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Scientific Name: Phencyclidine

Commonly Known as: PCP
Street names: Another names include angel dust, animal tranquillizer, cadillac, CJ, crystal, crystal
joints, cyclones, hog, wack, goon, love boat, mess, mist, peace pill, ozone, rocket fuel
Type of substance: PCP is classified as a hallucinogen and dissociative anesthetic.
Used for: Initially for surgical purposes as a anesthetic and later in veterinary medicine in America.
Where does PCP come from?
• Developed in 1957 by the Parke-Davis Company as a general
• Tested under the name Sernyl
• PCP raised blood pressure, increased heart rate and strengthened
• In 1967, Parke-Davis did introduce PCP to the veterinary industry
• Made by a mixture of chemicals used in poison, cleaning products
and fuel
How is the drug used?
• Smoked, snorted, injected or swallowed
• Smoked is the preferred method by most users
• Soak a cigarette in liquid PCP then smoke
How much does it cost? How much is one dose?
• Low to moderate doses (1 to 5 mg)
• High doses (10 mg or more)
• Liquid PCP sells for $125 to $600 per ounce
• Cigarettes are $5-$30
• Liquid PCP goes from $6,000-$20,000 per gallon
Effects: Snorting or smoking will cause PCP to alter distribution of glutamate which involves a
person's perception of pain, response to environment and memory.
Pros Cons
- Anesthetic & analgesic (pain killer) - side effects include confusion, paranoia,
- relaxation/tranquilization agitation, disorientation
- increased sensitivity to outside stimuli - hallucinations: perception distortions of body
- dissociation of mind and body image, time, space, sound, vision
- euphoria may be experienced - sensations of weightlessness
- no abnormalities in heart rate, respiration, - amnesia
blood presure - may become obsessed with trivial matters
- muscle rigidity, small rapid eye movements,
convulsions, vomiting
- overdose can be life-threatening
How to Get Help
Drug rehab centres that specialize in addiction and treatment
- Recovery Connection (1-800-993-3869): counsellors available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
- Regional Addiction Prevention Program (RAP) in Washington DC (202-462-7500)
- If hospitalized for overdose, could cost a lot depending where you are
- Drug Rehab Services (Canada) – no cost (1-877-254-3348)
An Interesting Finding
PCP has a huge range of unpredictable effects it can have on people. Users go through a whole
spectrum of feelings as the body absorbs greater and greater amounts of the drug. Even after the body
is taken off the drug, one may experience these feelings again on the way down from the “high.”
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2-2 Daisy Lin
Nadia Afshar


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