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11 Grossweiler Lane
Parlin, NJ 08859
(732) 316-5239

SUMMARY: - Over 25 years of management experience in the apparel indust

ry. Strong organizational, analytical, interpersonal and motivational skills. Tr
aveled throughout the Far East, Central and South America, the Mideast.
1/95 to 2/10 - CAPITAL MERCURY APPAREL COMPANY, New York, New York
Manufacturer of men's, women's, boys private label and branded apparel
Production Manager/Director of Production Planning
- Responsible for production of all products: mainly sport and dress shirts, bu
t also other products, including knits, shorts, jackets, wind shirts.
- Cost all seasonal lines, as well as special customer cost requests.
- Place orders and negotiate prices with overseas offices (Bangladesh, India, Ho
ng Kong, China) and agents.
- Heavy daily communication with the overseas offices and agents, as well as int
eroffice personnel.
- Issue and maintain all fabric and garment purchase orders.
- Liaison between Design, Merchandising and overseas offices.
- Work with U.S. Customs personnel regarding quota categories and harmonized tar
iff codes.
- Work with Customer Service on delivery issues.
- Supervise a staff of five.
2/94 - 1/95 - GOTTEX INDUSTRIES, New York, New York
Manufacturer of men's and women's swimwear and related apparel
Production Manager
- Responsible for both domestic and import production.
- Sourced fabric and trims.
- Placed orders and negotiated prices.
- Worked closely with Design and patternmakers to obtain a cost efficient garmen
- Visited factories to check quality.
- Responsible for all costing.
7/93 - 2/94 - NANTUCKET INDUSTRIES, New York, New York
Manufacturer of men's and women's intimate apparel
Production Manager
- Main responsibility was coordinating the 807 production of the debut line of G
uess? women's intimate apparel.
- Worked closely with the designer and patternmaker on all specs and to obtain a
cost efficient garment.
- Responsible for all costing.
- Planned production for the company's Georgia and Puerto Rico factories.
- Traveled to Colombia to expedite production and check quality.
- Supervised a staff of two.
4/89 - 12/92 - WARNACO GROUP, Inc., New York, New York
Manufacturer of men's branded apparel and accessories and women's intimate appar
Director of Merchandising Administration
- Issued buy plans, operating plans and gross profit reports.
- Responsible for all cost sheets.
- Made several overseas sourcing trips to place orders for the Sportswear divisi
- Negotiated prices, issued purchase orders, followed up on delivery.
- Maintained daily contact with overseas offices and agents, company-owned domes
tic factories, as well as domestic contractors.
- Worked closely with Design, Sales, Customer Service and Traffic Depts.
- Oversaw operations of Dress shirts, Neckwear and Accessories.
- Supervised a staff of three.
For four months was Production Manager of Christian Dior Ladies Beachwear.
- Sourced and purchased fabric and trim.
- Distributed work to contractors.
- Made frequent trips to Montreal to work with designers and patternmakers.
- Worked closely with Sales and Shipping Depts.
2/82 - 4/89 - GOTTEX INDUSTRIES, New York, New York
Manufacturer of men's and women's swimwear and related apparel
Production Manager
Responsible for the production for the entire U.S. operation of the men's and wo
men's lines. Also responsible for Import production from Hong Kong and Korea.
- Handled all costing.
- Negotiated fabric and trim prices.
- Placed all production and issued all cutting tickets and purchase orders.
- Made several trips to Hong Kong to expedite production and check quality.
- Visited domestic factories to check production and quality.
- Maintained daily contact with production facilities in Israel, Hong Kong and J
apanese fabric suppliers.
- Worked closely with Design, Pattern, Sales and Shipping Depts.
- Supervised a staff of 20.
6/75 - 2/82 - HARBOUR CASUALS, LTD., New York, New York
Manufacturer of women's swimwear and related apparel
Production Manager/Assistant to the President
- Ordered piece goods and issued cutting tickets.
- Distributed work to five company-owned factories, as well as outside contracto
- Maintained daily contact with factories and made frequent trips to check quali
- Coordinated all salesmen's sample lines.
- Supervised three Order Depts. and Customer Service.
- Liaison between national sales force and operations.
9/70 - 1/75 - BROOKLYN COLLEGE
Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree
- Proficient in Excel, Word, Microsoft Outlook.
- Excellent organization and time management skills.
- Excellent interaction with personnel.
- Strong problem solving skills.
REFERENCES: Available upon request.