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205 Gander Dr.
Wexford, PA 15090
Tel: (724) 933 - 6231, (412) 260 - 2638 (cell)

Resume Highlights
Summary of qualifications (skills and abilities):
* 10+ years of project lead/project management experience in Information Technol
ogy (IT) with practical understanding of IT role in organization, especially dur
ing the transition and/or redesign of business processes.
* Total 15+ years of system analysis and programming experience including 10+ ye
ars of experience using Oracle RDBMS. Strong technical knowledge in a wide rang
e of technologies including web application integration.
* Very good working knowledge and skills related to aspects of project managemen
t, new technical initiatives, and identification of technical opportunities, ind
ustry standards and best practices for project development.
* Customers and Business oriented IT Project Lead and Techno Functional expert w
ith project management experience and skills. Experienced in wide range of appli
cation integration and implementation projects including developing conversion s
trategies, gap analysis and schedules, identifying and managing resources, analy
zing and managing risk, and working with cross-functional teams and management
* Both Technical Project Management (traditional Requirements, Design, Code, Tes
t, Deploy) and Business Project Management (Training, Communications, Metrics, B
usiness Requirements, etc) experience
* Strong organizational, analytical, statistical and technical skills with abili
ty to translate business requirements into effective application designs/customi
zations and to explain comprehensive technical concepts in terms understandable
by business customers
* Ability to work independently and as a cooperative team member or team leader,
and to effectively communicate with all management levels
* Ability to work concurrently on multiple IT issues spanning across business ar
eas, environments, or technologies. Ability to learn new key technology quickly
* Completed all PMI requirements for certification and currently preparing for P
roject Manager Professional (PMP) certification exam

