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ADMIRAL RICHARD E. BYRD knowledgeable fashion.

To emphasize
AND THE HOLLOW EARTH the degree of dedication to which I
THEORY: PART ONE performed this research, allow me to
inform you that at one point, I had
ory1.pdf collected over one thousand and three
Last Updated: 6/7/98 hundred files related to these different
areas of thought. These files included
My Personal Research: Powerful
hundreds and hundreds of reports,
Deception, Underground Bases And
personal testimonies, book extracts,
Civilizations, Hollow Earth Theory,
commentaries, and some of the best
The Diary Of Admiral Richard E.
UFO photographs available via the
Byrd, Defining The Geographic And
Internet. I spent a great deal of money
Magnetic Poles, Polar Explorers And
and time to collect this information;
Olaf Jansen, The Nazis, McMurdo
and I read every single bit of it; a
Station And The South Pole, Wooly
project which took me literally months
Mammoths, The Subterranean
and months to complete.
Tunnel System, Mount Shasta, San
Andreas Fault And The Judgment Of
What I quickly discovered during this
California, The Martian Ice Caps,
time is that there is a worldwide body
Planetary Polar Flashes, The Aurora
of people who have invested a great
Borealis, Aurora Australis And The
deal of time, energy, money and
thought in their attempts to sort fact
from fiction.
During the course of a two year period
which extended from about early 1995
Please note that I am not just referring
to the Spring of 1997, I undertook a
to the common imaginative kooks who
serious study of some of the more
obviously have something loose
questionable ideas and theories which
rattling around in their brains; but I
have become quite prominent in
am referring to serious study groups
Western society since the early part of
which are organized and staffed by
this century.
people with very professional
backgrounds. The purpose of these
Labeled as 'fringe ideas' by most level-
organizations is to gather and
headed people, this study included an
carefully analyze as much information
in-depth look into such areas as the
as is humanly possible. Some of these
Alien/UFO phenomenon, government
people work on very limited budgets.
conspiracy theories, New Age thought
and other related topics. In
Even as a Christian, I must candidly
undertaking this study, like most
admit that a lot of the information I
people, I was partially motivated by
came across is very interesting; some
my own curiosity, as well as by a
of it even to the point of being quite
personal desire to expand my
fascinating. Despite my long
understanding of such matters so that
background in the study of the Bible,
I could write about them in a more
and my attempts to maintain a healthy the Mothmen, the Greys, the
degree of skepticism, at times, I too Reptilians, the Nordics, etc.
found myself being drawn into the
web of delusion which has overcome Being as plenty of information, as well
some of those people who are not as dis-information, has already been
familiar with God's Word and the written on these various subjects, I
warnings that it offers. I imagine that will only be discussing a few of these
it is only the Lord's mercy that I too later on in this article. What I wish to
was not completely deluded as some of address at this current time is one
these others have been. The reason I central theme which encompasses all
am sharing this with you is to of these different topics; that is, the
emphasize the powerfully deceptive Hollow Earth Theory.
nature of some of this material. I
expound more fully upon this topic in According to the proponents of this
other of my alien/UFO and New Age theory, contrary to what is stated in
related articles; as well as in some of modern science books, the Earth is not
my Endtime articles. I trust that you a solid sphere with a molten or semi-
will take the time to read them. molten iron core; but rather it is more
akin to a hard-boiled egg in which
One particular topic which is well most of the white, or the albumen, has
established within these circles of been removed, leaving the yolk
thought, is that of the idea of the floating in the middle of the egg with
existence of underground civilizations an empty space existing between it,
and secret bases operated either by that is, the yolk, and the remaining
advanced alien civilizations, by the albumen, which itself is protected by
descendants of Nazi Germany, by U.S. the hard outer shell.
Government shadow organizations, or
by ancient human or semi-human To put this in more geological terms,
civilizations which fled underground a the adherents of the Hollow Earth
very long time ago. In some cases, it is Theory state that this 'yolk' is in
claimed that these underground bases actuality a nuclear mini-sun which
and cities are joint human-alien provides both light and life to this
endeavors. purported inner world. In other
words, the Earth is actually a hollow
In studying this phenomenon, one sphere with a mantle much less thick
comes across such topics as Mount than what we have been taught, and
Shasta and Telos, Shamballah and without an outer or inner core.
Agharta, Death Valley and the
Panamint Mountains, Dulce, New The inner surface of this mantle is
Mexico, Tibet, the Gobi Desert, Iron actually the ground of the Inner Earth.
Mountain, Alice Springs, the Shaver It is claimed that the reason that the
Mysteries, the Teros and the Deros, mini-sun does not crash into the inner
the Atlanteans and the Lemurians, surface of the Earth during its
revolution around the Sun, is due to of Missouri, U.S.A., in early 1947,
the energy released by this mini-sun famous American aviator Admiral
acting as a repulsive force which keeps Richard E. Byrd was sent on an Arctic
this mini-sun equidistant from all expedition by the United States
surfaces of the Inner Earth; a theory Government for the purpose of
which I personally find hard to accept. determining the feasibility of mining
uranium in the Arctic Circle.

According to this theory, it is also said If we believe what follows, on

that the center of gravity is not in the February the nineteenth, just after
center of the Earth, but rather in the completing three hours into his flight,
middle of this much thinner mantle, Admiral Byrd had an experience which
which is just below the crust. In other totally changed his outlook on life, and
words, just as a ball will drop to the his personal view of the American
ground if one is standing on the Government as well.
outside of the Earth, the very same
thing will happen if one is standing on Here then are what some people claim
the inside of the Earth as well; that is, to be actual extracts from Byrd's secret
the ball will drop towards the ground, diary for the months of February and
meaning, towards the outer surface of March of that year, and then some
the planet, and away from the inner final remarks recorded nine years later
sun. in 1956 just prior to his death:

In like manner, these theorists claim ----- Begin Quote -----

that just as we look up and see the sky
around us with the sun travelling its I must write this diary in secrecy
daily course due to the Earth's and obscurity. It concerns my
rotation, an inhabitant of the Inner Arctic flight of the nineteenth day
Earth also sees a blue sky, albeit a of February in the year of
somewhat hazy one, with the inner nineteen and forty seven.
sun floating in the midst of it.
There comes a time when the
It is also believed by the adherents of rationality of men must fade into
the Hollow Earth Theory that this insignificance and one must
inner world possesses valleys and accept the inevitability of the
mountains, and streams, rivers, lakes Truth! I am not at liberty to
and oceans. It is the proposed origin of disclose the following
all of this water which leads us to the documentation at this
next part of our discussion. writing...perhaps it shall never
see the light of public scrutiny,
According to a certain questionable but I must do my duty and record
publication, a small booklet here for all to read one day. In a
distributed by a company in the state world of greed and exploitation of
certain of mankind can no longer 0910 Hours- Vast ice and snow
suppress that which is truth. below, note coloration of
yellowish nature, and disperse in
FLIGHT LOG: BASE CAMP a linear pattern. Altering course
ARCTIC, 2/19/1947 for a better examination of this
color pattern below, note reddish
0600 Hours- All preparations are or purple color also. Circle this
complete for our flight northward area two full turns and return to
and we are airborne with full fuel assigned compass heading.
tanks at 0610 Hours. Position check made again to
base camp, and relay information
0620 Hours- fuel mixture on concerning colorations in the ice
starboard engine seems too rich, and snow below.
adjustment made and Pratt
Whittneys are running smoothly. 0910 Hours- Both magnetic and
gyro compasses beginning to
0730 Hours- Radio Check with gyrate and wobble, we are unable
base camp. All is well and radio to hold our heading by
reception is normal. instrumentation. Take bearing
with sun compass, yet all seems
0740 Hours- Note slight oil leak in well. The controls are seemingly
starboard engine, oil pressure slow to respond and have
indicator seems normal, however. sluggish quality, but there is no
indication of icing!

