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Joseph A. Einig

A semiconductor manufacturing professional with twenty years experience in field
service and factory production. Industry experience includes technical supervis
ion, semiconductor equipment installation, semiconductor repair and customer tra
ining. Career highlights include implementation of modular preventive maintenanc
e schedules and equipment design improvements on Varian thin film metal machines
. Performs as a sole performer or as a team member, and a well organized planne
r who communicates effectively.
January 2009 to
Present Advanced Studies
Collin County Community College
Frisco, Texas
P Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Genetics, Biology, Sociology, Psychology, an
d Speech Communications

July 1995 to
January 2009 Senior Equipment Engineering Services Technician, STMicro
electronics, Carrollton, Texas
Senior Tech servicing and supervising PMs, repairing ENDURA, MRC, and
Varian thin film metal deposition machines.

P Supervised four other technicians on shift.

P Solved complex electronic, electro-mechanical, RF etch, and PM maintenance pro
P Extensive RF etch process training.
P Scheduled training on above equipment.
May 1984 to Senior Field Engineer
July 1995 Varian Associates, Semiconductor Equipment Group, Dallas, Tex
Field Engineer on Varian ion implanters and thin film metal depositio
n machines, and
Varian/TEL vertical furnaces

U. S. Air Force
Aircrew Member/Systems Engineer.
Operated and maintained R. F. distribution systems, power supplies, t
ape drives, recording
systems, computer controlled optical and
electronic intelligence collection systems, including R. F. Directio
n Finding Systems,
aboard RC135, EC130, and EC47 aircraft during
operational and tactical reconnaissance
Hewlett-Packard and Tektronics test equipment, including Oscilloscopes, signal g
enerators, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, tracking generators, digital
voltmeters, logic probes, and logic state analyzers, vacuum leak checkers, Mass
Spectrometers, and residual gas analyzers.
High voltage power supplies, transmitters and receivers, Video, R.F. and I.F. sy
stems. R.F. distribution and antenna systems, Digital and Analog recording syste
ms, Data communications using fiber-optics, Electro-mechanical pneumatic systems

P Collin County Community College, Frisco, Texas 17 semester hours
P University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska 8 semester hours
P Wayne Technical Institute, Goldsboro, North Carolina 66 semester hours
P Richland and Brookhaven Colleges, Dallas, Texas 38 semester hours
P Air University, United States Air Force 4 Courses
P Management for Air Force Supervision
P Electronic Warfare Technician
P Communications-Electronics Technician
P Electronic Warfare Repairman
P Community College of the Air Force 107 semester hours
P Varian Ion Implantation and High Vacuum Systems 6 months at factory
P Varian Thin Film Metal Systems 6 months at factory
Varian/Tel Furnace Systems 4 months at factory
P Attended all Air Force Survival Schools ( including Basic Survival, Water Sur
vival, Jungle Survival, Artic Survival, and Special Survival).