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Samuel Anthony

4725 26th Avenue SW - Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 718-5716 -
Mr. Anthony has 12 years of IT experience. He has worked closely with several
MIS/Helpdesk departments on assisting and assessing client needs. Working with
these clients, he has exhibited strong communication and verbal skills.
Career Objective: Lifetime career in Information technology and services
IT Sales Support November 2008 - Present
Company: GE Healthcare - (Worked as a contractor) SEATTLE, WA
Roles/Responsibilities - IT Sales Support
* Desktop support of WinXP/Windows 7 workstations/laptops. These machines were
for the Sales force.
* Building and managing new Windows 2003 servers (VMWare and physical) with basi
c operating system settings and installation of various 3rd party applications.(
HP DL380 G5 Servers)
* Monitoring of system event logs of VMware and physical servers in Burlington,
VT and Seattle, WA.(Via email alerts or HP Ilo interface).
* Worked on team projects encompassing server builds and supporting In-house app
* Use of Active Directory. Through use of a domain Admin ID, created and admini
stered Home and Profile directories. Also, Unlocks, Resets, and deletions of use
r accounts.
* Adding clients to firewall via CheckPoint's Smartview software.
* Update new and existing IT technical procedures.
* Support of Microsoft Office Products (Word Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
* Support of iPad, Android and PDA peripheral devices.
* Field support of Sales Staff. Attending client demonstrations and answering t
echnical questions about the sales product environment.
* Set up a test environment for desktop/server installations.
(Environment: Windows ,XP, Windows 7, Office 2003/2007/20010, Outlook 2000/20
Technical Support Specialist January 2007- November 2008
Company: Systematic Financial (Consultant and Employee) TEANECK, NJ
Roles/Responsibilities -Technical Support Specialist
* Phone and desktop support of Win2k/WinXP/WinVista workstations/laptops on w2
k and win2003 network.
* Support of Microsoft Office Products (Word Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
* New PC and Peripheral setup and installation.
* Documentation of all IT technical procedures.
* Built new Windows 2003 servers with basic operating system settings and instal
lation of various 3rd party applications.(HP DL380 and BladeServers in a c7000
* Installation and maintenance of a dedicated Backup Server.
* Setup software installation packages with Almeza Software
* Support of 3rd party Helpdesk Utility for call tracking. (installed applicatio
n on server)
* Monitoring of system event logs on corporate servers.
* Setup and monitoring of Network Inventory software. This tool was used to det
ermine which Desktop machines needed replacing and/or upgrading.
* Trend Micro Client/Server software deployment to all PCs and Servers.
* Use of Active Directory. Through use of a domain Admin ID, created and admini
stered Home and Profile directories. Also, Unlocks, Resets, and deletions of use
r accounts.
* Help with Financial Trade support applications Moxy and LZ Sentinel.
* Setup and implementation of Blackberry Server.
* Assisted with general IT Project Plan management and implementation.
* AVG Client software deployment on all PCs and Servers.
* Configured an Outlook Room Reservation system and maintained support for it.
* Set up a test environment for desktop/server installations.
(Environment: Windows 2000,XP, Vista, Office 2000/2003/2007, Outlook 2000/200
3/2007, SQL Server 2000 \ 2005)
Information Support Technician Dec 2000- January 2007
Company: AllianceBernstein (Consultant and Employee) NEW YORK, NY
Roles/Responsibilities -Information Security/Support Technician
* Phone and desktop support of 2000/Xp/NT workstations//laptops on w2k and win20
03 network.
* System Administration with Active Directory. Through use of a domain Admin ID,
created and administered Home and Profile directories. Also, Unlocks, Resets, a
nd deletions of user accounts. Participated in Sox Compliance testing every fou
r quarters.
* Use of RSA SecurID administration tool to create Hardtoken SecurIDs and Softto
ken(Blackberry software) SecurIDs.
* Use of SAP admin Software for general ID administration of Alliance Employees.
* Remote Access Administration (Unlocking Ids, Resetting Pin Numbers for Secure
ID cards, )- support for Broadband/dialup users.
* Use of Rumba mainframe software to perform password resets, account enabling
and confirmation of mainframe server client configuration with select clients.
* Creation of Sybase IDs with Sybase Script (created by In-house DBAs). Unix -ba
sed script.
* Prepared security documentation and QA tested applications to ensure security
interfaces are installed according to specifications.
* Conducted training with AXA India consultants, teaching them General ID admini
* Assisted web and application developers in designing workflow for a web based
tool which allows for ID administration in all administration applications.
* QA testing for website which collects user data from multiple databases and se
rver applications and integrates them into one web application for Audit Reporti
* Daily Interaction with Audit team regarding user accounts for reconciliation.
* Generated User reports from SQL(via rapid sql), Ftp'd user reports from Unix,
and other inhouse reporting tools. Collected All User reports from all applicati
ons subject to Sox, Sas 70, FRAG audts for review. (178 reports)
* Provide after hour and weekend support as required.
* Daily Tape Restores on NT/2000 servers. Use of Veritas Backup software for fil
e restores from network drives/directories.
* Creation of Internet Proxy IDs in Netscape Administration Server software.
* Team lead technician for three Financial Intranet Websites. Web account Admini
stration performed through Internet Explorer.
(Environment: Windows NT/2000,XP, Office 97/xp/2003, Lotus 5.0, Outlook xp
/2003, Rumba, Unix(for Sybase Administration) Oracle client(For Call Management)
, Remedy)
Tech Support Specialist Level 1 & 2 Apr 2000- Oct 2000
Company: Eurosystems, INC: CLINTON, NJ
* Client interaction with New York Life's end-users.
* Installation of new software and hardware on new and Existing PCs and peripher
* Responsible for resetting network passwords through Rumba and Attachmate
* Resetting of Network Passwords, lockouts, and grace logins in Novell and WinNT
* Customer help support with Lotus Notes. (Email problems, newly installed IDs)
* Assisting with web Access problems using Internet Explorer 5.0
* Use of Tivoli and Peregrine for customer ticket/asset tracking
* Assistance with customers with FTP file transfers to various NYL's Vendors.
* Daily use of Laplink Software for remote control access of client's computer.
* Support of client dial-in access using ERAS remote network access software.
* General help desk recommendations to end-users on maintenance of existing equi
* Preparation of Help Desk Ticket reports for Management
(Environment: Win 95, Win98, Windows NT, Office 97/2000,Lotus 5.0, Attachmate,
Peregrine, MS Exchange/Outlook 98/2000, Tivoli,(For Call Management)
Technical Client Service Rep. Jan 1998- Jan 2000
Company: Entex Information Services(Now Siemens) NEW YORK, NY
Role/Responsibilities - Contractor at Metlife -
* Worked on the Metlife account as a Client Service technical representative-(T
eam Lead)
* Installed new computer peripherals and software for Senior endusers.
* Interfaced with customers to assist in Hardware/Software purchasing recommenda
* Use of Peregrine for customer ticket/asset tracking.
* Call coordinator. Responsible for dispatching technicians from the Desktop Ar
* Worked with Notes Admin. and installed Lotus Notes ID's on newly configured PC
* Responsible for asset management reports. These reports revealed the amount o
f Computers that were either purchased or leased by Metlife.
* Kept Inventory of Software/Hardware installations in a Lotus Notes Database.
(Environment: Windows NT 4.0, Office 97, Lotus 4.5, Peregrin Asset Management
Education Brick Computer Institute of Science & Technology March 1993 - Ju
ly 1994 Brick, NJ Certification - Computer Information Systems

**References: Submitted Upon Request