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GENESIS ATRICK OF ThETAIL AT OF The Tal 6 and (7 COM pS Rpples 7.20 RoBbery, Assaule Ad Barcery p.26 Spook p36 Encaygled p47 Dance @1 A volcato p52 195 Endas p.60 a trick of the tail ‘words ond msi by tony Banks Moderate teeing (720 J) os etm? amish) Fests) am(acact) ¥ fi itt intl af tm ‘iad Ct) Chm? Sap ‘a — of we te or me ct - fy of gold, led — him ‘a - vay a cage, out—— with dhe deusi— ands hofna= Fim? 8 tm Arm(adC#) fat oR ff Hy eft and let no = bod=y know ‘Gone wore the tow'en hn had known "weust dt can talk’ reed the. sign ‘The Crea-res, they pushed and they prod” ay de-scrip-tion of home After man’ = y. dayd jour = ney, we. came — ae bb = 8 peak trays elied the soon they grew bor fol-lowed “bis gaze— ant we though wide where the Beast gazed a broad. and Open road —— the blink> ered of thei prey, — — froma child, a= ‘Jone with the dream. of a He ‘ied bis Irame= amd questioned bis slo = ry id that can fe &: mm fs 2 eae = e Se SS 2 Mie Comer a Umpire. ot pid: fm eeisk of the eye, + = Saas ea Bs =e