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Positive Protection International

3555 Rialto Heights # 224
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone : 719

a Twelve years Federal Service
a Military Intelligence experience
a Worldwide Operational experience
a Exceptional communication skills
Present a"
BP - Security Project Manager, MC 252 Deepwater Horizon 04
/10 a" Present
a Conducted initial Security Site Surveys for entire incident and follow on addi
tional sites to include, Command Centers, Staging areas, Operational areas, Deco
n areas, Claims Centers, Outreach Centers, Wildlife Decon/Rehab Centers, and 200
0+ body mancamp.
a Created all Incident Security operational plans, directives, and procedures fo
r onshore/offshore Security operations.
a Dealt with complete security, reporting, tracking, administration and managem
a Coordinated the gathering of classified information systems and documents.
a Planned, arranged the Security meetings and established the organizational di
a Liased with local law enforcement, LASP, Plaqumines Parish Sheriff, Coast Gua
rd, National Guard, HUB Enterprises, Delta Security, Gahliger Security, and BP C
orp Security.
a Tracked and reported security violations.
a Prepared security control plans for the effective control of influx of worker
s, visitors and VIPas.
a Looked after security protection procedures and ensured that they are execute
d by all the security staff.
a Conducted administrative inquiries and investigations whenever needed.
a Created Incident Drug and Alcohol Policies.
a Experienced in plan preparation and execution for off-site activities.

United States Marine Corps Fort Huachuca, AZ

Fort Lewis, WA
Counterintelligence Agent 11/98 -10/04
a Assisted in Tactical Investigative and Non-Investigative Counterintelligence a
nd Operational Security Duties.
a Conducted Interviews, Interrogations, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and C
omplete Physical Site Surveys.
a Trained and Evaluated Staff, from an Individual, Fire team, Squad and Unit lev
el, providing appropriate feedback regarding performance and training requireme
nts and issues.
a Identified Objectives, Organized needed resources, Directed Operational effort
s to achieve desired results.
a Developed and Conducted SAEDA (Information Security) briefings and reports, fr
om Platoon to Unit levels.
United States Marine Corps
Parris Island, SC; Camp Le June, NC; Camp Pendleton, CA
MCSF/FAST Team/Marine Infantry/MOUT Instructor/HRST Master
11/92 - 11/98
a MCSF Guard/FAST Team member, guard of Designated Areas deemed vital to Nation
al Security.
a Conducted, Trained, and Evaluated Staff on Tactical Operations in Urban Enviro
nments, and Close Quarters Battle Techniques in Operational Environments.
a Conducted, Trained, and Evaluated Staff on Infantry Tactics, from the Individu
al, Fire team, Squad, Platoon, and Unit levels.
a Conducted, Trained, and Evaluated Staff on Combat Lifesavers Course, HRST Mast
ers Course, MOUT Course, Combat Drivers Course, FBCBII Course, and Movement Tact
a Enforced, Tracked and Insured Compliance with all Organizational Policies and
a Demonstrated effectiveness in Problem Evaluation, coupled with the ability to
Generate and Implement Effective Solutions.
a Positive Protection of Nevada - VIP Protection, Las Vegas NV 01/06 a" 12
a Hooters Casino Hotel a" Security Mgr, Las Vega
s, NV 01/06 a" 12/06
a Verizon - Multi Store Mgr, Colorado Springs, CO; Los Angeles, CA
05/07 a" 08/09
a 24 Hour Fitness - Personal Trainer, Sales Mgr Colorado Springs
01/07 a" 08/09
a SEC Mgr DEW TOUR - Breckenridge, CO 1
a SEC Mgr Lifestyles Tour - Winter Park, CO
a SEC Mgr X Games - Aspen, CO
a Security Section Chief - Steele Foundation MC 252 Incident,Venice, LA
a BP Security Project Manager a" BP Oil Spill Response MC 252 Deepwat
er Horizon
Venice, LA 04/10 - Present
United States Marine Corps
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Kosovo, Iraq
Counter-Intelligence Agent 9/01- 4/03
Operation Joint Forge
Allied Military Intelligence Branch
a Performed Screenings, Interviews, Interrogations, Surveillance, & Counter Surv
eillance of Sources, and TCNas in an Operational Environment.
a Performed Operational Security Threat Assessments and Complete Physical Site S
a Evaluated Sources and Operational Information.
a Gathered and Typed Reports and Summaries on Information obtained; Conducted Se
curity Surveys.
United States Marine Corps
Okinawa, Japan; Thailand
Trap Team Leader, FAST Team 4/97-10/97
Operation Cobra Gold
a Recovery of U.S. Personnel via helicopter.
a Trained and Evaluated Staff, providing appropriate feedback regarding Performa
nce and Training Requirements.
United States Marine Corps
NSA Naples, Rome, Italy; NATO HQ AFSOUTH Naples, Italy
Marine Security Guard , FAST Team 4/94 - 4/97
Hard car Driver, PSD
a Carried out duties as a Guard of Naval Support Activity and AFSOUTH NATO HQ.
a Supervised the Implementation of Site-Specific Security Plans, to Protect asse
ts designated as vital to National Security.
a Driver and Escort of VIPas in country.
DynCorp International
Fredericksburg, VA; Monrovia, Liberia 02/05 -11/07
Close Protection Officer/SSR Security Sector Reform
Demobilization Officer
a Successfully Completed the US State Dept Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), Pe
rsonal Security Detail (PSD) Course.
a Successfully Completed the US State Dept DSS PSD, Operational Offensive/Defens
ive/Convoy Drivers Course.
a Successfully Disarmed, Demobilized, Retired and Paid Severances to nearly 16,5
00 rebel troops in Monrovia, Liberia.
a Successfully Created and Implemented Security Protocol for the Security Sector
Reform Program.
a Successfully Created and Implemented Operational Protocol for the SSR Program.
US Marine Corps 1998 - 2004
a DOD Counter-Intelligence Academy
a Force XXI (FBCB2) Instructors Course
a Combat Lifesavers Course
U.S Marine Corps 1992 - 1998
a MOUT Instructors Course
a MOUT (Military Operations Urban Terrain) Course
a HRST Master (Helicopter/Rope/Suspension Training) Course
a Marine Corps Sergeants Course
a Marine Corps Corporals Course
a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Course
a Defensive/Offensive Drivers Course
a Security Forces Training Academy
a Advanced Infantry Course, Marine Combat Training Course
a Marine Corps Basic Training