Professional Experience
Duferco/NLMK Corporation
May 2010 - Sep 2010,
Enterprise IT Manager - Special Projects
Full end-to-end delivery of special IT projects and portfolios to Duferco's busi
ness units. Accountability for on-time, on budget delivery of the approved proje
cts assigned to project management team. Responsibilities include scope definiti
on and management, task and resource scheduling, cost and price budgeting, quali
ty review and assurance, and cross functional project teams management. Responsi
ble for implementation and support of the following IT projects portfolio:
* Oracle Financials and Oracle Manufacturing applications upgrade from release 1 to new 12.1. 1
* Implementation of Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) tool for Corporate Shared
Services division
* Oracle Business Intelligence Views and Oracle Discoverer solutions implementat
* Implementation of Oracle Discrete Manufacturing rollout for Beta Steel plant o
f NLMK. Modules including: Oracle Order Management, Shipping, Advanced Pricing,
Inventory, Account Receivables, BOM, WIP, Costing, Quality.
* Research and implementation of Prepackaged OBIEE's Financial Business Analyti
cs Warehouse and OBIEE repository for Oracle E-Business Suite
Work closely with leadership (IT, Finance, Engineering, and Quality), technical,
functional, and management level business users in Duferco's operating units to
determine their business requirements and achieve fast resolution for variety o
f applications conversion, post-conversion, and customization issues. Responsib
ilities include utilizing appropriate management, coordination and communication
techniques when working with diverse internal and external technical and profes
sional groups and acting as the manager for project participants, consultants an
d outside entities.
Research existing technologies, tools, and solutions against customer expectatio
ns and made recommendations to the leadership on high impact issues.
Create, implement, and maintain project management documentation and procedures.
Education, training, support and analytic performance monitoring and coordinati
MGR, Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 2009 - May 2010,
Principal Consultant (Vinacom, Inc.)
Lead cross-functional team to evaluate, plan, implement, support, and manage th
e deployment of GE's Centricity EMR/PM - Oracle based patient record system for
electronic data capture, storage, analysis and reporting:
* Conduct and maintain the EMR project plan and all related tasks.
* Coordinate task, time, scope, resources and budget management.
* Educate and train clinicians and staff on EMR applications.
* Facilitate on-going training support.
* Collect necessary input from end users on different or new scope requirements.
* Conduct product demonstrations, clinic walkthroughs, and other support activit
* Initiate clinical activities required to implement and sustain EMR systems.
* Consult and assist with process evaluations and workflow redesign efforts
* Coordinate clinical content customization
* Deliver training to end-users.
Alcoa, Pittsburgh, PA
May 2002 - Jun 2009,
Consulting Project Manager/Lead (Ciber, Inc.)
At the world's largest aluminum company gained comprehensive understanding of th
e business operations, contributed and participated in the development and imple
mentation of custom solutions, global Oracle data warehousing, reporting, and d
ecision support (daily business intelligence) systems for Requisition To Pay and
Order To Cash Alcoa Inc. tracks:
As a Project Manager and Project Lead was responsible for implementation and sup
port of the projects portfolio that either achieve a common business goal or cus
tom with very specific objective. Some projects examples are listed below
A. Development of first Alcoa Financials Data Warehouse (2003) with further tra
nsformation into robust Alcoa Global Data warehouse and Business intelligent sys
B. Development of customizable business flows, reporting, and interfacing module
s capable of presenting a comprehensive and integrated daily summary of a compan
y's business in the following areas:
* ERP: General Ledger, Account Payables, Purchasing (RTP Track), Projects
* SCM: Order Management (OTC Track), Manufacturing
C. Development of robust Business Intelligence System for Discrete and Process M
anufacturing applications for the Alcoa Word Alumina (San Ciprian, Spain) and No
rth America Primary Metals operating units. They are accessible through the por
tals, Oracle's Self Service web applications, and Discoverer tool (4g). The sys
tem has an external links to AR - Receivables, FND - Application Object Library,
INV - Inventory, JTF - CRM Foundation, ONT - Order Management, PER - Human Res
ources, and to PO - Purchasing for comprehensive reporting
D. Requisition To Pay, Oracle Projects, Order To Cash reporting implementations
with the scope of more than 100 reports and interfaces based on GL, Purchasing,
Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Order Management, Manufacturing and many other
s schemas
E. Implementation and coordination of the security solutions and setups (includi
ng custom projects) involving analyzing the operating units structure, building
the organizational hierarchies, setting the reporting responsibilities and secur
ity profiles to ensure the appropriate data scope for each responsibility level
F. Design and implementation of very specific Howmet (one of Alcoa's business u
nits) alloy certification process that involves multiple systems working togethe
r: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Oracle Order Management Appl
ication, custom application and reports, Interconnect application
G. Many other implementation, customization, custom development, and reporting p
rojects in Alcoa's Purchasing, Inventory, Account Payables, Account Receivables
, Order Management, and Manufacturing areas of business that span organizations
geographies, and technologies
As project lead of original Alcoa Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse team
was responsible for the development and maintenance of original first Alcoa Data
Warehouse for Financials Track (Financials Data warehouse). The core responsibi
lities were focused on:
* Managing financials data warehouse including end user support and batch loads
as per agreed upon SLA
* Developing, testing, and releasing enhancements into the data warehouse and us
er interfaces
* Designing logical and physical multi-dimensional, relational, and hybrid datab
* Developing and deploying ETL batch jobs
* Following Project Governance process
* Following SDLC lifecycle and methodologies

