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Vd®77 No.10 . 38th$t Erie Pa. 116546 December ¥7,20

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Christmas on Campus New policy
Students awarded for may affect
living out the mission
ofMercyhurst spreads cheer to all someHubs
L e f t : M i ke
Foglio and An-
nie DiBartolom-
on campus
eo take a break By Holly Bums
FEATURES: from a busy day
Contributing write r
putting smiles
The Hamady twins on children at The Mission committee of Mer-
Christmas on cyhurst College is hard at work, in an
are twice as nice. attempt to finalize a Controversial
Issues Statement, regarding the pub
PAGE 5 Below: Christ- lication of controversial issues in cam-
mas on Campus pus publications.
Student Direc- The purpose of the Controversial
tor Anne Slegel Issues Statement is to affirm who
has two helpers Mercyhurst is and how we respect
to welcome the our Catholic/Mercy mission and tra-
OPINION: arrival of Santa dition, according to the draft docu-
Claus to the ment shown to The Merdadstaff.
Union last Sat- It also is meant to show how we
Does religion create treasure the creative tension which
a hive mentality? is a necessary part of the college en-
tographer The statement oncefinalized,will
be disseminated to all student dubs,
By: Jonelle Davis
organizations, faculty members,
Contributing writer
coaches, and administrators.
From there, it will be used to guide
It is Christmas time and once their activities and the products of
ARTS& again the spirit of giving is in the their efforts. All members of the
air. On Saturday Dec. 13 Mercy- college community will be called to
ENTERTAINMENT hurst College hosted Christmas on assess their activities using the stan
Campus for kidsfrom1-4 p.m. dards established in the Controver-
Christmas on Campus wel- sial Issues Statement according to th<
Check out Post comed underprivileged children draft policy..
Office's new album from neighborhood agencies to
come to Mercyhurst and celebrate If a club or organization has con-
JGfveJJpa4flr^ Christmas. ^^^** ^ cerns about a project dr restrictions
For most of these children, this | placed upon them, the draft policy
PAGE 8 event was the only Christmas they calls for them to be invited to bring
will have this year / * ,' their concerns to the Appeals Com-
According to Anne Slegel, Stu- mittee of the Student Communica-
dent Director of Christmas on Cam- tions Review Board. This is a sub-
pus, students decorated the Union committee of the Trustees' Studenl
in advance to prepare for the day, Life Committee.
SPORTS: turning the Union into a magical If, for any reason, the Appeals
world. Committee cannot resolve the issue
Men's basketball on After the preparation was fin- a full meeting of the Student Com-
fire with two more ished, many other students joined munications Review Board will be
wins.!: in to welcome the children to Mer- held to address the controversy and
cyhurst. determine a course of action, accord-
After the children arrived, the ing to the draft policy.
PAGE 12 rowing, football and lacrosse teams However, if a dub or organization
played games to kick off the day. does not seek the opinion of the Re-
After this, the children were each view Board and produces a publica-
assigned a student buddy.' Contributing pholograptter
tion that goes against the standards
The buddies took the children Pam Cichon, she participated as a cess, but the amount of work ft set by the Controversial Issues State
Upcoming Campus Events around the Union, doing every- buddy to help make a little kids took putting the program togeth- ment, the draft policy calls for that
thingfromcrafts to face painting. Christmas better. ? er was enormous. 1 action to be reviewed by the Appeals
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 17 - They were also given a chance to "I know that I always got excit- According to Anne Siegel, she] Committee.
shop for free gifts for their parents ed about Christmas and Santa when spent months preparing each as
at Santa's shop. Thefirstoffense would be a warn-
Blood Drive, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the I was little. I can't imagine what it pect of the event. ing. A second offense may result in
MSG Chambers, Student Union The day also included the ap- would be like to not get to cele- Still, she felt it Was worth the
pearance of Disney Character's brate Christmas with the gifts and work. This event was important the termination of the organization,
provided by Campus Ministry,.a games and crafts that I used to," because people often miss thej according to the draft policy.
Film: "Metropolis", 2 p.m.'and 8 reading of The Night Before Christ- said Cichon. most important aspect of Christ-
Cathy Anderson, Associate Vice
p.m. in the PAC mas, and of course a visit from She went on to say that it was mas, which is giving." President of Student Development
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. and Mary Daly, Senior Assistant tc
really fun being a buddy. "My lit- $ Siegel also went on to say that]
Not only were the children hap- Itle girl was so excited about every- faculty advisors Cass Shimek an i the President for Board Relations and
THURSDAY, DEC.|18 - Special Events would not comment
py, but the students that helped thing She appreciated each craft Penny Hanes, along with Assistan
them also got satisfaction out of or game that we played. I It was Student Director Kelly Rose Dut-J at this time. I
Inter Varsity ( hristian Fellowship, 8 giving back to the community. great to watoh her face when she tine and a helpful committee of The trustees' Mission Committee
p.m. in the MSG Chambers, Student According to Mercyhurst student would win a prize." volunteers, played crucial rules In will meet Jan. 6 to discuss the policy
Union Every part of the event was a suc- organizing the event. and possible action.

FRIDAY, DEC. 1 9 -

Last day of classes for students,

Christmas vacation begins after
Dress To Kill campus In February and also will
By Amanda Orendorf go back into the school," stated Rid-
TUESDAY, JAN. 6 - Contributing writer er, y
Dress to Kill raised about $1,000
The fashion merchandising de- for Mercyhurst College and alcohol
SAC General Meeting, 9 p.m. in the awareness.
partment at Mercyhurst College put
MSG Chambers, Student Union on its first fashion show Dec. 12 in The fashion show consisted of
the Walker Recital Hall. The fash- four sets that included formal, rock
Index Ion show's theme, "Dress to Kill,
Not Drink to Kill," was Intended to
and roll, contemporary, and T-
shirts., In between each set was a
News* .*,...,...*..&. ...1 help raise alcohol awareness on student speaker talking about their
News,*. »• * 2 campus. own personal experiences with al-
News* 5 <jj •• 3 "Drinking responsibly is a nation- cohol. The student speakers talked
Features •• «*• 4 al problem and a recent event that about alcoholism and their friend's
happened within the fashion de- death and Injuries that occurred as
Features »i» * a direct result of drinking. $
partment was the catalyst for this
Forum..... •-•* ° event," stated Lindsay Rider, Co- The models included some of the
Opinion • ' Chairman of the fashion show. fashion merchandising majors along
8 with some male athletes on cam-
A & £..... i «• The fashion show was funded by
pus. The athletes included Mike
A &M \-\ *•— 9 a grant given by President William
P. Garvey, the student government, Marshall, Mike Cahoon, Brian
Sports I «, "v p and also by student fundraising. Smith, Terrance Patrick, Jared Ad-
Anna Quorrtoro/ConlitbuUng photographer
Sports £ '! The money that we raised will go ams, Brian Bartlet, Joe Jerome, and
Junior Joe Jerome makes hit modeling debut for a good cause.
Sports ........12 to a day for alcohol awareness on PWWdPQNSJVS/jovv on page J J

National & International News 7b

Capturing Enlistmentsjgrowing despite

Saddam Hussein was found in the
of* farmhouse and arrested slipping support for war
a shot being fired: | joined the year before, said Sgt paid by the service.
Tom Cromer. : In addition to that, some re-
Time: Saturday, Dec. 13, By Patrick S. Pemberton
Knight Ridder Newspapers County recruitment numbers cruits receive cash bonuses of
8 p.m. local time f were not available for the Navy, up to $20,000 (depending on
Air Force or Marines, and local factors like prior education and
cation Red i Lisa Fay doesn't agree with the recruiters from those branches assignment), and many will re-
Dawn": U.S. special war in Iraq, but she's joining the all deferred questions to out-of- ceive training that could make
forces moved into the area Armyanyway. area spokespersons. But nation- them more marketable in civil-
A4-year stint, the Oceano teen ally, none of the three branches ian life.
hours after Iraqi tipT said, will allow her to receive the,']appear to be impacted by slip- All that can be appealing, es-
training she needs to become a ping support lor the war. pecially when the economy is still
HWing place: "Spider hoie" mental health specialist, which Critics say the war in Iraq has recovering from a 2001 reces-
underground, about 2 m (6.6 ft.) could lead to a career in social been too costly, has resulted In sion that put two million people
deep, with ventilation pipe; hole i services. further instability in the Middle out of work.
When he enters the Army next East and—worst of all—has "Basically, the military is my
camouflaged with bricks, dirt spring, Jason Scaroni will already resulted in the deaths of more last resort in life," said Jamie
have a degree in computer sci- than 430 U.S. troops as this sto-Gooch, 25, of Atascadero.
Result Saddam offered no ence from Cal Poly. But he would ry goes to press.; Gooch, who has a wife and 3-
resistance, he is talkative and like the Army to pay off his stu- The possibility of encounter- year-old daughter, said he cant
dent bans. ing danger has sparked questions find stable work, he said, and he
*• # » ; •
F; two other people aHa The Army will pay up to from potential recruits and their cannot afford to go to school.
arrested; weapons and more than $65,000 in school loans. Scaroniparents, Cromer said. But the So he'll get training in aircraft
$750,000 cash confiscated | ^ _ _ _ _ _ ^ _ has around $30,000.!• p odds of getting killed in Iraq are repair in the Army.
"So that will take care of all slim, he said. H "Right now if8 so tight with
Soira:AFI» Aft CNN. NRT photo earvtoe OepNc: Jul* Schtfbt. Morton Lfhrm eSOOS
of my loan debt," said the San "It's concerning to a lot of ^ money—with all the bills and
Luis Obispo resident people, of course," Cromersaid. stuff — the Army is basically

Council wants Saddam Even though support for mili- "But I don't see a big impact as
tary involvement In I raq is wan- far as enlistm ents." The economy made significant
ing (the country is now evenly To help keep the military sup- gains in the third quarter of this
split, according to several polls plied with troops, the federal year, but economists say job

tried by Iraqi tribunal conducted last month), all government has increased ex- growth is still slow.
branches of the service are penses for recruiters as well as And many high school gradu-
meeting their enlistment quotas. boosted incentives to join. ates are weary of having to
P Things have been going very, The Army, which has targeted spend years paying off loan
It will definitely be televised." be satisfied," said the official, very well," said Douglas Smith, college students and college- debts. J&
By Maureen Fan Human rights groups have ex- who spoke on condition of a no- >ja spokesman for the Army Re- bound high schoolers, started According to the U.S. Depart-
Knight Ridd er Newspapers pressed concern that the Iraqis nymity. cruiting Command in Georgia. experimenting with 15-month ment of Edu cation, 64 percent
lack the technical abilitytopros- The official said the United "\AfeVe made our recruiting mis- terms of service to appeal to of students have to take out
ecute Saddam fairly on their States also reserved therightto sion for the year." those reluctant to commit to the loans for college. The average
BAGHDAD, Iraq—Contro- own. Legislation to create the prosecute Saddamforcrimes Last month, the Army's goal previous minimum commitment debt upon graduation is roughly
versy over how to prosecute war-crimes tribunal was ap- committed against Americans. | | was to recruit 6,400 new enlist- of two years. | s $17,000 n £
Saddam Hussein intensified proved last week by the Gov- Two of Iraq's neighbors de- ees nationwide. It signed up Meanwhile, the G.I. bill will pay While the Army will pay Sea -
Monday as President Bush said erning Council only after a pro- manded Monday that Saddam be 6,594. more money for schooling (up roni's loan debts, he also will re-
the United States would work vision was inserted allowing for tried for war crimes against their In San Luis Obispo County, to $50,000) once a soldier fin- ceive a $20,000 signing bonus
with Iraq to develop a way to international advisers, yet it was countries. Their chances of try- more than 100 people have en- ishes a stint And those who al- and training as a linguist
try him, while members of Iraq's ^unclear whether council mem~ ing him in an international ven- listed in the Army this year— ready have graduated from col- r He's hoping to learn Arabic.
Governing Council insisted that 4bersjntendfcd to bring feintergf tie arsslimrhowever,grver+that morethan twicethe numberthat lege can have up to $65,000 re-
the former dictator would be J national expf&ts. T ? 9 S J? ttfSU:Nrcourtsin The Hague,
tried in public by ah already-cre- "We will work with the Iraqis Netherlands, have no jurisdic-
no Vll

