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334 Sheridan Road * Winthrop Harbor, Illinois 60096
847.746.8491 *
Results-driven executive with a proven track record of 10 years of experience dr
iving the advanced performance, growth and profitability of diverse technology c
ompanies in automation data collection. Manage all aspects of the sales process
to ensure the achievement of both client and business objectives. Expand territo
ries and generate new revenue streams through skillful identification and pursui
t of new sales opportunities and business partnerships. Leverage superior commun
ication and solution selling skills to align client needs and requirements with
a company's value-added services and solutions. Build and spearhead top-performi
ng teams, providing the training and support needed to meet and exceed all expec
tations. Core competencies include:

Strategic Planning * Sales & Marketing * Account & Territory Management * Busine
ss Development
Needs Assessment * Communication & Negotiation Skills * Quality Customer Service
Client & Partner Relations * Staff Training * Team Building & Leadership


ITECH AUTOMATION, Mundelein IL.* 2005- 2009

National technology company that specializes in barcode and radio frequency (RF)
identification solutions.
Senior Account Manager
Developed a $ 4M account portfolio consisting of blue chip companies, leading al
l aspects of the sales process to facilitate the achievement of business goals a
nd revenue objectives. Generated new sales leads, conducted cold-calls, schedule
d meetings and performed on-site visits. Identified and aligned client needs. Cu
ltivated strong client relations to secure new and repeat sales opportunities. P
repared and negotiated sales quotes. Trained sales representatives on product an
d service offerings. Reported monthly sales results.
Operational Highlights:
* Increased hardware, consumable and repair service sales by 32%, 15% and 10% re
spectively after building new client relationships and business partnerships..
* Reduced overheads by 15% after analyzing expenses versus current margins and d
emanding that suppliers lower their costs to avoid increasing customer prices at
the risk of losing business.
* Instituted an internal order visualization system enabling sales teams to effe
ctively monitor inventory levels.

Steiner Electric, Elk Grove Village, Illinois * 2004- 2005

Giga Age Division that specializes in selling and supporting RF data collection
software and hardware.
Senior Account Manager
Collaborated with other Steiner Electric divisions to market and sell Giga Age's
barcode solutions to their existing clients. Performed joint-calls to generate
new sales opportunities within existing customers. Coordinated in-house demonstr
ations and learning sessions to educate prospects on current technology solution
s. Negotiated and closed sales. Resolved customer complaints and provided projec
t management support to pre and post sales technicians. Prepared monthly sales r
Financial / Operational Highlights:
* Gained $4M worth of new business in 9 months, growing sales by 30% in both the
US and Latin America.
* Established new partnerships with manufacturers in the ruggedized handheld ind
* Initiated a joint marketing program with other corporate divisions to proactiv
ely promote and sell Giga Age's solutions to existing client accounts.
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TEXAS BARCODE SYSTEMS, Plano TX. * 2000- 2004

Leading systems integrator that provides automatic identification solutions usin
g wired and wireless networks, barcode printers, mobile computing, scanning and
custom software.
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Directed the entire sales and marketing process and customer lifecycle to drive
business and revenue growth in the Midwest region. Identified, qualified and pur
sued new sales leads and business opportunities. Conducted on-site product demon
strations. Conveyed the added business value of implementing Texas Barcode Syste
ms' automatic identification and data capture solutions. Negotiated and closed a
ll regional sales.
Financial / Operational Highlights:
* Acquired $800K in annual territory sales through skillful management of the en
tire sales lifecycle.
* Partnered with regional industry leaders to generate new business and sales le
* Exceeded target sales in a new territory.


Selling Xi Series & Selling Portable Printers Courses - Zebra University
Item Master Definition & BOM Routing Training - Oracle
QS9000 Certification for Internal Auditors
Kanban Certification
Operating System: Microsoft Windows * Networking: Wireless 802.11b/g Site Survey
& Network Design
Hardware: PC Building, Service & Repair * Programming Languages: MS-DOS, C & Vis
ual Basic
Software: Microsoft Office Suite & FrontPage ACT and Goldmine CRM MAS 200 APIC T
* Website:
Spanish & English