0800 Hours- Slight turbulence 0915 Hours- In the distance is

noted from easterly direction at what appears to be mountains.
altitude of 2321 feet, correction
to 1700 feet, no further 0949 Hours- 29 minutes elapsed
turbulence, but tail wind flight time from the first sighting
increases, slight adjustment in of the mountains, it is no illusion.
throttle controls, aircraft They are mountains and
performing very well now. consisting of a small range that I
have never seen before!
0815 Hours- Radio Check with
base camp, situation normal. 0955 Hours- Altitude change to
2950 feet, encountering strong
0830 Hours- Turbulence turbulence again.
encountered again, increase
altitude to 2900 feet, smooth 1000 Hours- We are crossing over
flight conditions again. the small mountain range and
still proceeding northward as best
as can be ascertained. Beyond their actions. Attempt to contact
the mountain range is what base camp. Radio is not
appears to be a valley with a functioning!
small river or stream running
through the center portion. There 1130 Hours- Countryside below is
should be no green valley below! more level and normal (if I may
Something is definitely wrong use that word). Ahead we spot
and abnormal here! We should be what seems to be a city!!!! This is
over ice and snow! To the impossible! Aircraft seems light
portside are great forests growing and oddly buoyant. The controls
on the mountain slopes. Our refuse to respond!! My GOD!!! Off
navigation instruments are still our port and starboard wings are
spinning, the gyroscope is a strange type of aircraft.
oscillating back and forth!
They are closing rapidly
1005 Hours- I alter altitude to alongside! They are disc-shaped
1400 feet and execute a sharp and have a radiant quality to
left turn to better examine the them. They are close enough now
valley below. It is green with to see the markings on them. It is
either moss or a type of tight knit a type of Swastika!!! This is
grass. The light here seems fantastic. Where are we! What
different. I cannot see the Sun has happened. I tug at the
anymore. We make another left controls again. They will not
turn and we spot what seems to respond!!!! We are caught in an
be a large animal of some kind invisible vice grip of some type!
below us. It appears to be an
elephant! NO!!! It looks more like 1135 Hours- Our radio crackles
a mammoth! This is incredible! and a voice comes through in
Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude English with what perhaps is a
to 1000 feet and take binoculars slight Nordic or Germanic accent!
to better examine the animal. It The message is: 'Welcome,
is confirmed - it is definitely a Admiral, to our domain. We shall
mammoth-like animal! Report land you in exactly seven
this to base camp. minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are
in good hands.' I note the engines
1030 Hours- Encountering more of our plane have stopped
rolling green hills now. The running! The aircraft is under
external temperature indicator some strange control and is now
reads 74 degrees Fahrenheit! turning itself. The controls are
Continuing on our heading now. useless.
Navigation instruments seem
normal now. I am puzzled over 1140 Hours- Another radio
message received. We begin the we arrive at a large building that
landing process now, and in is a type I have never seen
moments the plane shudders before. It appears to be right out
slightly, and begins a descent as of the design board of Frank
though caught in some great Lloyd Wright, or perhaps more
unseen elevator! The downward correctly, out of a Buck Rogers
motion is negligible, and we setting!! We are given some type
touch down with only a slight jolt! of warm beverage which tasted
like nothing I have ever savored
before. It is delicious. After about
1145 Hours- I am making a hasty ten minutes, two of our wondrous
last entry in the flight log. Several appearing hosts come to our
men are approaching on foot quarters and announce that I am
toward our aircraft. They are tall to accompany them. I have no
with blond hair. In the distance is choice but to comply. I leave my
a large shimmering city pulsating radioman behind and we walk a
with rainbow hues of color. I do short distance and enter into
not know what is going to happen what seems to be an elevator.
now, but I see no signs of We descend downward for some
weapons on those approaching. I moments, the machine stops,
hear now a voice ordering me by and the door lifts silently upward!
name to open the cargo door. I We then proceed down a long
comply. hallway that is lit by a rose-
colored light that seems to be
END LOG emanating from the very walls
themselves! One of the beings
From this point I write all the motions for us to stop before a
following events here from great door. Over the door is an
memory. It defies the imagination inscription that I cannot read. The
and would seem all but madness great door slides noiselessly open
if it had not happened. and I am beckoned to enter. One
of my hosts speaks. 'Have no
The radioman and I are taken fear, Admiral, you are to have an
from the aircraft and we are audience with the Master...'
received in a most cordial
manner. We were then boarded I step inside and my eyes adjust
on a small platform-like to the beautiful coloration that
conveyance with no wheels! It seems to be filling the room
moves us toward the glowing city completely. Then I begin to see
with great swiftness. As we my surroundings. What greeted
approach, the city seems to be my eyes is the most beautiful
made of a crystal material. Soon sight of my entire existence. It is
in fact too beautiful and
wondrous to describe. It is It was at that alarming time we
exquisite and delicate. I do not sent our flying machines, the
think there exists a human term 'Flugelrads', to your surface world
that can describe it in any detail to investigate what your race had
with justice! My thoughts are done. That is, of course, past
interrupted in a cordial manner history now, my dear Admiral, but
by a warm rich voice of I must continue on.
melodious quality, 'I bid you
welcome to our domain, You see, we have never
interfered before in your race's
Admiral.' I see a man with wars, and barbarity, but now we
delicate features and with the must, for you have learned to
etching of years upon his face. He tamper with a certain power that
is seated at a long table. He is not for man, namely, that of
motions me to sit down in one of atomic energy.
the chairs. After I am seated, he
places his fingertips together and Our emissaries have already
smiles. He speaks softly again, delivered messages to the
and conveys the following. powers of your world, and yet
they do not heed. Now you have
'We have let you enter here been chosen to be witness here
because you are of noble that our world does exist. You
character and well-known on the see, our culture and science is
Surface World, Admiral.' Surface many thousands of years beyond
World, I half-gasp under my your race, Admiral.' I interrupted,
breath! 'Yes,' the Master replies 'But what does this have to do
with a smile, 'you are in the with me, sir?'
domain of the Arianni, the Inner
World of the Earth. The Master's eyes seemed to
penetrate deeply into my mind,
We shall not long delay your and after studying me for a few
mission, and you will be safely moments he replied, 'Your race
escorted back to the surface and has now reached the point of no
for a distance beyond. return, for there are those among
you who would destroy your very
But now, Admiral, I shall tell you world rather than relinquish their
why you have been summoned power as they know it...'
here. Our interest rightly begins
just after your race exploded the I nodded, and the Master
first atomic bombs over continued, 'In 1945 and
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. afterward, we tried to contact
your race, but our efforts were When that time arrives, we shall
met with hostility, our Flugelrads come forward again to help
were fired upon. Yes, even revive your culture and your race.
pursued with malice and Perhaps, by then, you will have
animosity by your fighter planes. learned the futility of war and its
strife...and after that time,
So, now, I say to you, my son, certain of your culture and
there is a great storm gathering science will be returned for your
in your world, a black fury that race to begin anew.
will not spend itself for many
years. There will be no answer in You, my son, are to return to the
your arms, there will be no safety Surface World with this
in your science. It may rage on message.....'
until every flower of your culture
is trampled, and all human things With these closing words, our
are leveled in vast chaos. meeting seemed at an end. I
stood for a moment as in a
Your recent war was only a dream....but, yet, I knew this was
prelude of what is yet to come for reality, and for some strange
your race. We here see it more reason I bowed slightly, either out
clearly with each you of respect or humility, I do not
say I am mistaken?' know which.

'No,' I answer, 'it happened once Suddenly, I was again aware that
before, the Dark Ages came and the two beautiful hosts who had
they lasted for more than five brought me here were again at
hundred years.' my side.

'Yes, my son,' replied the Master, 'This way, Admiral,' motioned

'the dark ages that will come now one. I turned once more before
for your race will cover the Earth leaving and looked back toward
like a pall, but I believe that some the Master. A gentle smile was
of your race will live through the etched on his delicate and
storm, beyond that, I cannot say. ancient face. 'Farewell, my son,'
We see at a great distance a new he spoke, then he gestured with
world stirring from the ruins of a lovely, slender hand a motion of
your race, seeking its lost and peace and our meeting was truly
legendary treasures, and they will ended.
be here, my son, safe in our
keeping. Quickly, we walked back through
the great door of the Master's
chamber and once again entered
into the elevator. The door slid you now, Admiral, your controls
silently downward and we were are free. Auf Wiedersehen!!!!' We
at once going upward. One of my watched for a moment as the
hosts spoke again, 'We must now flugelrads disappeared into the
make haste, Admiral, as the pale blue sky.
Master desires to delay you no
longer on your scheduled The aircraft suddenly felt as
timetable and you must return though caught in a sharp
with his message to your race.' downdraft for a moment. We
quickly recovered her control. We
I said nothing. All of this was do not speak for some time, each
almost beyond belief, and once man has his thoughts.... ENTRY IN
again my thoughts were FLIGHT LOG CONTINUES:
interrupted as we stopped. I
entered the room and was again 220 Hours- We are again over
with my radioman. He had an vast areas of ice and snow, and
anxious expression on his face. approximately 27 minutes from
As I approached, I said, 'It is all base camp. We radio them, they
right, Howie, it is all right.' The respond. We report all conditions
two beings motioned us toward normal....normal. Base camp
the awaiting conveyance, we expresses relief at our re-
boarded, and soon arrived back established contact. 300 Hours-
at the aircraft. The engines were We land smoothly at base camp. I
idling and we boarded have a mission.....
The whole atmosphere seemed
charged now with a certain air of March 11, 1947. I have just
urgency. After the cargo door was attended a staff meeting at the
closed, the aircraft was Pentagon. I have stated fully my
immediately lifted by that unseen discovery and the message from
force until we reached an altitude the Master. All is duly recorded.
of 2700 feet. Two of the aircraft The President has been advised. I
were alongside for some distance am now detained for several
guiding us on our return way. I hours (six hours, thirty-nine
must state here, the airspeed minutes, to be exact.) I am
indicator registered no reading, interviewed intently by Top
yet we were moving along at a Security Forces and a medical
very rapid rate. team.

