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Daughters of Our Lady on Mount Calvary Therefore, the signs or sign elements that make up a semiotic
Poctoy, Odiongan, Romblon system, (the study of meaning through signs) are
S.Y. 2021-2022 "ideationally (not "mechanically") connected to the society
in which they are found. They are documents and
conceptions that represent what is meaningful to a group of
CONTEMPORARY ARTS-12 people or culture.
NAME: Although art crafts in the Philippine regions have retained
______________________________________________ many elements that characterize the locality from which they
PREPARED BY: MS. HEZEL BALUTE MANATA have emerged, folk arts have evolved to cater to the changing
local and global demands. For example, furniture products
are no longer limited to their functions. They can also make
TOPICS: Contemporary Design in Art Crafts the interior and exterior architectural spaces beautiful.
From Folk Art to Contemporary Expressions To see other artistic contemporary furniture by Cobonpue,
log on to http://
a. Determine the contemporary qualities of folk-art based Contemporary art craft expressions find inspiration in folk
art crafts art. Folk art pieces are produced by indigenous people, which
b. Describe the characteristics of contemporary are utilitarian, as well as decorative. It uses plants that are
expressions based on folk art abundant locally, such as buri (palm), pandan (seagrass
c. Apply art analysis on art crafts leaves), abaca and piña (pineapple), or bamboo.
d. Design an art craft based on a folk art Different regions weave mats depending on the
abundance of local plants. llocos has the famous inabel
Contemporary Design in Art Crafts weave and the hand woven binakul, which has been
dwindling. Abaca is most dominant in the Bicol region and is
From Folk Art to Contemporary used to make sandals, bags, rags, and handicrafts.
Expressions Handicrafts include a wide range of decorative objects done
by the hand using simple tools. Banig is a handwoven mat
used for sleeping. Buri mat is woven by the Samals of Sulu. In
Contemporary crafts in the Philippine regions take the Samar, pandan leaves are dyed green and then buri strips are
form of bags, mats, textile, baskets, footwear, ceramic pot, interwoven with the base design.
clay pottery, jewelry, metalwork, to name some. It requires
putting together different materials from pandan (sea grass), From Folk Art to Contemporary Expressions
coconut leaves, abaca buri (palm), piña, shell, or bamboo.
Folk arts in the different regions have evolved as they The contemporary expressions inspired by folk arts
have been influenced by globalization, new techniques aided include (a) woven products: textile, fabrics, and clothing: (b)
by technology, global aesthetic, and market demand. For bags and accessories; (c) footwear; (d) home-use products;
example, banig, is made from pandan or sea grass and were (e) lampshades; (f) decors; and (g) masks.
traditionally woven into sleeping mats in its natural color.
Today, different types of banig are produced in different A. Woven Products: Textile, Fabrics and Clothing
colors and are designed with flowers, birds, landscapes or Woven products used as clothing, bags, and accessories
geometric shapes. Aside from sleeping mats, they are also that are based on folk art and design are gaining popularity
made into bags, wall decors, and throw pillow cases. locally and globally. This way, our products are not only
recognized by more people but also provide employment and
The feelings, perception, and attitude of an individual or foster development and sustainability of the art craft
people towards life are manifested in culture, religion, industry.
language, rituals and ceremonies, food, politics, and most With the use of modern technology, fashion designers
especially in their art. When artists talk about their art, it is have developed the tactile qualities and unique texture of our
always in the context of expression or human purpose and local products for comfort and style. They have been
the pattern of experiences that they collectively sustain. As successful in bringing our local fabrics to the fashion
they assimilate to their culture and society, they gather industries and to the global consumer market.
experiences and react through visual art forms. In this sense,
art objects have cultural significance, of which the artist is a Barong Tagalog or simply, Barong, has its origins from the
part. Being part of society, their experiences are objectified Spanish rule in the Philippines where the Spanish colonizers
through their carvings, chants, dances, and other art forms. wanted to distinguish themselves from the indios by making
Art forms, according to them wear thin and transparent clothing to prevent carrying
anthropologist, of weapons, no pockets to prevent thievery, and not tucked
Clifford Geertz (1976), are under the waistband to mark their status. The fabric was
elaborate made of piña, jusi, abaca, or banana. Through the centuries
mechanisms for defining social the Barong has been worn by Filipino men.
relationships, Modern fashion designers have created variations or the
sustaining social rules and original barong so that it is now also worn by women. There is
strengthening social values; the central a variety of embroidery design and they come in different
connection between art and collective life does not lie on an colors, such as red, blue, brown, yellow, and green. The polo
instrumental place, it lies on a semiotic one: color and line barong' is another variety that was designed to be worn at
arrangements. They materialize a way of experiencing and work. They have short sleeves and are made of cotton, ramie,
bring a particular cast of mind out into the world of objects, or chiffonille.
where humans can look at it.

