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Eduardo Rivero Slade

6166 Stevenson Drive. APT 207 Phone: (407)580-8803

Orlando, FL 32835 Email:
Business Development/Financial Analyst Professional with proven skills, educatio
n, and accomplishments in the following areas:
* Business Development Management with proven direct selling and client relation
ship development skills that have resulted in revenue and market share growth
* Strategic Marketing focused on increasing sales and developing new business op
portunities through business modeling analysis of return on capital
* Business Planning Management experience and achievement that focus on scenario
planning and financial analysis
Professional Experience
Math Monkey - Marketing and Sales - Lake Mary - FL
Business Development Intern (Jan 2010 - Aug 2010)
Key Accomplishments:
* Developed new marketing strategies in order to attract more customers.
* Create brand recognition around central Florida.
* Review product pricing and gross margin goals for existing products annually a
nd establish new product pricing.
* Manage and Maintained corporate website.
* Promote and advertise the company trough nontraditional marketing channels.
* Promote the company through trade shows.
* Reduced operating costs by restructuring administrative expenses.
Grana y Montero S.A.A. - Lima - Peru
Financial Analyst at the Holding Group (Jan 200
9 - Dec 2009)
Key Accomplishments:
* Managed the evolution of the company's stock on a daily basis and the stockhol
ders on a monthly basis.
* Preparation of Financial Statements and reports on a quarterly basis to be sh
own to board of directors and CFO's of each group.
* Responsible for consolidation of financial statements and analysis of Brazil m
onthly operations, process improvement and identification of financial exposure
* In charge of accounts payable and receivable for Espacio Azul (Blue Space)-Hol
ding's none profit organization.
* Assemble spreadsheets and draw charts and graphs used to illustrate technical
* Analyze financial information to produce forecasts of business, industry, and
economic conditions for use in making investment decisions.
* Assisting CFO in month-end and year- end closings.
Land-Ron, Inc. - Orlando - FL
Financial and Business Development Analyst (Jan 20
06 - Nov 2008)
Key accomplishments as a Business Development Analyst:
* Optimized advertising budgets and consistently developed long and short range
strategic marketing plans to implement projects effectively
* Created a sales and marketing package for prospective customers and communicat
ed to leadership teams across the region, resulting in a power go to market tool
* Work directly with design team to create a more attractive professional look t
o our brochures, information packages, etc.
* Led and participated in tradeshows, including designing marketing materials an
d directing booth design in order to create nationwide presence and recognition.
* Devised and implemented twice a year an aggressive brochure/package of informa
tion mail out to former and prospective customers, successfully generating incre
mental business.
* Implemented a costumer survey to be mail out after every project to evaluate o
ur service.
* Maintained existing website while recommending and supervising the transition
to a more sophisticated website.
Key accomplishments as a Financial Analyst:
* Participated on major business decisions in conjunction with project managers
and superintendents to reviews status of jobs, costs to complete, status of chan
ge orders, and profit estimates
Eduardo Rivero Slade Page 2
* Established exclusive arrangements and managed the ongoing relationship, with
overseas companies to facilitate the importation of materials to the United Stat
es. Coordinated logistics activities to ensure the arrival of goods in complianc
e with US regulations
* Prepared reports on contract status and advised country manager of future busi
ness impact, resulting in revenue recognition value over $1 million and legal cl
osure of pending contracts
* Evaluate financial performance of projects and elaborate statistical analysis
of project performance and present results to Board of Directors
* Negotiated property acquisition directly with property owner, obtained for the
expansion of the current company's corporate office for a total contract of 450
* Control sales operations and inventory in order to identify and propose soluti
ons for material control flows
* Prepared general ledger account reconciliations and monthly journal entries
* Estimate Cash Flow requirements on a monthly basis to evaluate performance of
* Prepare Accounting and Financial documents for CPA review, including internal
and external audits, taxation and other financial issues
* Revise, produce, negotiate Owner and Subcontract Agreements and Contract Chang
e Orders
* Manage and process Account Payables and Receivables in addition to addressing
vendors and suppliers inquiries
* Supervise payroll process
* Execute and control Insurance requirements such as workers compensation and li
ability from Subcontractors
* Reorganized the collection process of employee's expense and petty cash report
* Redesigned expense reports and petty cash sheets in order to minimize the risk
of fraud
* Improved Internal database to logically organize documents
* Set up and corrected network security to avoid employees with no permission to
see confidential files and information.
* Increased security of back-up data room and resources to comply with internal
* Evaluated accounting software to verify its competence and support of accounti
ng data and transaction
G.C. Luckmate Trading Ltd. - Shanghai - China
Import/Export Trading Internship (May 2005 - July 2005)
Key accomplishments:
* Contacted potential clients and provided information on available products.
* Monitoring importing, shipping, and customs regulations for food products ship
ped from south America
Florida International University - Miami - FL
Master of Business Administration (Corporate MBA Program)
Balanced full time work with academic studies Dec 2011
Belmont University - Nashville - TN
Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business and Marketing Dec
Lingnan University - Hong Kong, China
Completed Summer International Business Exchange Program
May 2005
CompTia A+ Certification - Currently in progress
Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish. Basic Italian and Portuguese
Work Authorization: United States Permanent Resident, Italian Citizen (Member o
f the European Union) and Peruvian Citizen.
Computer Skills: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office Suite (Access, Word, Exc
el, PowerPoint, Outlook), Oracle, Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks, Photoshop, G
oogle Analytics.