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I certain illness- there is no way to know about it. Nothing has looking for rest and peace, develops technology, in order to avoid

, I
happened yet in the body but something has happened in the energy
field that surrounds the body. And Kirlian photography can take
labor Society that avoids hardship of labor develops technology- as
an alternate. Technology is a substitute to labor. Suppose if I want to
,I the photograph of the energy field and can infer through the go to your place, I can go by foot but to avoid this walk, I invent
photograph that this man is going to have cancer after six months. bicycle, I invent car, I invent aero plane. Giving too much respect to
Now Kirlian photography is going to become a tremendously labor is not good for technological development. It is rather a
powerful instrument in the hands of the future medicine. If we can hindrance. Capital is produced by technology, technology generates
know six months before then much can be done -- then nobody will wealth. Therefore society looking for rest develops more of

z fall ill. The illness can be prevented even before it has happened. * technology ..... .
~ ~ ........ You might have heard of Edison who has more than
0 thousands inventions to his credit. Perhaps no one alone has
w (!)
Z Currency z
invented so much. In his early days, Edison used to work in a factory. 2::
In English, we have another name for money which is more He had only one job and that was to inform his employer about every o

significant -- it is "Currency." That simply indicates that money
should always remain moving like a current. It should always be on
telephone calls he received. For this, he had to remain alert
throughout the night, without sleep. Phone call mayor may not <'J
0 04
the move from one hand to another hand. The more it moves, come but he had to remain awake whole night. He developed a
04 better. For example, if I have a ten -rupee note and I keep it to myself solution so that he could sleep in the night. He attached a loud
then there is only one ten-rupee note in the world. If I it to bell with telephone bell so that its loud ring would break his sleep
you and you give it to somebody else and each person goes on and he would inform his employer. From then on, he started
giving, if it goes through ten hands then we have a hundred sleeping very easily. Months passed. Any night, it would ring
rupees, we have used a hundred rupees worth of utilities; the ten loudly; he would get up and inform his employer.
rupee is multiplied by ten.**
....... ==

This way, he used to sleep and rest. One day, this bell was
not working and he was ignorant about it. That night phone rang but
he was sleeping. Employer came to see that what was happening
Laborship cannot produce capital. It seems opposite. We
because it was his phone call to inform his wife about something. He
think that capital is produced by hardship of labor. No! Society

.. The Fish In The Sea Is Not Thirsty # 11 Q - 4

*,. Ah, This! # 8
doubt even on today. And if we are not able to doubt even now
came and saw Edison sleeping there. He fired Edison. He said that
then we cannot develop science. Scientific development cannot be
you are lazy. Edison said that it is because of this laziness, I could
invent this bell method but he was fired and that was proved to be a
boon because then he could make thousand more inventions.
Edison has written that it is because of this need of rest, he made
invention. It is true..... .
HISTORY is time hence all that is really significant is not
Technology could not develop because of very
included in it because all that is really significant is beyond time.
much respect given to hardship of labor. Due to this, capital and
z Buddha's enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree ..... It is not a
o wealth could not generate. Capital is produced by technology. All
historical fact; there is no way to prove that it really happened. It is
o~ the wealthy countries. Today on this earth America is wealthy in
oUJ such an interior experience that you have to take it on trust. Buddha
true sense ... America could become wealthy due to modern
z says it happened: you can believe it, you can disbelieve it. If you
technolOgical developments. Technology replaced this labor ...... . 5
o disbelieve, there is no way for Buddha to prove it. If you disbelieve it, o
U5 Our country needs a scientific temperament then only we
5> ~
only you prevent your own enlightenment, that's all. If you trust «
can solve our real life problems. Our unscientific attitude has
I Buddha, a door opens for you. In trusting, you can hope that if it has 1.0
created lot of problems all around. We are surrounded by them and

happened to Buddha. It can happen to you too. Belief and disbelief
it will be difficult to deal with these problems without science and
C\i have nothing to do with Buddha's experience but they have
technology. Yes, we can transplant. We can borrow technology from
something to do with you and your future. But history cannot prove
west but the point is that from where, we would bring that
that something happened that morning; history has no record of it. It
temperament.... No, first of all, our temperament should change.
happened beyond time hence history cannot record it. It is
Do you know that it is the capacity to doubt everything that has
unrepeatable and history only records that which is repeatable.
triggered the development of science during past three hundred
History is the record of all that is stupid in the human mind.
years in west? Doubt! Disbelief! In these three hundred years. They
Chenghis Khan, Tamurlaine, Nadir Shah, Alexander, Adolf Hitler.
were doubting every thing, on old generations, on parents, on past,
These people are repeatable; Buddhas are not repeatable. A Buddha
on scriptures, on Jesus, on Mohammed, on every thing, on Moses, on
happens only once. **
Zarathustra! Result of that doubt was science but we are unable to

*Garibi Aur Samajwaad (Translated)

**The Guest # 11, Q.-3
understanding, for useless
need newsprint and you are

happened in the whole past then all

higher and will drown almost the


understand this madness. i~""~~~~!~;~l\y need of j

now when we have alread~1~*¢hed a limit? i I:

":"::.. ,.::":.
problem is population groirth" By the end ,,!,
would be seven hundred crore people on this

has been exploited so badly that it can't support !
I Fifty percent population will die of hunger then. ~

i, *The Golden Future # 30 Q - 2

I Third problem is: AIDS which is spreading like fire and
there is no possibility of its cure for at least next twenty years, there is
they all are killing each other. As of now these five dangers seem

! hardly any possibility of its cure. Scientists have come to know that
impossible to handle unless some miracle happens but miracle
happens only in stories, not in real life ...........One thing is sure that

I by large it is incurable. old system is about to die. If we can make the whole world

But not a single country is declaring celibacy as a crime. It is understand then only we can save humanity. This New man would
be world citizen, there won't be any nation. This New man would be
celibacy behind this AIDS. These monks, these soldiers and students
who have to live without women become homosexual and religious but there won't be any religion. He would be scientist but
homosexuality is only manifestation, root problem is celibacy. not destructive. His entire vision would be devoted to creativity. He
z would be pious, merciful, loving but not a celibate.
o All the religions are facing it because all religion teaches celibacy but
:::l no religion is ready to accept this. As a rule, if you deny recognizing There will be a new such man without the burden of past
your enemy, you empower him only. Understand this so that you who will be more meditative, more loving, more silent. All the <.!)
Z z
o universities should devote their time to make this conscious possible ~
z can find new measures to fight your enemy.... , ...... . -'
Q o>­
rather than wasting their time on those bogus subjects.*
'5 Fourth big problem is destruction of ecological system
q> ~
:c which humanity has to face in the next twenty We are ~--==-

o destroying life resources in our ignorance. This earth needs a

Meritocracy: Not democracy
C\! balanced ecology; this balance is disturbing, day by day. And this
My idea is that the days of democracy are over. A new
ecosystem is being destroyed from all sides, for example- carbon
kind of system is needed, based on merit.
dioxide and man made chemicals have risen the atmospheric
temperature like never before. It is for the first time- polar ice on We have thousands of universities all over the world. Why
north and south has started melting. It has never melted before. If the have ordinary, unknowledgeable, ignorant masses choose people
temperature of atmosphere raises little more then Himalayan ice will who will be holding tremendous power for five years in their hands?
also melt and will drown all these big coastal cities ..... . And now, the power is so much that they can destroy the whole
world. Meritocracy means that only people who are educated in a
........ And fifth problem that is most dangerous is man himself.
certain area should be able to vote in that area. For example, only
Humanity is divided by cast system, by nations, by religions and
the educationists of the country should choose the education

The Razor's Edge (26/01/87)

minister. Then you will have the best education minister possible.
For the finance minister, you should choose somebody who knows
10 Fundamental human rights
finance, somebody who knows the complexities of economics. But
this choice is possible only for people. For every post, the person who 1­ Life!

is to be chosen should be chosen by experts. 2­ Love!

3­ Right to die!
The health minister should be chosen by all the doctors,
4­ Searchoftruth!
the surgeons, the medical experts, the scientists who are working
5­ Meditation!
in the medical field. Then we will have the cream of our genius and
z 6­ Freedom in all dimensions!
we can on this cream to make the life of all humanity more
7­ One earth: one humanity!
~ peaceful, more rich. This idea I call a meritocracy. And
8­ Uniqueness of Individual!
ill once you have chosen all the people then these people can choose the
Z 9­ One world government!
0 president and the prime minister. They will be our geniuses;
Z 10­ Meritocracy: Not democracy!*
! '
0 can choose the prime minister, the president from the country or (!)


bT they can choose from the members of the parliament. And for the
~ parliament we should also make gradations. For example, people -== +~

0 who have at least a post-graduate degree should be able to vote.
Just becoming twenty-one years old does not mean you are to C'l

choose the right person. At twenty-one years, you don't know

anything about life and its complexities. At least a post-graduate
should be held by those who choose the members of the
parliament or the senate or whatever you call it. In this way, we can
make an educated, refined, cultured government.*


*Sermons In Stones # 29
Subjective & objective art

Every art can be described either as objective art or as

subjective art. Subjective art you will find it comes from
your feelings, from your heart, from your mind in paintings, in
poetry, in music. But objective art comes from the emptiness of
. your heart; you become a flute, a hollow bamboo and the
universe sings through you. Your only credit is that you don't create
any hindrances; you simply allow the universe to flow through you.
With you being in a let-go and allowing the universe to flow through
1Sw you,objective art is created.
o There is not much objective art in the world because before
o objective art can be you have to become a hollow bamboo;
b and you are so solid, your ego is so stubborn. Before creating
o objective art, you have to be so humble, almost nobody. In your
C\I absence, there comes a great universal flood. That flood can become

poetry, a painting, music, a dance, a sculpture. Thousands of

dimensions are available, you just allow it...... *


You go into literature, just put your whole energy into it.
And literature is beautifuL If you can understand literature then it
will be easier for you.......... And always remember; bliss happens
only to creative people. Uncreative people find it very difficult,
almost impossible to be blissfuL **
... ~-

* Nansen: The Point Of Departure #; 9, Q-1

**Let Go! #; 23
entered into it, participated in its being, fell a rapport with it. *



Music is not something biological; it is not something

concerned with your chemistry or physiology. Music is not even of

the mind. Music is something... a space between mind and
meditation. It is one of the most mysterious phenomenon. To
o conceive it in intellectual terms is almost impossible for the simple
15 reason that it is beyond mind- but it is not yet meditation.....
LU (!)
Z z
o Music can go higher and further away from mind and then ~
<is it starts becoming closer and closer to peace and silence. One is a
(j") ~==-=~.~ ~
b musician only when he understands the sound of silence and one
::c LO
() who understands the sound of silence is capable of creating sounds Drums N

~ which are synonymous with silence. That is the most miraculous For nine months, the child goes on hearing the heartbeat of
thing. Then the musician has come to his full flowering. Beyond this the mother. This is the first drum he encounters and it becomes very
music, starts the world of meditation.** deep-rooted in the being of the child. Every pore of him is filled with
it, every fiber of his body vibrates with it, he has no life except the
mother's heart. And there is the beating continuously for nine
In fact, the greatest music in the world is nothing but an echo
months.......The drum is the most primitive instrument. When you
of the inner music. Whenever a musician comes closer to that much,
feel that drum beating, your body responds, sways; you start falling
great music is born. Only very few have reached close to it; a Tansen,
into the beat, moving with the beat and suddenly you have become a
a Baiju Bawara, a Beethoven, a Mozart, a Wagner. Only very few
primitive, a natural being; all civilization drops. You are no longer

"The .99 Names Of Nothingness # 7 "The Guest # 13

....Satyam Shivam Sundaram #22, Q-l ""For Madmen Only (Price Of Admission: Your Mind) # 24

i, i

here is this twentieth century and all the nonsense that goes on Poetry is the whole

I around-- you have moved back almost ten thousand years. * into the dewdrop.
through the

I Flute
There are many types of flute in the world. The most
important is the Arabic; the most beautiful is the Japanese and there My

are many others. But there is nothing comparable to the small Indian significant
~ bamboo flute for its sweetness ..... **
Cl ~====~ ••~


z ...... When somebody is playing on the flute, hide behind a
·1· 115
5 tree & listen and you'll be able to see something. Something, that is
i. U")
j b
I. ::c
not ofthis world. Something that is of the beyond.***

Poetr~ because of its .