ated all-Iraqi war crimes tribu- to develop a way to try him and tion. • - £ J.
nal as early as March.
Saddam's capture will not mean more
that will stand up to intemation- In Kuwait the prime minister,; •)
While some council members al scrutiny," President Bush said tasked his nation's top lawyers to
want to see Saddam put to death,in Washington. The Iraqis need "go after" Saddam, said Waleed
forces available to find bin Laden
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi to be involved. They were the Abdul-Latif al Nusif, the editor ment raised complaints in Wash- hiding out in a country occupied
of the dally newspaper al Qa- By Juan O. Tamayo
Annan opposed any proceedings ones who were brutalized... M ington that President Bush was by more than 130,000 U.S.
They need to be very much in- bas. Saddam invaded Kuwait in Knight Ridder Newspapers
that had the death penalty as an easing {he pressures on bin Lad-troops and had little support, said
option. And Iraq's neighbors volved in the process." 1 1990, an act that precipitated the Saddam Hussein's capture is en. Stanley Bedlington, a former
damored for their own proceed- m Although the U.S.-backed coa-first U.S.-led Persian Gulf War. unlikely to prompt U.S. officials Many of the new arrivals in senior analyst In the CIA's Coun-
ings against the captured former lition authority has suspended the What court the Arab country to intensify their search for Osa- Iraq wound up in Task Force terterrorist Center.
dictator. 'i Z death penalty in Iraq, it could be; plans tofileits case in was un- ma bin Laden in Afghanistan, | 121, an eliteforceof CIA ana- This one was a more specifi-
"He has to be tried by the tri- brought back after sovereignty clear, although the charges prob- terror experts said Sunday. lysts and linguists, Army Green cally military operation because
bunal we set up a few days ago," is restored July 1, prompting ably would be criminal rather V The CIA and Pentagon are un-Beret, Delta Force and Navy it Involved regular Infantry along
said Mowaffak al Rubaie, a Brit- Annan to object.'1 than civil, Nusif said. likely to return to Afghanistan SEAL commandos and CIA with the CIA and (the Penta-
ish-trained physician who was The U.N. does not support a Iran also is pursuing a crimi- the scores of U.S. commandos paramilitary units created in gon's) Defense Intelligence
one of four Governing Council death penalty. In all the courts nal complaint against Saddam for and intelligence agents that had October to track down and cap- Agency," Bedlington said.
members who met Saddam for we have set up, (U.N. officials) his 1980-88 war against that been seeking bin Laden before ture or kill Saddam and resis- The hunt for bin Laden, on the
about 30 to 40 minutes early have not included a death pen- country, government spokesman they were shifted to Iraq to crack tance leaders. 3? other hand, is more of an intel-
Sunday morning. f alty," Annan said Monday at the Abdollah Ramazanzadeh said down on Iraqi rebels, f "Clearly, the resources devot- ligence operation because he is
The trial will be public and tele- United Nations. "And so as sec- during a weekly briefing in Te- That mission remains more ed to bin Laden were diluted, but widely believed to be hiding out
vised and Saddam could face theretary-general, and the U.N. as hran. Saddam used chemical important than turning up the I don't expect a switch back to In the mountains along the re-
death penalty, Rubaie said. an organization, I am not going weapons during that war, which heat on bin Laden, who they Afghanistan just because of the mote Afghan-Pakistani border,
They were big crimes he did, to now turn around and support: ,jended in a draw and claimed at believe to be all but isolated in a capture of Saddam, said Can- with help from Muslim radicals
from mass graves to killing cler- a death penalty." least 300,000 Iranian lives. remote comer of Afghanistan, nistraro. § and local tribal leaders."
ics to gassing the Kurds. There A senior State Department "We want the crimes of Iraq's the analysts said. He and other analysts argued "Moreover, Osama is neutral-
are enough crimes to hang him official said Monday that it was dictator to be examined in a com- Nearly half the U.S. intelli- that the manhuntsforSaddam ized, so there's no rush to get
many thousands of times," said "clearly for the Iraqis to decide" petent International court and for gence and commando agents and bin Laden are quite differ- him," Dunnigan added. "More
council member Mohsen Abdul if the death penalty should be him to be put on trial," Ramaza- who had been in Afghanistan ent and therefore require differ- urgent attention must be paid to
Hameed, the secretary general Imposed on Saddam. nzadeh said. The Foreign Min- and neighboring Pakistan were ent types of resources. bin Laden followers outside Af-
of the Iraqi Islamic Party. "But "He victimized their entire istry has taken some measures reassigned to Iraq starting last The search for Saddam required ghanistan and Pakistan who are
the court will be fair. We will give population, so whatever punish- on this Issue and has collected summer after the resistance be- more of a military than an intel- actively planning operations."
him lawyers and it will be public. ment they deem applies, we will the necessary documents." gan intensifying. The redeploy- ligence operation because he was

l ^StHtaanfaT*
i S K !1
Fall Term Laker-Inn I INtfNIfc* 1
• T# 1
Lunch Specials 1
Monday _ _ _
Bagel Sandwich Cheeseburger Sizzling Salad 1
8 oz. Fruit Cup Curly French Fries 20 oz. Fountain 1
20 oz. Fountain 20 oz. Fountain Drink m*M«ws*m 1
Drink Drink

Thursday Friday I: Saturday I

"fTaco Salad Combination Sub
Wrap I II*
20 oz. Fountain 2 Cookies
Small French
Drink Fries
20 oz. Fountain A#.£*#l
20 oz. Fountain
Drink I feat jrsrwt irw * *n?*r*I
I 111 • l«w?

Drink I i IJ

ttftfiUfntafee*.IflM §904)1) I

Students: Don't Forget to CRAB Your "Lunch on the RunT I


To contact newsmerciad@ mercyhurst. edu NEWS

Mercvhurst students live the mission Police& Safety Daily Crime Log

By Jennifer Allen November 16, 2003 December 6, 2003

Contributing writer Warde Townhouse* #1 3907 Lewis Ave,
Burglary: Gateway Laptop Criminal Mischief: Unknown
Computer stolen from table in pecson(s) damaged a tree and
apt. Investigated* branch located in die court-
Students from both Mercv-
hurst campuses were recognized yard, Investigated.
for living the mission of Mercy-
hurst College on Wednesday,
December 10, in connection with 3829 Briggs Aye. December 7, 2003
the'founding of the Sisters of Criminal Mischief: Door han- Baldwin Hall I %*
Mercy Foundation on Dec. 12, dle found to be broken, unable Theft: Theft of debit card
1831. There were one hundred- to secure or lock the door, In- from student's room, Investi-
sixty students were honored for vestigated gated.
their efforts at a reception held
in the Mercy Heritage Room.
The mission of Mercvhurst Baldwin Hall December 8, 2003 ,
College that these students have | Larceny /Theft: Wallet stolen 3923 Lewis Ave
lived so well states, ". . .Inspired from purse in apt. #236, Inves- College Violations: Student
by the Sisters of Mercy, the col- tigated. had a pet dog in the apt,
lege holds in highest esteem the Investigated.
qualities of excellence, compas-
sion, creativity, and service to November 17, 2003 December % 2003
others." 3827/3829 Briggs Ave. 3925 Briggs Ave.
In the third year for "Living Larceny/Theft: One pair of Medical Emergency: III Stu
the Mission" Sister Kathleen hockey pants stolen from laun- dent, Investigated.
Marie Leap, Director of the Katw McAdamvPhoto ecWor
dry area,' Investigated.
Mercy Institute, Sister Geraldi- Living the Mission award winners enjoy the reception In their honor In the Mercy Heri-
ne Rosinski, Director of Cam- tage Room. From left to right are Sr. Mlchele Schroeck, Greg Wllczynskl, Mike Miele
pus Ministry, and Sister Michele and Dan Stilson.
November 18, 2003 December 11, 2003
Marie Schroeck, Director of Luther King Jr. Center," Craven not have normally been exposed nity stop by to congratulate the 3924 Lewis Ave. McAuleyHall |j
Service Learning, welcomed stu- said "I think the kids taught me to." i d students and to enjoy the re- Theft: Unknown person(s) Theft Theft of a chair, wal-
dents to the reception and pre- more than I taught them some- Katie Walker was another of freshments." took a student's key, Investigat- let, money, and clothes from a
sented them with certificates to tunes." | the many recipients of the award. The students honored at the ed. student's room, Investigated.
honor their work. Craven loved her experience She is a junior communications reception received cards with a
Sister Geraldine Rosinski said working with the children at the major who was nominated by Dr. quote from the Constitution of
of the faculty recognizing stu- center and said, "It makes me Melissa Gibson Hancox, for all the Sisters of Mercy of the November 20, 2003- December 12, 2003
dents for their compassion, ser- of the work she has done within Americas as well. This said, "We McAuley Hall East Duval
feel very good that people think
vice, and volunteer work, This I am nice." the communications department witness to MERCY when we Theft: Unknown person(s) Smoke Alarm: Student
is a way for us to perpetuate the as well as for helping out with reverence the dignity of each took jewelry, school books, and burned food while cooking,
Amy Mason, also a sopho-
mission of the Sisters of Mer- Dr. Gibson's Freshman Year Ini- person, create a spirit of hospi- CD's from a student's room, Investigated.
more, was recognized for her
cy." She felt that it was great for tiative class. tality and pursue integrity of Investigated.
work at the Martin Luther King
these students to be recognized Jr. Center as well "It felt great Walker was very happy to be word and deed in our lives."
for their achievements as well. to be nominated," she said. chosen for the award. She said, The certificate also congratu- November 23, 2003 December 15, 2003
One student honored for liv- Mason said of the initial ex- "I found being nominated a very lated the students on being 23 West Duval ft West Main Drive
ing the mission of the Sisters of perience, "It wasn't really what large honor, it was nice to be rec- named a Mercyhurst College stu- College Violations: Student Harassment: Unknown
Mercy, was Nicole Craven, a I expected, and it took a couple ognized by the faculty for all of dent of "Living the Mission" had a pet cat in the apt-, Inves- person(s) threw eggs at com-
sophomore who was also nomi- weeks for the kids to start warm- the hard work and other things and included the mission state- tigated. 5 plainant and yelled racial re-
nated last year. She was nomi- • A'
ingup. I have given to Mercyhurst." ment that so many students at marks, Investigated.
nated this year for her service She later added, "It was fun; Sister Kathleen Marie Leap, Mercyhurst College live every
learning work at the Martin Luth- a learning experience that really who was in charge of the event, day.
er King Jr. Center in Erie. opened up my eyes to a group said, "It was good to have many
"I loved going to the Martin of people and kids that I would members of the college commu-

