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6933 N.

Chicago, IL 60645
Qualification Brief
* Experienced accountant working with companies, individuals and government agen
* Prepare, review and audit tax returns
* Dedicated to educating the client and creating a calm environment
* Represent companies in federal, state and local tax audits
* Performed accounts payable and accounts receivable functions
* Skilled at collecting outstanding debts in a timely fashion
* Recognized for cost effective approach and impressive accuracy
* Strictly adhere to budget limitations while generating additional income
* Perform extremely well under pressure meeting any and all time constraints
* Readily identify areas of question or concern and provide efficient and effect
ive resolution
* Able to quickly grasp new concepts and programs and apply as needed
* Highly effective communicator and client interviewer
* Efficient multi-task skill in any given environment
* Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
* Motivated employee requiring little supervision
Computer Skills
* Windows XP
* Microsoft Word 2003, 2007
* Excel 2007
* Lacerte
* H & R Tax Program
Employment History
Accountant I
Northampton County, Department of Human Services
Bethlehem, PA
* Chosen to work on multiple accounting assignments in the different agencies (M
ental Health, Drug & Alcohol, Aging, and Children & Youth)
* Implemented strategy of computer generated time sheets and monthly expense r
eports resulting in improved accuracy and substantial savings
* Complied and analyzed financial information for preparation of entries to acco
* Instrumental in assisting subordinates and supervisors in indentifying and res
olving problem areas
* Applied principles of accounting to analyze financial information and prepare
financial reports and prepared budgets
* Streamlined the Drug & Alcohol Agency reports to the state annual report by c
ollecting data monthly, entering into excel, reconciling to general ledger
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Eileen Korenberg

Application Specialist
D & B Receivable Management Services
Bethlehem, PA
* Applied principles of collections when speaking with customers with past due b
* Successfully collected payments from clients over the phone
Tax Associate
H & R Block
Whitehall, PA
* Successfully obtained additional information from clients on taxable, deductib
le expenses and allowances using strategic interviewing techniques
* Reviewed financial records including prior tax return forms, income statements
to determine forms needed for return preparation
* Prepared income tax return forms for individuals and small businesses.
Ledwith Houghton & Co.
Redwood City, CA
* Collaborated with preparation of individual and partnership tax returns
* Tracked accountants' time spent with clients on Timeslips Program
* Billed invoices
Additional Employment
Assistant Business Manager
Sunnyvale, CA
* Oakton Community College, Skokie, IL
Medical Billing Certificate
* Brooklyn College of the City of New York, Brooklyn, NY
Bachelor of Science, Accounting