Poetry is not just poetry: Poetry is essential religion. And a person has

Poetry means a state of being where the mind is no longer interfering false faces become

between you and when there is communion between you

and existence immediate; when you are suddenly possessed
by as a separate entity and the whole
starts speaking through you, starts dancing through you; where you
become a hollow bamboo and the whole transforms you into flute.

*The Three Treasures Vol. 2 # 10, Q 4 *The Book Of

** Glimpses Of A Golden Childhood # 27 **Blessed Are The
***The Book Of Wisdom #: 24 Q -1 ***Blessed Are The

II In recent years, science has started touching the And at the end of his life, he said, "NowI cannot say that life

boundaries of mysticism ... It is moving and merging into religion day is a problem. To call life a problem is a logical statement because a

day. Then, it now becomes necessary to touch this aspect also at this point of problem means something that can be solved through logic, if not

story! Reason? Youth is the right time when all theses thing should be given today then tomorrow. Sooner or later logic will find a way and the

a thought and moreover when (traditional) science is taught at university problem will be dissolved."*

level, why not new happenings in the world of science? OSHO states few
z very rare examples to illustrate the mystic dimensions of science and at
o Mystery of Mahavira
~ the same time explains the inside story of the phenomenon also.
o It is said about Mahavira and no follower of (!)
Z Growth of science z
o Mahavira could understand this mystery in these twenty five ~
z l.L.
ov; Science, up to the time of Albert Einstein, remained very hundred years. In twelve years, Mahavira ate for 365 days. He took o
consistent, very logical. Albert Einstein is the first mystic in the ~
o:c food for only three hundread sixty five days in a long period of
world of science; a scientific mysticism he introduced and he g;
o twelve years which means a total of one year in twelve years. If we C'l


disturbed the whole edifice of the old science. After Albert Einstein­ calculate this then it means that in every twelve days, he took food

science, particularly physics which was his field of work is no more for one day and didn't eat for eleven days. But at the same time, it is
the same -- because he accepted contradictions. In fact he said that, difficult to find someone healthier than stronger than him.
"When I had started my work, I had though that life and logic are Buddha or Christ or Krishna or Rama, these all do not stand against
synonymous - my work was to solve problems logically - but as I Mahavira in term of health. This is very strange. And also it is very
went deeper I became aware that life is not synonymous with logic: It difficult to understand this that how natural laws behaved with his
contains contradictions. And in fact because of those contradictions, body. This man is eating for 365 days in 12 year. He should have been
it is beautiful; because of those contradictions, it has a certain dead by now but what is happening? He is perfectly healthy.
tension; that tension gives it aliveness; it gives it possibilities to be
I just told you about Robert Pavlita. Lot of unique

"I Am That # 12
experiments are going on in his laboratory. One of these experiments
is of hunger and hypnotism. What they are doing is astonishing. In weight. It is impossible. One of those ten doctors was Dr. Reziliv. He
has told that it is scientifically impossible but whether it is possible or
Pavlita's lab, certain people are being hypnotized for ten years. They
would be hypnotized for ten They would stand, sit, work, eat, impossible, it has happened actually. I was there for ten days; this

drink but their hypnotic sleep would not be disturbed. That deep man was in custody so that nothing, from outside could be given to

sleep is maintained. One of those subjects is Burfilov. Last year, he him by any means, by any injection or through some medicine but

was hypnotized for three weeks and during those three weeks of his weight increased. Reziliv is working with that man for over a

hypnotic sleep, he was given imaginative food; for example in his year now and he says that we have to acknowledge that there is
ts sleep he was told that you are in a garden. Look around these something like unknown - X force. There is some kind of power
:J behind this which does not function according to our scientific rules.
oLU beautiful flowers and do you feel the fragrance? Burfilov
Z This may be "prana".
o breathed deeply and said, "Really! It seems that apples have ripen.
Q Then Pavlita gave those imaginative, false fruits to Burfilov. He took ~
It is easy to understand Mahavira after this
that apple which is not there, he ate that apple. Nothing is there but experiment and that is why I say that whosoever wants to
:J: ~
o he tasted it & enjoyed it. experiment with fasting, never listen to these Jain sadhus, they don't
a<"'? know anything. They are forcing you to die of hunger in the name of
C'J For 15 days he was given such food, not even water,
not even food but false food, false water. Ten doctors were studying fasting. They call fasting- worship? Fasting is a scientific alchemy in

the phenomenon. They declared that day by day his health is religion and if fasting is practiced in that manner then weight will

improving. His physical disorders disappeared in just five days. His not decrease, rather it can increase.'"

body achieved maximum health in seven days only. His normal

body activities ceased. He didn't shit because he was not eating
Vishuddhanand: Mystery Drlire & death
anything. After three weeks, the most astonishing thing was that he
Just 40 years ago, a hermit called Vishuddhanand lived in
was at his maximum health, when he carne out of his hypnotic sleep.
Varanasi! He gave hundreds of demonstration to prove that it is
It is very surprising -- which you cannot even imagine that he gained
possible to kill somebody using a particular sound! This man used to

... Mahaveer Vaani -1 (Translated)

much surprised as there was no apparent reason for this. He tried
very hard to understand this phenomenon. Then he realized that it is
perhaps the shape of the pyramids which is the reason behind this.

Mter ten years of research Hovis realized that it

might be the shape of the pyramid behind the phenomenon. So he

made a small pyramid, very small of three four feet base. And he
kept a dead cat inside that. He was surprised when it got
mummified. This phenomenon marked the birth of a new science
which declared that geometrical shapes have a very deep correlation
with life energies. And with Bovis advice, it is being tried that all the (!)

hospitals of the world should be pyramid shaped. They would have ~


more healing power and Bovis has done many successful o

experiments in this line. He says that people suffering from
headache can be treated with pyramidal caps. Mental disorders can <"'l

be treated with these caps. HOVIS CAP is being used widely in

many mental asylums to treat mental patients are being treated. And
this has been proved of tremendous help in their treatment. Bovis is
right! Can pyramid shape caps make this much difference? And if
external shapes can work like this then how much internal
geometrical shapes can work- this I want to tell you.

SHARNAGATI is an experiment to change our

inner geometry. When you stand then your inner being changes and

when you lie down then again your inner being takes different

shapes. Our inner what you call mind or chita has geometrical there.
figures too. There are at least two geometrical shapes in our inner
Two or three times, he failed in his experiments
being; when you stand straight, you make ninety degree angle with
also. So many people have come to see this event and he is unable to
the ground and when you lie down then you don't make any angle,
rise above the ground. Finally he said that please forgive me, people
you become parallel to ground. If some one says with his totality that
asked,"Why you are unable to do it now?" He said that somehow I
I go to the feet of " ARIHANTA", I go to the feet of the master, I go to
am unable to forget "myself" and gravitational pull keeps on
the feet of religion then this feeling changes his inner geometry
working unless I forget myself. When I forget myself and only God is
z which immediately triggers the transformation in his life. Our inner
o there in my being I immediately leave the ground to rise above.
~ has geometry. Our conscious changes geometrically too and this
oL.1J geometry changes according to our feelings. ~===--=-

t5z Four years ago, western scientists were surprised

Human aura: High frequency photography
5 by an event like never before. This happened for the first time in past If someone with positive feelin~ pure in heart o
:c 200 years. Dimitri Dezonev, a Czech farmer rises above the ground, touches water with his totality and withhold this water for sometime ~
o up in the air, up to four feet; in his sitting position. He leaves the in his hands then the water changes qualitatively. Russian Scientist,

'<t '""

i:':l ground against gravitation and stays there in the air, four feet above Kaameniave and American scientist Ruodolf Kir have proved this
the groundr for 10 minutes. Dimtiri has carried out this experiment fact with the help of many experiments. There is no difference
many times in front of hundreds of scientists. They have cross­ chemically but qualitatively there is much of difference. If that water
checked everything and it is not fake; It is real. is used on new seeds, instead of normal water then they germinate
before time, they grow big flowers, big fruits, those plants are
Dimitri has been asked about the secret behind
healthier and they produce better results.
He says that there are two things. One is my devotion- gratitude. I
say to God that I leave you myself now, I come to your feet, I can't do Kaameniave has used normal water on these seeds
it of my own, it's your grace only which can do it through me. But at and special water to compare. He has also used water that was kept
the same time I am unable to rise when "I" am there, my "SELF" is in the hands of murderers, sick, violent and negative people that

"Mahaveer Vaani -1 (Translated)

water was also used with those seeds. Either they didn't germinate or as if some mad man has drawn some lines on the paper. If I have
if germinated then all those plants grew sick. positive feelings, happy, joyous and full of gratitude then the picture

After thousands of experiments for fifteen years, of my hand through Kirlian photography comes beautiful,

'chemistry' is not the only thing; there is rhythmic, symmetrical and proportionate. It represents a beautiful
this fact came in light
difference chemically but the difference is certainly arrangement of vibrations. Kirlian says after thirty years of hard
not much
there. What is that? Where that difference comes from? Definitely labor that very soon, we will be able to predict any disease before

that difference can't be measured from our instruments but the six months that this particular man is going to be sick because

z difference is there. It is proven by results. Because all three kinds of sickness has already affected his electric pattern of vibrations even
~ water change qualitatively; the very soul of the water changes. before it affects the physical body. Before someone's death, this
oL1J electric filed starts shrinking or in a subtle way, it starts dying before
Z If this change can happen in water, it can also z
o the body. Even before a man thinks of murdering some one, his :>
z happen in atmosphere around us. This is the basic foundation of :::J
oU5 electric field represents this feeling, some typically changed
:> science of mantra." A real mantra brings a qualitative

b patterns. If we show love towards someone, our electric field

I transformation in the ambience around us and if we sit close to such a
o represents this feeling even before it actuall y happens. * r-...
man then we can feel a different space around him. And another
scientist Kirlian has developed "High Frequency Photography". =-=,...••'~

This will proved as one of the most wonderful thing in future. Maikhalova: Her mystery

frequency photography is done on highly Maikhalova is the most important personality in

sensitive plates. If a photograph of my hand is taken through this Russia since 15 years because Maikhalova can move anything with
photography then not only it captures picture on the plate but even the help of meditation only. Not by hands, not by any physical force.
the vibrations coming out my hand are also photographed and it is By concentrating, she can move anything from a distance of six feet
very surprising that if I have negative feelings then photograph of and it starts coming towards or moving away from her. She can
electric vibrations of the hand come very unhealthy, sick and chaotic make a magnetic needle move or can make both needle of a clock

*Mahaveer Vaani # 1 (Translated)

move very fast, can make a watch- stop working; hundreds of these scientists think that this energy can be stored in some devices. This
experiments but one thing is very surprising that if Maikhlova is 'Prana Oorja' if stored in devices then those positive emotions of
experimenting surrounded by doubtful people then it takes five Maikhalova are also stored along ... .so some special devices have

hours to move anything. been developed to store this energy successfully. This device is kept
in a room; if you enter into that room then this device would pull you
If there friends, helpful people around her then it
towards it or you will feel like running out of the room. It is due to
happens in half an hour. And if there are people with feelings of
that feeling of Maikhalova when she was conducting this pull or
gratitude with purity in hearts then it happens in just five minutes.
push experiment and this energy got stored that very moment.*
z And there is one more surprising thing; when it takes hours to
~ move something then she looses ten pounds of weight; when it takes
L.U five minutes then there is no weight loss. Karl Jheiling (!)
Z z
o ~
z These all scientific experiments have been carried Stalin murdered a man- Karl Autovitch Jheiling, in 1937. ...J