215 Hours- A radio message It was an ordeal!!!! I am placed

comes through. 'We are leaving under strict control via the
national security provisions of Admiral Richard E. Byrd
this United States of America. I United States Navy
am ordered to remain silent in 24 December 1956
regard to all that I have learned,
on the behalf of humanity!!!! ----- End Of Quote -----
Incredible! I am reminded that I
am a military man and I must
obey orders.

30/12/56: FINAL ENTRY:

These last few years elapsed

since 1947 have not been kind...I
now make my final entry in this
singular diary. In closing, I must It was in the following year after the
state that I have faithfully kept above lines were supposedly written,
this matter secret as directed all that Admiral Richard E. Byrd died at
these years. It has been the age of sixty-nine or seventy. The
completely against my values of cause of his death is unknown to me at
moral right. Now, I seem to sense this time. Prior to his death in 1957, I
have also read that he participated in a
the long night coming on and this
similar expedition to Antarctica,
secret will not die with me, but as
where his team also penetrated deep
all truth shall, it will triumph and
into the South Polar region.
so it shall.
The previous account concerning
This can be the only hope for Admiral Byrd's North Pole expedition
mankind. I have seen the truth is not the only information which has
and it has quickened my spirit been used to support the Hollow Earth
and has set me free! I have done Theory. During this past century,
my duty toward the monstrous various other polar expenditions have
military industrial complex. Now, also been launched, the primary goal
the long night begins to of which was to reach the true
approach, but there shall be no geographical North Pole over land. To
end. Just as the long night of the understand this, allow me to explain
Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine the following.
of truth shall come again....and
those who are of darkness shall As some of you are aware, there are
fall in it's light..for I have seen actually what we might refer to as two
that land beyond the pole, that North Poles. First, there is the true
center of the great unknown. geographical North Pole, which is
situated at ninety degrees north longitudinal line, near the coast of
latitude. Antarctica. I am not sure if the same
claims are made regarding the South
This is because, being a sphere, the Pole having as many as three magnetic
entire Earth is divided into three poles.
hundred and sixty degrees, both for
latitude as well as for longitude. Thus, According to certain statements
half of the Earth's sphere would be supposedly extracted from the
divided into one hundred and eighty journals of some of the other polar
degrees. From the Equator to the explorers, there are similar
geographical North Pole is ninety observations and experiences which
degrees; and from the Equator to the Hollow Earth Theory adherents claim
geographical South Pole is another have been purposely suppressed and
ninety degrees. kept from the knowledge of the
general public.
Aside from the true geographical
poles, there are also the magnetic Just like Admiral Byrd's description in
North Pole, and the magnetic South his purported diary, these experiences
Pole, which is where the Earth's are related to unusual natural
magnetic field is said to be the most phenomena which should not be
intense. According to one science book occurring at such a northerly latitude.
I referred to, the magnetic North Pole Obviously, the further north one
is actually located about one thousand travels away from the Equator and the
six hundred and seventy kilometers shorter rays of the sun, the colder it
south of the true geographical North becomes. As a result of this, with each
Pole, in the vicinity of the ninety passing day, the Arctic Ocean becomes
degree longitudinal line near Bathurst more impassable due to the sub-zero
Island in northern Canada. temperatures causing the surface
water to freeze into large fields of ice.
In fact, some have suggested that Because of the unstable nature of
there are actually as many as three these ice fields, one never knows when
magnetic North Poles which more or a particular field might suddenly
less 'float' around a particular area of break up presenting a dangerous
the Arctic Circle. In other words, the situation for those exploring these
magnetic poles are not stationary like remote regions of the world.
the geographical poles.
Between these natural dangers, the
In the Southern Hemisphere, the degree of human endurance, the
magnetic South Pole is said to be limitation on how much supplies a
located some two thousand six team can carry with it, etc., polar
hundred and seventy kilometers north exploration can indeed be quite a
of the geographical South Pole, along challenge, particularly decades ago
the one hundred and forty degrees when our current technology did not
exist. and leaves in the water, large flocks of
birds and migrations of butterflies
All of these other difficulties aside, as where there should have been no such
was stated in Byrd's purported diary, thing, and other odd phenomena
the most serious challenge comes as which seemed to indicate that they
one approaches closer and closer to were travelling southward and not
the magnetic North Pole. Quite northward.
simply, due to the strong magnetic
field present at these latitudes, one's One clear example of a purported
instruments begins to fluctuate wildly, penetration into the Inner Earth
until one cannot even rely upon their which was not planned, is found in a
accuracy in order to determine or biographical book written by Willis
maintain his bearings. At this point, George Emerson entitled 'The Smokey
other methods of navigation must be God'. In this book, Emerson relates
used. This magnetic interference and the tale of a father and son Norwegian
directional confusion has been such, fishing team whose small vessel is
that some polar explorers have driven by a fierce oceanic storm until
become completely disoriented; and they find themselves sailing over the
instead of veering truly north, they lip of the northern polar opening;
have gone off in some other direction. what scientists refer to as the Polar
According to some of these journals, if
we accept them as being authentic, The son, Olaf Jansen, claimed that this
despite these difficulties, some of occurred in April of 1829. For the next
these arctic explorers were able to two years, Olaf Jansen claimed that he
continue northward to varying and his father lived with the kind,
degrees; however, to their great courteous inhabitants of the Inner
surprise, similar to the Byrd account, Earth, who measured some twelve feet
they began to encounter things which in height. After this time, Jansen
seemed to defy logic. For example, claimed that they exited the Inner
what had once been an ice-congested Earth via the South Pole opening. The
and impassable sea, became an easily book derives its name from the fact
navigable waterway above the seventy- that Olaf described the mini-sun as
five or eighty degree latitudinal line. being smokey in appearance.
In addition, instead of the sub-zero
temperatures continuing to drop, they In accordance with the story of
did the exact opposite to where they Norwegian Olaf Jansen, the adherents
actually became balmy. of the Hollow Earth Theory agree that
an entrance to the Inner Earth exists
Even more astounding is that they at the South Pole as well. Similar to
began to experience a warm wind the Byrd account which describes the
blowing down from the north. Finally, inhabitants of the Inner Earth
they began to notice fresh bits of twigs speaking English with a Germanic
accent, some New Agers claim that summer months. Not only that, but
these underworlders are actually the when they finally did arrive at their
descendants of the Nazis, who with destination, the Britons were treated
their technology, escaped to the Inner with a degree of hostility by the
Earth via the South Pole following Americans.
their defeat at the close of World War
II. It is said that part of this Another point worthy of note, is that it
technology included the first was discovered that due to the lack of
prototype flying disks, and that any satellites flying over Antarctica, all
current UFO sightings are modern weather reports originated on the
versions of the same which follow ground from McMurdo Station itself.
flight corridors across South America
leading from the South Pole. It is Hollow Earth theorists conclude that
because of tales like these that some this is a direct step taken by the
people are convinced that there is a Americans to prevent the release of
greater reason for the presence of any satellite images of the South Pole
foreign governments on Antarctica which might show the polar opening.
than what has actually been stated
publicly. Another recent development which
has also been viewed as a part of the
To add credence to these thoughts, overall conspiracy to hide the truth
Hollow Earth theorists point to a few from the world, is that in recent years,
disturbing facts. For example, when an agreement was signed by various
British camera crews for the BBC nations which would prohibit oil and
arranged for a visit to Antarctica, they mineral exploration on Antarctica for
were confronted with several the next fifty years.
unanticipated problems. While their
original itinerary, which was planned The last piece of purported evidence
well in advance, included a direct used by Hollow Earth theorists, is the
flight from South Africa to Antarctica, claim that the 'Ozone Hole' over
which would have included an Antarctica is directly above the so-
overflight of the so-called 'Area Of called South Polar opening. As you
Inaccessibility', their plans were will see shortly, this may have deeper
somehow bungled; and they were implications, that what at first may be
forced to travel first to South America. apparent to the untrained individual.
Upon arriving there, they discovered
that the only commercial flight Hollow Earth theorists point to other
available to the subcontinent was unusual signs as well in order to prove
operated by an American company, that something strange exists at both
which ferried some twenty to thirty the extremes of Planet Earth. One of
people at a time to the American base these signs is that of mammoth tusks
of McMurdo Station. These flights which have been continually found on
were only available during the
some of the islands situated within the In certain places, this global system is
Arctic Circle north of Russia. said to lead down to the Inner Earth.
From the research I did, these sites are
If this story is true, what is odd about quite often said to be situated in or
this is the fact that it is claimed that near deep mining operations and
for at least the past several hundred volcanic peaks located in various
years, traders have gathered and sold countries throughout the world, as
these tusks; yet more continue to well as in the Himalayan mountain
accumulate there. range and the Gobi Desert. Fourteen
thousand foot Mount Shasta, an
These mammoth tusks are directly extinct volcano located in northern
related to another strange California, U.S.A., is also claimed to be
phenomenon; and that is that for a one such site. The true believers are
number of years now, the carcasses of convinced that this snow-capped
wooly mammoths have been found mountain is actually the home of a
frozen in ice in Siberia and other large multi-tiered subterranean city
regions of the Arctic Circle. known as Telos.

