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How Should I Prepare for SBI Clerical Inteview

The State Bank of India has announced the results of Clerk Recruitment written t
est. The SBI had advertised for recruitment of 11000 Clerk in 2009 and the exam
for the same was held by State Bank of India on 14 & 21 November 2009. There was
an overhelming response from the unemployed youth of India and SBI had got arou
nd 34 lacs application in response to this advertisement.
Now the results of the exam is out and interview will be conducted by the State
Bank of India who have qualified in the written test. The interview will be held
in zone under whose centre the candidates have applied.
So before you face the interviewing board you must brush up knowledge. The marks
secured by the candidates in the written exam and interview will determine the
final selection of candidates in the Bank.
The knowledge of Candidates appeared for the written test has been already teste
d but that does not ensure a job for you in State Bank of India. Around 3 times
of the vacancy by State Bank of India will be called for the interview i.e. appr
oximately 33,000 candidates will be appearing for the 11,000 vacancy in SBI.
Now Some Tips for Interview for SBI Clerical Exam
Brush up you knowledge and go through the latest important events of National & I
nternational Importace.
Complete the Documents required by State Bank of India at the Time of Interview.
Reach the Venue of Inteview at least half an hour before the time given to you.
Wear Formal Dress for Inteview.
You may avoid putting on suit as it will be peak summer during the interview time
Avoid Jeans, TeaShirt, Multi Coloured Pants and Shirts.
You can wear trousers and lining shirts or plain shirt suiting your complexion.
You will be required to verify your documents before you are being interviewed th
us ensure that you are in possession of all the requisite documents and certific
Greet the Interview Board, Ask for Permission before entering the Room.
Do not sit down on seat unless you are asked by the board.
Keep Cool and face the interview board with confidence.
Be Straightforward, if you do not konw the answer of question politely tell them
you do not know. Do not beat around the bush as it will have negative impact on
your interivew.
You answer to the question should be specific and not vague.
Look into the eyes of person whom you are talking/answering it shows your level
of confidece and attentiveness.
Listen to the question carefully and reply after a small pause, Do not anticipate
the question and start replying before the interviewer put his/her question to
Before leaving the interviewing board greet them with smile on your face.
If you follows these tips you are surely likely to bring smile on your face whe
n you see the final results of SBI Clercial Cadre.
Types of Questions asked by Interviewing Board for Clerical Exam.
Although there is not a set pattern as what would be asked in the interiew. But
still you can prepare keeping in mind the nature of jobs for which you are going
to appear for the interiew. For SBI Clercial Interview you will find after read
ing this post what type of questions can be asked by the interviewing board.
Some of the Questions Asked by the Interviewing Board during the SBI Associate B
ank Clerical Interview were as follows :
Which award was won by State Bank of India Recently.
What is Defecit Budgeting.
What is the importance of 13 April 1919.
What are the ways to make up for defecit budgeting.
What is rain harvesting.
How many branches State Bank of India operates outside India.
Thus you can see from the questions above that questions can be from different f
ields. But you must go through the history of Banking in India.
Evolution of State Bank of India.
Banking Money & Finance Terms.
National and International important events for the last 4-6 months.
Question related to Freedom Struggle, Indian National Movement for Freedom, Cons
titution, General Geography, History, Culture, Science and Technolgy and latest
trends & Development in the Banking Sector.
The Career Blog Team will try to publish the interview of successful candidates
who have qualified in the previous exams and interview held by various banks. Wh
ich will help the students in preparing for the forthcoming interview.
Those who have been selected as Clerk in Banking Sector they are request to shar
e their experience as thousands of aspirants looking for the tips related to fac
ing the interview can benefit from such experience of successful candidates.