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2 Clark Road, Wellesley, MA 02481
781-237-3630 (H) 617-620-0281 (M) (P)

Education: B.S. Business/Marketing with Honors, Indiana University, 1980

Grey Shingle Partners 2010-Present
Co-Founder, President & CEO
All Mighty Productions / Beantown Toys - CEO
Animax Entertainment 2009-2010
Board of Directors of AGL (Eastern European Investment Firm)
Prodigious Worldwide (Publicis Subsidiary) 2006-2008
Invoke Solutions, Inc. 2003-2006
Chairman, President and CEO
Creditek, LLC 2002-2003
Chairman, President and CEO
Epsilon 2000-2002
President and CEO
Logica, Inc. 1997-1999
President and CEO
AT&T Solutions 1995-1997
Managing Partner
SHL Systemhouse 1992-1995
Vice President, General Manager
McKinsey & Company 1990-1992
The Information Consulting Group 1989-1990
Managing Director
Andersen Consulting 1980-1989
Senior Manager
Animax Entertainment
Animax Entertainment is an Emmy*winning, multi*platform, production company and
creative agency. Our mission is to unite brands with consumers through digital e
ntertainment as well as create original live-action or animated content for a br
oadcast audience. From strategy to creative and technical production to marketin
g and media planning, Animax offers clients full*service capabilities and develo
ps original content for broadcast, broadband and mobile. We create virtual world
s, interactive Web sites, online games, animated content, and branded entertainm
ent for entertainment studios, toy companies, and leading brands. Our clients in
clude: Disney, Sesame, Nickelodeon, Spin Master, Hallmark, AOL, Fox, WWE, Warner
Bros., Ty, ESPN, Starlight, and ABC Family. Founded in 2001, Animax has approxi
mately 50 full*time employees and is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices
in Boston and Toronto. Animax has recently been named to the Inc 500 Fastest Gro
wing companies list for 2008.
Corey Torrence was named CEO in January, 2009. He is responsible for improving
performance of the organization by creating a more focused strategy, improving f
inancial controls and raising necessary capital to support the growth of the com
pany. Corey has restructured the business into four market facing units: Brand
ed Entertainment, Original Content, Agency Services and Virtual Worlds. He has
put in place an organization and necessary talent that supports scalability and
provides for accountability. In addition, when Mr. Torrence arrived in January,
2009 the company had a significant concentration of revenue in one or two virtu
al world clients and was almost exclusively serving Los Angeles based businesses
. The company has now made great strides in creating a more diverse client port
folio across the 4 lines of businesses. In addition, the companies served by An
imax are no longer exclusively west coast based but are represented nationally a
nd soon Animax will be supporting clients globally.
Prodigious Worldwide (A Digitas/Publicis Company dedicated to digital production
and Technology Innovation)
Prodigious Worldwide is a Digitas/Publicis Company dedicated to digital producti
on and digital innovation. Simply put, Prodigious helps clients get the greatest
impact and value out of marketing technology and the Internet from anywhere in
the world to help clients grow revenue, grow market share, reduce cost and bring
their brands to life. Prodigious measures success by delivering innovative and
highly efficient solutions to their clients. The goal is to find creative ways t
o enable digital marketing and work effectively with agencies and global organiz
ations to reduce cost, increase responsiveness, and improve the acquisition, cro
ss-sell, and retention of customers. Prodigious engages with clients in a manner
that suits them and provides a level of service, expertise, and scale not found
anywhere in the world.
Mr. Torrence initially joined Digitas, reporting to Chairman and CEO David Kenny
, and was given responsibility for helping to close a large digital production c
ontract with General Motors. Concurrent with achieving this key objective Mr. To
rrence established his leadership team and began the task of developing the stra
tegy for leveraging the framework and value proposition of the GM contract into
the foundation of a scalable and global digital production business.
The strategy, operation and organization of the digital production business was
put in place and upon closure of the acquisition of Digitas by Publicis in Janua
ry of 2007 the business unit was officially launched as a legal entity named Pro
digious Worldwide. Since the model that was put in place for Digitas was designe
d to scale globally, pre-acquisition, no additional structural changes were nece
ssary due to the merger with Publicis. Mr. Torrence was then asked to include t
he Publicis agencies (e.g. Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Arc Worldwide, Droga 5, etc.)
in the portfolio of clients to be served.
Mr. Torrence took responsibility for assisting in the acquisition and integratio
n of 3 companies: CCG in China, Solutions in India and Business Interactif in Pa
ris. In addition, he established strategic partnerships with over 5 additional
organizations to provide capacity, capability and coverage that proved to be cri
tical for Prodigious to be able to service the needs of its growing global clien
t base. Prodigious now has strategic geographic HUBs located in China, India an
d the Ukraine.
While Digitas existing agencies (Digitas, Digitas Health and Modem Media) will c
ontinue to operate as digital creative agencies, digital production work will be
"split off" and directed to Prodigious, said Torrence. He said Prodigious has a
leadership team of full-time employees, both onshore and offshore in addition t
o over 1,000 others working in the Ukraine, Costa Rica, India and China. The te
am has put an enormous amount of time and focus on building an effective onshore
/offshore model to gain the best of both worlds, added Torrence.
France-based Publicis purchased Digitas, of Boston, in an all-cash deal worth $1
.3 billion, taking ownership of one of the few remaining large-scale standalone
digital agencies. Digitas brought to Publicis a deep Fortune 500 client base and
relationships with major Web platforms such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Fox Interact
ive Media and AOL. Shared clients include Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Hewlett Pa
ckard, General Motors and AstraZeneca.
Over the past year Prodigious has also integrated 3 digital production/agency ac
quisitions and established over 10 partnerships with premier technology firms in
both products and services all over the world.