Fashion shciw raises awareness B r C & t Q U f i J *tllC- I l l O l C l

Continued from Page L

According to junior Ashley

Winter breaks spent a variety of ways
Breen, "I really enjoyed the show. Eric Flvnn, who is in his third Michigan student Yang, who is
The message was gpod overall. By Becky Bellville year at Drexel, has simple plans from Massachusetts, went on a
This event hit dose to home be- Knight Ridder Newspapers for his winter break. ski trip to New Hampshire with
cause my sister's dose friend was "Absolutely nothing," Flynn friends and plans to do it again.
killed by a drunk driver." Spring break is a time for col- said. "Just stay home and enjoy American I niversitypopho-
The night was a great success lege students to take off with »
it. more Izzy Bodian, whose par-
with an outcome of more than friends to exotic locales. And However, not everyone plans ents recendy bought a house in
140 students. "We know that summer vacations often find to stay home. Philip Dobbyn, di- Nicaragua, plans to visit people
drinking occurs. We just want to them at full-time jobs or intern- rector of the Customer Contact at the Nicaraguan hotel where
promote responsible drinking. ships, or traveling overseas. Center for the Internet travel she interned last summer, she
We want people to look after Winter breaks, however, do service Student-Universe, said said.
one another and take advantage not receive as much attention as that while students tend to go Bodian said she usually spends
of the facilities on campus to be other vacations. Students use this home for winter breaks, many her breaks in "really weird plac-
safe when drinking," stated Rid- time for overseas travel, staying also go to warm places like Flor- es," like he i high school spring
er. at home and anything in be- ida and Cancun, Mexico. break trip to Pans.
"The fashion show has been tween, and the length of winter "We try to go somewhere ev- Dobbyn said students often
a success because of all the fash- breaks varies from about two ery winter break," said David spend part of their winter breaks
ion majors, Dr. Garvey, Kathy weeks off to a luxurious five Ellis, another freshman at Amer- in Europe, sometimes visiting
Anderson, Student Government, weeks. ican, who plans to go on a Car- friends who are studying abroad.
and Manlynn Smith. Hopefully Anna Guernero/Contributing photographer
Many students spend this time, ibbean cruise with his family. "My "Students are spending time
this will be the first of an annual TWo Mercyhurst students walk the runway for a good cause which usually starts about a week sister is in graduate school" so seeing the sites and enjoying the
event," said Rider. last Friday. before Christmas and lasts into we both have time off. lifestyle of places like London,
January, with family and old Chris Allen, a freshman at Paris and Amsterdam," he said.
friends. Michigan State University, said "They've probably done the
beers on the beach' before, and
Teacher evaluations often reflect "I love my winter breaks. I get
to hang out with my friends near
home and my family after a long
he may go to California with his
family, but he also said that
spending a lot of time with his
want a little something different."
However, he said winter breaks

attractiveness, study finds drought of not seeing them,

which is a huge phis," said Frank
Yang, a sophomore at the Uni-
family was not necessarily posi-
"I like to see them, but I love
still tend to be more low-key than
Other breaks. "With spring
breaks, the expectations are not
dents to look at photographs of] Web sites are devoted to evalu- versity of Michigan. college so much," Allen said. to go home, but to go crazy.
By Gwenn Miller 94 professors and rate their atingprofessors. Evan Ewers, a freshman at "They get on my nerves fast" "Summer trips are much long-
Knight Ridder Newspapers looks. They compared the rat- allows American University in Washing- Some students will use vaca- er and overseas. Winter break
ings with average student evalu- students to rate teaching effec- ton, D.C, is looking forward to tions to escape from their fami- has far fewer people traveling in
Question No. 1: On a scale of ation scores for the courses those tiveness and professor's looks his first trip home since August lies. University of Michigan soph- groups, versus summer and
one to 10, how effective was your professors taught. (depicted by a chili pepper it "I'm from California, so it's a omore Nathan Palstad plans to spring breaks where students
professor? | The researchers found that the they are deemed "hot")- 1 really long way,' Ewers said. "I'll •* f Til*
travel together."
go to the University of Illinois
Question No. 2: On a scale of professors who rated high in the Kimbedy Rodgers, Penn State have my car and I'll be able to
for a five-day conference orga-
Of course, there's always the
one to 10, how would you rate looks category also were rated assistant professor of finance, see my friends, (who) didn't get
nized by the group InterVarsity
old standby of using a break to
your professor's looks? \ bettei teachers than less-Attrac- was one professor whose name to go away to school, and my earn money. 1 wers, the Ameri-
Christian Fellowship.
Think the second question is tive professors, by almost a point. appeared on the site. She said family." J ^? "It is nice to go home and
can Universityfreshman,said he
outrageous? Well, it is. It would According to an October article reasonable people will reject In- At Drexel University in Phila- spend time with my family, but probably would do clerical work
never appear on a student eval in the Chronicle of Higher Ed- ternet-posted evaluations. w
for his mother's import-export
delphia, all breaks are about since I wouldn't be working, two
uation of a professor. ucation, that's a substantial dif- "The notion of correlating in- warehouse over his winter break
three weeks long. This is because weeks is a long time to spend con-
But that doesn't mean it's not ference. structor appearance with effec- Drexel's calendar operates year- stantly with your family," Palstad "It's really easy and they pay
a factor as Pennsylvania State Reviews of the study are tive teaching strikes me as non- round, in Quarters rather than said. me, so I don't complain," he said.
University students fill out Stu- mixed. sensical/' Rodgers said. the t radi (ion a I semesters. During his last winter break,
dent Rating of Teaching Effec- Robert Secor, vice provost for As superficial as die study (and
tiveness forms this week. academic affairs at Penn State, die Web site) might sound, stu-
In a recent stud) two research- said the university's own research dent evaluations can have seri- Information from Police and Safety
ers at the I Jniversiry of Texas at found that the biggest indicator ous implications for faculty Ten-
Austin concluded that more at- of student evaluations was how ure-track faculty at Penn State
tractive professors outscored much they learned from the are ultimately judged in three 1. Parking Lot #2, the underground parking ramp, the rules still apply even though
their more homely peers on course. categories to get tenure — re- students are on break because the faculty still need to park there.
teaching evaluations. "The more the students felt search, service and teaching. In
other words, student ratings
Daniel Hamermesh, professor they learned, the higher the 2. The parking lot behind the Student Union will be closed off because of a Christmas
scores," Secor said count
of economics, and one his stu- party on Dec. 19,2003. 1
It matters so much that entire
dents, Amy Parker, asked stu-

7b contact: FEATURES

Students learn much from Honduras trip
'They feel good when they give the little that they have'
* »

By Kyla Mclnchak
Contributing writer

A trip to a third world country

can be quite intimidating, but 12
seniors, Dr. Mary Snyder, and
Dr. Catherine Shiraek from Kfrstln Kalivoda was In Washington, O.C. working with
Mercyhurst threw their fears U.S Custom and Border Protection for six months.
aside and traveled to Honduras.
Why would anyone want to
• *

visit a third world country? "I

Kalivoda, Miller visit D.C.
wanted to see how another part from home" shared Kalivoda,
of the world lives/* said Pamela By Kyla Mclnchak an Erie native.
Wille. ' i & Contributing wnter \filler and Kalivoda worked
Another student, Danielle Fri- in the same department and
er, said, *Tve always wanted to The Vietnam Veterans' Me- also roomed together. They
go. Everyone should go to Hon- morial, the U.S. Holocaust didn't know one another until
duras before graduation." Museum, the Lincoln Memo- the trip, but according to Kalivo-
The group lived off of simple rial and the National Zoo are da, "It was a new, fun, and ex-
meals, consisting of rice, beans, all attractions that lure people citing experience. It worked
tortillas, and juice. to Washington D.C, but for out very well, for I would have
"They cooked the same things Kirstin Kalivoda, there's some- been lonely if 1 had been by
over and over again, but they thing even more exciting: the myself." | j
didn't always taste the same way," U.S. Custom and Border Pro- Kalivoda said that she had al-
said Wille. tection headquarters. ways hoped to work in D.C,
"Our baths consisted of buck- Kalivoda, a junior currently and this dream is what led her
LJbbyZfegenhagenContnbuting photographer
ets of water that we had to pour The group of students that traveled to Chamelecon over Thanksgiving break. They are enrolled in the R.I.A.P. pro- to Mercyhurst.
on ourselves" said Frier. seen with the three boys they worked with and Sr. Kathleen. gram, spent six months at the "I didn't want to go to col-
When the group went outside, agency. lege in Erie, but because of the
they built homes, painted, and the case. "They are good live about 10 miles away from Daniel Cabanillas set up the Her job was to work in the R.I.A.P. program and how
played with the Honduran chil- hosts. They feel good when the poor, said Donner. trip two years ago, and students National Security. Anti-Terror- unique it was I decided to at-
dren. they give the little that they have She also said that they enjoy that go usually come back with ism division. tend Mercyhurst/* shared
Oftentimes when they were to their guests," said Dudziak. paved streets, security systems, a better perspective on life. "It "I was given projects right Kalivoda.
outside they saw kids throwing The group spent three out of and running water. "Therichget makes you appreciate what you off the bat. I wasn't consid- She even turned down schools
garbage in the river or street six days of their trip in Cha- richer, and the poor get poor- have, but in the same respect it ered an intern, for instead I was in D.C. because they make their
"They don't know any better," melecon Village. The village is er," said Dudziak. makes you disgusted. What we considered a part of the ream," studentsfindinternships on their
said Karen Dudziak. located outside of the city, said A way to ensure that the poor have and what we think we need said Kalivoda. own, whereas Mercyhurst
Each person in the group had Dudziak. don't fight back is to limit their to have to live is often distort- "I had to take sensitive infor- brings agencies to the campus.
to encounter bugs and hard Betsy Dormer explained that education. "High school stu- ed," said • Wille. mation and process it to deter- "Mercvhurst offered a bonus
floors while they slept, but the "the economic systems are dents have to stand in a line to Anyone can make a contribution mine its value," said Kalivoda. that others schools did not," said
swarm of children waiting for get a packet for the upcoming without actually visiting third She said that she had to make Kalivoda.
diverse. There's no running wa-
them in the morning helped school year. On average only world countries such as Hondu- the information available so Kalivoda came back to Brie
ter in the village, and they don't
them to persevere. 250 out of 700 students that ras. that agents in the field would with much more than she had
have paved roads"
Dudziak thought that the The Hondurans that live in the stand in line actually get a What's important is "making be able to act according to the brought to D.C
l i t * I I 1 T 1

group would live Like the Hon- city, on the other hand, live a life packet. This causes riots and Americans aware of what's hap- reports they received. She shared that she came
that middle class Americans sometimes arrests," said Dud- pening," said Donne r. Cairlyn Miller also went on back with knowledge that has
durans lived, in complete pov-
erty and hunger. This was not could relate to. Sadly, they only ziak. the trip. helped her both with issues in
"We worked 40 hours per school and in the world.
Stanley brings internship with TV station, double major full week, from 8:30 a.m. to 5
p.m. Then I worked overtime
"My study skills have im-
proved and now 1 know how
At her internship, Stanley had ley was exposed to a life in the which include being a resident as well," stated Kalivoda. to do better research*-1 know
By Brian Cellone
*\m»ny different? responsibilities^ me^Ua and lov$a $$%*$ mmut< assistant and an ambassador. How did the girls become so more about current events, and
ContributifigVn^r-W H i )
which included typical intern of it. The wide variety of jobs Stanley is also involved* ih the fortunate as ro gef an'tntcrn- 1 know a lot more about work-
"Attention everyone, we will be stuff, such as filing papers and and experiences - ? Liturgical Dance Ensemble. A ship in D.C? ing with a team, Kalivoda said.
on-air in 30 seconds. I need qui- getting things copied, as well as Stanley had at her internship new activity for her this year is According to Kalivoda, a "Lessons don't mean anything
et in the studio." not so typical jobs. had her realize that in die future the dance honors society, Nu majority of R.I.A.P. majors at until you apply them in the
For senior lessica Stanley, this These other jobs consisted of she would like to be a TV news Delta Alpha, which was just Mercyhurst do go to D.C work force," said Kalivoda.
became a routine part of sum- putting stories together and ed- anchor. started this vear. The agency, she said, came to Now Kalivoda feels more
mer due to her exciting new in- iting video clips for on air use. "This opportunity has given Wliile Stanley is extremely busy Mercyhurst during R.I.A.P. confident in herself and her
ternship with the Fox 40 TV sta- The TV station management me the hands-on experience with her double major and her Week and only picked two peo- abilities, and can hardly wait to
tion in Bingham ton, New York. had so much faith in her that needed in order to be successful many activities, she always finds ple for internships. Those two return to D.C in th summer, j
people just happened to be <l
During her internship, Stanley they even let her interview peo- in the journalism field," Stanley time for her friends who are very They offered me a full time
experienced the hectic atmo- ple. said. w
Kalivoda and Miller. job, so I'm going to work for
important to her.
sphere of a TV news station. Some interviews that stick out Besides enjoying journalism, Kalivoda and Miller only had them in the summer, come
No matter what degree Stan-
Stanley is a native of Bing- in Jessicas mind are going to a Stanley's other passion is dance. a 10 day notice before they had hack fur my last year of school
ley decides to utilize, she will be
ham ton, N. Y, and is currently a political event to interview Penn- Before pursuing a career in to leave for the internship, be- at Mercyhurst, and then return
doing something that she loves.
double major in dance and com- sylvania Senator Rick Santorum journalism, she would like to join cause they didn't know if their to them after I graduate/* she
Perhaps in the near future you
munication. and covering a murder trial that a dance company. Stanley's fa- clearances had went through said.
will find Stanley dancing on
She came to Mercyhurst be- took her to the court room daily vorite dance style is musical the- until the last minute. For Kalivoda, college was def-
Broadway or maybe in a couple
cause of the beautiful atmo- that resulted in her having to go atre and she hopes to perform
years you'll find her anchoring jfve wanted to go there since
initely worth the time: and ef-
sphere of the campus and to be to the federal prison to interview in that genre.
on a TV station near you. I was 5 years old. It was the fort, for now she's on the path-
part of the school's highly ac- the defendant. At Mercyhurst, she is involved first time that I've been away way she's always worked toward.
claimed dance program. Throughout die summer, Stan- in many different activities