I remember reading years ago that There are often groups of New Age
some of these even had fresh grass in shamans and their followers camping
their mouths. While I believe that out on the slopes of this mountain,
these well-preserved carcases are the hoping that they will be 'blessed'
result of a sudden worldwide either with a unique spiritual
catastrophe of thousands of years ago encounter, or with a UFO sighting, or
referred to as Noah's Flood, which perhaps even with locating one of
quickly froze many species of animals these fabled entrances to the famed
which existed at the time, Hollow five-level subterranean city.
Earth theorists claim that these
carcasses point to the fact that wooly Another story related to this concerns
mammoths still thrive within the the San Andreas Fault located in the
Inner Earth. state of California, U.S.A.

It has been a long-held belief within While geologists point to the Tectonic
certain Asian cultures and now within Plate Theory and claim that this fault
New Age thought as well, that rather line is a result of the Pacific plate
than being comprised of a solid area of pushing against the continental plate,
dense bedrock known as the mantle, some Hollow Earth theorists interpret
the interior of the Earth is more akin the matter quite differently. According
to Swiss Cheese, in that it is to them, and I must admit that I have
permeated with a vast interconnecting heard this same thing for the past
system of underground caves and several decades, since the 1950's, the
subterranean tunnels. American Government has sent
nuclear-powered submarines to
explore the underwater topography of either a submarine tunnel, or a series
the western coast of the United States of large caverns, which have simply
of America. collapsed, creating the depression
which is seen above ground.
It is claimed that while mapping this
area, they were surprised to discover If the above is indeed true, then the
that the continental shelf is pocketed end result is quite obvious; even to
with many huge caverns and one who doesn't have a degree in
passageways; some of which are large geology.
enough to easily allow a submarine to
navigate through them. If and when enough of those caverns
and pillars collapse, most of California
The horror came when after years of will break off and simply fall into the
carefully and meticulously mapping ocean.
this submarine world, they realized
that some of these caverns and tunnels As tragic and as widespread as the loss
extended as far back as the states of of life would be, if this were to truly
Utah and Nevada! In fact, one story happen, I would personally view it as a
claims that a certain American severe judgment of the Lord due to the
submarine, which was supposedly lost great degree of evil and deception
at open sea, was actually lost while which originates in, and which is also
exploring one of these hidden caverns. propagated from that state.

However, the most shocking Everyone knows that California is the

thing they are said to have haven for New Age thought, pay-per-
discovered, is the fact that the minute psychics, homosexual and
state of California is basically lesbian rights groups, and a plethora
hanging over the ocean; that is, it of other negative influences which
is for the most part floating on have plagued America for literally
top of the ocean, being supported decades, such as the violent and anti-
by a series of submarine christ television and film industry.
limestone pillars.
Not only that, but it is the center for
While most people believe that the the very technology which may
many earthquakes which have been someday soon be used to enslave
experienced in California are due to mankind; that is, the computer
shifts in these various tectonic plates, industry. While we computer-literate
some Hollow Earth theorists propose Christians view our machines as a
that they are actually caused by the blessing and a valuable tool for
collapse of some of these larger spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
submarine caverns. In fact, they we are also fully aware that there is a
suggest that this is the real nature of dark side to this age of electronic
the San Andreas Fault; that is, it is wonders as well.
year is almost twice as long as an
May I suggest that you read my article Earth year, being six hundred and
'Mondex And The Mark Of The Beast'. eighty-seven days.

This is not the only information which During half of this period, one Martian
is used to support the Hollow Earth ice cap will expand in size while the
Theory. One piece of evidence to other will do the exact opposite. This
which the believers point as proof of expansion can be anywhere from ten
the existence of a Hollow Earth, has to twenty times its smallest size, which
absolutely nothing to do with the has been estimated at around four
Earth itself. This concerns certain hundred miles in diameter.
photographs which have been taken of
some of the other bodies in our It is also noteworthy that the Martian
planetary system. polar ice caps always maintain a
definite circular shape.
Due in part to certain deep craters and
dark spots found at the polar regions At any rate, during the final half of the
and other surface areas of some of year, the expanded ice cap will rapidly
these celestial bodies, the proponents shrink, while the opposite one will
of the Hollow Earth Theory have come grow in size.
to the conclusion that they must also
be hollow spheres, and that these Where the excitement comes for
craters or dark spots are likewise Hollow Earth theorists is in the fact
openings to these inner worlds. that on some occasions, the ice caps
have shrunk to slightly less than their
Furthermore, it has been suggested normal minimum diameter. It is
that some of these spheres might claimed that it is at these times that
possibly be artificial in nature. At this astronomers have observed a black
point, the tales take some very area, or perimeter, surrounding the ice
unusual turns in the direction of soon- caps.
coming hostile alien invasions of the
Earth and other such stories. While astronomers have tried to
dismiss this fact, some Hollow Earth
However on the serious side, if the theorists are convinced that this is
information is to be believed, the nothing less that the outer edge of the
planet Mars may offer some polar opening leading into the inner
convincing evidence of the Hollow world of Mars.
Earth Theory due some strange
occurrences which are said to have According to one theorist, the
been observed at its poles. temperature and climate inside other
hollow planets such as Mars may be
Due to various factors, such as its very similar to that found inside the
distance from the Sun, the Martian Hollow Earth; in other words, it is
quite tropical in nature. If this is true, Hemisphere as the Aurora Australis;
then it would result in the natural that is, the Northern and the Southern
formation of a huge cloud mass at the Lights. Scientists claim that these
polar entrances where the warm moist spectacular nocturnal light shows are
air from the interior of the planet rises the result of electrically charged
to collide with the cold polar air on the particles from the sun striking the
outside of the planet. magnetic field which surrounds the
This temperature variation would be
even greater during the Martian The Lights are said to be most
winter season, and thus would readily prominent during periods of high
explain the sudden expansion and solar activity, that is, when sunspots
reduction of the cloud masses during are at their peak.
each half of the Martian year.
However, Hollow Earth theorists
What has also elated Hollow Earth propose a completely different
theorists, and added more weight to explanation for these awe-inspiring
their theory, was the announcement nocturnal light shows.
that 'ice cliffs' composed of actual
water, and not of carbon dioxide, have They claim that every so often, the
been discovered at the Martian polar mini-sun within the core of the Earth
regions. will be perfectly aligned with one of
the polar openings. These openings
But this is not the only mystery which are said to be some one thousand and
has been revealed on the planet Mars. four hundred miles in diameter.
In their on-going attempt to reinforce When these alignments occur, some of
their argument with even more the light from the mini-sun flashes
scientific validity, it has been pointed outward into the atmosphere, thus
out by some of the more serious- creating the beautiful Northern and
minded Hollow Earth theorists, that Southern Lights. As proof of this, they
on certain occasions, scientists and point to the flashes of light observed
astronomers have detected odd by astronomers on the Moon, Mars,
brilliant flashes of light originating at and possibly elsewhere.
the poles of some of these celestial
orbs, such as on the Moon and Mars. As you can see, I have gone to great
lengths to give you a basic idea of what
What do these sporadic flashes have to the Hollow Earth Theory is all about.
do with the Hollow Earth Theory?
Of course, this article does not by any
This brings us back down to Earth, means include every single aspect of
and to a natural phenomenon known the theory, as there are simply too
in the Northern Hemisphere as the many ramifications which have been
Aurora Borealis, and in the Southern made from this central theme. While I
have expressed doubt in the theory, I
have also tried to be fair by presenting
as much evidence as I can to explain
why some people are convinced that
the Hollow Earth is not fiction, but
actual fact. So exactly what is my
personal opinion regarding this
unusual theory? This question will be
thoroughly answered for you in part
two of this article. I can assure you
that you will be surprised, and
perhaps even shocked, by some of the
things which I believe the Lord has
shown me. Part two will include such
topics as Noah's Flood, James Hilton's
1930's novel 'Lost Horizon', Aryanism,
Agharta And Shamballah, the 'King Of
The World', and the World Council of
Churches and ecumenism. I hope that
you will join me.