Lampshades can be made from native plants such as burt
and abaca, Maria Vinecraft Inc. of Davao City makes
lampshades from the amlong vine. Bacolod artist Anita Feria
Aside from local tailor shops and city malls, creative uses ceramics and paints these to make a ceiling lamp.
designs of barong are shown at fashion shows, such as Barge
Ramos "Holiday Haute Couture XIT. The photo of Barge's F. Decors
Barong Tagalog Collection was taken during the gala night of Tapestries are wall decors that are made of woven fabric.
fund-raising for the Philippine International Aid in San These are common in lIocos and Baguio City. In Dipolog City, a
Francisco, California, USA. The Fashion & Design Council of unique design is in the collection of Andres Bonifacio College.
the Philippines (FDCP) has also redesigned the Barong Patrick Gabutina's creative decors are made ot drittwood,
Tagalog and Baro t Saya tor use in more modern, dried grasses, and dried flowers. Assembled with sinamay,
contemporary times. For example, apparels combine hablon, they look very attractive decors that can be put on the table
mixed abaca, piña, and banana seda with dyed fine hemp. during Christmas season.
Fashion shows and competitions challenge designers such as To show the variety of materials that can be used for home
Roland Alzate and Randy Ortiz to use native products decors, see the different products made in Negros. These
creatively. include coco twigs, crochet, pandan leaves, tiles, resin, wood,
Banig clothing is also worn at the Banig Festivals to show the abalon shell, capiz, and other materials that are abundant in
public what creative things can be made out of banig. the region.
The mosaic and other decors are produced by the charity
B. Bags and Accessories organization, NVC Foundation. Mosaic Crafter is an example
Bags of different sizes and shapes can be functional and of its entrepreneurial advocacy. To know more about their
aesthetic. Ilocos abel fabric designed with geometric patterns work, log on to
are both fashionable and useful, especially for students who
use them as bags. In Bacolod, pandan leaves are woven and e or to
can be tied with cow leather to make bags of export quality. G. Masks
In Bicol, rattan and other types of wood are used as bag In many ethnic tribes in the Philippines, masks are believed to
handles. Banig can also be used as little purses, as in the case have magical powers. They can serve as dwelling for ancestral
of Tacloban. See how banig weaving is done in Tacloban, spirits or can be put on the door to ward off evil spirits.
Leyte. View Eco-friendly Mats: Banig at
https:/ Guide to Appreciation of Art Crafts
Ikat is a style of weaving tnat uses dyeing process before
the threads are woven to create a pattern or design. It is A. Folk art reference
mostly practiced in Cordillera by the Ifugaos and the groups in B. Cultural Significance
Mindanao. Modern fashion designers make creative use of a. What type of folk art inspired the art craft?
ikat weave by turning these into accessories and clothing .
accent. Identify the region that produced the art craft
Pearls are abundant in the southern part of the country. b. What is its cultural significance?
These make good accessories. In the northern part of the Artistic Design and Function
country, natural materials such as stone, rocks, woods, sticks, a. Describe the contemporary artistic design of the art
animal bones, shells, feathers, leaves, cloth, or leather can craft b. What function that it serve?
make necklaces and other accessories. The shaman necklace
Analysis of Art Crafts
on the previous page is made out of combined objects from
animals. Mel Araneta's Necklaces are made from found Choose one artwork below and write your description and
objects, such as medals, leather, and softdrink can tabs, tied analysis in the given chart. (Research)
together with thin metal strings. a. Region 7 BADIAN, CEBU. Banig Clothing at the Banig
C. Footwear b. NCR. Randy Ortiz fashioned out of T’nalak, an abaca fabric
Indigenous materials such as beads, crochet, rattan and hand woven by the T’boli tribe from South Cotabo.
woven fabric are used as materials for footwear. They prove c. Region 6 Bacolod Vivo Products. Vida Hayes.2013.
to be strong, durable and attractive. Yuchengco Museum Bayanihan .Coco twigs, crochet, pandan leaves
organized a bazaar of handmade Filipino products and
handcrafted wares in November 2014 and called it "Habines! Title of the artwork:
And All Things Handmade Bazaar". ________________________________________________
Abaca sandals are decorated with colorful beads in Artist:
Laguna. Although they do not have high heels like the bakya, ________________________________________________
they are preferred for their comfort and attractive design.
Sandals made of buri are found in Bohol. Because they are
thin and light, they are perfect for indoors and can easily be
Folk Art Reference.
kept in the luggage, which is convenient for travelers.
What type of Folk Art inspired the art craft?
D. Home-use Products
Because of environmental concerns, we are more selective
of the material component of the products that we use,
especially at home. Banig is used for throw pillow cases in
Cebu. In Bukidnon, abaca is woven into hats, baskets, and
different types of containers. In Bacolod, trays are made of Cultural Significance.
pandan leaves. In Bohol, rapia makes good material for bottle Identify the region that produced the art craft.
holders. What is its cultural significance?
E. Lampshades ________________________________________________

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