Invoke Solutions, Inc.

Invoke is a technology company offering the first real-time researching platform
to Global 2000 customers that enables instant business insights and confident d
ecision making through live internet sessions.
Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
Corey joined Invoke in November 2003 and set the company on a 3-phased path to r
epositioning and growth. In Phase 1, he focused the company on stabilizing the
product and worked with the inside investors to raise a necessary round of fundi
ng to shore up the balance sheet. Phase 2 was focused on building an executive
team and putting in place processes to enable Invoke to scale. Critical to the
strategy for growth was positioning the platform to clients, partners and vertic
al markets for broader use beyond market research e.g. HR. 2004 also saw the la
unch of an indirect sales strategy through market leading research organizations
such as Millward Brown and C&R Research. Phase 3 is now underway and will resul
t in a new self-service product (Ping) that will be available 7x24 to customers
globally in early 2006.
The Company achieved 70% revenue growth in 2004 over 2003 while increasing gross
margins over 165%. The Company plans to double revenue 2006 over 2005 and achi
eve cash flow breakeven by Q2 2007. His efforts have positioned the company for
success. He has raised a total of over $20M of capital for the business and set
the strategy for an eventual liquidity event.
Creditek, LLC
Creditek is the leading provider of Revenue Cycle Outsourcing services for Fortu
ne 100 companies in North America. Creditek aggressively focuses on revenue cyc
le processes and partners with companies to deploy the right corporate financial
strategy to reduce net operating costs, compress the revenue cycle, deliver add
itional profit, and improve customer satisfaction. Creditek currently employs o
ver 600 associates and has a presence in 10 locations in the U.S. and Canada.
Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
Corey joined Creditek in January of 2002 to build an executive team and a strate
gy to scale the business both domestically and globally. Efforts have focused o
n aligning the core business on value producing activities and shedding those pa
rts of the business that either are not valued by clients or do not have a long
term fit with the Creditek Revenue Cycle Outsourcing strategy. To date the team
has been put in place, the Board has approved the strategy and much of the busi
ness consolidation of multiple locations is well under way.
Epsilon is a marketing and billing solutions provider specializing in the strate
gic development, deployment and management of online and offline solutions. Eps
ilon was sold in 2001 and is now a subsidiary of Relizon, a portfolio company of
private equity firm, the Carlyle Group.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Epsilon underwent a significant turnaround during 2000 and the beginning of 2001
from a loss of over $3M to a profit of $11.5M. Corey reorganized the business
and aligned the Company resources to better serve the over 100 clients across th
e United States and Canada. The revenue grew from $94M to over $125M in 2 years
with customer employee satisfaction ratings improving across the board. In the
fall of 2001, the Epsilon investor group comprised of Bain Capital, Greylock Pa
rtners and the Mohr Group sold Epsilon to Relizon for $189M.

Logica, North America (subsidiary of Logica PLC) Lexington, MA

Logica NA was a consulting and systems integration company with 600 employees in
11 locations including offices in NY, NY; Edison, NJ; Atlanta, GA; Fort Lauderd
ale, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; St. Louis, MO; Dearborn, MI; Denver, CO; San Francisco,
CA; Williamsburg, VA; and Houston, TX.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Also functioned as the Chairman of the Global Consulting Board and was a member
of the Executive Committee of the parent company, Logica PLC.
1997/1998 revenues from North American operations grew 39% with continued improv
ement in margins to 7.8% (up from 6%) while operating profits grew 59%. In the
previous year, the business had focused tightly around markets where leverage ex
isted through key international lines of business and selected industry sector c
lients. The benefits of this strategy came through in 1997/1998 with excellent
grown achieved in telecommunications and in energy and utilities. Logica North
America benefited both from clients preparing for a more competitive market, ex
emplified by Logicas largest ever U.S. contract ($18M from Virginia Power) and f
rom the start of liberalized domestic access in New England.
Strengthened management at all levels
Grew business from $55M in 1997 to $82M from organic growth in 1998
65% of revenue derives from systems integration, 25% from software products and
10% from consulting. Has driven Executive Vice Presidents and lines of busines
s to develop Provocative Points of View (PPVs) to lead to a differentiated, robu
st and competitive set of offerings within each business area.
Acquired NASDAQ-listed, Carnegie Group, a provider of solutions in the area of
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and decision support systems. Carnegie a
dded necessary depth and critical mass in this explosive area of focus and addit
ional offerings for Logicas rapidly growing Telecommunications business.
Managed 600+-person organization through direct reports including Executive Vice
Presidents of Energy & Utilities, Financial Services and Telecommunications, CF
O, VP of Human Resources, VP of Commercial, and EVP for Client Services. Report
ed to Chief Executive of Logica PLC in London, England.

