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Nun- nachum

Sade- sefanyeah
Zyin- zecharya
Hey- hoshaya
Ayin- vadya/amos
Mem-mlachi/ micha

Perek 1
The first perek is dealng with hashem giving strength of
character to yeohshoa to help him conquer Israel

1 the torah, derek eretz

2. Rambam says that we learn the cocept of mored bemalchus from
here b/c we know that the king has the right ot kill anyone you
disrespects him. He learns this from posek 18 here when t says
“who ever doesn’t… however if he says don’t keep shobos you listen
to hashem b/c the king isn’t above hashem so u listen to hashem
and don’t keep shabos.”
3. b/c the chasam sofer says its we take the yud from sari
which has no nekudos but in yehoshua we need the 2 dots
so we
 4. The word that keeps on repeating itself in perek one is moshe
the reason is b/c the gemara says in baba basrah that
moshe face was like the yeohshua was like the moon woo
one to us the disgrace that before we had a leader like the
sun and now we only have a leader whos the moon the
chafets chiam says the zikanim(yehoshua friends) they were
really saying that they did t reach their potential like
yehshua we know hes great from whern the torah that hes
compared to a naar and w know this sint a dis b/c the moon
is a reflection of the sun instead this is a complnet
yehoshuah was a relflection of moshe! This is what the
gemara means the puyt down was on the zekanim not

Rashi says that it means in derech eretz- the way of the land
comes before torah and that your going to accualy conquer the land
like everybody else the next posek he says that this isn’t only a
prsui to conquer the land but to have all of torah
In the mishna avos rebi gamlial says that if u just have torah not
derech eratz then its nt=ot good and it will cause you to sin and
you will lose your knowlage this connects to yehoshu by when it
says chazak veames it means derech erets andyou also need rak
chazak veametz meot means with all of torah you need both.
Perek 2 – worksheet #2

Yehosua sends 2 speis to yericho and hides in rachav who is

decribed as a zonah house the king finds out and wants to search
her house and say that she left and convencies them that they left…
know rest of story line of the rest of perek

1. the targom (is not merely a translation is a explination) explains

this as a innkeeper

….when he finished writing it the entre land shoke and a heavenly

voice and ased who did this and he respned by saying I did it I
didn’t do it 4 me b 4 everybody else so theres no disadreement he
then wantedto write on the kisobim he then said he shouldn’t do it
b/c hell reveal when mishiach is coming so he didn’t write it

 Perek 3- cont of worksheet #2

In the perek We crosses the yardayn just like the yom suk split so
did the yardan for beni yesrael the yar dayn was a bigger mirrical
becase the yam suf was a steady body of water the yardayn was a
constant current going on when it split it put even greater fear on
cannan the whole isreal was able to c it and was full of fear

2 The distance between the aron and the people… there were really
2 arons its written bano but its rread differently b/c its means both
of them the aron and the bones of yosef
 Perek 4
1. When they first entered the land they put up 12 big stones
symbolizing the 12 tribes why did thy put it up? A: you might think
that they anted to be like every nation however this isn’t what
happened they used to write the nation conquered this land
however benie Israel write the entire torah to show this is why were
getting Israel and if we don’t keep the torah then we wont get the
2. Why don’t we make shabos hagadol on this day? A: the reason is
b/c if we made it on the 10th thn we would say that we are
celebrating us going to Israel b/c shabbos hagodol is really ment to
celebrat going out of eygpt another reason was also on the tenth
was the death of meriam and we don’t want to celebrate on that

Perek 5
• The nations are afraid
• The manna stops falling and know they have to work for food
• All men get a bris we didn’t do it in the desert because in
gemara it says that the reason is because it was a danger
there was a northern wind constantly blowing because of the
sin of the meraglim that wind was dangerous for a bris mela
• At the end a malach says to take off you shoes b/c the land
your satnding on is holy the malch is holdng a swor yehosua
is afraid this is a strage story? A: the malch came with a
sword to give him stregth like the malch this is a “pep talk”
another reason was b/c hashem was upset b/c benie Israel
stoped learning torah the didn’t bring karbon tamid yehoshua
as why did u come he answers that b/c your not learning so
right away yehoshua starte learnng
• This instance reminds us of moshe juust like wher moshe
waas standing was a holy place soo to where yehoshou was
standing that’s wher the forst place wherte the mishkan was
going to be
Perek 6
In Perek 6:
 for seven days we walked around Jericho and blew the shofor on
the seventh day which was Sabbath we walked 7 times aroud then
the walls fell to the groud and we completely destroyed except
rachov and her family and yehoshua cursed the city saying that no
one should build there
 1. We know that’s its shabbos b/c
 2. Q: why are we having war on shabbos A: a king or a lavi is able
to make … which is when we are able to not do one of the
commodments of the torah
 3. All the booty from the city had to be destroyed and be burned
and couldn’t get pleasure from it why? A: b/c it shabbos and its
holy AA: the radak says that Jericho was the first city to be
conquered just like we take challah from the dough so to we should
give the first spoils to hashem
 4. The curse is that you will lose all your children
 5. The rambam says that your not allowed to make war with
anbody until you try to make peace no matter what it’s a pasuk in
the troah if they accept it and accept the 7 mitzvos of noah nd they
will be your slaves we also learn that we treat slaves goodly so we
offer them this we learn in the gemarh the yehoshua offered 3
procleation eather run be our slaves or fight as we see that nation
was given afriaca however the other 31 kings fought and fell.
 6.So how could rachav be kept alive? A: same like the nation that
made peace and rachav made peace AA: we see that she converted
an married yehoshua we learn that you cant marry a canite? she
was really a forighner
Perek 7
1.we know that when one person does something it like the
everbody did it
2. the radak says the it wasn’t only a sin it wa a breaking a promis.
When yehosua says don’t take the spoils and since it says that in
torah that you have to listen to the navi and you didn’t listen to the
navi which means that you violated the torah
3. on sheet
4.on sheet
Perek 9
Know story line of perek 9 and stuff on sheet
Perek 10
Know story line of Perek 10

Perek 11
It says that hashem went ahead and hardened the heart of the
kings but don’t we believe in free choice? Why does we hashem
harden the hearts of people? Answers rashi hashem looked into the
hearts because I see that they’ll wont do forgiveness and make
peace so hashem anted to harden their hearts so it can increase
there miracles also that he should put fear into benie israel
Perek 16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24
All on sheet…
we know the the 3 outsude Israel didn’t become divided untl the
ones in Israel also when moshe set up the urI miglat outside Israel
didn’t become ``active until the 3 in Israel but moshe knew this
however he wanted to do mitzvos so he still did it
1. A:what happened was that moshe sent half of Menasha to
convince them to come back to Israel however instead they got
convinved to also stay
3. Rashi asks why does it say that benie Israel brought up the bone
no mosh did?! A: it says that because benie isrel finished the
mitzvah so we see that if u finish a mitzvah then its like you did thw
hole mitzvah that’s how they got credit