion. Samana is established in the navel. It balances other airs, purifies the water and food intake and spreads all over the body protecting the balance. Naga helps one to understand arts and crafts. It also controls the functioning of sight, opening and closing of the eye-lids, and the hairs standing on end. Kurma stays close to the mind, helping yawning, closing of the mouth, and laughing. Grigara helps the cleansing of the tongue and nostrils, and the functioning of coughing and sneezing. Devadatta creates laziness and anger. It flows between the anus and the gentials. Dhananjaya is seated in the nostrils. It helps the body to swell when prana leaves, and cracks through the head on the third day after the death.
Five Vital Centers - Asayas

Annasaya is seated at the junction of drinking and eating. Jalasaya is seated at the junction where water separates from intake of food. Malasaya is seated in the junction where stool separates. Slanchalasaya is seated in the junction where urine separates. Suklasaya is seated in the junction where semen is stored.
Five Layers - Koshas

Annamaya protects the gross body. Pranamaya combines the working senses and the activities of the subtle body while dreaming. Manomaya combines with the working senses and the functioning of the subtle body in dreams. Vijnanamaya combines with the intelligence and senses and functions in dreams. Anandamaya is the basis of the causal body.

Three Componants - Dhatus

Air (Vayu or Vata) is produced when fire and water mix in life-air. Bile (Pitha) is produced when fire and air mix in life-air. Mucus (Kapha) is produced when water, fire and air mix in the life-air, separate from the body.

Consciousness, the Real Force Consciousness is the symptom of the spirit soul. The soul is conscious. The vedic term for defining soul is sat (eternal existence ), cit (fully conscious), and ananda (full of pleasure). This consciousness pervades our whole existence, namely physic and psychic. Utilizing the interaction of the material modes of nature, the consciousness forces the mechanism of the subtle and gross bodies to work, via the medium of the life-airs, pranas. Reiki - Universal, Cosmic and individual The creation consists of unlimited divine energies of God. Many of these energies are revealed through scripture - the Vedas - and through visionaries - drashtas. These are generally classified in three categories. Awareness, Energy and Conduction. Reiki is one such universal energy, with aspects of all these categories. In the Tibetan ancient books, it is defined as Universal Life Force. It is greatest vibration of life energy easily available to a human being. Having a divine source, this energy does not exclude anything. It enables us to establish contact with the powerhouse of live impulses in our world, thus manifesting the oneness aspect between the Souls (another category of energy of God), Creation, and God. The basis for connection with this force is love. All human problems are ultimately due to the illusory separation from God, and the physical disorders due to the subsequent separation from the creation. Due to the separation from God, the living entity, to fill up the cavity of loneliness, inflates it is consciousness through false identity by independently trying to be the lord and master of everything that is perceived. This results in fear of security. To ensure security, many seek temporary partnerships and resort to materialistic plan making. They try to find love and affection through power and position. In doing so, they always have to compete and safeguard selfish interests because every other person is trying to encroach there attempts for peace and pleasure through prosperity. This throws them far away from experiencing love. Some others think (or are made to think) that they have to expiate the sin to become fit for love and make God the order supplier, once more! They never succeed, because

the seeds of their wrong behavior keep sprouting despite performing a million religious rituals. Real spiritual practices can help one to transcend material activities. It will convey to them that they do have an identity which is constitutional, which has always been there through good, bad and ugly situations of existence. There are such processes and supportive methods. Reiki is one such supportive method. The universal level of Reiki is the awareness, strength and conduction, combined into a Universal Life Force energy, made available to any one interested, through the wonderful organized system, by the foundervisionary, Dr. Usui. The world should ever be thankful to that Great Grand Master. The world is the transformation of the energies of God in many levels of manifestation. The physical manifestation - consisting of cosmic mind, intelligence and false identify, are eight separated lower energies, whereas the spirit souls are higher but marginal energy. Being marginal, the spirit soul can either pose its consciousness on the Divine Pleasure Potency of God (hladini sakti), or on the lower separated material energy. When the soul poses its consciousness on the lower material energy, there is a great endeavor to survive as the fittest, and to exploit the resources of the material manifestation. The more the trail for this exploitation, the more the involvement in its complexities. After a futile attempt to enjoy there breaks out an absolute conviction for rejection of all enjoyments. In both cases, either in exploitation or in rejection one is dealing with the manifested world wrongly. The proper way to deal is to only take what is needed and in a mood of love understand that the rest is someone elses share. The cosmic level Reiki brings this awareness to the channel. It brings one in perceivable touch with the principles of Universal Love in dealing with the cosmic manifestation. On the individual level, Reiki helps one to raise the life-force energy in them to its full functioning capacity. Even destiny starts helping by reducing the effects of karma to minor blows of ailments/accidents. In the place of fear, joy takes over. It is hard to even believe that something so simple in practice can evolve an entirely harmonious out look of life. The opening of the chakras effect a rapid detoxification process and allows the life-force to work in full swing. Relaxation results in higher vitality and wholesome revival of resistance. Healing - Self, Group, and Distant Once the chakras are opened up by the Master, the channel can daily practice self healing, placing of the hands in prescribed positions on different areas of the body, and drive Reiki heat in. The technique of whole-body healing can also be tried. In each position one can Reiki for 10 minutes. Among family members and friends group therapy can be practiced, Even if all the members do not have any particular disease, this can be done. In fact, It is more merrier to experience group healing.

After the second attunement, one can treat a person in absence too. If there is no strong relationship, and one is not able to concentrate without a physical presence, a photograph can be used Disease - Destiny, Prevention, and Cure All diseases are results of improper behavior either in the present or past lives. The reactions of previous karma manifests in various levels of anomalies due to which the body is not able to use the life-force fully. This situation is called sickness. Depending upon the gravity of these anomalies there can be the requirement of different time periods for cure. For ascertaining this, one can refer to the Astrological science. Having developed proper awareness of oneself, world and the source of all through the theory section of the Reikiseminar, one can from that time try to correct the behavior for now and the future. This ensures prevention.