AT&T Solutions, Washington D.C.

Managing Partner
Corey Torrence joined AT&T Solutions in 1995 as a Managing Partner in the Manage
ment Consulting Division responsible for service to clients in the Transportatio
n and Hospitality market sectors. He eventually was asked to increase his manag
ement responsibility to include the retail and manufacturing sectors and renamed
/focused the division on supply chain management.
Working closely with the network division of AT&T the consulting team was able t
o defend numerous key client relationships by offering high-impact business serv
ices to senior executives and thereby re-establish credibility for AT&T.

SHL Systemhouse, Reston, VA

Vice President and General Manager
Served as senior executive responsible for the U.S. Atlantic Region of SHL Syste
mhouse. The U.S. Atlantic Region had gross revenues of $60M+ and spanned the ea
stern territory from Maine to Miami. The region experienced explosive growth an
d a significant turnaround of focus and results during the 3.5 years of his lead
ership. Within that timeframe, the U.S. Atlantic management team orchestrated t
he acquisition of three systems integration firms, assimilated four regions and
specialty units into the business unit, opened three new geographic offices, and
established internal practices to fuel organic growth. In addition, the unit c
ompletely re-engineered the operational processes used to manage the business as
well as the scope of services offered to clients. In a corporate capacity he l
ed the negotiations and valuation teams for the sale of SHL to BCE, a deal with
financials based on a $4B outsourcing contract. The deal was not consummated bu
t the fundamentals were later applied in the eventual sale of SHL to MCI.
McKinsey & Company, Dallas, TX
Corey Torrence had leadership responsibility for the IT/S practice covering the
Southwest and Mexico. His experiences covered multiple industries including ener
gy, transportation, information technology, and manufacturing logistics. Specif
ic engagements included:
Supported senior management of a North American hotel chain in identifying oppo
rtunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its IT/S investments.
Recommendations covered near and long-term organizational skills and structure,
opportunities to refocus IT/S capital investment toward higher value business fu
nctions, major cost reduction through change of technical infrastructure, and ev
aluation of commercial integrators to facilitate change.
Led and effort in evaluation opportunities to improve IT/S cost-effectiveness f
or a major oil producing and exploration company. Helped company identify the d
rivers of costs, proposed approaches for predicting IT/S needs and usage and rec
ommended action steps for deriving great value from IT/S.
For a major petroleum Services Company, led an effort to develop an IT/S strate
gy for 14 front-line empowering systems, developed two key prototypes, defined a
n outsourcing strategy, and assessed/selected a third-party provider.
For the board of a leading transportation company, led an effort to challenge t
he business justification and technical architecture of a proposed $300M investm
ent in a sophisticated networking tracking and control system.
Reviewed the role and cost effectiveness of the finance and accounting function
s of a major global technology provider relative to best practices in the U.S. M
anaged the effort to perform business process reengineering as a means to dramat
ically improve both the quality and cost effectiveness of the services provided.
The Information Consulting Group, Washington D.C.
Managing Director
Mr. Torrence was one of the founders of this start-up technology services compan
For a major U.S. airline, helped senior client managers identify and prioritize
requirements for the design and implementation of an integrated multi-year, mul
ti-million dollar Passenger Revenue Accounting and Marketing Information System.
Andersen Consulting
Senior Manager
Mr. Torrence helped establish a nationwide Federal Systems Integration Practice
including administration, marketing, strategic alliances, project management, co
ntracting and pricing, and standards.
Early in his career with Andersen he was the Chicago Office Technology Coordinat
or for Artificial Intelligence and served on a Technology Futures committee that
assessed the market (vendors and products) and strategic opportunities to integ
rate advanced products, techniques, and methodologies into client solutions.

B.S., Business/Marketing with Honors, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1980
Former Columnist, Solutions Integrator
Former Member New England Chapter of YPO
Married to Mary Cunningham Torrence
Four children:
Sarah (age 19)
Allie (age 14)
Jack and Will (ages 8)
Former Lay Eucharist Minister at the Church of the Redeemer, Chestnut Hill, MA
Former Chair of the Building Committee at the Church of the Redeemer, Chestnut H
ill, MA
Former Member of Board of Trustees for Chestnut Hill School
2000-2001 Top New Fundraiser for Mass Chapter of Special Olympics
Completed the 2006 Boston Marathon and raised $22,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer
Sporadic golfer, enjoys tennis, baseball and messing around with my family