a US State Dept DSS PSD - Kroll/Crucible(Personal Security Detail; Executive Pro
tection) Course, Fredericksburg, VA; Spring 2005
a US State Dept DSS - Kroll/Crucible Defensive/Offensive, Convoy, Executive Driv
ers Course, Pittsburgh, PA Spring 2005
a University of South Alabama Spring, Summer, Fall, present a" International Stu
dies Program
a University of Northern Alabama; Spring, Summer, Fall a" African Studies Progr
a Wallace State College; Spring, Fall a" Core Classes
a Vinemont High School; Advanced Academic Diploma 1992
a Held Top Secret with SCI (Sensitive Compartmental Information) Clearance.
a Yankee White Selectee (Presidential Guard Duty) 1994 -1995
a Seven Time Award - Expert - Pistol and Rifle
United States Marine Corps - 1994-2004
a US State Dept DSS Expert Qualification for Glock 17/19 / 45 Pistol, M4 Rifle,
Shotgun, AK- 47/74
a John Reid Interviewing and Interrogation Course
(Introductory and Advanced Courses) - 2000
a Honors Graduate in HRST Masters Course and US DoD Counter-Intelligence Course
- 1994-2004
a Awarded Eagle Scout - 1992
a NRA Pistol Course Expert Qualification -

a CHATS I-II Master Operator (Portable Counterintelligence Work Station)
a Experience using Microsoft Word Applications
a Experience using and presenting with PowerPoint
a Type speed at 50 WPM
a Experience with Crime link software