5 out during lastfifteen years. Two noble prize winners scientist Dr. Jheiling was an incredible personality. He could tell just by touching

:J: Veeasiliave and Kaameniave with other forty top scientists have an egg that whether cock or hen would come out of this particular
8 0­
declared this, after thousands of experiments that what Maikhalova egg and he never failed. But this is nothing ...... But Jheiling even if
doing is a fact and they have developed some devices to record that you cover a photograph could tell just by touching the photograph

what happens in the atmosphere around her. Three things are that whether it is of a male or of a female. Jheiling used to say that in
recorded; firstly as Maikhalova concentrates, her entire body someone's photograph, electrical vibrations of that person are also
electricity, her aura starts flowing in the form of current towards that stored. He unconsciously concentrates on the camera and the

entity just like laser ray; this current surrounds that entity all electrical current starts flowing towards the camera. That's why it

around. It is through current; things are pulled towards her or gets stored in the camera.

move away. But this is nothing. The most"amazing thing about

The third most amazing thing is that those Russian Jheiling was that by touching any mirror, he would tell about the

*Mahaveer Vaani # l(Translated)

person who has just used it, whether the person was male or female I make myself dance from out side then there is no weight."

because you become conscious in front of the mirror too and you are Yoga says whenever ANAAHAT CHAKRA of some
most concentrated in front of the mirror thus your energy gets one is activated, gravitational pull does not affect much and
transferred to the mirror. certain special dances affect 'ANAAHAT CHAKRA'. Perhaps
'ANAAHAT CHAKRA' of Nijinski was activated automatically

through his dance practices. One can experience the phenomenon of

out of body experience, if one's 'ANAAHAT CHAKRA' is activated.
There was a great dancer in west Nijinski. His
z He can see himself outside from his physical body.*
o dance was a miracle; perhaps he had been the greatest dancer on the

oLU earth. His miracle was that he would rise above the ground during
! oz
his dance and would remain in the air. And one thing was even more Robert PavUta: Pavlita eenerator
o ~

astonishing that when he would come to the ground then he would Try to understand this at your physical level. I was
(f) come very slowly which was very strange. It is impossible to come telling you about institute of suggestology of Bulgarian doctor
o down that slowly. The gravitational doesn't allow you to come Lauranzov. Lauranzov has done tremendous experiments in the '<t

~ down that slow. This was a miracle. field of education. He was asked in an international conference that

He married and when his wife saw his dance, she how could he think about this revolutionary dimension of

was surprised. She was a dancer herself. She said to Nijinski one day; education? Who has inspired him? This Lauranzov answered that I

his wife has written this in her autobiography "One day I said to my was practicing breathing exercise of Indian Yoga that gave me

husband, what a shame that you cannot see yourself dancing?" insight. Breathing? What is so special about breathing? Breathing

Nijinski said, "Who said I cannot see. I do always see. I am always means that if you relax completely, if you leave your body totally

out. I make myself dance from the outside and if I am not out of my relaxed which is possible through Sashtang Pranam of ancient

body then I cannot take such a high jump, I can't come down to Indian system. That is the position of "SHARNAAGATI"for body.

ground so slowly. When I dance from within, I feel weight and when If you lie down on the ground, relaxed completely, then it is not

*Mahaveer Vaani # 1 (Translated) *Mahaveer Vaani 1 # 9 (Translated)

merely 'pranam' but it has lot of scientific truth inside. 'Pavalita generator'. He has also made very small devices and he is
experimenting with those devices and doing a great work. He says
Lauranzov says that the relaxation and energy that ; ; ~

that you simply concentrate on these devices, just for five mit:lutes
we feel during our night sleep is because of our this lying position. " ,1'1

nothing more, just seeing and concentrating on these devices. These

When we lie down on earth then universal powers enter us very
devices store your power and this energy can be used immediately.
easily. When we stand erect then our ego follows this physical
This device can do what your mind can do. Before five minutes, this
position and when we lie down then tOOl our ego takes a lying
device was dead but after five minutes, you would feel great energy
position. Our defence system dropsl our resistance dropsl our
in those devices ...
z security system drops.
o .....Pavalita has declared that very soon there would be no
U Robert Pavalita from Czech universityl Prague has
::::> need of guns and sticks to handle the crowd. We will have these
been conducting tremendous experiment and researches since ten (!)
~ devices that in just fifteen minutes people would run away because z
Z years. This is about recharging tired people with fresh new power.
oen those devices will spread so much of hatred. His all experiments ::::i
'> You are tired l broken down then he would make you lie down under o
>!' have been successful. He has recently developed a new device. It has b::
o a healthy COWl on the ground. He would say that for five minutes, «
en very big range. You need not come across it; if you are in its range, it
o you relax and feel that power is showering upon you from this

willeffectyou.* "'"

~ healthy cow. After five minutesl special devices would take records,
that tiredness is no more. He is fresh now. It was asked from Pavalita ~ .....

that if we 'sit' under the cow, then? Pavalita said that it would not
happen even in hours by sitting and it can happen in just few
minutes in lying position. He would make you lie down under a tree
and make you feel fresh and better. Pavalita says that the moment
you lie down, your resistance drops down, the security around you
dropsdown .....

... ... There is one device famous in his name. It is called­

* Mahaveer Va ani-l (Translated)

Meditation ART OF DYING

Youth can practice Dynamic, Kundalani, Nataraj and Nadabrahma The story ofthe book (oflife actually) has already reached a point
meditations. Choice of the meditation or combinations of now pom where we can enter into a completely new and hitherto
meditations absolutely depends on one's own likings. Techniques untouched concept- the concept of art of dying.
have already been detailed at the end of teenage education
This section has been divided into two parts:­
1. Middle age education

2. Old age education

!;( Both these parts have been detailed by Osho separately, raising all
important issues, one by one. All religious aspects and martial arts have
o been taken up at this level and also, concept offive dimensional education
oen is given here. Osho proposes a two tier system ofeducation for middle
:> aged people incorporating two new concepts of university ofmysticism

Cf) and university of death.
And as we move on to climax, that is to old age; Osha changes
the entire gestalt by turning the fear ofdeath into a celebration. Step by
step, he opens up all the doors of this castle ofdeath and reveals that
there is simply joy andfreedom inside it. Here, concept of Bardo has also
been taken and a rare meditation technique for oldies ....
From thirty-five to forty-two, a new step, a new door
opens. If up to thirty-five you have felt deep harmony, an orgasmic
feeling and you have discovered meditation through it, then from
thirty-five to forty-two you will help each other go more and more
into that meditation without sex because sex at this point starts
looking childish, juvenile. Forty-two is the right time when a
person should be able to know exactly who he is. From forty-two to
forty-nine he deeper and deeper into meditation, more and
more into himself and helps the partner in the same way. They
become friends. There is no more husband and there is no more wife;
that time has passed. It has given its richness to your life; now there
is something higher, higher than love.
~~----- ­ ~ - ----------~~~~-------------~-~~ "" ­

He meditates, he learns creative arts, he dances. He writes poetry, Education in 2 parts: Changing the roots
novels. Whatever he wanted to do in life...
Education should be divided in two parts. Everybody goes
Now life has respectfully given him time to do everything
to the university, of course to different universities or to the same
that has been just a desire in his mind, just a dream. Now it can be
university but to different departments. One is to prepare children
turned into a reality. And he should be freed from all old bondage -­
one is to prepare people who haye lived life and now
marriage or any other kind of bondages-- so he can start new
want to know something more, beyond life ....... The second part of
adventures in every direction. We can make the second part so
education should consist of meditativeness, of awareness, of
beautiful that people who are still in the first part will feel jealous,
z witnessing, of love, of compassion, of creativity. When education
will feel, "How it take me to be retired? Because those
~ for death and education for livelihood are separated- when
0 old guys are really enjoying it. We are working, earning; they are
everybody goes twice to the university- first to learn how to go
0 ~;~~lH relaxing, taking sunbaths on different beaches around the
around this world of trivia and the second time to learn about >=
0 world, with different women. "*
Z eternity- education is complete. * LL
0 0
<:i'5 ~
5> «
0 C'i


*Sermons In Stones # 3, Q -1 *Osho Times, June 2000 (Asian Edition)

completely aware that a dark side existed in the past and

Five dimensional education: For a golden future dominated the past but now there is no place for that side. In the
first dimension also come languages. Every person in the world
Osha's vision is for entire humanity. A model proposed by himfor . should know at least two languages; one is his mother tongue and
world education is five dimensional which has already registered itself in the other is English as an international vehicle for communication.
world intelligentsia but knowing about this concept is goodfor everyone..... They can also be taught more accurately by television- the accent,
the grammar, everything can be taught more correctly. We can
I divide education into five dimensions. The first is
create in the world, an atmosphere of brotherhood: language
informative like history, geography and many other subjects which
connects people and language disconnects too. There is right now
can be dealt with by television and computer together. But about
no international language. This is due to our prejudices. English is
z history - we have to take a completely radical standpoint. Right now
o perfectly suitable because it is known by more people around the <.9
o~ history consists of Chenghiz Khan, Tamurlaine, Nadir Shah, Adolf z
o Hitler etc. These are not our history; these are our nightmares. Even
world, on a wider scale. ~
w u...
~ the idea that human beings can be so cruel to other human beings is The second is the enquiry of scientific subjects which is 52
Z «
oCI5 nauseating. Our children should not be fed with such ideas. In the tremendously important because it is half of reality, the outside
5> reality. They can be imparted by television and computer too but
<.f) future, history should consist only of those great geniuses who N
<.f) have contributed something to the beauty of this planet, to they are more complicated and the human guide will be more
o necessary. And the third will be what is missing in present day
humanity - Gautam Buddha, a Socrates, a Lao-Tzu; great mystics like
Jalaluddin Rumi, J. Krishnamurti; great poets like Walt Whitman, education- the art of living. People have taken it for granted that
they know what life is. They don't know.... and by the time they
Omar Khayyam; great literary figures like Leo Tolstoy, Maxim
know, it is too late. Every child should be helped to transform his
Gorky, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Rabinadranath Tagore, Basho.
anger, hatred, jealousy into love. An important part of the third
We should teach the positive grandeur of our inheritance, dimension should also be a sense of humor. Our so-called
with footnotes about the people who have been counted up to now education makes people sad and serious. And if one third of your
as historically great men people like Adolf Hitler. They can have life is wasted in a university, in being sad and serious, it becomes
a place in footnotes or an appendix with a clear explanation that ingrained; you forget the language of laughter and the man who
they were either insane or suffered from some inferiority complex or forgets the language of laughter has forgotten much of life.
other psychiatric disorder. We have to make the future generations
So love, laughter and an acquaintance with life and its

wonders, its mysteries ..... These birds singing in the trees should not

go unheard. The trees and the flowers and the stars should have a

connection with your heart. The sunrise and the sunset will not be

just outside things - they should be something inner, too. A

reverence for life should be the foundation of the third dimension.

People are so irreverent to life.

