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Fanny Sparrow

17846 North 93rd Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: 480-332-7485

Academic Qualifications
Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business - Hofstra Universit
y, Hempstead, N.Y, USA
Clinical Research Professional Certification (CCRP) - Society of Clinical Resear
ch Associates, USA
Relevant Positions
Nov 06 - Sep 10 - Regulatory/Recruitment Coordinator - Radiant Research, Inc., C
handler and Scottsdale, AZ
May 06 - Dec 06 - Quality Assurance Editor - Signet Claim Solutions, Melville, N
Y (telecommute)
Mar 04 - May 06 - Clinical Study Manager/Admissions Specialist - MDS Pharma Serv
ices, Phoenix, AZ
Nov 02 - Aug 03 - Credit Analyst - American Express, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Dec 98 - Dec 02 - Training Coordinator - National Healthcare Resources, Inc., Wo
odbury, NY
Summary of Relevant Clinical Research Experience
Regulatory Coordinator:
* Prepare regulatory documents and IRB submissions for all enrolling protocols
* Track status of pending IRB review and approvals of all clinical trials
* Prepare, submit and track initial, interim and final study summaries to the IR
* Submit all Informed Consent revisions and protocol amendments for IRB approval
* Track reporting of Adverse Events to the IRB and Sponsor
* Track sponsor safety letter submission to the IRB
* Preparation of closed study files for archiving in long-term storage
Recruitment Coordinator:
* Management of recruitment activities on all enrolling protocols
* Managed all recruiting study material submission to the IRB
* Management of advertisement development and placement with media services grou
* Managed advertisement funds
* Update medical histories and status of all subjects in database
* Review medical charts and patient screen sheets (from call center) for potenti
al study participant
* Organized and coordinate community outreach events

Study Manager:
* Managed clinical trial and clinic staff
* Interpreted and assured adherence to study protocols
* Collected, analyzed and reported clinical study data
* Planned, organized and lead client initiation meetings; monitored visits and a
* Planned and executed study participant orientation meetings
* Ensured compliance, quality, and profitability of clinical studies
*Reviewed clinical laboratory test results, medical history information and info
rmed consent documents
* Reviewed and approved staffing for each study
* Create case report forms for each study
* Established and maintained communication with client concerning study progress
and developments including reports of adverse events
Admission Specialist:
* Developed custom participant questionnaire based on study inclusion and exclus
ion criteria
* Interviewed potential study participants
* Planned and executed study participant selection
* Managed communication of information between Admission personnel, principal in
vestigator, study managers and the quality assurance department
* Prepared written Spanish to English translations of medical history informatio
* Coordinated payment of participant stipends at study completion
* Performed study information meetings with potential study participants to obta
in proper consent
Summary of Other Relevant Work Experience
Quality Assurance Editor:
* Reviewed/Edited Independent Medical Reports and Peer Review Files for adherenc
e to State regulations, structural and content errors, appropriateness of specia
lty referrals and accuracy of claimant and billing information
Credit Analyst:
* Serviced, collected & controlled customer accounts
* Ensured maximum recovery on delinquent accounts
* Inbound and Outbound telephone contact with Small Business Owners and Corporat
e Card Clients
Training Coordinators Supervisor:
* Trained staff in customer service and QA of Independent Medical Exams and File
Review reports
* Developed training material and documentation
* Evaluate and documented trainee performance and training effectiveness
* Organized and performed new employee orientations and office walk-throughs
* Interviewed candidates for employment
* Developed staff cross-training rotation program
* Assisted in the development of a national corporate training program
**Fluent in English and Spanish **