Written by the WordWeaver

End Of Part 1

Noah's Flood, Under The Earth?,

Temperature Control, James Hilton's
'Lost Horizon', A Case Of
Plagiarism?, Aryanism, Agharta And
Shamballah, New Age Lightworkers,
Universal Inner Planetary Life?, The
King Of The World, Abaddon and
Apollyon, False Science Deception
And Gnosticism, The World Council
Of Churches And Ecumenism, Being as I didn't fully understand the
Persecution Of Faithful theory back then, I argued that two
polar openings some one thousand
When I first became acquainted with four hundred miles in diameter would
the Hollow Earth Theory, my have made it impossible for a
understanding wasn't quite what it is worldwide Flood to have occurred as
today. Because of this, the first the water would have drained into the
objection which entered my mind at Inner Earth.
the time was how the Genesis Flood
could be reconciled with the Hollow The only way that I could logically
Earth Theory. My argument was that make the Biblical account and the
in light of the Flood, which filled up Hollow Earth Theory agree with each
the entire Earth past the tops of the other, was by considering the
mountains, I couldn't see how the possibility that the Lord had sealed
polar openings proposed by this over these two massive openings by
theory could have been possible. In slowly freezing the water around the
the Book of Genesis we read the perimeter of each entrance until they
following: were completely closed up.

"And the waters prevailed Even if this were possible, I still

exceedingly upon the earth; and all wondered if a thick crust of ice would
the high hills, that were under the be able to endure the awesome weight
whole heaven, were covered. Fifteen and pressure created by the Flood
cubits upward did the waters prevail; waters. To further weaken my own
and the mountains were covered." theory, I also realized that even if such
(Genesis 7:19-20) ice caps were to have formed over
such a large area; and even if they
As I point out in some of my science were thick enough to support the
and technology articles, my weight of the water above them, I
understanding is that these verses couldn't see how they could endure for
mean that the highest mountains at very long due to the heat eliminating
the time were covered by fifteen cubits from the mini-sun. Surely they would
of water. If we take the standard have melted and either floated to the
measurement of eighteen inches per surface like ice bergs, or else fallen
cubit, this means that the highest into the polar openings themselves.
mountain peaks were covered by some This massive volume of ice and frigid
twenty-two and a half feet of water. No polar water would surely have resulted
one can tread in water this deep for in extinguishing the mini-sun; at least
very long, so it would have been so I assumed.
sufficient to do the job; which was to
totally destroy the wicked of that time. Thus, I concluded that there was
simply no way that this theory could
be true.
actually going into the Earth. It took
Well, I was content with this me a bit of mental work to understand
understanding for about a year while I what these people were proposing, but
worked on writing other articles. In I finally came to understand that it
the meantime, I began to receive does make a lot of sense, IF the theory
reader reactions to my Hollow Earth were in fact true.
With this realization, although I am
It was pointed out to me by several still not convinced of the veracity of
people that my understanding of the this theory, primarily due to other
theory was a bit flawed. What I had things which the Lord has shown me
failed to realize is that, because the in His Word, I decided to approach
center of gravity is in the middle of the the issue as someone trying to prove
mantle, and not in the actual center of this theory from the Bible. In such a
the Earth, at least according to the case, what kind of verses could they
theory, when the Flood occurred, the possibly use? Using my computer
waters would have simply flowed Bible program, I discovered the
across the curved lip of each of the following interesting verses:
polar openings, which I believe is said
to be hundreds of miles in width, and "Thou shalt not make unto thee any
filled the land surface of the Inner graven image, or any likeness of any
Earth as well; just as they did with the thing that is in heaven above, or that
outside world. In other words, the is in the earth beneath, or that is in
water would not fall inwards into the the water under the earth:" (Exodus
atmosphere of the Inner Earth and 20:4)
extinguish the mini-sun; it would
simply follow the force of gravity along "That at the name of Jesus every knee
the ground; that is, along the inner should bow, of things in heaven, and
surface of the mantle. things in earth, and things under the
earth;" (Philippians 2:10)
It is claimed that it is because of the
very huge size of these openings, the "And no man in heaven, nor in earth,
width of the lip, and the gradual neither under the earth, was able to
curvature of the lip, that when open the book, neither to look
Admiral Byrd flew into the opening, thereon." (Revelation 5:3)
and when other explorers sailed into
or dog-sled into the opening, they did "And every creature which is in
not even realize it. The further they heaven, and on the earth, and under
travelled, the higher the atmosphere the earth, and such as are in the sea,
would become above them; so that it and all that are in them, heard I
would have been totally impossible for saying, Blessing, and honour, and
them to have seen the distant side of glory, and power, be unto him that
the opening, and realize that they were sitteth upon the throne, and unto the
Lamb for ever and ever." (Revelation quite possibly to the spiritual
5:13) underworld. In the final two verses
from the Book of Revelation, the
To the casual reader of the Bible who phrase 'under the earth' is derived
doesn't have the advantage of using from two Greek words; 'hupokato',
Hebrew and Greek lexicons in order to meaning under or underneath, and
understand the original meanings of 'ge', meaning the land or ground.
some of these words, which is the case
with most people, the above verses In other words, it is again referring to
could very easily be used to erroneous things underground and not some
state that the Bible teaches that there Inner Earth. Aside from the above
is water, men, and other creatures in verses which could be twisted by
the Inner Earth. In other words, the someone who really wanted to do so, I
phrase 'under the Earth' could be am not currently aware of any others
misconstrued, either due to human which could in any way indicate that
error, or even intentionally by those there is a vast unseen world beneath
who wish to falsely use the Bible to our feet populated by a technologically
support the theory, to mean the Inner advanced human society, or by any
Earth; which is not what they mean other type of physical creature or
whatsoever. To prove that this is so, being.
consider the following:
This leads us to another possible
In the first verse from the Book of problem concerning the Hollow Earth
Exodus, the phrase 'or that is in the Theory. Given the purported size of
earth beneath, or that is in the water these polar openings, and the overall
under the earth' is actually derived size of a hollowed out Earth, it seems
from 'erets mayim erets'. That to me that if the Inner Earth were
basically means 'earth water earth'. lighted and heated by some mini-sun
The actual word 'under' is not even as Hollow Earth theorists assert, there
included in the Hebrew text. This is would be some degree of problem with
simply how the translator chose to temperature control. To understand
translate it. In the second verse from this, consider a situation where you
Paul's Epistle to the Philippians, the are locked up inside a room with two
phrase 'things under the earth' is small windows, one at each end of the
derived from one Greek word; that is, room. Imagine now that the size of the
'katachthonios', which is pronounced room and the two windows is a scale
kat-akh-thon'-ee-os. This word means model of the total area of the so-called
the subterranean world. Inner Earth and the two polar orifices.