The fourth dimension should be of art and creativity:

z paintin& music, craftsmanship, pottery, masonry - anything that is
~ creative. All areas of creativity should be allowed; the students can
o choose. There should be only a few things compulsory - for example,
ill <.!)
Z an international language should be compulsory; a certain capacity z
o ~
to earn you livelihood should be compulsory; a certain creative art o
should be compulsory. You can choose through the whole rainbow ~
:r: of creative arts because unless a man learns how to create, he never
o becomes a part of existence which is constantly creative. By being to
~ creative, one becomes divine; creativity is the only prayer. And the
fifth dimension should be the art of dying. In this fifth dimension
will be all the meditations, so that you can know there is no death so
that you can become aware of an eternal life inside you. This should
be absolutely essential because everybody has to die; nobody can
avoid it. And under the big umbrella of meditation, you can be
introduced to Zen, to Tao, to Yoga, to Hassidism, to all kinds and all
possibilities that have existed but which education has not taken any

*The Golden Future


According to age is the time when a person should Hassidism teaches life in community. It is a very

experiment on every path ofreligion. Yoga, Sufism or any other can be communal approach. It says that man is not an island, man is not

an ego -- should not be an ego, should not be an island. Man should

practiced according to one's own interest. Moreover this is also a time to

live a life of community ....... Hassidism says if you want to drop

learn martial art and related activities. There is a vast literature on these
the ego, the best way is to live in a community, live with people,

topics is available butjustfor touching this aspect, veryfew pages have been
be concerned with people --- with their joy, with their sadness,

taken into storyline yet even that would be enough to make us with their happiness, with their life, with their death. Create a

o understand the importance of this subject and would give a clear concern for the other, be involved and then the ego will disappear

u picture..... on its own accord. And when the ego is not, one is free. There is no

w ~
z freedom of the ego; there is only freedom FROM the
o Yoga 15u...
Hassidism uses community life as a device. o
~ Yoga is a science; it is not merely a scripture. Yoga is not
U') concerned with Islam, Hinduism, Jainism or Christianity ... Hassids have lived in small communities and they have ~

~ created beautiful communities, very celebrating, dancing, r-....

Therefore the very first thing I would like to tell you that L.()
Yoga is science, not a belief. To experience yoga, there is no need to enjoying the small of life. They make the small things of life

N believe. Blind faith is not needed to experience Yoga. Even an atheist holy-- eating, drinking. Everything takes the
of prayer. The

can enter into Yoga just like a religious person. Yoga does not ordinariness of life is no longer ordinary; it is suffused with divine

differentiate between an atheist and a religious person. grace.*

Science doesn't start with it starts with doubt, search. Same -..... ~

way, Yoga also doesn't start with belief; it starts with search and
inquisitiveness. Therefore, it takes only will to experiment with Hassidism is not a path of meditationi it is a path of

Yoga, nothing else. * prayer. Prayer has no technique. Meditation can have millions of
techniques meditation is a scientific approach to inner
reality. Hassidism is not a science, it is an art. Hasidism does not
believe in techniques but in love. Remember well, the

*Yog: Naye Aayaam# *The Art Of Dying # 3

technological mind is a mathematical mind. The mind of the lover is
non-mathematical; the mind of the lover is the mind of the poet.
Love is a romance, not a technique. Love is a dream not a technique.
Love has a totally different approach to life. Hasidism has no
techniques; it has no yoga, no tantra in it. It simply says: trust life,
trust God and whatsoever has been given to you, enjoy it. Enjoy it so
deeply and with such gratitude that every ordinary thing becomes
hallowed, becomes holy, each small thing in life becomes sacred.
o Transform everything into a sacred thing the profane disappears

ow when you bring your energy of love, grace, gratitude. *

o ..........
5> Zen

8 Zen is an approach, a vision, an attitude. If you can look at
~ something without the mind....... If you look at a garden without the
mind.... you don't want to maneuver, manipulate, you don't have
any plan; you simply sit in the garden and you surrender to the
garden, to the spirit of the garden, you become possessed by the
spirit of the garden. Not that you plant trees here and there and you
cut and prune; not that. You simply allow yourself to be a servant to
the garden and you tell the garden, "Now you tell me what to do,"
and the garden leads you. The spirit of the garden possesses you and
it starts functioning through you ..... Then the garden itself shows

*The Art Of Dying # 4, Q - 2

Whenever a religion is alive, it is because of Sufism. you ask in intense passion to be forgiven, the very idea of repentance
Sufism simply means a love affair with God, with the ultimate, a
becomes forgiveness. If you have really asked, realized that you
love affair with the whole. It means that one is ready to dissolve into
have done something wrong, if it has been a total realization and you
the whole that one is ready to invite the whole to come into one's
accept the responsibility that it was wrong and that you are ready to
heart. It knows no formality. It is not confined by any dogma,
repent for it and you repent wholeheartedly, the very repentance
doctrine, creed or church. Christ is a Sufi so is Mohammed, Krishna
is a Sufi so is Buddha. This is the first thing I would like you to becomes the forgiveness. Then there is no need to do anything else

remember that Sufism is the innermost core as Zen is, as Hassidism because all sins are nothing but unconscious acts. Repentance makes
is. These are only different names of the same ultimate relationship you conscious, alert.*
o withGod.*
~ , ....
Buddhism ~
z t5
o Christianitv
z 1.1..
o ~itation exists. Try to understand
<;!) Christianity; the whole of Christianity depends on this the old division of 'I' and
o::c ~

simple sentence: 'If you repent, you can be forgiven.' Christianity is

o ~
a unique in this sense. No other religion, llLUldl.l Y Indian religions, meditation.
talk of repentance and They are more scientific, in fact,
more technological. They say, "You have done something wrong,
you have to undo it. You have to do something good; you have to
keep everything in balance. Nobody can forgive you; you have to
change your life, you karmas, your actions." Christianity has
tremendously beautiful concept of forgiveness. Christianity says:
If you ask to be forgiven from your deepest core, you will be
forgiven. Why? Is there somebody who can forgive you? No, but if

"Sufis: The People Of The Path, Vol. 1 # 1 "Come Follow To You, Vol. 4 #1
....And The Flower Showered # 10
Martial arts

Here, just to this unique dimension, very brief notes have

been given to throw some light on these rare topics-


... A very rare subject- Nobody can imagine what

meditation has to do with a sword but they developed
swordsmanship in Japan. You learn it in the temple of Zen. And this
o swordsmanship is not the same as it is all over the world. It is totally
different in Japan; it is a method of meditation because with sword, (!)
you have to be very alert. You are fighting with sword, you have to ~
o 1.1..
Z be very alert, otherwise you are gone. In such situations, you cannot o
:> In Buddhism, there is no God. In the place of God is the afford to be sleepy. Swordsmanship has been used to develop that ~
bI ultimate awareness, the Buddhahood, the Buddha-nature. This is quality of awareness and in the same way, the other martial arts -­ (1")
o only a different language .......... We have simply to accept the

aikido, Jujitsu, karate. All these are arts of the warrior but the

Japanese have transformed them for the war that you are going to
~ mystery that we are born in ignorance and the possibility is intrinsic
fight inside yourself with the darkness, with your own ego, with all
in us to dispel this ignorance and become aware. We are born in
that is ugly in you.
misery but with an intrinsic potential to overcome it, to transcend
Karate is connected with Tao, is connected with Gautam
to become blissful, to become ecstatic. We are born in death but with
Buddha, is connected with Confucius. But neither Confucius nor
the possibility of going beyond death into immortality.*
Gautam Buddha nor Lao-Tzu was aware that their meditative
~ techniques would bring such a transformation that even martial
arts? Which have been developed to destroy men, to murder, to
commit suicide .... but they can be used because the situation of death
facing you in any form makes you alert, aware. And listening, and

*Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master # 6

practicing jujitsu, karate, aikido.... Slowly slowly you become more Sense ofbumor: Essential ofreligiousness
and more silent, more and more peaceful. The question of war and
destruction disappears.* One of most important gifts of Osho, to this whole world is joy,
laughter & sense of humor. Osho has used this as a device, even while
dealing with very sensitive issues and has warned us that seriousness is a
disease ....
Archery in itself is a great meditation and if you can drop the A sense of humor is one of the very essentials of
competitiveness in it, it will be tremendously beautifuL The intelligence. The moment you lose it, you lose intelligence also; the
z competitiveness will function as a poison because competitiveness more you have it, the more intelligent you are. There is no question
~ means ego. Be in the archery; go into it as deeply as possible but with of how to open the sense of humor; you simply remove the barriers.
o no idea of competing. If you have an engrained habit of competition
w It is already there, it is already the case. You simply remove a few ~
6z then only, compete with yourself. Let your today compete with your rocks which your parents, your society have put to prevent it. The ~
o yesterday -- then there is no problem: by and by, competition will society teaches you self-control, and sense of humor means
~ disappear. Each art can be used in two ways: either it can become a
q.> relaxation. *
part of the marketplace or it can become a great meditation. Just look ~
o at nature: a rose flower is there without any competition. It is not
=..-=' N

~ competing with any other flower anywhere; it is just there on its own To me, seriousness is a sickness. A sense of humor makes
and so beautiful. A bird is singing.... it is singing on its own. Nature you more human, more humble. The sense of humor- according to
exists without any competition and whenever we bring in
me- is one of the most essential parts of religiousness. A religious
competition, we destroy beauty. So continue archery but by and by
person who cannot laugh fully, is not fully religious. Something is
drop your ambition to compete. [Archery] can be used as a path to
still missing. So you have to walk almost on a razor!s edge. Laughter
know yourself.... it can be used!* *
has to be allowed completely. So first take care of the laughter that
laughter is allowed completely. And watch. Perhaps at first, it will be
difficult -- laughter will cpme first and then suddenly you will
become aware. No harm. Slowly- slowly the gap will be smaller. Just

"Sermons In Stones :# 21 Q * 4 "Guida Sprituale :# 3, Q.-3

....The No Book (No Buddha No Teaching No Discipline):# 15
time is needed and soon you will able to be perfectly aware and Mysticism: Brida;:ing relia;:ion with science

totally in laughter. But it is a unique phenomenon; you shouldn't

Middle age, according to Osha, is the time to everything
forget that no animal laughs, no bird laughs-- only man and then too,
about religion and mysticism. Here, mysticism at this level.
only intelligent man. So it is part of intelligence to see immediately
Just to give aglimpse....
the ridiculousness of some situation. And there are so many
And now, there is a possibility that science and religion
ridiculous situations all around. The whole life is hilarious; you just
can be bridged because the greatest scientists have also felt it, in a
have to sharpen your sense of humor. So remember: go slowly;
very indirect way. For example, Eddington, Albert Einstein and
there is no hurry but laughter should not be disturbed. Awareness
z others have come to a feeling that the more they know about
~ with total laughter is a great achievement.* existence, the more they become puzzled because the more they
:::> (I)
know, the more there is to know. The more they know, the more z
their knowledge seems to be superficial. Einstein died almost a u..
mystic; that old pride that "one day we will come to know all" had 6::

(I) disappeared. He died in a very meditative mood; he died not as a
b:r: ........

(I) scientist but as a poet. N
Eddington has written that first we use to believe that
thought is just a by -product -- now things have changed. The more I
went into inquiries, the more I became convinced that the world
does not consist of things but consists of thoughts-- and existence
appears less like matter and more like consciousness. This is good
news; science is coming to a great understanding. That
understanding is arising out of its failure to demystify existence. But
I don't see a similar understanding arising in the so-called religious
people. They are lagging far behind; they are all talking on old,
stupid ways. They are still obsessed with the Vedas and the Koran

"The Path Of The Mystic 4# 4tl, Q.-2

and the Bible. And not that the Vedas are wrong or the Koran or the University of mysticism: Whole sky is yours

Bible are wrong -- they are perfectly right -- but they are expressed in
a very very ancient, primitive way. They are not capable for Further Osho goes miles ahead in this context and even proposes
meeting modem science. We need contemporary religious mystics for an official institution of mysticism. A place where middle aged people
of the same caliber as Albert Einstein and Eddington and Planck. can know, can experiment with all the mysteries oflife....