T\.m hk I
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of cargo space anti-lock brake system 180 horsepower / 35 MPG Highway"

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You're lord and master of quite possibly the most versatile automobile on the planet. Matrix is an entirety
I new bread of vehicle-cutting edge styling, standard air conditioning* and up to 180 horsepower with
available B-speed. Matrix is designed to be whatever you went, including affordable.

Visit www Aiiy a toy ota. coin for details. •Based on EPA estimate for 2003 5*peed manual
DECEMBER 17,2003

FEATURES To contact

Twins are twice as nice Logsdon adds to admissions!

Former Mercyhurst student adds personal touch to admissions
a great Christmas present to
By Jen Helbig
find out that you are accept-
Contributing writer

Afterthe applications ate fin-
Four years ago, Michelle ished, she spends the rest of
Logsdon submitted her appli- the year working on financial
cation to Alercyhurst's admis- aid packages. She also helps
sions office in hopesforaccep- with the Laker Lxve-m, Major
tance into the class of 2003. Day, and Open House.
This past year she was again- This fall, Logsdon organized
accepted into Mercyhurst, as Mercyhurst's Open House.
an employee. These events are supposed to I
As a double major in dance help the accepted freshmen feel
arts administration and business as comfortable as possible,
marketing, Logsdon said she Kftt»Mc^4anrtt/Ptioto*flai
which is one goal that Logsdon
graduated without any con- Michelle Logsdon provides said she is dedicated to accom-
crete plans for her future. a fresh face to Mercyhurst plishing
She learned of a job open- College Admissions. Her persistence in her career
ing in the admissions staff stems partially from her time
shordy before her graduation. spent at Mercyhurst
A month later, Logsdon be- more. "My admissions counselor
came an employee of Mercy- This trip serves a very impor- was so patient, genuine, and
hurst. tant purpose; the recruitment of caring," Logsdon said, "I#elt
Logsdon became involved in new students. comfortable, and I would like
the Mercyhurst community as Logsdon emphasizes that high to pass that feeling on."
a student, presiding as the school seniors need this personal Just as the freshmen have to
dance chib president for two visit from an admissions coun- adjust to the college, Logsdon
Katie McAdams/Photo ectoof
years, and as an ambassador selor.^ made the adjustment of play-
Autumn and Brady Hamady enjoy having one another close. They provide one another for all of her four years as a "It helps if we show interest ing a different role in her new
with advice, friendship, and a shoulder to lean on. student and the students get to meet with job at Mercyhurst
I Logston said the best part of us," Logston said. "People say "The hardesr aspect of my
being an ambassador was giv- that they have never heard of job has been making die tran-
very involved with the Sports rough patches growing up. ing tours, and talking to stu- Mercyhurst" sition from being a student to
By Courtney Nicholas Medicine Department All ma- "One thing that is a disadvan- dents and families. When Logsdon returned to being a counselor,^Logston
Features editor jors must complete a thousand tage is that we are compared to Logsdon is a native of Pitts- Mercyhurst after a season of said.
hours of service by graduation. one another. It takes away from burgh, and she never traveled traveling, she begins the next Logsdon said "Mercyhurst^
She enjoys hanging out with each of us being an individual," much in the past. This fall, she task of reviewing the incoming admission office is unique be-
For Autumn and Brady Ha- friends, working out, and is very said B. Hamady spent twelve weeks traveling on applications. cause it contains so many peo-
mady having a sibling on cam- involved with the outside com- Both agreed that having the the road. * From Thanksgiving to the ple that have experienced Mer-
pus is nice, but having a twin on munity. other on campus is a bonus. cyhurst for themselves/'
"I went to high schools where New Year, she spends most of
campus is twice as nice. l enjoy doing community ser- "I know that I always have her days readingover next year's
I talked to kids and counselors Logsdon commented that
The Hamady twins are from vice at the YMCA. I have family very close by. We are to- prospective freshmen applica-
about Mercvhutst-" she would like to use her expe-
Si dm an, Pa. and are juniors at helped with the Christmas party gether two-thirds of the time and tions. rience as a student to make the
Logsdon believes this has
Mercyhurst College. at the JFK Center too" she said. we have a close relationship," been the most exciting part of When asked why this seem- transition into Mercyhurst for
A. Hamady is a junior major- j B. Hamady is involved with said A. Hamady. her job thus far, because she ingly tedious aspect of her job incoming freshmen as comfort-
ing in sports medicine major with the Mercyhurst Concert Choir, The Hamad/s are not practi- traveled from Boston to Balti- is interesting, she explained, "It's able as hers was.
a concentration in athletic train- Honors Council, plays the trum- cal jokers, but they do like to joke
ing and B. I lamady is biology pet for the pep band, and is also about having a psychic connec-
major with a pre-veterinary con- an Ambassador. tion to one another.
* Both siblings selected Mercy-
Both Hamad/s are close with
their parents.
"The stories about us having a
psychic connection are easily
Internship provides unique experience
hurst because of the campus, the
science department, and the pro-
"I talk to our parents every-
day, while B.rady only tallts to
believed by other people/' B.
Hamady said, ...
Barthole learns to think quick omherfeet
fessors. B. Hamady thought it them once a week. The relation- The Hamady's love having By Jen Helbig Basie Theatre holds a variety of

was an added bonus that his sis- ship we have with diem is equal, each other on camspus. It pro- Contributing writer dance, comedy and theatrical
ter would be near by neither of us is better then the vides them both with added se- events.
"It's a comfort to know she is other," A. Hamady said curity and a shoulder to lean on p8According to Barthole, the the-
here. There are only certain Being a fraternaal twin may if needed. This summer, Mercyhurst se- ater was also usedformore than
things I can tell her," he said. sound great, but both Hamad/s Who says having a twin isn't nior Cynthia Barthole experi- performance.*
On campus A. Hamady is agreed they have had some all fun and games? enced the world of dance in a "On occasion the theatre
new way. would be used to hold confer-
Barthole said her internship at ences," Barthole said.
Students look to Canada for education the Count Basie Theatre in Red-
bank, N. J., gave her a first hand
This myriad of events provid-
ed Barthole with the perfect op-
schools such as McGill. And, in dents at many large Canadian encounter with the backbone of portunity to demonstrate her
By Patricia Alex fact, about a third of the Amer- universities must declare majors the dance industry. merit to the director.
The Record ican students in Canada are at as freshmen At heart she has a passion for "I ser up five databases, and
McGill. About 1,500 of the To be sure, Canadian recruit- dance; however, she has consid- created lists. When a show was
Katie McAdarns/Photo wttor
McGill University has been 30,000 students at McGill are ers are helped by the good aca- ered her future career by sup- coming up, we could search for
Senior Cythnla Barthole the target audience on the data-
called "the Harvard of the American. demics that their publicly fund- porting her options with a mi- completed her Internship at base." i
North" and, indeed, the Mont- The language is familiar, except ed universities enjoy. And the rel- nor in arts administration. f ¥ | I
Count Basle Theatre. She used her experience,
real school has a reputation that at some predominantly French ative strength of die US dollar 'Aits administration is the mi-
J. j M
ranks with the American Ivies. universities in Quebec, and stu has worked in their favor when nor that comes closest to dance," rom a computer class at
gained frc
Except for the price tag. The dent visa and entrance require- courting American families. Barthole said. tor over spring break last year. Mercyhurst to familiarize her-
full freight at Harvard tuition, ments generally aren't too bur- "It's a great value," said Eve She thinks that next year she I asked her if she needed some- self with die necessary programs
one." T to create a database.
room «and board is nearly densome. Course work and Jacobs of Verona, whose daugh- will go to New York University
scheduling are similar to univer- ter Rachel is a McGill graduate. to finish with a master's degree The director told Barthole she Her )ob involved more than
$38,000, compared with $12,000
sities in the United States, and "We have a kid now at Cornell, in arts administration or an had bad lu< k with lazy interns in organization.
(U.S.) for McGill.
Canadian degrees are generally and I can't compare it money- MBA in management the past, and she was skeptical "I went to the websites where
American enrollment in Cana- the theater advertised ;ind up-
respected and portable. wise. To aid this future goal, Bart- of Bart hole's commitment.
dian universities is up about 86
"An undergraduate degree Michele Papavasiliou has also hole decided to try an internship . Barthole said she kept in con- dated the press list of contacts,"
percent in the past four years to
from our university is very com- turned northward in search of a at die Count Basie Theatre be- tact with the director, and her Barthole said.
more than 5,000 students, ac- Barthole said the internship
pebtive for admissions to grad- "good education for the dollar. cause of a prompt from her
• persistence eventually paid off.
cording to the Canadian Embas-
uate schools in the U.S.," said Jo- She traveled a month ago to mom. Barthole spent the summer allowed her to experience the
s\ in Washington, D.C. V
[jAnne Brady, registrar at Queens check out universities in Cana- "My mom suggested the the- behind the scenes working with organizational structure behind
I t*s not exacdy a groundswell; a performance-based career.
the number pales compared with University in Kingston, Ontario. da with her son Jesse, a high atre," she said. "And I wrote an the director.
the 23,000 Canadians who study If anything, the large Canadi- school junior. Jesse plans to ap e-mail to the Marketing Direc- She explained that the Count
in the United States annually, but an universities get a rapforlarg- ply to both McGill and Queens.
the word is out that there are er class sizes, but generally they "He is looking for a foreign
gpod educational buys to be had are academically rigorous and experience," said the mom. "The
north of the border.
The increase in American stu-
American students find them-
selves competing with Canadian
thing about Canada is, you can
be in a foreign country and still Save Lots of Money
counterparts who are often very take the bus home. To me, it's
dents attending college in Cana-
well-preparedforcollege. Unlike the best of both worlds/
da is fueled, in part, by aggres-
sive recruiting campaigns by
American undergraduates, stu Tanglewood Apartment Homes
Offering 1,2,4 3 Bedrooms

Heat, electric, A/C,

trash, water
& sewer are all included.

Call 825-8145 to apply now!

907 E. Grandview Blvd.
Great Location!

Photo courtesy Of Googto Ask about our move-in special!!

u r m University Is a Canadian university that American students are Interested In. It
has b!een compared to Harvard Unlveralty.

