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Adrenaline ®

Image Processing Accelerators

and Software Engines


Adrenaline is the newest family of high-performance image processing accelerators from
Kofax Image Products. Adrenaline accelerators drive the latest generation of ultra-fast
scanners at rated speeds while performing advanced recognition, image cleanup, image
enhancement and form processing functions all in real-time.

Running on Adrenaline means getting the most out of your imaging system for the lowest
possible cost. With Adrenaline, your productivity in capturing and processing images will go
up while your associated labor costs go down.


• Connection to a wide range of low-end, mid-range
and high-end SCSI or video scanners.
• Sophisticated image cleanup and reconstruction support
(black border removal, deskew, line removal, deshade,
destreak, despeckle, character repair).
• High speed recognition support (bar codes, patch
codes, page registration, form recognition).
• Attractively priced models (software and hardware)
to allow for flexible configuration based on needs
and budget.


The secret to controlling the speed and efficiency of a
capture operation, and thus better controlling costs, can be
found in a technique known as point-of-capture
processing. This involves performing as many image
cleanup, image enhancement and recognition
operations as possible at the time the image is
acquired. By performing point-of-capture processing,
you will save the need for multiple, dedicated servers to
perform these operations in a post-scanning mode. This will
save you the obvious costs in additional hardware for servers, as well as serving to reduce
the amount of network traffic and allowing you to make reject/rescan decisions immediately.

All Adrenaline image processing accelerators implement load balancing. The primary
advantage of load balancing is the ability to maximize the performance of the Adrenaline
image processing accelerator along with maximizing the performance of the host CPU.
When the volume of images to be captured is substantial, or when All Adrenaline software engines are fully
image processing requirements are extensive or speed of capture is compatible with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
critical, the Adrenaline image processing accelerators are the ideal platforms. Adrenaline software is the low cost
solution. Utilizing a high speed PCI design in conjunction with recommendation when the number of images to be
proprietary ASIC and DSP devices, the Adrenaline image captured is relatively small (less than 30 ipm).
processing accelerators are dramatically faster than any
other controllers on the market today. ADRENALINE CAPTURE ENGINE
Supports software based scanning,
ADRENALINE 1700s & 1700v display and network printing
These are the highest-speed, highest functions. The Adrenaline Capture
performance image processing accelerators Engine is optimized for lower
on the market, capable of capturing images volume imaging applications that do not require
at speeds as high as 250 images per image processing.
minute (with image processing enabled)
and 400 ipm (with image processing ADRENALINE IMAGE
disabled). The Adrenaline 1700s is ideal for popular high-speed SCSI
Taking all of the features of
scanners and the Adrenaline 1700v is ideal for high-speed
the Adrenaline Capture Engine
video scanners. The power of Adrenaline 1700 drives these
and marrying them with the
scanners at rated speeds with an extensive set of image
sophisticated image processing found in the
processing features fully enabled.
Adrenaline image processing accelerators, the
Adrenaline Image Processing Engine is ideal for
ADRENALINE 850s & 850v
applications that require form processing, bar code
These mid-range image processing accelerators
and patch code recognition, and image cleanup
are capable of capturing images at rates up to where volumes are relatively small or performance
100 images per minute. The Adrenaline 850s is is not mission critical. The secret to using the
ideal for all popular low and mid-volume Adrenaline Image Processing Engine is in the
SCSI scanners while the Adrenaline 850v is speed of the host PC – the faster the host, the
ideal for low and mid-volume video scanners. more efficient the image processing performed by
Both accelerators are capable of capturing images at the scanner’s rated the Adrenaline Image Processing Engine.
speed with an extensive set of image processing features enabled.

I M A G E S P E R M I N U T E ( i p m )
lay 100 200 300 400
Image Processing c an isp rint
Form ID
Page Registration Up to
Patch Code Detection 400 ipm
Bar Code Recognition Adrenaline 1700s (SCSI)
Black Border Removal Up to
Destreak 400 ipm
Deshade Adrenaline 1700v (Video)
Line Removal
Character Repair Up to
Image Enhancement Filters 100 ipm Adrenaline 850s (SCSI)

Up to
Adrenaline 850v (Video)
100 ipm
Up to
30 Adrenaline Image Processing Engine

Up to
30 Adrenaline Capture Engine

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