That's my effort here-- to create contemporary mystics, not only Mysticism is one of the forgotten languages. It has to be
scholars who can talk like a parrot about the Upanishads and the revived because in forgetting the language of the mystics, life has
Vedas. No, scholars won't do. We need contemporary mystics; we lost all colours, all joy, all music ............ Mysticism is simply to bring
z need people in whose hearts new Upanishads can arise. We need into your life all those dimensions which are indefinable and make
o people who can talk the way Jesus talked, on their own authority. We
~ you courageous enough to accept them, knowing perfectly well that
need courageous mystics who can say, they have experienced God definition is not possible that reason is impotent. ..... z
Z not because the scriptures say -God is but because they have known L1­
o ..... This adventure of creating a university of mysticism, is o
z God; not just learned people, knowledgeable people but people of !:i::
oen to bring all those values back to humanity. This is not going to be an «
5 wisdom.
en ordinary university. It is not going to teach all those subjects which $N
~ Enough of Scholarship. Scholarship is just very mediocre;
(3 are available to reason. It is going to help you to open yourself to all
scholarship cannot bridge modem science with mysticism. We that which cannot be taught. It will not have teachers; it will only
need Buddhas not people who know about Buddha. We need have openers, masters. It will not be situated in a certain place, itwill
meditators, lovers, experienced. And the day is ripe, the time has have schools all over the world -- I'm calling them mystery schools.
come when science and religion can meet and mingle, can be welded All those mystery schools together will be the University of
together. And that day will be one of the greatest days of the whole of Mysticism. In true spirit it will be universal. A university has to be
human history; it will be a great day of rejoicing, incomparable, universal.
unique because from that day- the schizophrenia, the split humanity
And its function is totally different. It is not going to teach
will disappear from theworld...*
you chemistry and physicS, science and commerce and arts -- and
that is done already by thousands of universities and it is all
worthless. This I can say because I have been a student in the

"The Secret # 12 Q 1
universities, a professor in the universities; on my own authority I Mysteries of life: Better be positive!
can say that they are engaged in mundane things. They create
engineers, they create doctors, they create technicians. They are all Life is not a small thing. It is so vast and we are so small.

needed. But they don't create poets; they kill the poets. They don't The ocean is so big and we have to swim in it just with our own small

create mystics. They destroy the very roots on which a mystic can hands. Only those people who never start swimming and go on

grow. The university of mysticism will be concerned only with the standing on the bank looking at others, should feel ashamed. One

suprarational that which is beyond the mind. And there is so much who has started swimming.... ten years is nothing much, even ten

beyond the mind that if it is not made available to you...... . lives are short.

z Mysticism simply are not using your One should be so patient. It is your impatience that is feeling
~ potential in its totality; you are using it only partially, a very small ashamed; it is your ego that is feeling ashamed. You should feel
:J <.!)
UJ part, a fragment. And if you are not using your potential in its humble-- humble before the vastness of existence, humble before the z
z mysteries of life .... just humble, a nobody. And in that humbleness, ~
o totality, you will never feel fulfilled. That is the misery, that is the LL
z o
o the ocean becomes small and your hands become bigger. *
cause of anguish. You are born to be mystic. Unless you are mystic,
en unless you have come to know existence as a mystery-- beyond
b ~
I f'oo.
en words, beyond reason, beyond logic, beyond mind -- you have not N
o It is better to be positive because the more positive you are,
taken the challenge of life, you have been a coward. You have wings
N the more you are moving towards the heart. The heart knows no
but you have forgotten it. The University of Mysticism is to remind

man about the wings that he has. He can fly and the whole sky is negative language. The heart never asks, "What is beauty?" It enjoys

his.* it and in enjoying it, it knows what it is. It cannot define it, it cannot
explain itself because the experience is such that it is inexplicable,
inexpressible. Language is not adequate enough; no symbols help.
The heart knows what love is but doesn't ask. The minci knows only
questions and the heart knows only answers. The mind goes on
asking but it cannot answer. Hence philosophy has no answers....
questions and questions and questions. Each question becomes

.. Osho Upanishad # 29, Q -2 The Golden Future # 15, Q-1

University of death: Making death - a festival
slowly, a thousand one questions. The heart has no questions -- it is
one of the mysteries of life -- it has all the answers. But the mind will
Here is a demarcation line from where we can enter into old age.
not listen to the heart; there is no communion between the two, no
This point is not ofage, it is not a clear cut demarcation but is actually an
communication because the heart knows only the language of event which has been happening. At this point, Osha proposes for an
silence. No other language is known by the heart, no other language institution- as ajumping board-
is understood by the heart -and the mind knows nothing of silence.
Whole system of education has to be changed from the very
The mind is all noise: a tale told by an idiot, full of fury and noise, roots. In short ..... We prepare people in education for livelihood
z signifying nothing. * rather than life. For twenty-five years we prepare-- that is one third
~ of the life-- for livelihood. We never prepare people for death and life
ow is only seventy years; death is the door to eternity. It needs (!)
o tremendous training. According to me ... and I feel with great ~
z o
oen authority that this is going to happen in the future if man survives -­
that education should be cut into pieces: fifteen years for livelihood
8:r: C")

o and again after forty-two years, ten years in preparing for death. r--­

Education should be divided in two parts. Everybody goes to the
university -- of course to different universities but to different
departments. One is to prepare children for life and one is to prepare
people, who have lived life and now want to know something more,
beyond life.

Then the generation gap will disappear. Then the people

who are of an older age will be more quiet, more silent, more
peaceful, more wise; their advice will be worth listening to. Just
sitting at their feet will be a great blessing, the respect for the old will
return. Except this, there is no other way.

.. The Dhammapada : The Way Of The Buddha # 2, Q -2

Education divided in two parts means young people study be the only education. There should be a lower kind of education
for life and middle-aged people study for death. Of course, the and each university should have a higher faculty of education where

middle-aged people will be studying meditation, singing, dancing, you are taught real values of life because geography cannot make
laughing; they will be learning celebration. They have to make their you a better man nor can history make you a better lover nor can
death- a festival -- that should be the goal of the second part of chemistry make you meditative. All that is being taught in the

education. They will paint, they will play music, they will sculpt, universities cannot give you the sense of humor. You cannot laugh,
they will compose poetry, they will do all kinds of creative things. you cannot dance, you cannot sing. Your life becomes almost like a
Livelihood they have managed; now their children are doing that. desert.*

z Geography, History and all kinds of idiotic subjects, their children ===..'........-==0
o are learning. Let them know where Timbuktu is. *
:::) Mediation is the key! (!)
o ~
o u...
z Love needs the other to be living, alive but then you have to Meditation is the key to all the mysteries of life and
o<is ~
5 learn the art. It is one of the stupidities that no university in the world existence; hence it is pointless to go on talking about other subjects.
8 teaches people the art of living, the art of loving, the art of If we can make the disciple understand what meditation is then he is
o meditating. And I think anything else is far lower than love, life, going to open and unlock all the doors on his own and he will be able

~ meditation, laughter. You may be a great surgeon, you may be a to see and experience on his own. And only your experience is

great engineer, you may be a great scientist- still you need a sense of liberating because only then it is authentically your truth. **

humor, still you will need the art of love, still you will need the art of ~=-=~.~

living, still you will need all these great value in your life. But you The new man will find his religion in nature -- not in dead
will be surprised- I teach only these things-love, life, laughter and as stone statues but in living dancing trees in the wind. He will find his
a background for all these- meditation but the government of India religion surfing on the sea, climbing on the virgin mountain. He will
is not willing to accept this school as an institution of education if I find his prayer with the snow, with the moon, with the stars. He will
was teaching geography, history, chemistry, physics -- the mundane be in dialogue with existence as it is. He not live with abstract
things of life. ideas, he will live with realities. His commitment will be to nature
I don't say that they should not be taught but that should not and through that commitment he will come to know super-nature.

*The Great Pilgrimage: From Here To Here # 7 Q - 2 * Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance
** The White Lotus # 3
God is hidden here in this very body. This very body- the Buddha, Meditation
This very earth~ the paradise.
The new man will read the scripture of nature. This wil1 be
Find a reasonably, comfortable and alert position to sit for 40-60
his Veda, his Koran, his Bible. Here he will find sermons in the
minutes. Back and head should be straight, eyes closed and
stones. He will try to decipher the mysteries of lifei he will not try to
breathing normal. Stay as still as possible; only change position if it is
demystify life. He will try to love those mysteries, to enter in those
mysteries. He will be a poeti he will not be a philosopher. He will be
While sitting, the primary object is to watch the rise and fall of the
an artisti he will not be a theologian. His science will also have a
bally, slightly above the navel, caused by breathing in and out. It is
z different tone. His science will be that of Tao not an effort to conquer
o not a concentration technique. So while watching the breadth, many
~ nature because that effort is foolish. How can you conquer
:::> other things will take your attention away. Nothing is a distraction in oz
oLJ.J nature? You are part of nature. His science will be of unders ­
Z Vipassana so when something else comes up, stop watching the ~
o tanding nature, not of conquering nature. He will not rape naturei u..
oU5 breadth, pay attention to whatever is happening until it's possible to o
he will love and persuade natureto reveal its secrets.*
go back to your breadth. This may include thoughts, feelings, ~
8 -----:::;; ... ~
judgments, body sensations, impressions from the outside world .......

etc. It is the process of watching that is significant not so much what


you are watching. So remember not to become identified with

whatever comes UPi questions or problems may be seen as

mysteries to be enjoyed!


Sit facing a plane wall, approximately at your arm's length away.

Eyes should be half - open allowing the gaze to rest softly on the

wall. Keep your back straight and rest one hand inside the other with

thumbs touching to form an ovaL Stay as still as possible for 30


""The Secret Of Secrets, vol. 1 # 1, Q.-l

While sitting, just allow a choice less awareness, not directing the
attention anywhere in particular but remaining as receptive and
alert as possible, moment to moment.*


,. Meditation: The First And Last Freedom

.... From forty-nine to fifty-six, this aloneness becomes your focus of
being. Everything in the world loses meaning. The only thing
meaningful that this aloneness.
From fifty-six to sixty-three, you become absolutely what
you are going to become: the potential blossoms.
From sixty- three to seventy, you start getting ready to drop
the body. Now you know that you are not the body, you know that
you are not the mind either. The body was known as separate from
you somewhere when you were thirty-five. That the mind is
separate from you was known somewhere when you were forty­
nine. Now, everything else drops except the witnessing self. Just the Z
pure awareness, the flame of awareness remains with you and this is L.L.
the preparation for death.
Seventy is the natural life span for man. And if things
move in this natural course then he dies with tremendous joy, with C'J

great ecstasy, feeling immensely blessed that his life has not been
meaningless, that at least he has found his home. And because of this
richness, this fulfillment, he is capable of blessing the whole
existence. Just to be near such a person when he is dying, is great
opportunity. You will feel as he leaves his body, some invisible
flowers falling upon you. Although you cannot see them, you can
feel them.........
*From Darkness To Light # 3

*Beyond Enlightenment # 28, Q -1

Life & death: Two banks of existence happening. Since you have been here, it has been with you. With
each exhalation it happens - a little death, a small death but because
Life and death are two aspects of the same phenomenon. Osho of fear, we have put it in the future ...... .
has a very clear view about how one should look at the phenomenon in its ........ Between life and death, between the two banks of life
totality-­ and death flows the river of love. And that is possible only for a
Death is already happening. Whether you face it or person who does not take life for granted, who moves deep into the
not, whether you look at it or not, it is already there. It is just like of being alive and becomes existential, authentic. Love is for
breathing. When a child is born, he inhales. He breathes in for the that person who accepts death here and now and does not postpone
first time. That is the beginning of life. And when one day, he it. Then between these two, a beautiful phenomenon arises: the river
o becomes old, dies, he will exhale. Death always happens with oflove.*
:::J exhalation and birth with inhalation. But exhalation and inhal­ (!)
o ~ z
z ation are happening continuously. With each inhalation, you are ~
o Death and life are two aspects of the same coin, two LL

z born; with each exhalation, you die. o

:> So the first thing to understand is that death is not somewhere in wheels of the same cart. You become so enchanted with life that you ~

b the future, waiting for you, as it has been always pictured. It is part never see that death is also growing with you. It is a growth; just as C")
I <0
o of life; it is an ongoing process not in the future-- now. Life life will take seventy years to come to its climax, death will also take

<0 and death are two aspects of existence simultaneously happening seventy years to come to its climax. They have been always moving

together. Ordinarily, you have been taught to think to death as being together but in the crescendo of your life, they are not even together-­

against life. Death is not against life- life is not possible without they are one. Those who want to understand life have to

death. Death is the very ground on which life exists. Death and life understand death too. Those who do not understand death can

are like two wings: the bird cannot fly with one wing and the being never understand life either but we have been brought up with such

cannot be without death. So the first thing is a clear understanding a great fear of death. I have seen people closing their doors and

of what we mean by death. bringing their children inside if some funeral procession is going on.

