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K N Rao’s Yogis, Destiny

The Wheel Of Time – Part 2
My Notes & Markings as Offerings at the feet of Rao Saheb
Surya Narayana, India.

hese are the notes/markings that I made while reading this monumental work of
Shri K N Rao, one who is a beacon of light for astrologers worldwide. One of
the reasons I am presenting these markings to Saptarishis Astrology to print is so
that many people do not reject the books of K N Rao and read his books, each book
atleast 3 times and make their own notes within the book. Most important is all of us
make notes/important points in underlined forms in every good book but often that book
is lost somewhere in our library and for years we are either unable to find it or do not get
opportunity to refer to it, hence these notes would enable you to save this article on your
desktop and re-read it whenever you want or you can print it out and save it in your
purse or pocket and read it several times while travelling or waiting. This way you would
master his book which is absolutely marvelous.
The books that Shri K N Rao wrote in the 80s and 90s are the best works on
astrology and one can easily notice that it brought a fresh wave in astrology which was
the need of the hour. Every century a man like K N Rao comes and reforms astrology and
in order for that to happen the other divine souls are needed to play their part and this is
what Shri K N Rao extols in his work Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel Of Time. Following
presented below are my notes in a very un-systematized fashion in words of K N Rao but
may it inspire you to read or re-read his works.

Dasha Sequence
 Doing astrology in the dashas of benefics in kendras or malefics in the third, sixth or
eleventh would be fruitful. Withdrawal from astrology in the dasha of benefic in the
twelfth, and spiritual pursuits gaining precedence, was inevitable and would
happen in my case. It is why I would stop my astrological consultations, he
predicted. I have already reduced my astrological consultations down to ten percent
and on the advice of Mauni Baba of Ujjain I am concentrating only on writing,
research and week-end teaching. This has given me tremendous relief.
 The spiritual combinations told by my Guruji and by my Jyotisha Guru were more
or less common. Why they stressed on these they explained in their own way
 An astrologer had to have idealism and spirituality. Malefics in kendras or guru-
chandal yoga, were ruinous both for astrology and spirituality. The dasha of a
malefic in the tenth house, or a malefic in the eighth house was the beginning of
disgrace, aggressive malice and self-ruination.

My Testing
 I have tested these combinations on more than hundred horoscopes of astrologers
who themselves passed them on to me and wanted me to give them predictions.
My own addition to them are:

(a) All the combinations given by Yogiji work hundred percent in the birth
(b) Navamsha reveals much more or confirms it. But he asked me not to disclose
(c) The dasha an astrologer is running is important, as an astrologer in bad dashas
would commit more mistakes.
(d) But all this has to be combined with intense worship.

The advice of saints to astrologers has been:-

(a) My Guruji insisted on satvik life, with satvik food and japam.
(b) Yogiji stressed it, along with hard work on hundreds of horoscopes and vargas.
(c) Mauni Baba insisted on giving consultations to minimum people as, it was a waste of
(d) Moorkhanandji said that every astrologer must worship the God Sun, through a
Surya Mantra.
(e) But Yogiji advised me to examine navamsha to find out the antarayas or yoga-
vighnas (obstacles), whether for astrology or spiritual life. What he taught me has
proved brilliant.

1An often ignored point in Navamshas is the Yogas occurring in D9, these either exalt or debilitate the birth
horoscope. - SA
 So who will make a good astrologer and who will not, can be tested by many on
their own horoscopes. At any rate, do not get involved in discussion with astrologers
who have two or three malefics in kendras , without benefic association or kendras
void of benefics or benefic influences.

 Astrology reveals both the results of karma and destiny, reveals both karma phala
(fruits of karma) and karma-samsakaras. Both of them should be examined
separately first and then synthesized. Which is why astrology is the most difficult
subject in the world, practiced more by charlatans and cheats than any other
branch of human knowledge.

 Every time a tension comes up, it should be treated as a blessing, because it is a

challenge to you to fight it out spiritually.

 There are three methods of fighting it, the first and most effective being japam.
Fortunately the sadhana given by our Guruji is one which has to be done while
inhaling and exhaling. The mantra given by guru should be done gradually thus:

 Sitting, walking or lying, concentrate on your deep, deeper and deepest inhalations,
doing the japam once while inhaling and once while exhaling. Do it at least for an
hour or more till you begin to experience a vacancy in the mind.