FORUM 7b contact

HiejGood, the Bad and the Ugly:

What's hot and what's not at Mercyhurst
More on why the female mind is a frightening place
The Good... MadaM would never win anything on Jeop- eating disorders instead of poi-
ardy let alone the Nobel Prize soned apples and overabun-
The winter term is off to a successful start and what's even better is the fact that Christmas and you are therefore worthless. dance of housework.
break begins only three weeks after the start of the term. You have to love the trimester system fv'Be gone. OK, so back to square one.
sometimes. If die gids you're after are the We're supposed to be in a per-
president's cabinet daughters, petual state of quiet yearning for
The new Mercyhurst College bookstore opened in time for students to buy their books for you're out of luck. Hello? Have our princes (or in the lifetime
winter term. It's bigger. It's brighter. It has a Starbucks comer. Need we say more? Now, let's hope you ever seen "Rich Gids" on version: real estate agents) and
they make good use of the space die old bookstore took up in the student union. Sub shop TV? Do you even want that to when the time comes for them
anyone? -a Dear Madam Malarky, begin with? Let's hope not to rescue us, we should embrace
The majority of gprls on this cam- [ ;So, then we've got the crazy them passionately and kiss them
Christmas on Campus was another huge success this year. Many clubs participated in die event in the cheesiest manner possible.
pus art either stuck up or crasy^ and
and helped to make the day enjoyable for less fortunate children in the Erie area. Great job to v
the normal ones don'/ want anything j Do you know how easy it is to Then came Sex and the City-
everyone who was involved and don't forget to participate next year!
to do with anyone. What's up mth be crazy when you're a female? Just when we thought we had
that? I % Hell, it's easy to be crazy no our roles in die worid figured

The Bad... Please helps

Ho-less White Boy

Dear F lo-iess,
matter what gender you are, but out, we learned that we are not
let's look at it this way. As little supposed to be damsels.
gids we watched fairy tales where We are supposed to be whores.
women were always getting res- And we should like it And we
It's beginningtolook a lot like Christmas (and Erie). We received our first major snowfall of the Amazing! Not only do I have cued and taken away on horses should tell 43 of our closest
year this past weekend, so if everyone could remember to bundle up, walk carefully and drive a male writer, but a quite per- and kissed passionately and they friends all about our sexual es-
safely, Erie winters might become slightly more bearable. % f ceptive one at that - were constantly receiving ges- capades. I
Yes, Ho-less, you're right The tures of grand scale from knights We should include detailed
Students were caught vandalising benches outside of 3827 and 3829 Lewis Avenue. Nice. Ev- and rich guys with nice hair.
majority of the gids on this cam- analysis, comparisons, and dia-
eryone knows that destroying stuff makes you realty cool. Good luck with that. Why can't people
pus are stuck up, crazy, or against So, naturally we thought this grams.
do something productive when they are drunk and belligerent? & #
the rest of the human race.; I'll was the way the wodd worked. And somehow we won't con-
freely admit that I'm probably a Then, we got to grade school. tract any STDs or conceive any

... and the Ugly little bit of all three. | Here, we had nazi feminist children in the process.
See, what you have to under- and-leg-shaving mullet-bearing V Gotta love fiction.
stand is that women in this day teachers who taught us that ^ So really, that sums up the rea-
and age are a little bit confused women are no different than sons why gids are crazy.
Has anyone else noticed that the Laker Inn has taken on a distinctly chemical odor due to the Let's examine why. men and that we should all play jSjl'd be willing to bet that iVs also
construction going on in the old bookstore? Everyone appreciates the new additions to the 'Hurst, r
every sport there is, and we the reason why the ones who
but the taste of cheese sauce and caulk is less than appetizing. Yummy First, let's talk about the gids
should play them on the boys' aren't crazy don't want to have
that are stuck up. Honey, Mer-
teams, change in the boys' lock- #

Flu season has officially begun. The practical suggestion would be to go to the campus health cyhurst (despite the ridicule it anything to do with anybody.
er room, smell like boys, act like
center and get aflushot, but the health center has been out offlushots since Thanksgiving. Great, receives) is a good school. Good boys, and urinate standing up. Sensory ovedoad will do that
so the only solution left would seemingly be to cross yourfingersand pray really, realty hard. Yeah, schools are expensive. Gids that So, then we get on this big fem-
to a person.
that will work. go to expensive schools either So, in closure, all I really have
have $451 million in scholarship inine empowerment trip to the to say is that if you're looking to
money per trimester, or daddy point where we start telling our- find a nice normal gid who will
is a cabinet member for the pres-1 selves that gids are the sup e nor give you the time of*re
The blind man's disease: ident sex, which completely defeats the screwed.
If the girls you're after are purpose of feminine equality,
scholarship gids, they're in their but I digress.

Participation (or lack thereof) at Mercyhurst Collegt rooms studying all day and all So, then we started watching Good luck with that
night so that they can maintain Oxygen and Lifetime where we Madam Malarky
deed. Why would you stop to buy a those scholarships. learned to be softies again. This
By Kate Horn ,:M !
*The problemi thftf exists con- ' c'6bkie when fo\i •' haVe a test in ' Therefbre, they are smart. is where we were expbsed to ^JSend your questions about Ion,
Con tributine Write r cerning studeftt run organizk- T6rt'Yriimites?'ThcJse prgtftous Therefore, they know every- damsels in distress a^airi,"al- Jmmak^M SMfii? of baticakes
tions needs to be addressed with minutes are quality cram time. thing. Therefore, you are an in- though this time it was in the to %*>

Watch Outl the students themselves. Various The mathemaric equations that significant piece of dust who form of abusive husbands and Do it. Do it now.
An epidemic is spreading clubs across campus do not get have continually puzzled and
across campus. An overwhelm- enough support from die stu- mystified college students for
ing loss of eyesight and the abil- dents, whether the clubS ARE ages have treated you no differ-
ity to make eye contact is occur- associated with major or personal ently. So why not try to defeat
ring when faced with the sight interests. the fiend before you are tested
of club activities. Many people are guilty. on it?
.People are being struck blind I know you do exist; I swear. On the other hand, couldn't
at die mere sight of the tables in In fact, I, too, am afflicted with the cookie be seen as a treat for
the Zum lobby groaning from the dreaded blindman's disease. even attempting the dreaded
the weight of baked goods. I won't lie. math? I mean, how long can it
Pedophile or untouched tradition?
How can this be? However, I will defend my- really take to buy a cookie? The was thought to be an intellect, a school, the fat loser on work re-
Is die re an explanation behind self with the fact that when the clubs doing fundraisers are not
the madness? eyes finally see, the money fol- looking for stimulating conver- Write Truth prom king gay or a Goth a Chris- lease really was supporting his
tian? two younger sisters because his
Yes, there is. lows. sation They are lookingforyour Who really considers die pos- father was long gone and his
Rather than actively support- Fundraisers are not the end of money. You could throw the Michelle sibility that the valedictorian mother crippled and dying.
ing club functions, people avoid club support? Club activities money down, pick up the cook- could be from a broken home, There is a person behind ev-
them like die plague. I am here should also have the support of ie, and walk away. the teacher's pet could get preg- ery layer of make-up, behind
to warn you that it won't hurt to die student body. You may not Everyone involved will be hap* nant by the age of twenty, or that every A, behind every piercing
become involved.i know, but a lot of work goes into Py
You may even get some kind the planning and execution of a
' I / the college athletic star really had and tattoo, behind every attitude.
an eating disorder? There is a truth behind every
The people doing the fundrais-
of altruistic pleasure out of it. specific activity. Make an effort The bad ass is never soft, die facade and a lie in every first
er may be a bit insulted with your
Will a good deed really make to find out what's happening. manners, but that is another ar- Stevenson cheerleader never fat, the celeb- imp ression. a
you feel good? Get involved. You never know, ticle. Let's just say, become in- rity never real. People often fall victim to oth-
Unless the Grinch has caused you may have tun. volved even if it takes a little bit Has it ever occurred to any- Celebrities are just that, celeb- ers' perceptions and opinions.
your heart to shrink to the size If it is a choice between free of time out of your otherwise one that Santa at face value is rities. They're not seen as indi- 1 he average college student who
of a raisin, it probably will. pizza and the college student sta- busy schedule, v merely a pedophile? viduals with lives, they're seen as smokes, drinks, and swears at
1 f it doesn't, remind me to ple of soggy noodles, do you &Your fellow students will be It is my convicnon that with- die characters they pretend to be school is seen as just that, but
duck and cover, you may burst even have to think about it? grateful. out such an admirable historical and are portrayed as by the me- perceived as an angel at home.
from the unnatural feeling of It may be an issue of time, And a little grace goes a long legacy, Santa would be labeled dia and on the screen. Where is the real person in that
bliss that may follow your good money, or priorities. way. today in a sort of racially sound, Calista Flockhart has an eat- scenario, at school or at home?
Michael Jackson fashion, invit- ing disorder, Ellen Dcgeneres is The real person lies in the per-

Letter to the editor: ing 111 tic children to sit on his lap a lesbian, Michael Jordan is a fa- ception of the beholder, and in
and whispering in their ears, buy- thering machine, and Bill din- all honesty, the perception of the
ing presents to win their affec- ton is oral sex.
tion and deeming them "naugh-
beholder really doesn't matter. To
Due simply to reputation it is a child you may be tall, but to a
Generalizations are not the whole picture ty or nice." shocking that Reese Witherspoon professional basketball player,
The beard and the reputation, went to an ivy League college. you are short
Reading an article that bash- prised at their answers. of why I decided to wait. however, make it all a part of Everyone in his or her own way The challenge is not to fall into
es virgins wasn't on top of my It may be true that some gids My integrity and self worth magical tradition that'even is simply a celebrity, judged by such veneer.
"To do" list J | are scared of having sex. are the major reasons why I mothers promote. society, empty by default. Look beyond the stereotypes
The choice that I made to Weren't you scared before you made my decision. Does that Santa aside, who really cares The facts are that the straight of others and above all else don't
stay a virgin Is a decision that had sexforthefirsttime? surprise you, Ms. Stevenson? about the character, the spirit A student's parents just might buy into others' stereotypes of
I hold very close to my heart. It is a big deal. Not to say that young men and the soul of a person? really be in jail and addicted to you.
1 will never (egret the deci- A lot of thought, trust, and love and woman that have sex are Without such a historical lega- drugs.
See a person in other people,
sion to stay a virgin until I get must come in a relationship. bad. There is nothing wrong cy,; magical quality within the The brutal truth is that the tra- not just a stereotype and refute
married. | There are many girls that have with that, 1 just don't like the human individual is lost Society ditionally perfect family may not
to accept the labels of those who
This decision is a choice that never had a serious boyfriend fact that someone jumps to is a snow globe of labels, judg- be so perfect; the husband's long
don't really look.
I have persoanlly made. I think and guess what...that is the rea- conclusions about why I or ments, and empty faces. business trips to God knows Challenge the human tenden-
it might be, perhaps, the best son they are virgins. other women don't. Differ- Societal perception: a geek is a where and the mother's secret
cy for limited perception. Every-
choke I have made in my 21 They may be 19, 20 or even ent people know when they are geek and nothing more. When stash of alcohol do exist.
one has a legacy like SantaV
years of life. 21 years old and have never had ready, and frankly I am not. was the last time a drug addict It just so happens that in high Believe it.
The fact that Ms. Stevenson a boyfriend. So T feel that I have taken
poses the argument that vir- Yet other girls chose to stay your challenge, Ms. Stevenson. The Merciad accepts all letters to the editor
gins are virgins because they pure until they are married. By choosing not to have sex I
are scared of the act of sex is It is important to them because am redefining it and challeng-
va false statement, a generali- of their religion, family history, ing society.
Please submit your letters to:
zation and a stereotype. or other reasons. Consider your work done for opinionmerriarl^niprryji!^^^^^
She should find virgins and Granted, fear plays into my now.
ask them why they are waiting waiting to have sex until 1 am Courtney Nicholas The Merciad reserves the right to edit for length. Please keep all
to have sex. She may be sur- married but it is just a small part Features Editor submissions to 300 words or less
DECEMBER 17,2003