Collected customer requirements and translated them into effective application d

esign/customization documents (RD/MD060, RD/MD070) and specifications. Architec
ted technical solutions. Represented customers on PMO and Technical Review solut
ion design approval meetings. Coordinated all phases of solution design, testing
and implementation. Monitored solution execution and performance against sched
ule and targets, provided feedback, resolved issues, and coordinated changes to
enhance project performance. Maintained responsibility for project resource plan
ning and recruitment. Submitted periodic MIS progress reports to senior manageme
General Services Administration (GSA) - US Government, Washington, DC
Sep 2001 - Mar 2002, Federal HRMS
Principal Consultant (Vinacom, Inc, TranTech, Inc)
At one of the largest federal agencies was responsible for technical and functio
nal leadership in the development, testing, and implementation of conversion pro
grams to perform data/structure conversion from the GSA Legacy Personnel Informa
tion Resource System (PIRS) to the new Oracle HRMS 11i (Federal Version). This i
s the first ever conversion of the federal agency under Oracle HRMS 11i
Technical and functional lead in the development, testing, and implementation of
the conversion software packages for other government agencies transitioning un
der Oracle HRMS 11i: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Natio
nal Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and others
Architect and Technical Lead in GSA HR Data Mart customization project. Converte
d and significantly modified the custom GSA HR Data Mart to be compliant with 11
i. It is running through concurrent manager on a daily basis and gives business
analysts and end users a quick and reliable way to perform ad hoc data analysis
masking the complexities of the physical tables and providing comprehensive cov
erage of Oracle HRMS business data
Technical Leaded and implemented fully automated packaged solutions for periodic
GSA wages and salary adjustment ('Pay Adjustment') process/interface. The inter
face is implemented as a set of the concurrent programs. Developed other requ
ired customizations and processes using complex PL/SQL programming (PL/SQL table
s, user-defined types, packages, functions, and procedures)
Worked closely with HR managers and on-site technical resources to achieve a fas
t resolution for variety of conversion and post-conversion customization issues
Estee Lauder Companies Inc., New York NY
May 2000 - Jun 2001
Principal Consultant / Project Manager (Vinacom, Inc, Future Link Madison Inc)
As a project manager and technical lead at the world's largest cosmetics company
was responsible for designing and implementing the unique worldwide Estee Laude
r Global Management System for over 31,000 employees worldwide
- Managed 5 on site developers creating reports, interfaces, and custom librarie
- Developed and implemented fully automated packaged solutions for more than 10
large post conversion corporate applications and interfaces including COBRA, HCF
A, HIPAA, 401K with automatic scheduling, e-mailing, file transferring (ftp), an
d printing capabilities. Developed other required customizations, processes and
alerts using complex PL/SQL programming (PL/SQL tables, user-defined types, pac
kages, functions, and procedures)
- Leaded the creation of a complex outbound interface between Oracle HRMS and Pe
nsion Legacy System that required complex mapping and selection criteria on the
Oracle side. The interface is implemented as a set of the concurrent programs
Was responsible for the development, testing and implementation of conversion pr
ograms to perform data/structure conversion from the legacy Payroll & Personnel
(Integral) to the new Oracle HRMS and Oracle Payroll systems
Worked closely with HR managers, third party 'Big 5' management consultants, and
on-site technical resources to achieve a fast resolution for variety of convers
ion and post-conversion customization issues
PPG Industries, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 1999 - May 2000
Senior Systems Analyst/Technical Lead (PPG Industries, Inc.)
Fiber Glass Business Unit (Senior Systems Analyst/ Technical Lead)
At this Fortune 100 company and world leader in paint, coating, glass, and fiber
glass manufacturing provided technical leadership in development, testing and i
mplementation of the invoicing and billing system for 3rd party international fi
ber glass shipments using Visual Basic 6 and associated technologies
(MTS, ActiveX, DLLs, ADO), IBM MQ Series and remote Oracle and MS SQL databases
Technically leaded the development, testing and implementation of the internatio
nal orders booking system deploying similar to above technologies
Corporate HR (Senior Consultant) (Sullivan & Cogliano)
Developed, tested and implemented conversion programs to perform data/structure
conversion from the legacy Payroll & Personnel (Integral) and Dun & Bradstreet s
ystems to the new Oracle HRMS release 10.7 NCA.
Worked with the Concurrent Management scheduling, concurrent programs setups. Wo
rked closely with the functional testers during the testing stage of the project
cycle (CRP and Parallel). During the development stage of the project worked cl
osely with System Administrators on the issues regarding the version control
Reese Brothers, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 1996 - Feb 1999, Various Oracle and client/server technology projects
Senior Tech. Lead
Tech Lead for development of the front-end and back-end for multiple telemarketi
ng campaign applications using Visual Basic and associated technologies: COM com
ponents (custom ActiveX controls, ActiveX DLLs), ADO, DAO, RDO, ODBC API calls,
etc. The applications, consisting of one client application and multiple OLE se
rvers, communicate with a dialing machine using API calls. They provide extensi
ve GUI, extract, manage, and update the information from tables in a remote Orac
le and local Access databases
Provided technical leadership to lower-level developers
Med. Center of Beaver County, Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 1996 - Aug 1996, Various Oracle and client/server technology projects
Senior Consulting Developer (North American Consulting Services, Inc)
Technically leaded the development of new programs in Oracle PL/SQL, Visual Basi
c to perform management, continuous quality assurance and data integrity verific
ation for a hospital data warehouse system. The application manages and updates
tables, processes extracted data from external systems and verified that the dat
a warehouse information remained consistent
Delta Health Systems Inc., Altoona, PA
Feb 1993 - Feb 1996, Various Oracle and client/server technology projects
Senior Programmer/Analyst (Delta Health Systems, Inc)
Designed and developed software for application-oriented products: Nursing Home
Management System, General Ledger System, Electronic Mail System, HCFA 485-486,
Referral/Admission System, Electronic and non-electronic Medicare and Medicaid b
illing using Oracle PL/SQL and Visual Basic
Technical Skills
Tools, Software, Languages:
Project management's tools: Microsoft Project, Visio, Primavera