Death is an absolutely necessary process for life to be. It is I have asked, IIWhat are you doing? Let your children know, let them

not the enemy, it is the friend. And it is not there somewhere in the be acquainted that this is the end or perhaps a new beginning.

future, it is here, now. It is not going to happen, it has been always From one side, it is an end; from another side, it is a new

*Ancient Music In The Pines # 8, Q - 2

beginning. Every end is beginning too. And every beginning will Death: A transmi2ration
come to an end.*
Death is certain for everyone. No one is exception therefore it is
necessary to understand the reality oj it. In the light ojOsho's vision, we
can have a new insight to look at it. Here are Osha's views about death
from various angles which can throw more light on this.
Death is the most misunderstood phenomenon. People
have thought of death as the end of life. That is the first, basic
misunderstanding. Death is notthe end butthe beginning of a new
o life. Yes, it is an end of something that is already dead. It is also a
~ crescendo of what we call life, although very few know what life is. <.D
z They live but they live in such ignorance that they never encounter
o u..
z their own life. And it is impossible for these people to know their
:> own death because death is the ultimate experience of this life and ~

b the beginning experience of another. Death is the door between two LO

(j') 0J
o livps; one is left behind, one is waiting ahead.
co There is nothing ugly about death but man, out of his fear,
has made even the word- death- ugly and unutterable. People don't
like to talk about it. They won't even listen to the word- death. The
fear has reasons. The fear arises because it is always somebody else
who dies. You always see death from the outside and death is an
experience of the innermost being. It is just like watching love from
the outside. You may watch for years but you will not come to know
anything of -what love is. You may come to know the manifestations
of love but not love itself. We know the same about death. Just the
manifestations on the surface - the breathing has stopped, the heart

*The Messiah ,Vol. 2 # 18

has stopped, the man as he used to talk and walk is not more there: to sleep, you retire. Life is like the day, death is like the night. Again
just a corpse is lying there, instead of a living body.* you will come; many mornings will come, in different forms, you
~ .. will be here again and again and again until the absolute death
happens. That absolute death is for those who have become
Death is destiny. It has to be so because it is the origin -- you absolute-- without thoughts. It is for those who have known
come from death and you go to death. Life is just a moment between absolutely that death and life are two aspects of the same coin who
two nothingness, just a flight of bird between two states of non­ are now no longer afraid of death- have not even a slight fear and
being. If death is destiny, as it is, then the whole of life becomes a who are now no longer attached to life. So there are two stages of the
preparation, a training for it-- a discipline in how to die rightly and final disappearance. The first one is not to be afraid of death. And
o how to die totally and utterly. The whole of life consists in learning
once you are not afraid of death, the second step is not to have any
::::> how to die. But somehow, a wrong conception about death has deep lustfor life. Then you go beyond. * (!)
oUJ z
z entered humanity, the conception that death is the enemy. This is ~
o ~
o the basis of all wrong conceptions and this is the basis of o
5 humanity going astray from the etemallaw, form Tao. How has Death makes life beautiful because it makes you alert: don't ~
b this happened? It has to be understood. Man has taken death as miss the train, don't miss anything. Enjoy; relish everything possible r--..
8 the enemy of life; as if death is there to destroy life, as if death is to you because tomorrow is death. Death is not your enemy; death is

N against life. If this is the conception then of course you have to fight your greatest friend. Without death, you will be just dead bodies

death and life becomes an effort to survive death. Then you are moving around with no purpose, with no meaning and no

fighting against your own origin, you are fighting against your exit... ........... Death is your great friend, companion which makes

destiny, you are fighting against something which is going to you love intensely. I say to you, never forget death. It is always

happen. The whole fight is absurd because death cannot be there by your side. Before it grips you, do whatsoever you feel like

avoided ............ If consciousness becomes meditative then you dOing. Dance, have a little champagne, love and don't be bothered

accept death then death is nothing apart; it is you. Then you about death because that will be destroying your present. When it
accept death as repose; then you accept death as a final relaxation; comes, if we have lived our life totally and intensely, we will be able

then you accept death as a retirement. You retire. The whole day you to live our death too with the same intensity, with same totality. Yes,

have worked hard; in the evening you come home and then you go in fact, death is only transmigration- changing your house which has

"Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance # 16 *Tao: The Three Treasures Vol. 2 # 1
become dilapidated, is almost in ruins and moving into a new house, ......... Meditation looks like death and the experience is
fresh, just made, made for you. Death is only a change.* exactly the same. But the attitude and the approach is different and
difference is so vast that it can be said that meditation is life and
death is just a dream. *
Death separates you from your body, from your mind,
from all that is not you. But it separates you against your will. You -~
are resisting, you don't want to be separated; you are not willing, you
are not in a state of let - go. Meditation also separates all that is not
you from your being and reality - but the resistance is not there; that
o is the only difference. Instead of resistance, there is tremendous
::::l willingness, a longing, a passionate welcome. You want it; you
oLU <.!>
desire it from the very depth of your heart.
o ~
The experience is the same- the separation between the
5 o
~ false and the real but because of your resistance in death, you ~
~ become unconscious, you fall into a coma. You cling too much in
o death: you don't allow it to happen; you close all the doors, all the

windows. Your lust for life is at the optimum. The very idea of dying
frightens you from the very roots. But death is a natural
phenomenon and absolutely necessary too- it has to happen. If the
leaves don't become yellow and don't fall, the new leaves, the fresh
and young will not come. If new goes on living in the old body, he
will not be moving into a better house- fresher, newer with more
possibilities of a new beginning. Perhaps he may not take the same
route as he has taken in his past life- getting in a desert. He may move
into a new sky of consciousness. Each death is an end and a
beginning............... .

*From False To Truth 4# 28, Q- 6 *The Golden Future # 13 Q -1

Fear of death: Every beginning comes to an end! Everybody is afraid of death. People don't even want to talk about
One thing is seen very common among all ofus- fear ofdeath.
As a matter of fact, this fear is of unknown beyond the death than the
death itself .. Those who have known death from inside, lose all fear of
death. Instead of death being an ugly and fearful thing, it changes
In a society like India - death is not taboo. Indian scrip­
into one of the purest, most silent and most sublime experiences.
tures are full of very detailed descriptions of death. They describe
You experience yourself for the first time without your prison- the
with gusto- how ugly death is. They describe your body in such
z body and experience absolute freedom, unhampered, uncaged.
o ugly, disgusting ways that you will be surprised at these people­
~ This kind of death can be known in many ways. One is the usual
o::::l why are they so intere§ted, so obsessed with all that is disgusting
olJ.J way but then you will not be here to report about it. You are gone. §£
and nauseating - for the simple reason that they want you to become
o ~
so afraid of life so antagonistic to life, negative of life ... they destroy You have experienced but the experience has also gone with you. LJ..
t o
V5 Fortunately, there are other ways in which you can experience ~
your love for life your affirmation of life by talking about death, by «

making death as dark as possible, by depicting death in all the

exactly what death is and yet remain alive. Love is one. In total love, ~

o ugliest colors ............... . when you are not holding anything back, a kind of death happens.
~ ..... Every body is afraid of death for the simple reason that
N You are no more body, you are no more mind you are pure spirit. In

we have not tasted of life yet. The man who knows what life is,
meditation, the same experience happens of bodilessness and
never afraid of death; he welcomes death. Whenever death comes,
yet of absolute consciousness, of absolute aliveness.
he hugs death, he embraces death, he welcomes death, he receives
death as a guest. To the man who has not known what life is, death is That's why lovers never feel afraid of death.**
an enemy and to the man who knows what life is, death is the
ultimate crescendo of life.
But everybody is afraid of death; that too is contagious.
Your parents are afraid of death, your neighbors are afraid of death.
Small children start getting infected by this constant fear all around.

* Walking In Zen Sitting In Zen :/# 12, Q - 7

**Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance :/# 16
comes fear. Each accumulation brings fear in the same proportion....
then you are afraid. Don't accumulate and fear disappears. I don't
teach you renunciation in the old sense; my sannyas is an absolutely
new concept. It teaches you to be in the world and yet to be not of it.
Then you are always ready........ .

The purity of the spirit is the real poverty. And what is

purity? Don't misunderstand me-- purity has nothing to do with
morality. Don't interpret it in a moralistic way. Purity has noth­
z ing to do with puritans. Purity simply means an uncontaminated
~ state of mind, where only your consciousness is and nothing else.
~ 0)
ow Nothing else really enters into your consciousness. There is no way. z
Z ~
o How can you take God into your being? There is no way. Money L.L
oU5 cannot enter into your consciousness. But if you want to possess,

that possessiveness can enter into your consciousness. Then you
b:r: C')

(3 become impure. If you don't want to possess anything, you ('oJ

become fearless. Then even death is a beautiful experience to pass


There are many fears but fundamentally, they are only
offshoots of one fear, branches of one tree. The name of the tree is
death. You may not be aware that this fear is concerned with
death but every fear is concerned with death. Fear is only a
shadow. It may not be apparent if you are afraid of going bankrupt
but you are really afraid of being without money and becoming

*The Art Of Dying # 2 Q - 1

more vulnerable to death. People go on holding money as a
protection although they know perfectly well that there is no way to
protect yourself against death. But still, something has to be done. At
least, it keeps you busy and keeping yourself busy is a kind of
unconsciousness, is a kind of drug.

If death is the basic and the fundamental fear, then

only one thing can make you fearless and that is an experience within
z you of a deathless consciousness, Nothing else! No money, no
~ power, no prestige-nothing can be an insurance against death except
ow oz
a deep meditation which reveals you that your body will die, your
o change. From childhood to don't recognize when ~
mind will die but you are beyond the body- mind structure. Your w..
z o
oen childhood left you and you became young? From youth to old age, I­

essential core, your essential life source has been here before you and ~
(/) things go so gradually that you never recognize at what date, on
b will remain after you. It has changed through many forms; it has

~ what day, in what year - left you. The change is very gradual ~
o evolved through many forms. But it has never disappeared, from the

(J: and slow. Death is a quantum jump form one body, form one form
C\I very beginning- if there has been any beginning. And it will never
into another form. But it is not an end to you. You were never born
disappear to the very end-if there is any end because I don't believe
and you never die.
in any beginning and in any end.
You are always here. Forms come and go and the
Existence is beginning less and endless. It has always been
driver of life continues. Unless you experience this, the fear of
here and you have always been here. Forms may have been different,
death will not leave you. Meditation brings you face to face with
forms have been different even in this life .....
the reality. Once you know on your own what life is, you never
Your form is changing every momeRt. And death is bother about death. *
nothing but a change, a vital change, a little bigger change, a quicker

*The Invitation # 7 Q- 3
Zen attitude: Laughter

A positive attitude towards death can change the whole Four similar things

I gestalt of our conscious. Here is something new for all ofus - a positive
attitude.. ..
Sleep opens a different dimension where identity, ego;
nothing of this world exists. That's why it is so fresh, so refreshing in
Laughter! Yes!! Laughter is the Zen attitude towards death
the morning; you come back to life, a new day starts, a new life.
and towards life too because life and death are not separate.
The fear of death will automatically create a fear of love
Whatsoever is your attitude towards life will be your attitude
because love also is like death - you die in it. That's why people
towards death because death comes as the ultimate flowering of life.
o Life exists for death.· Life exists through death. Without death, there
cannot love. They talk aboutit, they fantasize, they imagine butthey
u never fall in love. Even if they try, they try to manipulate the
5 will be no life at all. Death is not the end but the culmination, the
I.U phenomenon not allowing it because love is so much like death.
Z crescendo. Death is not the enemy, it is the friend. It makes life
o Four things are similar-- death,love, sleep and meditation; (!)
possible. So the Zen attitude about death is exactly the same as is
their qualities are similar. And the basic similarity is that you have to ~
5 the Zen attitude towards life- that of laughter, joy, celebration. And LL
b dissolve and people are afraid of all of them. If you are afraid of
if you can laugh at death- in death, you are free from alL You are
will be afraid of ~
o freedom then. If you cannot laugh at death, you will not be able to
~ laugh in life either. Because death is always coming. Each act in life, '"

each move in life brings death closer. Each moment that you live,
you get closer to death. If you cannot laugh with death, how can
you laugh with life and in life?*