To contact OPINION

Winter term danger:
A tradition of missing classes
By Ashley DuBosej
I Contributing Water
soap opera.
It's been called many things:
winter blues, Seasonal Affecta-
minute^^There is a plug com-
ing up.)
Remember, Christmas break
} The\dangersof a closed mind
tion Disorder, laziness. is this weekend, but all our pa- text here) says so/' to learn anything because they
Now that the first real snow No matter its name, it presents pers and tests will be waiting But I Could Be Wrong Excuse me, could you elabo- are using their religion as a
of the year has hit Erie upside a real danger to the unwary. for us to get back. (Here it rate a bit on that please? Back crutch. Because they are using
its head, it is about time for S If we let ourselves give in to comes!) If you need help with that statement up with some tex- their faith as a way of keeping
what is perhaps my favorite the temptation to be warm and your papers, the Writing Cen- tual evidence? their mind dosed.
winter sport, rationalization. happy during the winter, well ter is mere to help (Ta da!). Something I can verify for Honesdy, I think it's because
It starts innocently enough; myself? I'm bit of a research they are afraid, but that's just me.
a nasty blizzard blows in just
soon find ourselves left out in Second, invest in some Jaime dork. I will gladly look-up any- How many times have we been
the cold (pun both stretched for gloves, a scarf, and a hat Rinne
before you head out to your and intended). thing you tell me to. told that college was meant to
You are going to have to go
nigjit class, and you think to As much as I hate to admit it, out in some bad weather, so You got to give me something expand our horizons? I didn't
yourself, "I won't be able to see the school has a good point in you might as well be prepared here, people because, frankly, it think you could read a college
a foot in front of me getting limiting the number of classes for it. sounds like you have stopped brochure without hearing that
there, and the professor prob- we are allowed to miss. For the next installment in the thinking for yourselves. phrase at least once.
Third, if you miss a class, and
ably won't even show up. Why After all, how can you pass a you probably will, try to get series of articles that I am writ- This is not good. So don't be foolish.
bother?" fj 1
test in Human Biology if you your timing right. All you ing in the desperate hope that How can 1 put this simply? Perhaps it's the fear that keeps
Or, you wake up early for an miss die lectures on the endo- freshmen and transfer stu- someone- anyone- out there will When you stop thinking for you from listening: The fear that
8:00 a.m., but it is below zero crine system? write in and disagree with me, I yourself, very bad things happen. you will hear something that will
dents may not realize this yet,
outside and the sidewalks In the end, die choice is up to have decided to tackle the How does that sound? Nothing contradict the faith that you have
but Erie winters can he vicious.
haven't been salted yet. you: Do you want to pass or fail touchy subject of religion. good has ever come from* a had all of your life and you will
Don't miss class because of
So instead of risking life and this term? s Not just any religion, mind you, group think. You've heard of the have no way of de fending your-
a little snow; you'll probably
limb on a slippery walkway, you but your religion. crusades? The holocaust? Reali- self/Then what would be the
jf>;lf your answer is to pass, and end up trudging in the middle
crawl back into your warm bed Thar s right buddy, I have a ty television? Do 1 need to go point of all those years?
T certainly hope it is because oth- of a sleet storm the next day.
for an hour. problem with your religion. on here? + jii I agree. That's a very frighten-
erwise you are wasting a whole I guess the last piece of ad- ing thought However, isn't it
The next thing you know, lot of money, then all you have vice I have is just bundle up, Is everyone listening now? Oh, "Religion is the opiate 6f the
good masses." We've all heard this more frightening to think about
you've got your nose pressed 0 w
hold your head down, brace
to do is put in a little effort. statement? gqing through the rest of your
against the window, straining to yourself and wait for spring. Now that I have your atten-
As always, I have some advice I suppose I should qualify my life as a static individual, never
see the tiny snowflakes that are Oh, and as for you last hold- tion, allow me to ask a question.
that might help you.$ first statement, which was most- changing, permanently chained
floating in the air before call-! outs still wearing shorts and When did "Because my religion
• First, get organized tells me to" become the answer? ly an attempt to get the reader's to one idea?
ing your professor with a "sore skirts, please put some pants
• This is the worst time of year Suddenly, this is not only the an- attention I don't have a prob- However, have you considered
throat" while wearing fuzzy on!
for procrastination, so don't leave swertolife's every day little prob- lem with religion, per te. I have a the idea that \*ou might hear
slippers and watching a muted j\I get cold just looking at you.
all of your work for the last lems, but it has also become a problem with the hive mentality something that might lend new

satisfactory answer in an aca- that religion sometimes creates. dimensions to what you believe?
demic setting, as well. P We've all come to college to There might be history, people
Abortion is wrong "because [in- learn and if you've come to or tenets to your faith that you
sert deity here] says so." Eutha- Mercyhurst to do so, you're pay- had never known before.
nasia is wrong "because (insert ing a lot of money to learn. You might even learn some-
How they are the 'phantasms ofthernind' religion here] says so" The war
in Iraq is wrong (or right, de-
However, if makes me sad
when I sit in class and watch my
thing that (shocking as it may be)
could actually reaffrim your faith.
We hide our fears behind igno- wodd on a practical level but it
By William Elliott pending) "because [insert sacred fellow students outright refuse Imagine.
rance and stupidity alltosave our introduces an interesting aspect
Managing Editor to the meaning of our life or, i I
Accidents, quirks of fate, sur-
precious self-image. What good
does it do us to save our self-
image if we sacrifice the wodd
you will, our spiritual life. By
transforming the wodd from an
A boost for Bush and Dean'srivals,too
prises. We convince ourselves to do it? So on that note I will go overwhelming juggernaut that ed. Especially Democrat Howard They will also surely note that
that we encounter them every- forward with this editorial. controls our destiny into a wodd By Richard Schwartz Dean, who bet his presidential Osama bin Laden remains at
day. In truth, though we can nev- Chaos is a result of free will. of chances, we have gained an Knight-Ridder Newspaper hopes on a Bush failure in Iraq. large, planning more mayhem
er experience these "phantasms If free will does not exist then immeasurable insight into our Now, Saddam is in U.S. custody, for America.
of the mind." They are the dem- chaos cannot exist. It is in the life. £ . ; ,^;u£j "Don't gloat" was surely; the and Dean's politicalfortunesare In their efforts to diminish
onstrauons ^IMM^^^ inclusion of thought that one Before we were content,tp sit i#dyice President Bush got after flapping in thf freeze. At least Bush's adiieveM^Vthfey^scfho
logic and or revjty It J p tfrese finds chaos. It is because of this back and assume that life had a Saddam Hussein's sensational for the moment.*'* vj-.. doubt wilf "rfrnmd'us 'that bin
moments that we are able to rec- condition that the wodd must be role for us one in which we were capture. But this weekend's break Laden is the one who attacked
ognize the boundaries we have chaotic. This idea is an evolution not able to escape. We would lie So, in his best just-the-facts- through could leave Bush with us on Sept. 11, not Saddam.
entwined about ourselves, the lies of the thought that even if there to ourselves about what role we ma'am demeanor, the leader of just a temporary boomlet if he True enough, but the psycho-
we perpetuate in our lives, was a plan or set goal of the had in the actions of the wodd the Free Wodd announced Sun- doesn't quickly bring the Iraqi logical impact of putting the
"What does this have to do wodd, with the introduction of and our reactions to these events. day that die disheveled, deposed insurrection to a complete end. bloodiest tyrant of our time be-
with anything?" You probably free will this plan can be corrupt- We would make claims that some dictator of Iraq "will face the His will look like a somewhat hind bars cannot be overstated.
find yourself asking this very ed at any time. things were "out of our control." justice he denied to millions." Pyrrhic victory if Baghdad is still Bush's command of die global
question. I find myself asking The world is, therefore, cha- [;o Yet now we have the knowl- If ever there was an instance belching bombs and body bags stage is now greatei than ever,
this very question too. You see I otic and as such there is no set edge that this is not the way it of patience paying off, this was come Election Day. as are his odds of re-election.
started this editorial two weeks plan for events. Without a set actually works. Instead we have it Just listen to some of the pres- Bush could also easily misplay Saddam's capture may boost
ago with a set plan to show peo plan, there could be no accidents unlimited opportunities and re- ident's would-be critics, such as what is now a strong hand by the fortunes of the three legisla-
pie that the wodd is not a ma- due to the idea that an accident sponsibility for ourselves. We retired general and former Bill drawing down U.S. troop levels tors cum presidential candidates
chine or organism that has a set is a violation of a set result. In- have been freed from the lies Clinton official Barry McCaf- too quickly or turning power who voted for Bush's war reso-
plan for itself and for those ob- stead, there are just actions that and deceit we have wrapped »
over to an Iraqi government in- lution last year. Sens. John Ker-
jects inhabiting it. frey, who said the president dem-
occur and we provide the inter- about ourselves. In doing this capable of maintaining order. ry and Joe Lieberman and Rep.
onstrated "tremendous political
It all made sense to me when I pretation of them. though, we are forced to accept The president has been pushed Dick Gephardt have been play-
we and moral courage" throughout
started this editorial; I had fherefore, in truth accidents the concept that even though constantly to get on with his exit ing catchup with Dean, who op-
the Iraq ordeal.
thoughts and ideas swirling in my are just a figment or phantasm have greater control over our strategy. This is not the moment posed the war from Day One.
Of Saddam's capture and the
head. Heck, I had a central of the mind. They are the result life, it is only in our reactions to to get hasty. He must stick to
continuing success in the war on Now having supported the war
theme to work off of. of the violation of our mind's it M his original pledge to stay in Iraq
terror, Sen, Joseph Biden, D- isn't such bad politics after all.
Yet, I was not able tofinishthis logical processing of the wodd. We are still bound by the cha- Del., said, "If that means the as long as it takes to do the job Their poll numbers should im-
editorial or even make it past the They are the occurrence of one's otic condition of the wodd, so overwhelming re-election of and not a day longer. prove as Dean's decline.
introduction. 1 think I have fig- forcing the intentionality of their we cannot influence the events George Bush, so be it. I say, Today, Democrats will make One other political loser in all
ured out why though: I do not thoughts upon the physical wodd, of the wodd. Only how we in- fine." :; t the case that Saddam's arrest this is Al Gore, who stiffed
want to admit to myself that or more simply, they occur when terpret them and how we re- Today's GOP tip sheet will no means Bush can now focus on former running mate Lieberman
there is no purpose to this wodd. a person approaches a situation spond to them. Ii is m this as- doubt note that taking down Sad- broadening the allied coalition in last week to endorse Dean and
It is scary to try to think about with a set idea of what will oc- pect that we must be strong We dam and his entire regime took Iraq. Dean and Sen. Hillary Gin- thus became a major sharehold-
what this statement means. Now, cur. cannot fall into the habit of look- less than nine months from start ton both will make foreign af- er in the anti-war wing of the
I know this sounds stupid but I I know this is largely superfi- ing to other factors as an expla- tofinish_ light-years better than fairs speeches today that likely Democratic Party. He tried to
think a lot of us are this way. cial when we are interacting the nation for events of the wodd. what any Democrat had predict- will pose such a challenge. time the market, and he lost