Core Oracle: Oracle Warehouse Builder 9.0.2, Oracle Discoverer 4g, Oracle Self
Service Web Applications, Oracle Workflow (v2.0.3, v2.5), Oracle RDBMS (v7.3/v8/
v8i, v9i), Oracle Application Server (v3.0/v4.0), Oracle 6i Development Tools (F
orms 4.5/5.0/6i, Reports 2.5/3.0/6i), Oracle Designer (2.2, 6.0, 6i), WEBDB 2.2,
Oracle Portal 3.0, PL-SQL v2.x, SQL* PLUS v3.2/3.3, SQL* Loader (Import, Export
Windows-based software: Visual Basic 4,5,6, Access, MS SQL, MS Office, SourceSaf
e, PVCS, Web browsers, HTML, Front Page,
MS Project
Operating Systems: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Operating System, UNIX, DOS
Special Oracle Applications Area of Expertise:
Functional and Technical Experience in the following Oracle Applications (12R, 1
1i, 11.03, 10.7SC)
* Oracle HRMS (HR/Payroll)
* Oracle General Ledger
* Oracle Purchasing
* Oracle Payables and Oracle Receivables
* Oracle Fixed Assets
* Oracle Inventory
* Oracle Order Management
* Oracle Projects
* Oracle Engineering and Bills Of Material
* Oracle Cost Management
Applications coding Standards, Application Object Library, Custom Library, API U
ser's Hooks (Release 11i), API's. Extending Oracle Applications functionality u
sing Oracle 6i Development Tools, database triggers, packaged procedures and fun
ctions, Concurrent Management, concurrent programs setup
Life Cycle Expertise, Requirements Analysis, E-R Data Modeling, Logical Database
Design, Custom Development, Testing, Data Warehousing, Data Conversion and Inte
rface Development

Certifications and Courses

TERP01 - SAP ERP: Introduction (2010)
TERP02 - SAP ERP: Introduction to SAP NetWeaver (2010)
TERP41 - SAP ERP: Introduction to Processes in Procurement (2010)
TERP42 - SAP ERP: Introduction to Processes in Inventory & Warehouse Management
SM001 - Introduction to SAP Solution Manager (2010)
SAP125 - SAP Navigation 2005 (2010)
Microsoft Certified Professional (Visual Basic) 7/7/1997
Oracle University course: Oracle 11i Manufacturing Functional Foundation 11/7/20
Oracle University course: Oracle 11i Financials Functional Foundation 12/12/2002
Advanced Project Management: Project Estimating Techniques 12/31/2006
Managing IT Projects: Project Initiation and Fundamentals 12/28/2006
Managing IT Projects: Project Planning and Execution 4/8/2007
Managing IT Projects: Project Control and Closure 1/3/2007
Project Management: Human Resource Management 4/6/2007
Project Management: Project Communications Management 4/6/2007
Project Management: Project Quality Management 4/3/2007
Project Management: Project Risk Management 4/7/2007
Project Management: Project Procurement Management 4/15/2007
Project Management: Project Management Framework 1/7/2007
Project Management: Project Management Processes 1/28/2007
Project Management: Project Integration Management 3/31/2007
Project Management: Project Scope Management 3/31/2007
Project Management: Project Time Management 4/1/2007
Project Management: Project Cost Management 3/28/2007

Ph.D. In Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
Central R&D Institute of Diesel Engines (CNIDI), St. Petersburg, Russia
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute", Kharkov, Ukraine
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute", Kharkov, Ukraine