" ... ~

*This Very Body The Buddha # 8 Q- 1

*Returning To The Source # 10

Freedom from fear of death: Enhance yonr awareness effect of retirement before you actually retire. It creates a difference
of 5-6 years. If someone has to die in 70 years, he would die in 65
Understanding of one automatically leads us to the right years. If someone has to die in 80 years, he would die in 75 years and
path. If we could understand the fear of death, freedom from this fear remaining period of retirement of 10-15 years is nothing but a
would automatically follow ... preparation of death. He would not do anything now because once
A man grows older up to the age of 35 years, after that even if it is understood that he is no more needed in life- he is useless now.
age continues to grow, life force goes down. It may be possible that Now that man suddenly feels that he is useless, nobody wants him
you don't feel any need of meditation because man is body­ now. Suddenly there is vulnerability in him; he is open to death
oriented at this age & his body is still growing. It is possible that from all sides ..... .
o diseases only affect the body in this age but after 35 years, these
When human conscious feels healthy? First,when
o disease would take a new direction because life has started moving someone starts feeling of his own inner being. Usually we donlt have (I)
LU z
o towards death now. When you grow up, you expand outwardly & any feeling towards our own being. We have a feeling of our hands, 15
z when you die, you shrink back to your center. o
o(I) our feet, our head, our heart. This is a very dangerous situation. So
5> It is a fact that it is death that is behind all kinds of ~
C/) the primary meaning of meditation is that we should be aware of
b:c diseases, in old age. People usually say that he died of sickness. I 0­
our body and our inner being. If this awareness increases day by day 0­
() N
believe that it would be correct to say that he got sick because of then the fear of death would decrease accordingly.*
N death. Actually, the possibility of death makes you vulnerable to
thousands of diseases. If I believe that I would die then I am
automatically vulnerable to all possible diseases. If a healthy man
realizes the certainty of death then even he would get sick. He would
realise that he is suddenly caught by many diseases. He would
invite many diseases in just 24 hours. What happened to him? He
has become vulnerable to diseases, his resistance has dropped.
Death is certain & his inner wall of conscious is broken
automatically. He is ready to die now, therefore he is easily caught
by the diseases. Thatls why it is important to understand the

*Hansiba Kheliba Dhariba Dhynaru (Translated)

Natural death: You cantt transcend nature!

Preparing for death: Die to your past! Tome natural death has a far deeper meaning. One has to
live a natural life to attain a natural death. Natural death is the
Prepare yourselffor death in advance for it is definitely going to
culmination of a life lived naturally, without any inhibition,
happen one day. It is very easy through Osha's insight ...
without any repression -- just the way the animals live, the birds live,
For death, I don't mean the death that will come the trees live without any split.... a life of let-go, allowing nature to
mean the death that visits you every moment, with each exhalation. flow through you without any obstruction from your side as if you
Accept this death each moment and you will be ready for the are absent and life is moving on its own.
death when it comes. Start dying each moment to the past. Clean
Rather than you living life, life lives you; you are secondary
z yourself of the past each moment. Die to the known so that you <.!)
o then the culmination will be a natural death. According to my z
~ become available to the unknown. ~
() definition, only an awakened man can die a natural death otherwise
w How to prepare yourself for death..... When I say- 'how to all deaths are unnatural because all lives are unnatural. How can you
o prepare for death', I don't mean preparing for the death that will
z arrive at a natural death, living an unnatural life? Death will reflect
o<75 come in the end -- that is far away. If you prepare for it, you will the ultimate culmination, the crescendo of your whole life. In a

be preparing for the future and again the mind come in. No,
condensed form, it is all that you have lived. 50 only very few people
o when I prepare, with dying and being reborn each moment, you in the world have died naturally because only very few people have
o will be able to live life and you will be able to live death also. And lived naturally. Our conditionings don't allow us to be natural.
that's what spirituality is really all about: To live death intensely, to
Our conditionings, from the very beginning, teach us that
live life intensely; to live both so passionately that nothing is left
we have to be something more than nature, that just to be natural is
behind unlived, not even death. If you live life and death totally, you
to be animal; we have to be supernatural. And it seems very logical.
transcend. In that tremendous passion and intensity of life and
All the religions have been teaching this -- that to be man means
death, you transcend duality, you transcended the dichotomy, you
going above nature -- and they have convinced centuries of
come to the One. That One is really the truth. You can call it- God,
humanity to go above nature. Nobody has succeeded in going above
you can call it- life, and can call it- truth, 5amadhi, ecstasy or
nature. All that they have succeeded in is destroying their natural,
whatsoever you choose. *

*The Art Of Dying # 2, Q.-2

Past life : A notion to think
spontaneous beauty, their innocence.
Past life is one ofthe most talked about issues. It is a great science
Man need not transcend nature. *
to know yet there are some very simple tools to go into it. Osha gives brief
!(Uu1.etmes to make us understand the phenomenon and tells us very fine
details about it ....

Jati- smaran means: a method of recalling past lives. It is a

way to remember our previous existences. It is a form of meditation.
It is a specific application of meditation. For example- one might ask,
z "What is river and what is a canal?/I Our answer would be that the
o (I)

u~ canal is a specific application of the river itself -- well planned but z

=> ES
o controlled and systematic. The river is chaotic, unrestrained; it too u...
will reach somewhere but its destination is not certain. The ~
U) destination of the canal is assured. <')
b:::t: Meditation is like a big river - it will reach to the ocean, it
o is sure to reach. Meditation will surely bring you to God. There are
a<') however, other intermediary applications of meditation also. Like
small tributaries-- these can be directed into canals of meditation.
Jati-smaran is one such auxiliary method of meditation. We can
channelize the power of meditation towards our past lives also;
meditation simply means the focusing of attention. There can be
plications where one's attention is focused on a given object and
one such application is Jaati- Smaran- focusing on the dormant
memories of past lives ........... .

The first thing is that if the purpose of jaati-smaran is simply

* Beyond Psychology # 11, Q. -1

to know one's past life then one needs to turn one's mind away from of the return journey, only then is it possible to move into one's
the future. Our mind is future-oriented not past-oriented. life as well.*
Ordinarily, our mind is centered in the future; it moves towards the
future .. The stream of our thoughts is future-oriented and it is in life's
interest that the mind be future-oriented not past-oriented. Why be
So the first thing, one need to do is to break oneself
concerned with the past? It is gone, it is finished -- so we are
completely away from the future for a few months, for a certain
interested in that which is about to come. That's why we keep asking
specific period of time. One should decide that he will not think of
astrologers what is in store for us in the future. We are interested in
the future for the next six months. If a thought of the future does
z finding out what is going to happen in the future. who wants to
o occur, he will simply salute it and let it go; he will not become
~ remember the past, has to give up absolutely, interest in the
:::J identified with it and carried away by any feeling of future. So the (!)
o future. Because once the flashlight of the mind is on the z
Z first thing is that, for six months, he will allow that there is no future 1§
o future; once the stream of thoughts has begun to move towards the u..
z and will flow towards the past. And so, as soon as future is dropped, o
oU5 future then it cannot be turned back towards the past. Buddha has I­

5> the current of thoughts turns towards the past... .... «

called this II Alaya-Vigyaan". There exists a corner in our minds
b L{)

I which has named Alaya-Vigyan. Alaya-Vigyan means the ....... When one succeeds in recalling past lives and they a
o storehouse of consciousness ...... . begin to appear like dreams, immediately one's present life begins to
look like a dream too. Those who have called this world maya have
'" ...... One who can remember to the age of five, can go beyond
not done so just to propound a doctrine of philosophy. Jati-smaran­
that age it is not very difficult. The nature of the experiment will
recalling past lives -- is at the base of it. Whosoever has remembered
be the same. Beyond the age of five, there is yet another door which
his past lives, for him the whole affair has suddenly turned into a
will lead you to the point of your birth when you appeared on earth.
dream, an illusion. Where are his friends of past lives? Where are his
Then one comes across another difficulty because the memories of
relatives, his wife and children, the houses he lived in? Where is that
one's stay in the mother's womb never disappear either. One can
world? Where is everything he took to be so real? Where are those
penetrate these memories too, reaching to the point of conception, to
worries that gave him sleepless nights? Where are those pains and
the moment when the genes of the mother and father unite ..... A
sufferings that seemed so insurmountable, that he carried like a
man can enter into his past lives only after having reached this
dead weight on his back? And what became of the happiness he
he cannot move into them One has to undertake this

* And now And here, # 2, Q.-2

longed for? What happened to everything he so toiled and suffered
for? If you ever remember your past life and if you lived for seventy
years then whatever you might have seen in those seventy years,
would that look like a dream or a reality? Indeed, it would look like a
dream which had come and withered away. *


Only pure in heart can go in ...


Q Those who are pure in heart and single in purpose............ .

:::::l People who live in their heads will find it very difficult to move into
Z the past because the head is always in the future. Head is really a
mechanism to plan for the future. It always moves ahead of you. It is
5 like radar ............. Mind is radar; your head is radar system. It goes on

o:c grouping in the future; it goes on planning for the future. It is never
o here, in the present. And with the past, it has nothing to do; it has
already disappeared .......... .
If you become more and more full of feeling, full of heart,
you will become capable of knowing of entering into that great
story of your past lives. It is not only YOUR biography; it is the
biography of the whole universe. Because sometimes you are
carrying alHhose memories of being a tree ........ .
People who are more heart-oriented are single of purpose.
They are not crooked, they are not cunning. The head is very
cunning. **

"'~d:Now And Here # 2,Q.-2

"'Discipline Of Transcendence Vol. 2 # 3
*The Great Pilgrimage: From Here To Here # 28, Ql
Bardo: Preparing for journey ahead
Meditation: Going into eternity
A very simple but strong method to enter into death consciously is
To me, the first principle of life is MEDITATION.
known as Bardo. Osha explains its importance at the time of death ....
Everything else comes second. As you grow older, it means you are
coming closer to death and it becomes more and more difficult to go Bardo is a simple method but with great significance. Only

into meditation. Meditation means going into you immortality, people who have meditated a little bit in their lives can be benefited

going into your eternity, going into your godliness ......... . by it and Tibet was one of the countries where almost everybody was

Once again be simple, once again be a child. And this devoting some time to meditation just to be alone, silent, not doing

miracle is possible by meditation. Meditation is simply a strange anything, just witnessing. If such a person does not achieve
o enlightenment in his life and death intervenes then bardo is used.
~ surgical method which cuts you away from all that is not yours and
o <.!)
o saves only that which is your authentic being. It burns everything Such a man has achieved a certain opening of the door. He has not z
else and leaves you standing naked, alone under the sun in the wind. entered in but he has at least tried; he has knocked on the door. He fS
o LL
5 has certain receptivity and at the time of death, he is absolutely
It is as if you are the first man who has descended into earth--who
5 knows nothing, who has to discover everything, who has to be a willing to go into a state of meditation. Now there is nothing to be

::r: afraid of. Death has already come; he can risk everything. And bardo g;
seeker, who has to go on a pilgrimage .......
o Meditation will bring you sensitivity, a great sense of is a certain soft method of hypnosis ....just the way I am using it.
o Listening to me you become quiet, silent.
C0 belonging to the world. It is our world- the stars are ours and we are
not foreigners here. We belong intrinsically to existence. We are part The Bardo is suggestions to the dying person:
of it, we are heart of it. Secondly, meditation will bring you a great "Now be silent. Leave this life consciously rather than death taking it
silence-- because all rubbish knowledge is gone. Thoughts that are away from you, relax your hoid; don't be defeated by death, don't
part of the knowledge are gone too ..... An immense silence and you struggle. Just drop all your attachment. This world is finished for
are surprised: This silence is the only music there.* you and this life is finished for you. There is no point in holding on to
it; you will be fighting with death. You can't win and a very
significant possibility will be missed." *