A moment to think:
It's OK to have a bad day...really
• " " M E R C I A D

have a bad dav makes me walk getting a bad grade on a mid- Adam DuShole Editor-in-Chief
By Courtney Nicholas on eggshells from the time 1 start term or final (and T have had Billy Elliott Managing Editor
Features Editor work to the time I get into bed. my share of bad grades). Kelly Rose Duttine News Editor newsmerciad© mercyhurst. edu
It makes me feel uneasy when I don't know what makes Courtney Nicholas Features Editor featuremerciad @ mercyhurst. edu
Have you ever had one of talking and interacting with oth- them worse, but 1 know the Jaime Rinne Opinion Editor oplnlonmerclad @mercyhurst. edu
those days? ers. | feeling is worse then any bad Patrick Martino Sports Editor sportsmerclad@ mercyhurst. edu
I am sure that you have; you 'Hie worst part of a bad day is grade that I have gotten. I Emily Crofoot A&E Editor
that everything takes a toll on have had my share of bad days Katie McAdams Photo Editor
know the;kind of day that I
you^The day seems to get worse because of bad grades the Jess Tobln Copy Editor
am talking about. /The type of
and you don't want to do anoth- combination should be illegal.
day when nothing goes nghr,
the type of day when the lit- er task because you are scared My question is: once you are Piotr Wollnskl Assistant Managing Editor
tlest dung can set you off? that the outcome will be tragic. having a bad day, how do you
I have had one of those days. When I have a bad day, even get away from it?
checking my e-mail is a challenge. This is a truly important
I always know my day is go- The Merciad Is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It Is
I think that every message I will question. If people knew that
ing to be bad by the way my published throughout the school year, with the exception of midterms week
get is someone saying they can't answer, 'the Mondays' would
hair looks in the morning.
Oh yes, 1 know (hat my day do something or they ai • • asking be gone and no one would get and finals week. Our office Is In the Hlrt Center, room LL114. Our telephone
a question that 1 don't have the up on the wrong side of the number Is 824*2376. f p
is going to be bad when I have
answer to. | | I f bed.: | :
a bad hair day.
I don't feel like cooking din- If human beings knew how
f I even listened to "The Rem- ner or doing homeworl after to avoid having a bad day, peo-
The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and
edy" by Jason Mraz while get-1 having a bad day. T don't even ple would only have good days, names will be Included with the letters. Although we will not edit the letters for
ting ready, which always puts feel like going out and having a right? content, we reserve therightto trim letters to fit Letters are due the Thursday
me in a better mood, and my good time with friend* |JF Or could a person have an before publication and may not be longer than 300 words. Submit letters to
day still ended on a bad note. t;
Having a bad day is worse then OK day or a mediocre day? box PH 485. * i T *
Knowing that 1 am about to


Tamborello and Gibbardbroduce 'Give Up
listens to get used to, because it
By Julie Segner didn't compare to die sheer bnl-
JAN. 5- Contributing writer hancefof "Evan and Chan."
What I mean to say is that it has
Bette Midler. Gund Arena,
Cleveland, Holy crap Batman, this has to some ready-for-radio sounds
be one of the best CD's of the that I'm not used to but what hit
year 2003. ; ; me the most was walking into
JAN. 7. I i Erie Best Buy and hearing the
David Bowie, Macy Gray. Regardless that some of my
favorite bands have recently re- track and single "Such Great
CSU Convocation Center,
leased great albums, the Postal Heights" playing in the store.
Service was an endeavor that To be honest, it's awful hard
completely took me by surprise to describe the sound of the
JAN47-WJ !!•
and made me hesitant to heed Postal Service in words; it's real-
Disney on Ice/Pixar'sl the success of such collabora-
"Monsters, Inc. on Ice. » ly an experience.
tion. One of the best parts, maybe
Gund Arena, Cleveland
I mean it would be hard to because I'm partial to Death Cab
follow the success of one single for Cube, are the lyncs of Gib-
JAN. 8. *
track that turned into the pro- bard,
Bette Midler. Mellon Arena,
duction of a single and again He manages to use rhyme to
morphed into a full-length al- create lyrics that are not uidy-
bum. snobbish and only understood by
JAN. 15. \
Musical. "The Music Man." I even denied myself of get- those who get the 'inside joke."
I An Erie Broadway Series ting an early copy of "Give Up" They are simple and I really
event Warner Theatre, via the Internet, because I felt appreciate his tendency to wear
Erie. $47,75,135.75, like it would be listening to a se- his heart on his sleeve without
$25.75. On sale at Tnllio cret that I wasn't meant to hear, sounding p re ten nous.
Arena box office, Ticket- [v Let me give you a little back- Overall, I give this album a
master outlets, by phone at ground on this quasi-concept al- solid eight "Give Up" has a def-
452-4857 or 456-7070, bum produced "through the inite dance-ability of at least
online at mail" by Washington D.C.-based • Photo courtesyof www three, meaning that most of the
www.ticketmaste rxom. Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel and Jimmy Tamorello and Ben Gibbard, otherwise known as the band Post Office, produce time your head is bopping but
Seattle's "heartthrob" Ben Gib- the 2003 hit album, 'Give Up/ you haven't quite made it out of
JAN. 15. I I bard of Death Cab for Cube. seat-dance mode.
The two had joined to make a Dream of Evan and Chan" cally, they decided to record the Tamborello filled with beatsy The Indy-level of "Give Up"
Anti-Flag, Rise Against,
Against Me, more. Agora song (in an hour no less!) for sparked a fusion between one album separated by well over electronic music, which he ma- is three also, because the single
[Theater, Cleveland. Dntel's most recent full-length amazing vocalist and indy-pop 2,000 miles relying on the US. nipulated in his computer before Great Heights was on MTV2
release in October of 2001, guitar player (Gibbard) and a Postal Service (get the name?) writing melodies and lyrics and and Best Buy's repertoire, but at
"Life is Full of Possibilities," creative mainstay of IDM (In- and e-mail to transfer material recording vocals," said Mark the same time, those who hear it
JAN. 19. •
which featured other appearanc- telligent Dance Music) known back and forth to each other. Hawthorne of Sub Pop. and recognize the. Dntel and
The Machine. Club Laga/jj
es from members of Tamborel- as Dntel since 1994 (Tamborel- The product is an amazingly For the most part, Gibbard had Death Cab for Cutie combina-
lo's former band Stricdy Ball- lo). .; ; ^ | j r ^ catchy and '80s pop influenced free reign over the meat of these tion would definitely be wearing
room. After rotating the "Life is Full blend of Gibbard's melodic voice songs, only needing to run by at least one article of thrift-shop-1
JAN. 24. £
What they produced was a hit of Possibilities" LP, Sub Pop and Tamborello's signature major changes with Tamborello, wear (preferably a plaid button
"A Prairie Home Compan-
that everyone who owns "Life is Record could not deny picking "glitch-beats" and strange nois- again reinforcing the effortless down shirt])*
ion" live with host Garrison
Full of Possibilities" couldn't up and distributing what could es. collaboration of "Evan and Similar artists: Nanang Tatang,
Keillor. Warner Theatre,
take off repeat The song I am only be a success. Since neither "In December 2001, Gibbard Chan." , Dntel, Figurine, The Pulsars
Erie. $50, $40, $30. On sale
speaking of, "(This is) The was near each other geographi- started receiving CD-Rs from Like any CD, it took me a few
at Tullio. Arena box office,
Ticketmaster outlets, by
phone at 452-4857 or 456-
7070, online at
/www. Kutcher pulls plug on 'Punk'd' 'Anything Goes' at the 'Hurst
JAN. 28. % opened up the tryouts to the
John Leguizamo. Palace I By Alana Lisiecki Alercyhurst community and the
Theater, Greensburg. Contributing water cast was announced this past
JAN. 28. fAnything Goes" is an excit- "I was pretty surprised be-
Fred Eaglesmith. Rosebud, ing and highly entertaining cause I'm just a RIAP/Russian
Pittsburgh*. show about the passengers major, not a dance or music
aboard the S.S. American luxu- major... I actually didn't even
FEB. 10. ry liner heading for England. think I was going to make it at
Sarah Brigjitman. Gund There is a plethora of diverse all," exclaimed sophomore Ash-
Arena, Qeveland. characters that will have you ley Masi who was cast as Reno
laughing out loud such as Reno Sweeney, one of the lead fe-
FEB. 11. | Sweeney, a nightclub entertain- male roles.
Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer. er, Billy Crocker, an unlisted The cast and crew really seem
University of Buffalo passenger, and A loon face Mar- thrilled to be a part of the pro-
Main stage Theater, Buffalo. tin, public enemy No. 13. duction. "Everyone « should
The show also includes many mark their calendars to come
FEB. 15. I energetic tap dancing numbers and see it," said Masi.
Josh Groban. State Theater, along with a few well known The performance will be held
Cleveland SOLD OUT. songs such as "I Get a Kick March 25-28. The location of
Out of Ybu/*f\ bu're the Top," the show is still undetermined,
FEB. 21. and "You'd Be So Easy to however, Gority hopes the
Alabama. HSBC Arena, Love." J show will be held in the Tavlor
Buffalo. On sale at Top "Tryouts were excellent^ We little Theater.
Friendly Markets, by phone were really happy that almost Those who are interested in
at (888) 223-6000. '( 40 people showed up for this. participating in the show to help
* 1 tis really a new concept to behind the scenes, which in-
FEB. 23. .* %Jj Mercyhurst, we needed the cludes makeup, lights, and
Musical. "Saturday Night support of the students and it sound, contact Blake Goaty.
Fever." An Erie Broadway was there," said director $ Also, men are still needed to
Series event. Warner Blake Gority concerning the be sailors and passengers in the
Theatre, Erie. $47.75, upcoming Mercyhurst mus- boat. If you are interested in
$35.75, $2575. On sale at ical. helping with the set designs,
Tullio Arena box office, Photo courtesy of [Tie show will be the first stu- contact Stacy Pastva.
Ticketmaster outlets, by Ashton Kutcher's last episode of Punk'd aired on Sunday, Dec. 14. Beyonce Knowles dent-produced and directed It is wonderful to see active
phone at 452-4857 or 456- was Kutcher's last 'punkee.' musical at Mercyhurst College. students workingft?provide op-
7070, online at Students Blake Gority* len portunities for other students Coffman, and Richard Rock- and helping them get involved
resentatives said, "it's not a trick, episodes was probably the one
By Lindsay Kezlarian age decided that, "as future ed- at Mercyhurst College.
but anything the prankster in which Justin Timbedake was
FEB. 27. Con til m ting writer ucators we were aware that it Gority emphasized that, "it is
Kutcher says must be taken with punk'd. Timbedake was told that
Hot Tuna. Rosebud, was often the music teacher important we make this an en-
a bit of skepticism-" all of his belongings had been
Pittsburgh. who took charge of the musi- tire school event and make it
Ashton Kutcher announced on According to The Hollywood detained because he owed cal. something that Mercyhurst can
Friday, Dec. 12, that his show Reporter, "Sources within MTV] $900,000 in back taxes. Therefore, we decided to start
FEB* 2 8 / I \ be proud of." ')
"Punk'd" (in which he stars and suggested that Kutcher pulled j Timbedake was horrified and this student-run musical so we
Colm Wilkinson. University co-produces), will no longer be the plug because Punk'd" was upset as well as confused. Be- , Congratulations to Jen, Blake,
of Buffalo Mains tage could gam this exper- and Richard. You all deserve a
on television. becoming a victim of its own suc- fore he could panic anymore,
ience while in college," said standing ovation and good luck
Theater, Buffalo. On sale at |" Everyone is shocked because cess: the exposure the series re- Kutcher ran out with the Gority. to the cast, and crew of "Any-
Ticketmaster. the network had ordered a third ceived was making it more diffi- "Punk'd" crew and laughed along These outstanding students thing Goes!" #
season of "Punk'd to begin in cult to fool its celebrity subjects. with Timbedake at his very sue-
MARCH 23-25. March. The network is unlikely to conȣ ccssful prank.
Musical. "Grease" starring After two very successful sea- tinue "Punk'd" without his in- On the day that Kutcher's an-
Franki c Avalon. An Erie
Broadway Series event.
sons, Kutcher said, "We have had volvement
an incredible time doing the show
nouncement was made, Lois
For those of you who arc not Curren, an MTV executive in +*ACTNQW4»
Warner Theatre, Brie. and have decided to stick with aware of what i he show Punk'd .charge of series development,
$49.75, $35.75, $25.75. On the old adage of leave 'em want- is about, it is described as, "a ver-1 said, "Today is a sad day for
sale at Tullio Arena box
office, Ticketmaster outlets,
ing more' and that's how we feel sion of the old 'Candid Camera' MTV, but probably a happy day
with the show."/ that preys on young celebrities." for Hollywood, Celebrities can
Book 11 people, get 12 trip f pec
by phone at 452-4857 or Some people think that it is Komc of Kutcher's pranks I rest a little easier knowing that Group discounts for 6
456-7070, online at very possible that his announce- were played on celebrities such the Punkmgs have ceased." ment may be just another as Justin Timbedake, Hillary The last episode aired on Sun- i^MLSpi^breflkdisW
"Punk'd" scam in order to fool Duff, Nick Lachey, and Kelly day, Dec. 14. Kutcher's last prank
his next prank vi< tims on his Osborne, along with many more. was played on singer Beyonce
shows, however Kutcher's rep- One of the most memorable Knowles.
DECEMBER 17, 2003