2 SA has been very vocal against Internet forums mainly since most Indians display their bad upbringing/bad manners

over there by fighting or writing everything apart from astrology. A popular internet Astro forum also gives daily news
of what’s happening in the world, creating competition among members, awarding them for high number of posts, since
it increases their Alexa ratings due to high number of posts, inadvertently as mentioned by them. It seems they have
not read or understood KNRs book. Yet after reading what KNRs Guru said, we just checked the charts of the Top 5
Talibanists of Internet Forums who keep on fighting and abusing extremely and we found the words of KNRs Guru true
on the charts of these anti social elements/moderators of internet forums ‘Obsessive Fighters or Message Posters’, 4 of
them had 3 or more malefics in kendras and one of them had 4 malefics in kendra to Lagna lord amounting to the same
rule. KNRs Guru is correct it seems that one should not discuss astrology with such natives, unless they master their
malefics is what we must add. The issue is we should not land up hating these Talibanists of Internet Forums but send
them love and guide them back to the light. Also, must add here that when Algol star is activated in the chart, the
native must take up the sword and fight in order to avoid the misfortune - as mentioned by western astrologer John
Astrology has to teach us how to be better humans if it does not then it’s useless, by fighting on internet forums
we destroy minimum 3 houses (3, 6, 10) in our charts and the karma is irreversible even by daily mantras or going to
temples. Even those who read such posts have to had some of their good karmas destroyed, since when you watch
someone abuse some other person on the forum and do nothing about it, you are akin to a human watching a woman
being raped and doing nothing about it, you still have to bear that karma or is it more bad karma of just watching
mutely or will the result be of being abused in this life or future life without anyone coming to your help. No one has
said this except the Yogi - ‘Astrology is not a science of predictions but a science of understanding Karmas’ one of the
most immortal lines from the Last Book Of Astrology.- SA
Sanyas Yogas & Ketu in the Twelfth

Now see in the horoscope the three striking sanyas yogas

a) Four planets in the eleventh house with the tenth lord and none of them combust.
The conjunction being in eleventh house gave him his spiritual attainments very
early in life and brought him donations for his ashrams in lakhs, nor merely when
he breathed and lived amongst us but even ten years after he left us.

b) In the navamsha, Moon in the rashi of Mars aspected by Saturn, is another sanyas
yoga (it should be in the birth horoscope or the navamsha or drekkana).
c) Jupiter in the eight aspected by Saturn, was good for yoga sadhana but, it had a
sinister implication for him. I had once discussed it with him and he said “that is
God‟s will”.
d) Ketu in the twelfth alone without4 the aspect of the fifth or the ninth lord or of the deva-
guru, Jupiter, cannot be treated as a spiritual combination, my Guruji told me many
times, when he had asked me to work on the horoscopes of many sadhakas.

Humiliation from Students Etc….

 On his Gurus horoscope: Then fifth lord is in the eighth house, in itself bad,
though it is in Jupiter in the excellent rashi if moksha, Meena. But Jupiter is
aspected by Saturn , a combination for humiliation to be suffered at the hands of
his own disciples.

3 Note the world ‘Or’ - SA

4 Note the word ‘Without’ - SA
5Is this an important principle of aspect of Saturn on 5th lord of sishyas, humiliation from sishyas, it has been seen to
work well and also independently another method is Saturns aspect on Sun in charts of Gurus in D1 or D9 or Saturns
aspect on Jupiter seems to work well for ‘Opposition Towards The Guru’. - SA
 But a fifth lord with no planet in the rashis on either side, is spiritually very good
for an unattached mind: good for spiritual pursuits but bad for material gains .
 I have not seen a single saint, with Mars in the fourth, ninth or tenth house, not
building up ashrams and not facing serious problems of infractions of ethical-
spiritual codes.

Some Miscellaneous Markings

 If there are planets in the eight from lagna or from Moon, sadhaks can hope to
experience „trance like‟ conditions in their major or sub periods. But such a trance
can be from unsatisfied sexuality to the genuine one, but mostly it is „shallow’, and
an exhibition of a desire to draw attention.
 His Guruji said, “Bad predictions must be sugar-coated. Men cannot bear pain. An
astrologer who causes pain to anyone through his predictions will have to suffer himself
sometime or the other. The laws of karma are such.”
 In Jaimini‟s Chara Dasha it was the dasa of Scorpio which was eight from the
Atmakaraka , Venus. How long would the boy survive?
 Tapasi Baba quoted from Srimad Bhagavatam: it is the physical body that is tied down
to planetary influences not the soul. Sadhakas should not take astrological prediction. They
should do their sadhana cheerfully, caring for the living today and ignoring the dead
yesterdays and uncertain tomorrows.
 Rokdiya Hanuman Baba, “Even the place where you would complete your sadhana
and settle down finally and die is pre-destined”.
 What we call graha shanti or propitiation of planets is a natural process in the life
of a sadhak.
 For those who combined worldly pursuits with spiritual pursuits without
sacrificing either their morality or spiritual traditions, I have seen them suffer least
in their malefic dasas and live blissfully during benefic periods. Reverse is the case
of the materially prosperous who accumulate wealth in malefic dashas immorally
and suffer most in yogakaraka dashas because yogakaraka dasha create for them
such torture as to awaken them to the need to have some spiritual values in life. For
them yogakaraka dashas are revelations of the need to mould their lives spiritually.
 He showed me once the horoscope of a child in which a lot of balarishta yogas were
present. A Sanskrit knowing astrologer had pronounced death sentence on the child,