*Beyond Enlightenment # 28 Q-1 *The path of the Mystic # 7, Q-1

Celebrating death: In every move

One greatest contributions of Osha to world is-­

celebration. Celebration in every move oflife and even at the end
too i.e. the celebration ofdeath. Celebrating death is a rare phenomenon
but of great importance-

I have heard about three monks. No name is mentioned

because they never told their names to anybody, they never
answered anything. So in China they are only known simply as 'The
three laughing monks'. They did only one thing: they would enter a
village, stand in the market place and start laughing. Suddenly z
people would become aware and they would laugh with their whole LL
being then others would also get the infection and then a crowd
would gather and just looking at them the whole crowd would start
laughing. What is happening? Then the whole town would get C")

involved and they would move to another town. They were loved
very much. That was there only sermon, the only message-- that
laugh. And they would not teach, they would simply create the

Then it happened that they became famous all over the

country- 'the three laughing monks'. The whole of China loved
them, respected them. Nobody had preached that way- that life must
be just laughter and nothing else. And they were not laughing at
anybody in particular but simply laughing as if they had understood
the cosmic joke. They spread so much joy all over China without

* The Razor's Edge # 3, Q-l

**God Is Nowhere Life Is Now Here # 2, Q-3
using a single word. People would ask their names but they would can accumulate near me, can even come to me. I have not gathered

simply laugh so that became their name- The Three Laughing any dust; laughter is always young and fresh. So don't give me a bath

Monks'. and don't change my clothes."

Then they became old and in one village, one of the three So, just to pay him respect, they had not changed his clothes.

monks died. The whole village was very expectant, very filled with And when the body was put on the fire, suddenly they became

expectations because now, at least, when one of them had died, they aware that he had hidden many things under his clothes and those

must weep. This would be something worth seeing because no one things started ... Chinese fireworks!! So the whole village laughed

would even conceive of these people weeping. The whole village and those two said, "You rascal! You have died but again you have
z gathered. The two monks were standing by the side of the corpse of defeated us. Your laughter is the best!" There is a cosmic laughter
~ the third and laughing, such a belly laugh. So the villagers asked, when the whole joke of this cosmos is understood. That is the
~ " At least, explain this!" highest!! Only a Buddha can laugh like that. These three monks must
o have been three Buddhas. * o
z So for the first time they spoke and they said, "We are
oU5 ~
:> laughing because this man has won. We were always wondering
::c who would die first and this man has defeated us. We are laughing at ('I')

(3 our defeat, at his victory. And then, he lived with us for many years

and we laughed together and we enjoyed each other's togetherness,
presence. There can be no other way of giving him the last send-off.
We can only laugh." The whole village was sad but when the dead
monk's body was put on the funeral pyre then the village realized
that not only these two were joking- the third who was dead, was
also laughing. Because the third man who was dead had told his
companions, "Don't change my It was conventional that
when a man died, they changed the dress and a bath to the
body, so he had said, "Don't me a bath because I have never
been unclean. So much laughter has been in my life that no impurity

* Meditation: The First And Last Freedom

more attention to exhalation. The whole day you will feel relaxed
Meditation: You have to die!
and inner silence will be created.

Remember- whether you are afraid of death or not, death Step 2

is the only certainty. In life, nothing is certain except death.
You can deepen this feeling more if you do another experiment. Just
Everything is uncertain; only death is a certainty. All else is
exhale deeply for 15 minutes a day. Sit in a chair or on the ground,
accidental- it can happen, it may not happen- only death is not
exhale deeply and while exhaling; close the eyes. When the air goes
accidental. And look at the human mind; we always talk about death
out, you go in. And then allow the body to inhale and when the air
as if it is an accident. Whenever someone dies, we say his death was
goes in, open the eye and you go out. It is just the opposite: when the
z untimely. Whenever someone dies, we start as if it has been an
o air goes out, you go in; when the air goes in, you go out. Before doing
!;( accident. Only death is not an acddent- only death. Every thing
o the following teclmique, do this experiment for 15 minutes so that l')
w else is accidental. Death is absolutely certain. You have to die. z
you are ready- not only ready but welcoming, receptive. The fear of ~
z Step 1 death is not there because now death appears like relaxation; death
o I-

~ appears like a deep rest. ~

Try one experiment. The whole day, whenever you remember,
o::r: exhale deeply and don't inhale. Allow the body to inhale; Step 3

(5 C")

exhale deeply. You will feel a deep peace because death is peace, down. First conceive of yourself as dead; the body is just like a
C") death is silence. And if you can pay attention, more attention to corpse. Lie down and then bring your attention to the toes. With
exhalation, you will feel egoless. This emphasis on exhalation closed eyes, move inward. Bring your attention to the toes and feel
will help you very much to do this experiment because you will that the fire is rising from there, upward; everything is being burned.
be ready to die. A readiness is needed; otherwise the technique As the fire rises, your body is disappearing. Start from the toes and
will not be of much help. And you can be ready only if you have move upwards. Why start from the toes? It will be easier because the
tasted death in a certain way. Exhale deeply and you will have a toes are very far away from your'!', Your ego exists in
taste of it. It is beautifuL. .. ~ the head. Start the fire from there. that the toes are burned;
ashes remain and then move slow ly, burning everything that the fire
....And if you want to enter this technique, you must be aware of
comes across. Every part- the the thighs will disappear. Go on
this deep fear of death. And this deep fear must be thrown away,
upward and lastly the head disappears. You will remain just a
purged only then can you enter the teclmique. This will help: pay
watcher on the hill. The body will be there- dead, burned ashes and Osho No- School. School
you will be the witness. This witness has no ego. technique
take at least three months. Go on doing it. It is not going to happen in Osho says, "I have been a great dreamer and I havefulfilled many
one day but if you go on doing it for one hour everyday, within 3 dreams. Now. I leave you my dream."
months, one day suddenly your imagination will helped and the One ofsuch dream is ofNo- School School. Osho had started this
gap will be created and you will actually see the body gone to school long before, in a ranted building, quite close to his own ashram in
ashes then you can watch.* Pune and named it-- Rajneesh No- School School. Then he appointed Ma
Prarthna as director there. Later on, Osho gave an interview to Ma
z Prarthna in 1977, which was published a year later in "Sanayas" magazine
~ (Just Don't Do Something, Sit There). In this interview he detailed every
o aspect, every point about this school and has said, "Just go through all that I
z have about education. Many more things will emerge from in
future. "
These words kept burning inside me like embers. Then, I
researched extensively for two years (1979-80) and prepared a document
which was to be usedfor child education institution based on Osho s vision,

in nearfu ture. It covered every fine detail over the subject. Syllabus, method
of teaching, management, examination system, hostel, teachers and allfine
details have been covered in it. It is a complete document but very much
focused and concentrated. Each sentence of it will become a topic of
research in future.
And on this foundation, I prepared syllabus for five subjects for
this institution which is based on Osha's vision and guided by him
completely; I prepared teachers manual which would become a guideline for
No-Teacher Teacher in future and I prepared complete papers on
management of this institution.
About Osho
And then, 5-6 years ago, few Osha disciples & lovers cameforward
to materialise this project & with the help of them I started this child
Osho is a modern day Buddha whose wisdom, clarity and
education institution, in the beautiful valley ofVikasnagar, Dehradoon.
humor have touched the lives of millions of people around the
First phase of this school is complete but due to my illness and other
world. He is creating the conditions for the emergence of what he
circumstances, the pace ofwork is slow. But I believe that it is the dream
calls the "New Man." A completely new kind of human who is
of our master hence it is for sure that some day, this challenge will take a
aware, life- affirmative and free. According to Osho, the spiritual
definite shape. Itis in our hearts and it has to come to the ground ...
traditions of the past have made a deep split within the individual,
Swami Anand Vairagya
reflected in all the institutions of the society. His way is to heal this
split, to restore the unity of body and spirit, earth and sky. After his
enlightenment in 1953, the evolution of this new man became his
dream. In 1966, Osho left the academic world and his post as a
co ..
C'I') philosophy professor at the University of Jabalpur and began ()..

YAMUNA VALLEY (HATHIYARI) touring India extensively and speaking to many hundreds of

thousands of people. At the same time, Osho was developing

practical tools for man's self transformation.
By the late 1960's, Osho had begun to create his unique
Dynamic Meditation techniques. He says that modern man is so
burdened with the traditions from the past and the anxieties of
modern day living that he must go through a deep- cleansing
process before he can begin to discover the thought free, relaxed
state of meditation.
By 1974, a commune had been established around Osho in
Pune, India and the trickle of visitors from the west had become a
flood. Today, his commune is the greatest spiritual growth center in
the world. Each year it attracts thousands of International visitors to

1. Swami Satyarth Bharti (Madhubani) 9835048017

2. Swami Bodhi Ajit (Varanasi) 9839040207
3. Swami Harishchand Bharti (Baroni) 9939988166
4. Swami Gyanteerth Bharti (Mujaffarpur) 9431092582
5. Swami Antar Jagdish (Ghaziabad) 9868359803
6. Swami Govind Chaitanyo (Ghaziabad) 9313188671
7. Swami Anand Pawan (Gwalior) 9329550329
8. Swami Jeevan Anand (Indore) 9425317196
and death, to the struggles of power and politics, 9. Swami Gyan Anugrah (Chindwara) 9827449131
from the challenges of love and creativity, to the significance of 10. Swami Dev Anam (Ranchi) 0651-2241490
~ I.
science and education. These talks, given over 30 years, have been
recorded in audio and video tape and published in hundreds of (V')

books in every major language of the world. He belongs to no

traditions and liMy message is not a doctrine, not a philosophy.
My message is a certain alchemy, a science of transformation."
Osho left his body in 1990 as a result of poisoning by US government
agents while being held in custody for technical immigration
violations in 1985. He asks always to be referred to in the PRESENT
TENSE. The words on his Samadhi, which Osho himself dictated,

Never Born Never Died

Only visited this

Planet Earth between

Pyramid (Meditation Hall) of Osho No-School SChool

December 11-1931- January 19-1990


'district, he
his college
Bihar. On 7th
Oct. 1973, he was
OSHO CIRCLE FOUNDATION initiated by Osho in a meditation camp
conducted by Osho himself at Mount
Osho Circle Foundation is a registered trust which, Abu, Rajasthan.
with the help of Osho Mandakini Ashram (Varanasi),
is committed to take Osho's message to the masses. Since then, Osho sent him to various
Long ago, Swami Anand Vairagya had initiated this places to conduct three days meditation
movement to explore different dimensions of Osho's camps. in 1980 Swamiji conducted a
work. After his demise, this same work is continued kirtan mandali tour continuously for 3
in the efficient hands of Ma Dhyan Abha (President­ months. He conducted hundreds of 3
Osho Circle Foundation) through the trust with the days meditation camps during this
help of same group of people, in more refined & time.
organised way. After 1995, he started conducting 5
and 10 days deep silence. meditation
Osho no-school school, child··education, Meditation
sessions throughout India,especiallv
camps, Deep silence meditation sessions, different
Himalayas. Besides. he
types of meditational workshops, Art & culture,
days specific meditatiP!1!:;ciinP${;like
Bhajan-Kirtan & devotional music, Gurdjieff's sufi Osho Bhakti Shivir,· (
dances, Osho's literature & lectures, Books, Hasaya Shivir,
magazines & tabloids etc. are all those means with Shivir, Jin-Shawma
the help of which, this trust is trying hard to spread Shadhana Shivir.
Osho's message to the common people, on a wider took several
scale. Friends & wellwishers are always welcome to
join in ...

Regd. off. :
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