In comparing this verse with other Finally, imagine that an infrared heat
verses, we know that this is not lamp is placed in the room, the size of
referring to the Inner Earth, but rather which, and the heat output of which,
to the place of the physical dead, and would also be in direct proportion to
the size of the so-called mini-sun inner core of nickel and iron, or else
inside the Hollow Earth. there is something else down there.
Exactly what might this be? This will
The question then is, how long would be discussed a bit later in this article.
it take for that room to overheat due to
the tiny windows which are the only To show some additional flaws in the
means of escape for excessive heat? Hollow Earth Theory, let's go back for
Would the room maintain a balmy a moment to the dialogue purportedly
tropical temperature as Hollow Earth held between Admiral Richard E. Byrd
theorists claim, or would it overheat? and the mystical 'Master' of the
Arianni found within the Hollow
On the subject of heat, it is an Earth.
established fact that in some of the
deep mines which have been As I read this account, something
excavated for the purpose of vaguely familiar flashed in the back of
extracting, coal, various ores, my mind. When it came to the surface,
diamonds, etc., the deeper one goes, I suddenly realized the depth of the
the hotter it becomes. deceit with which we may be dealing.
Quite frankly, I highly suspect that
Without the aid of high-powered what we find in Byrd's purported diary
ventilation systems, it would be totally may be nothing more than a subtle act
impossible for miners to even work of plagiarism. Allow me to explain.
under such conditions, not to mention
other dangers such as cave-ins, toxic Twenty-five years ago in 1973, I had
gases, etc. Man's deepest mines only the opportunity to see a musical
penetrate the Earth to a depth of entitled 'Lost Horizon'. Produced by
several miles. Ross Hunter with music and song by
Burt Bacharach and Hal David, this
If it is that hot at a depth which only film starred such noted actors and
amounts to barely scratching the actresses as Charles Boyer, Peter
Earth's crust, simple deduction would Finch, John Gielgud, Olivia Hussey,
seem to indicate, that if man were Sally Kellerman, George Kennedy,
capable of going to even greater James Shigeta, Liv Ullmann and
depths, the temperature would Michael York. Filmed in Washington
continue to climb. State, U.S.A., this movie was actually a
remake of an original film made in
This leads us to only two possible 1937 by Frank Capra, and which
alternatives to the Hollow Earth starred Ronald Colman.
This movie was based upon a book
The first is that, as scientists have written several years before by famed
explained, the Earth indeed consists of British novelist James Hilton. As is so
a semi-molten and molten outer and often the case when literary works are
adapted to the 'silver screen', the Himalayan peaks, killing the pilot in
movie did not adhere in every regard the process.
to Hilton's novel. Extra characters
were added, the country setting was In Hilton's novel, we are told that it is
changed, the movie was a musical the Kuen-Lun Mountains. To their
drama, and I believe that a slightly surprise, rather than facing what
different ending was added in order to appears to be certain death, the group
make the movie more inspiring. find themselves not only rescued, but
taken to the mysterious Valley of the
I have also discovered that a sequel Blue Moon. The center of life there is a
was made which, according to the rose-colored Buddhist monastery, or
reviews I read, was a dismal failure lamasery, known as Shangri-La; a
compared to the original movie and its name which has become world
remake. renown since it was first introduced by
Hilton over sixty years ago.
Allow me to share with you a synopsis
of the 1973 movie. It has been suggested by National
Geographic magazine, that James
While in the course of escaping civil Hilton may have derived the
unrest in China, (as opposed to inspiration for the name 'Shangri-La'
Baskul, India in Hilton's novel), a from the Tibetan word 'la', which
mixed group of British and American means 'pass', as in a mountain pass. In
travelers find themselves being fact, there is a certain high mountain
hijacked by an unknown pilot. pass named Changri La which is
Amongst the passengers is an located near Mount Everest in Nepal.
idealistic British diplomat by the name It is said that this area was often
of Richard Conway, who is portrayed visited by famous British
by Peter Finch. mountaineer, George Mallory, during
his various attempts to scale Mount
In Hilton's novel, Conway's first name Everest in the 1920's. Another source
is actually Hugh. Accompanying claims that Shangri-La may have been
Conway is his brother George, a selfish inspired by the remote mountain
worldly man played by Michael York, kingdom of Hunz located near twenty-
as well as an American engineer, a five thousand foot Mount Rakaposhi
pretty dancer, a singer, and a in Pakistan. This beautiful land is
comedian. As they head for an populated by a fair-skinned and light-
undetermined destination, (instead of eyed people known as the Hunzakuts,
to their original destination of who claim to be the actual
Peshawar, India according to the descendants of a group of soldiers who
novel), mechanical problems occur; became lost from Alexander the
and the plane crashes somewhere on Great's army during his invasion of
the Tibetan plateau amidst the India. To add to this mystery, it is
claimed that the language of these
people, known as Burushaski, is to assist them in their return to the
totally unrelated to any other language modern world.
known to man.
It is only later, after Richard Conway
To continue the movie plot; nestled has been fully exposed to the idyllic
amongst the highest mountain peaks lifestyle of Shangri-La, that it is
in the world, where one would expect revealed to him in a private audience
sub-zero temperatures and endless with the High Lama, that the hijacking
snow storms, the Valley of the Blue was no accident.
Moon seems to totally contradict
human logic with its warm climate, In fact, Father Perrault, who is now
and verdant natural beauty. over two hundred years old, informs
Conway that he has purposely been
This warmth is also reflected in a brought to Shangri-La for the explicit
spiritual sense as well by the reason of succeeding him as the new
inhabitants of the lamasery who are an High Lama. Of course, the story can't
extremely kind, respectful, humble, end there, so trouble arises when
happy people who are eager to share Richard's worldly brother, George,
their simple life with the new arrivals. begins to view Shangri-La not as a
peaceful escape from the cares of the
It is revealed in one scene that aside world, but rather as a prison from
from the miraculous timeless which he must escape, even if it means
conditions which exist in the Valley, spoiling the serenity of the monastery
one of the primary rules for living a by causing division amongst its
long and happy life in Shangri-La, is to residents.
do all things in moderation.
To make matters worse, he convinces
The local philosophy appears to be a Maria, a beautiful resident of the
mixture of Christianity, first monastery, to accompany him to the
introduced by the High Lama, Father outside world. Maria is played by
Perrault, who arrived in the eighteenth lovely Olivia Hussey, who also starred
century as a French priest of the in such classics as 'Romeo and Juliet',
Franciscan order, and the Buddhism and Franco Zeffirelli's 'Jesus Of
which existed before his arrival. Thus, Nazareth'.
for tired British consul Richard
Conway, Shangri-La is a haven of Thus, as the time draws near for the
peace and tranquility compared to the Sherpa caravan to arrive, a great
worldly turmoil he is used to. struggle rages in Conrad's heart as on
one hand he is pressured by his selfish
Once the guests are made comfortable, brother to leave their Earthly paradise,
they are informed that it will be at and on the other he feels obligated to
least several weeks before a Sherpa fulfill his mission of succeeding Father
caravan will arrive, which will be able Perrault as the next High Lama.
In the movie, however, we are left with
In the end, Conrad succumbs to his one final 'high' as the hospital
brother's demands, and chooses to attendants suddenly find Conway's
leave Shangri-La. However, before he bed abandoned. In the closing scene,
does, I believe it is wise Mr. Chang, Conway has made the right choice,
played by John Gielgud, who candidly and we see him trekking through the
informs Conrad that he knows that he deep snow on the Himalayan peaks
will eventually return. until off in the distance he spots the
marker which will lead him back to the
Thus, leaving the warm sunny valley paradisiacal world of Shangri-La.
behind, the group once again enters
the cold and dangerous world of the As you will now see, the similarities
high Himalayas. between Admiral Byrd's entrance into
the Inner Earth, and Richard
Unbeknownst to George Conrad, as Conway's arrival at Shangri-La, are
they travel further and further away quite obvious.
from the Valley of the Blue Moon, his
lovely companion, Maria, begins to The primary difference between the
quickly age. It is when he finally two is the fact that in 'Lost Horizon',
realizes that he is now carrying the the protagonist ascends to the summit
corpse of an old dead woman, that he of the Himalayan peaks in order to
goes completely berserk, and ends up find his paradise, while in the
running over the edge of a steep cliff. purported Byrd diary, the pilot
It is this commotion which results in a descends into the depths of the Earth.
tremendous avalanche which buries In both cases, the main character is a
the party. man named Richard.

