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Mamma Mia Words & Music by Benny Andersson Stig Anderson & Bjom Ulvaeus been cheated by you since 1 don't know when, Te Fee been ane gry andsad — about things that you es, — ~ a ia = z to 1 madeupmy mind erst cemeto an end, —— Team’ eountall the_times at Tvetold you we're teow — = is i ti aoe ee and when sou go, when youstam the door, ‘think you know — wun nuty.go pl ‘ ‘wrew.niity.0rg,pl but Lsud-denty lose eon = tol, there's fire—with-In__ my soul, — Gatyouwos'lbe & wey —— too long youkvow thatT'm not—— that strong — — nn. ee fo & pain, how — can 1 resist vou? Mamma mi- a, does it show & gain, my, just how mori Tvemised you part. ed, Low Sol De Sol Mit ve = bye, leave mie now or ne > ver Mamma mi + a, & Mamma mi - 3 now 1 real. ly know, my, my __.