6 Note material gains. - SA

7 Note to observe this in the charts of sadhaks and not common man, this is the mistake 95% of astrologers do when
testing a method. - SA
8 If via ones hurtful predictions one can cause bad karma then what about ones writings on forums or chats or

telephone, when we abuse other astrologers, what is the karma. - SA

9 Note how to see the MD, how to delineate the results of a Mahadasha, just not from the MD Rashi as the lagna but also

from the AK, here it is the question of longevity and KNR is seeing the result also from the 8th from AK and not just the
8th from MD Rashi. - SA
on the basis of a shloka. Yogiji pointed arishta is not death necessarily but ill-health or,
other handicap. That child has not merely survived but has made a highly successful
 Yogiji‟s method was very appealing. He took up the principles from Parashara
Hora Shastra given in different places (not in one chapter) and showed how to
read a classic.
 Every prediction he (Yogiji) had made about Indira Gandhi came out correct in the
next few years. But once, he pointed out to us that Indira Gandhi was making most
of her important announcements at a particular time and in those nakshatras which
tantriks use, for some kriyas. If she did not avoid it, it would boomerang on her and her
family. That is history now.

Commentary On The Above Point

he above verse from K N Raos Guruji is so important a point that it deserves a longer explanation as we have seen
lives being destroyed. We cannot take names but a very famous astrologer who was probably the only astrologer
in India who immensely impressed us with his study of the 40-44 shlokas of Laghu Parasari, the Gita of
Astrology & the most difficult text to master even by Masters of Astrology, he is also a tantric and used to call up our
friends in Gujarat only on a particular nakshatra was rising or when moon was in that nakshatra. This was noticed by
our friend who said about the astrologer being the most hated astrologer in the Gujarat circuit but yet is able to get
work done out of his enemies by simply a phone call, our friend pointed out the 3 nakshatras in which they all would
receive the calls. Automatically his enemies would do his work even if they did not want to do it. We tested the
method and it works but knowing that tantric astrology is far more dangerous to even test we do not use it nor want to
mention the nakshatras here and also would not entertain any mail whatsoever from anyone on what those nakshatras
are. But we have seen the power of that said astrologer and his predictive ability; he would even predict the color of
the shoe that one was wearing on so and so day. For 4 years we have tested him on numerous charts and made nothings’
of his super brilliant predictions, infact we wanted to produce an article on all his predictions.
On a particular occasion on the chart of a SA volunteer whose father had suffered paralytic attack, he told us
on the phone to check with the volunteer if she had just bought black shoes. When we called the volunteer, she was
aghast and said on the day of the stroke, around 6 pm she bought black shoes and at 6.15 pm at another location her
father suffered the paralytic stroke. Must mention here, that the prediction of the astrologer is not intuition or siddhi
but purely technique. He tried teaching us how to predict the shoe color that a person would wear on any day or how to
see which color shirt he would wear on a particular day, but we could not grasp it. This is the power of tantric astrology
but we have seen that over the years those who do this form of astrology either do not get married or if married have
pathetic marriage life or keep on fighting with others, they become abusive, egoistical and their hunger for power &
greed increases beyond anything. The moment you see an astrologer talking about tantric astrology, check his chart if
5H or lords have influence of tantra oriented planets (Saturn, Rahu) if so then don’t touch them with a barge pole which
does not mean that all astrologers having the same influence on their 5H/Ls would be bad, also it does not mean that
all tantric astrologers are bad humans, the only moral you can derive from the above is when you use astrology for your
selfish needs then there is no difference between you and a tantric astrologer like above cited.
The modern astrologer is over obsessed with wanting muhurtas for everything, is ones observation. Now just
think if you create a muhurta for anything, how do you know you are not using a nakshatra that has a side effect, how
do you know that the nakshatra is not the nakshatra that Tantrics use to get their work done. Which astrology work on
muhurta gives you the results of the defects of each nakshatra. In one of the future issues, we would take up muhurta
charts of ‘Entering Into a New House’ and show how the side effect was fights with boss, break up with Guru (both 9H
matter) and health going down (6H), another chart of muhurta would be ‘Shaving of hair on the head’ called Mundan
for a child and one of the 16 important functions one has to do in India, and how on the muhurta chart, it can be seen
that the grandmother went into hospital right on the time of the shaving of the head and came out with eye problems
like cataract and glaucoma. These are brand new concepts for the astrologer of today who does not know that every
muhurta chart has a side effect but if your observations skills are super strong you would observe the events that
surrounded the muhurta ‘event’ and how the other side effect events can be seen right in the muhurta chart, something
that no one apart from you would have observed in the last 3-4000 years.
Just think do the current form of astrology gurus ever tell you the combination in a chart by which ‘you would
get a good muhurta always’ or ‘you would not normally get a good muhurta’. Santhanam had indirectly hinted it in his
writings but who reads Santhanam these days, his translations no one wants to read. Today publishers avoid publishing
translations since none of us want to read translations, all of us want digested knowledge in the form of conferences or
modern books. Do not become the over obsessed human who wants muhurtas for everything, leave it to God as he is the
best astrologer & best guru. Just think this magazine was not started on a muhurta. A magazine / website/astrologer
cannot get obsessed for how long it will continue to be No 1 or if it has good Alexa ratings or if it has great followers on
Facebook. - SA

To Be Continued …………..