In the final scenes from the movie, we In both instances, they are employed
find Richard Conway in a hospital bed by their government. The vehicle used
apparently suffering from shock and to transport both men to their
exposure. rendezvous with destiny is an
airplane. In Byrd's case, the
During his period of unconsciousness, instruments on the plane malfunction
he has been mumbling about the as the aviator passes through the
wonderful world of Shangri-La in the strong magnetic fields of the Arctic
Valley of the Blue Moon. Circle.

At this point, the novel ends; leaving In Conway's case, the plane crashes
the reader wondering if the story truly killing the pilot. While Byrd is met and
ever did happen, or if it was nothing escorted by flying disks, giving a more
but a figment of Conway's imagination deceptive New Age flavor to the
due to the ordeal he had been through account, Conway is met and guided by
on the frigid slopes of the Himalayas. a Sherpa caravan. Both men face the
same psychological shock when after In the case of Richard Byrd, he has a
travelling through miles and miles of private audience with the mysterious
ice and snow, they suddenly find sage known as the 'Master'; while
themselves in a mild climate and Richard Conrad has a private
verdant surroundings which totally encounter with the High Lama. Both
defy human logic. of these leaders are described as being
ancient in their physical appearance as
The similarities do not end there. well as graceful in manner; and both
deliver extremely similar messages to
In the case of Admiral Byrd, in order their guests.
to enter the peaceful resplendant
world of the Inner Earth, he had to Each man is also told that he has been
unknowingly fly over the rim of the chosen for a special purpose, because
polar opening, and slowly enter the he has been determined to be of very
Hollow Earth. This was not even high moral fiber.
realized by him until he noticed an
unknown mountain chain, and the While both messages foretell doom
gradual change of climate. and chaos for the outside world, they
also offer hope by stating that once
While Richard Conrad did not pass evil man has nearly destroyed himself
through any magnetic fields, he did through war and other foolish acts of
pass through an unseen time field. Not violence, the meek shall inherit the
only that, but just as Bryd had to fly Earth in a Golden Age of renewal.
through the 'neck' of the polar opening
in order to leave the frigid world of ice In Richard Byrd's case, they will be
and snow behind, Conway and his assisted by the residents of the Inner
team had to pass through a long cave Earth; and in the case of Richard
or tunnel to do the same. Conway, assistance will come through
the residents of Shangri-La.
In the movie, as Conrad comes out of
the tunnel on the side of Shangri-La, There are a few other points worthy of
in the background we can see the note which not only indicate the
blizzard on the far end of the opposite deceptive nature of the Byrd account,
side of the tunnel. but of the Hollow Earth Theory as a
whole. While they may appear
If you are not yet fully convinced of insignificant at first, these points
the possible act of plagiarism here, definitely appeal to the mind of the
consider also that in both Bryd's New Age advocate and other current
journal and the movie, the two mindsets.
Richards are met by people with very
cordial personalities who both speak For example, within the United States
perfect English. of America today, there are a number
of growing movements which follow a
philosophy of white separatism and order to cover the bitter taste of the
supremacy. poisonous pill which many people
have foolishly and ignorantly
As I point out in 'Civil Disobedience swallowed.
And Christian Persecution', these
movements include such groups as It is interesting to note that a variety
White Pride, the Phinehas Priesthood, of names have been associated with
Aryan Nation, the Ku Klux Klan, and a the Inner Earth. Two of the most
variety of other clandestine popular are Agharta, or Agharti, and
paramilitary organizations. Groups Shamballah.
such as these are actually an offshoot
of the mentality of pre-War Nazi Exactly what do Agharta and
Germany; and for this reason, they are Shamballah truly represent?
sometimes referred to as Neo-Nazis, According to Hinduism and other
meaning New Nazis. This ideology of Asian belief systems, Shamballah is
white Caucasian supremacism was the capital of Agharta, which is
referred to by the Germans as nothing less than the underworld.
From what I have read, it is claimed
Is it merely a coincidence that the that the current Dalai Lama, the
exclusive race of the Inner Earth is spiritual leader of Tibet, and a
called the Arianni, or Aryanni? While Buddhist, has openly confessed that
some New Agers prefer to view the Shamballah is not just referring to
Arianni as an alien race from space, some spiritual domain or mental state
the truth seems obvious to me. As I of being which can be achieved
point out in some of my other through some form of meditation; but
alien/UFO and New Age articles, New rather it is an actual physical location
Age thought is nothing more than a found within the bowels of the Earth.
modernized conglomeration of
demonic psychobabble. It is from here that the 'King of the
World' is said to rule. The fact that
It is a deceptive blend of Christian these names are associated with both
doctrine, Native American mysticism, Hinduism and Buddhism should be
ancient spiritualism or necromancy, enough to set off an alarm with any
Wiccan nature worship, Asian sincere Christian. The only king, or
shamanism, and Babylonic demonism. god, of this world with which I am
This lethal mixture is insidiously familiar, is one mentioned by the
stirred together with other ingredients Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the
such as UFOlogy, environmentalism, Corinthians:
political correctness, and one
worldism; and then carefully coated "In whom the god of this world hath
with a deceptive powder called blinded the minds of them which
'spiritual enlightenment and truth', in believe not, lest the light of the
glorious gospel of Christ, who is the
image of God, should shine unto Returning to the topic of Agharta,
them." (2 Corinthians 4:4) certain New Age advocates believe
that collectively speaking, Shamballah,
As can be seen, this god is by no Telos, and quite a few other
means interested in giving spiritual subterranean cities such as Posid;
enlightenment to his ignorant located beneath the Matto Grosso
followers, but only in casting a dark plains region of Brazil, Shonshe;
cloud of spiritual deception upon his hidden high in the Himalayas, Rama;
victims. located near Jaipur, India, and
Shingwa; situated on the border of
As I have explained in other articles, Mongolia and China, are all
such as 'To Pray Or Not To Pray?', interconnected by subterranean
yoga and Eastern meditation are tunnels to form what they refer to as
extremely dangerous practices which the Agharta Network.
may result in the practitioner actually
becoming possessed by a spirit other The primary entrance to this inner
than the Life Force given to him by his world is said to be in the Gobi Desert
Creator. located in the Mongolian People's
Despite this fact, these pratices form Republic. According to Olaf Jansen,
an integral part of New Age thought. Agharta is supposedly comprised of
Those who call themselves three quarters land, and one quarter
'Lightworkers', and who teach that water. In 'The Smokey God', Emerson
such practices will benefit one's being, states that Jansen told him that he
are in fact workers of darkness which was informed that the place he and his
the Bible thoroughly condemns: father visited was called Shamaballah
the Lesser.
"Woe unto them that call evil good,
and good evil; that put darkness for While this concept of the Hollow
light, and light for darkness; that put Earth Theory is given a deceptive New
bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Age appearance, it is nothing but
(Isaiah 5:20) cleverly disguised Hinduism and
Buddhism through and through.
"For such are false apostles, deceitful While doing the research for this
workers, transforming themselves article, I discovered that one belief
into the apostles of Christ. And no held by some of these oriental
marvel; for Satan himself is religions, is that life on the surface of a
transformed into an angel of light. planet is viewed as an aberration from
Therefore it is no great thing if his the norm.
ministers also be transformed as the
ministers of righteousness; whose In other words, these people believe
end shall be according to their that within every solar system, only
works." (2 Corinthians 11:13-15) one planet is 'permitted' to have life on
its surface, while all of the others are
teeming with life within, illuminated This is precisely the philosophy that
by their inner sun. we see in Byrd's diary; and it is the
very same philosophy that we see in
It is because of this deceptive doctrine, 'Lost Horizon' as well. If these ideas of
that many New Agers believe that the a king ascending from the inner world
other planets within our Solar System don't bother you, allow me to inform
are full of life. you that, as a Christian, there is only
one king that I am aware of who is
Said in another way, as long as a destined to ascend out of the depths of
planet has an inner sun, it doesn't the Earth; and he certainly is not a
matter if it is located in the depths of benign one:
cold dark space; it will still possess a
thriving community within. Thus, "And they had a king over them,
human life on Earth is reduced from which is the angel of the bottomless
being a Divine Miracle in which God is pit, whose name in the Hebrew
glorified, to being an everyday tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek
occurrence. In fact, it discredits God tongue hath his name Apollyon."
even more than this. (Revelation 9:11)

In the case of our Solar System, Earth "The beast that thou sawest was, and
is the one planet which has been is not; and shall ascend out of the
'chosen' to serve as a type of bottomless pit, and go into perdition:
'schoolroom' to teach other beings the and they that dwell on the earth shall
vanity of war and other acts of wonder, whose names were not
violence. written in the book of life from the
foundation of the world, when they
In other words, the outer surfaces of behold the beast that was, and is not,
planets are reserved for those who are and yet is." (Revelation 17:8)
not yet spiritually enlightened. Thus,
in accordance with this deceptive Contrary to what is erroneously taught
philosophy, the inhabitants of Agharta by New Age thought gurus and eastern
view us surface dwellers as complete monks, this 'King of the World' is NOT
barbarians. our friend! Neither will he come in
order to restore peace to the world! In
This belief further states that it is only fact, as I explain in my series 'The
when the surface dwellers are at the Seven Heads', based on the English
point of self-destruction, that the translation of these two words, he will
inhabitants of the inner world will be The Destroyer of the world;
come out, led by their 'King of the because 'Abaddon' and 'Apollyon'
World', in order to offer us their mean 'destruction' and 'destroyer'!
assistance; and to help us to pick up
the pieces. Some time ago, I was interested in
obtaining a Scriptural answer Gnosticism is a false belief system
concerning what truly lies within the which asserts that Salvation is derived
Earth. The result of my research is a through the obtainment of spiritual
very in-depth article entitled 'Hell And knowledge, rather than through faith
The Lake Of Fire'. in Jesus Christ. In a sense, secular
humanism and New Age thought teach
As I have just pointed out, while I the very same thing; because they too
indeed believe that the inside of the emphasize that man's Salvation comes
Earth is populated, it is not with a not through God and the Sacrifice of
benign race of technologically His Son Jesus Christ, but rather
advanced humans who use flying disks through the work of his own hands.
as their means of transportation; but
rather with beings of an entirely By increasing his spiritual knowledge
different nature. and awareness, and by improving his
science, man believes that he can be
There is no benign 'Master' as is his own saviour. The grave danger
claimed by the purported extracts which exists here is that the spiritual
from the diary of Admiral Richard E. knowledge currently being espoused
Byrd. Rather than believe in these vain by New Age thought advocates is false
imaginations of so-called New Age knowledge. It is nothing but utter lies!
science, I encourage you to read this
article so that you can obtain a very By this time, it should be rather clear
clear understanding of exactly what to you that this whole story of Admiral
the Bible tells us is in the bowels of the Byrd and the Hollow Earth Theory, is
Earth. To continue to believe these nothing more than a terrible demonic
silly theories put forth by vain men is deception; and it is one of the worst
to accept the lies of what the Apostle kind; because those who have been
Paul refers to as science, or caught up in it, can't even begin to
knowledge, falsely so called: realize the depth of the deceit, or the
extreme spiritual danger that these
"O Timothy, keep that which is things represent.
committed to thy trust, avoiding
profane and vain babblings, and What is worse, is that many people
oppositions of science falsely so who consider themselves to be
called:" (1 Timothy 6:20) Christians, including certain
prominent Christian leaders, have
The word 'science' in the previous been totally taken in by this demonic
verse is actually referring to false lie! The way Satan has accomplished
knowledge. It is derived from the this is quite remarkable. It is a plan
Greek word 'gnosis', pronounced gno'- which he and his human cohorts have
sis, from which we derive the English been working on for a very long time!
word 'gnosticism'. Believe it or not, it was in the very
same year that Admiral Richard E.
Byrd is said to have entered the While I don't know what inspired and
previous notes into his personal diary, motivated James Hilton to write his
that is, in 1947, that a certain novel, whether he intended for it to
worldwide ecclesiastical organization happen or not, it appears that his work
came into being. This organization is has been used in both book form, as
the WCC; that is, the World Council of well as in movie form, to slowly
Churches. Oddly enough, it was also in brainwash people over the past sixty
that year that the UFO phenomenon years, so that they will accept what is
took off on a flying start with the coming ahead. The true spirit of
Roswell incident, and the Washington Shangri-La is the spirit of ecumenism
State fly-overs. and One Worldism. It is the dream of
a utopian society partially brought
In order for you to understand this, it about through what is currently being
is important that you remember that it propagandized as religious tolerance,
was in the previous decade that James and religious unity. This is quite
Hilton wrote 'Lost Horizon'; which evident by recent gatherings of both
only a few years later was released as a Christian and non-Christian spiritual
movie. Now let me ask you; what was leaders, such as the Dalai Lama; one
one of the primary themes of the 1973 of the central figures in 'Lost Horizon'!
movie? The answer is peaceful
coexistence through moderation.
Exactly how was it achieved in the What these foolish compromising
movie? Earlier I mentioned that the Christian leaders don't realize, is that
philosophy of Shangri-La was a through their actions, they are
combination of Christian and weakening the very foundation of our
Buddhist beliefs! In other words, it Christian heritage. Just like the New
was ecumenism; the very same goal Age thought advocates who view Jesus
which is currently being espoused by as Sananda, one of many 'Ascended
none other than the World Council of Masters', these so-called Christian
Churches! The whole goal of shepherds are helping to slowly strip
ecumenism is to create a One World Jesus of His Divinity and unique
Religion. It isn't just to teach people to status as the only begotten Son of God.
respect the different religious beliefs Furthermore, what none of these
of their neighbors; but rather it is to people realize, is that while religious
eventually take the best of each unity may currently appear to be the
religion, and to unite them into one final goal, it is all one demonic lie; for
'Super-Religion' which will be the Scriptures clearly tell us that in the
acceptable to everyone in a One World end, the 'King of the World' is going to
Family under a One World want to be worshipped as 'God'
Government, run by none other than himself:
the "King of the World' himself; the
Beast! "And the king shall do according to his
will; and he shall exalt himself, and
magnify himself above every god, and media, television, the Internet, etc. to
shall speak marvellous things against slowly brainwash people, so that they
the God of gods, and shall prosper till will accept the deceptive system which
the indignation be accomplished: for will soon be forced upon them. In
that that is determined shall be done." order to achieve their goals, The
(Daniel 11:36) Controllers must first totally destroy
Christianity; because it is the biggest
"Let no man deceive you by any obstacle in their path to world
means: for that day shall not come, dominion. This is because it teaches
except there come a falling away first, faith in the one true God, who is
and that man of sin be revealed, the untouchable in the Heavenlies, and
son of perdition; Who opposeth and not faith in some human or
exalteth himself above all that is called subterranean demon god called the
God, or that is worshipped; so that he 'King of the World' who resides in
as God sitteth in the temple of God, Shamballah, Agharta.
shewing himself that he is God." (2
Thessalonians 2:3-4) For these workers of darkness to
succeed in their evil pursuits, we
"And he doeth great wonders, so that Christians must either be stripped of
he maketh fire come down from our faith, or else be totally eliminated.
heaven on the earth in the sight of Eventually, and perhaps very soon,
men, And deceiveth them that dwell this is precisely what may happen. As I
on the earth by the means of those point out in other articles such as
miracles which he had power to do in 'Civil Disobedience And Christian
the sight of the beast; saying to them Persecution', the time is coming when
that dwell on the earth, that they we will be hated by all men because of
should make an image to the beast, our unwillingness to forsake our faith
which had the wound by a sword, and in the one true God. While others will
did live. And he had power to give life compromise their faith and gladly
unto the image of the beast, that the accept the new One World Religion in
image of the beast should both speak, order to save their skins, we must do
and cause that as many as would not no such thing. We must not receive
worship the image of the beast should the Mark of the Beast, or worship his
be killed." (Revelation 13:13-15) image. The period known as the Great
Tribulation will indeed try, or test, the
This is precisely where all of these hearts of men everywhere. Only those
things are headed. As I state in other who have thoroughly grounded
articles, such as 'The International themselves in the Word of God will
Jew And The Protocols Of Zion', The have the faith to stand up against the
Controllers are currently using every opposition, or at least die in the
means at their disposal, whether it be process. But as the old saying goes,
through books, public education, the 'Sudden death, sudden glory!', for as it
music and film industries, mass is written in His Word:
"Precious in the sight of the LORD is
the death of his saints." (Psalms

For a more in-depth look at some of

these final events in the current
history of the world, I encourage you
to read some of my Endtime articles.
They will thrill your heart when you
see what God has prepared for those
who love Him. With these thoughts I
am going to bring another lesson to a
close. I pray that this article has been
informative, and a blessing and an
inspiration in your life.

Written by the WordWeaver

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