Choir gives Christmas concert: The Nutcracker

Mercy hurst students givefabulous show timeless holiday tradition
Center. rose to their feet and remained
By Meghan Sullivan
Contributing writer I The pre-performance was very there after giving the choir a
heart warming and got the con- hearty and well-deserved ap-
cert public in the Yule tide mood. plause.
On Sunday, Dec. 14, the The comments from the audi- The great work of music was
Mercyhurst Concert Choir ence after the conceit were very just as ful tillingforthe students
gave a fabulous performance positive. to perform, as it was* for the
of the Christmas portion of Sophomore Mercyhurst stu- audience to listen to.
Handel's "Messiah" and Fran-1 dent Brenda Stcib commented, Hie very enthusiastic Concert
cis Poulenc's "Gloria." "I thought they were very pre- Choi ri Con due tor Rebecca
This Christmas conceit is pared. You can truly see how Ryan commented, "It was so
performed traditionally every much they worked for it, and it hard to do and we did a great
other year. truly put you in the Chnstmas job. I think the choir was as
The music selection was quite spirit." excited as the audience* The
a task, for the choir to handle In a way, the choir did receive soloists were exceptional. Diane
on top of their already strenu- a standing ovation. It is tradition- Kalinowski was extraordinary
ous work load they had been al to stand during the famous with that extremely difficult
trying to tackle; but they per- "Hallelujah" chorus J | soprano solo* The orchestra
severed and put on an excel- This custom gets its origin was also wonderful/'
lent performance. from the first performance of Also Mark Donlm, a sopho-
Accompanied by the Mercy- this piece for King George II of more bass in die Mercyhurst
hurst Chamber Orchestra the England. When he heard it he Conceit Choir stated a few of
concert was about two hours stood on his feet. Since he was his thoughts on the concert. "1
of moving choral music. royalty, no one was allowed to thought it was a really moving
Almost all of the audience sit as he was standing. experience, Mrs. Ryan is such
found it extremely enjoyable. The reason why the King stood an inspiring conductor to
The choir set a great Christ- in die first place is argued. watch.
mas atmosphere to start off One good theory is because not The Concert Choir's nextper-
the conceit when they had the
even an earthly monarch will formance will be for die facul-
Carpe Diem Chorale singing remain sitting for the "King of ty Christmas on Friday, Dec.
some Christmas classics from Kings" which is part of the text 19 before Christmas break.
the balcony as the multitudes So, during the Mercyhurst The choir hopes for as much
of people purchased rickets Concert Choir's performance of success with this conceit as the
and enter me Performing Arts this piece, the audience quickly previous one*


^ j) i Flephoto

Put on by Lake Erie Ballet, The Nutcracker performance will be held at the Warner
Theatre on Dec. 20-21, f < * * V

selmeier, danced by Mercyhurst If the story itself has not in-

By Jennifer C am ode c a faculty member Mark San til I ano, trigued you enough to attend this
Contributing writer is a magician and a toymaker classic, another wonderful aspect
who bongs Clara a Nutcracker of the ballet is the music by Pe-
Every year, along with misde- as a present* ter Tchaikovsky, which will be
toe and candy canes, the tradi- Litde does she know that a performed live by the Lake Erie
tional Christmas ballet "The spell has been cast upon her be- Ballet Orchestra, under the di-
Nutcracker" is performed loved toy and soon it comes to rection of Bruce Morton Wright
coundess times by ballet compa- life and must defeat the evil Dr. D'Angelo himself will be
nies across the nation. mouse king in order to become assisting with the production and
This year is no different as it a Nutcracker prince. will be conducting the overture
marks die Lake Erie Ballet's 45 Good triumphs over evil and of the ballet.
anniversary of this timeless hol- the mouse king is defeated. Clara Mercyhurst dancers will also
I and her prince fly off to the 0
\ iday classic. perform including Jolene Chase,
The performances will be es- Kingdom of Sweets were they Sarah James, Fara D'Aguiar, Ja-
pecially exciting this year as the are greeted by the Sugar Plum net Strukely, Scali Riggs, Katie
newly renovated Warner Theatre Fairy. Finger, Lindsay Bonafanti, Pam
will once again be the home of Clara is the heroine as she
m ra*.
Photo courtesy of www.tmdb com this ballet. helped defeat the mouse king by
Swaney, and Andrea Hashim to
name a few.
In the Christmas comedy "Elf/ Will Ferrell plays Buddy,a child who ended up at the As with any good ballet, the throwing her slipper; therefore, Returning professionals Mat-
North Pole, and was raised by Santa's elves. story must be interesting and all the Sweets perform dances thew Carter and Beth Anne
keep the audience's attention. for Clara and the Nutcracker Domino will be performing as
vpFbr those of you who have Prince.

Elf works magic

die Sugar Plum Fairy and her
i never attended a ballet, The Nut-
cracker will be a great first time
Spanish Chocolate, Chinese Cavalier.
Tea, Marzipan, BonBons, Ara- A surprise guest from die Erie
experience as the ballet is easy bian Coffee, and Russian Trepak community will magically appear,
to follow and die special effects are a few of the Sweets that per- so keep watching
will keep you in awe J form dances for Clara to ^The performances are Satur-
everyone around him, that he is you believe that he was raised The story is based on E.P. watch day, Dec. 20, at 7 p.m. and Sun-
By Marc Toth telling the truth. Even then, just by elves and never really grew Hoffmann's fairy tale and begins -. As with all sweet dreams, this day, Dec. 21, at 2:30 p.m. Tick-
in case that isn't enough, there U in the 1850*8 with Clara, per- dream must come to an end and ets will be sold prior to the per-
Contributing water P- * S i $
are a few sub-plots going on that At times the jokes can get te- formed by Krystal Nowosiclski, Clara soon wakes up to realize formance or call the 1tieCivic
When I first heard that Will allow "Elf" to have a bit more dious (sight gags a plenty in die and her family throwing a gran- that she is at home again with Center at (814)-452-4857 for
Ferrell was given the lead role in weight story-wise. North Pole), but on the whole diose Chnstmas party. her beloved Nutcracker, but she reservations £
a film I was skeptical- As strange as it is, it seems as the movie does exactly what it Many extravagant guests at- will always have the memory of Ticket prices range from
though the only reason that this promises to do: make you laugh. tend, including her beloved un- this Chnstmas and Dtosselmei- $24.00 to $12.00 and student and
W hen I saw the commercial,
film works at all, on a level that Sure, the humor may not be in- cle, Here Drosselmeier. Dros- ert wonderful gift. group rates are available.
which featured him wearing a
ridiculous elf costume, I thought is pleasing to anyone who is tellectual, but it is still funny
that no good could come of it. I above the age of 8, is Will Fer- The acting is good as well, Fer-
am happy to admit, that I was rell. If you're unfamiliar with rell exceeds expectations, but
Ferrell. he is best known for his there really weren't any poor
wrong. 2
time on SNL, and his characters actors.
The story of "Elf" boils down
to this: An orphaned baby, Bud-
generally seem like nine-year-olds Bob Newhart, for example, MERCYHURST STUDENTS (+18)
who have had too many pixi plays the Elf that raised Ferrell,
dy (Ferrell), crawls into Santa's
bag one Christmas, and ends up
in the North Pole.
This is one of the reasons I
and delivers the opening in a way
reminiscent of old stop-motion We have Immediate openings in
was initially hesitant about this ( hristmas specials.
Here, he is raised by elves un-
til the day someone lets it slip
that he is human. When Buddy
film. While giving Will Ferrell a
lead role could be a perfectly
If you don't like FerrelTs style
of comedy, or are put off by
our customer sales/service dept.
pood idea, giving him free reign
realizes iliis is the truth, he de-
cides he wants to find his bio-
to prance about like a ninny in
an elf costume, might not be as
grown men acting like children,
you may wish to pass this up, but
on the whole it is at least worth
| $12.50 base/appt. }
logical father, who lives in New
York ( ity, and turns out to be a good. c renting on video.
If you want something with a
Fun flex. Hrs. around class.
children's book publisher.
Upon hearing Buddy's story,
This logic initially seemed sen-
sible, however it has a flaw. If
there was going to be a movie in
sensible plot, something with
more action, or something intel-
Work witty other students!
his rather not only doesn't be- which a full grown man must lectual you should also skip this.
lieve that Buddy was raised in run around Manhattan in an elf If you like Ferrell, or have just
the North Pole, but throws him costume, there could be no bet- had a rough week and want to
out of his office. ter choice than Will Ferrell, laugh, you may want to give this
He spends the rest of the film whose energy actually makes movie a chance. 4/5 stars.
trying to convince his father, and

SPORTS To contact

Women basketball! drops to o-io

The Oilers moved to 5-3.
By Liz Williams The Lakers shot 100 percent
Contributing writer from the foul line and 75 pet-
cent from behind the arc.
The Mercyhurst women's bas- At the end of the second half,
ketball ream entered the home Mercyhurst was led 37-33.
game this Sunday on Dec. 14 Findlay played a whole differ-
with a record of 0-9.t ent game in the second period
TTiis was a tough game for die and took the lead against the
Lakers. Lakers.
Doth teams often went for 3- Again, Julie Anderson led the
point shots, but only few were game by scoring 18 points and
successful. having six rebounds.
Sophomore guard Cassie Seth Cassie Seth contributed a total
lead the Lakers and scored elev- of 15 points.
en points. The game stats were lowered
Conversely, Kristin Bonner of tremendously for the Lakers in
Slippery Rock University totaled the second half against Findlay.
15 points during die game. Mercyhurst shot 80 percent
At the end of the first period. from the floor in the first half,
Slippery Rock was still ahead of but after half-time the percent-
Mercyhutst by 6 points. age dropped to an uncharacter-
The Lakers trailed during the istic 12 percent.
whole second half A key point in the last two
As for foul shots, rarely did a games for the Lakers is that they
player from either team make have not had the luxury of a lead
both of their free-throw shots in either game.
from the line. The women's basketball team
Mercyhurst attempted to rally struggles in gaining any momen-
towards the end of the game, but tum and hitting key shots in their
they were defeated 48-60. games.
Mercyhurst was slighdy out- The next game for the Lakers
sized and it showed in the num- Kate McAdamsPtKto Edrtor is on Dec. 29 against Bellarm-
ber of rebounds. Sophomore forward Mary dare Harlan prepares a two-point attempt with an opponent closing In.
Slippery Rock had a rebound ^Previously the team played forward Erin Solada of Mercy- Anderson was a strength on the jtajThe Lakers also played the The Lakers are now 0-10 this
advantage of 49 while the Lak- Ashland, on Thursday, Dec. 11. hurst had seven rebounds. court and led the game by hav- Findlay Oilers on Saturday Dec. season under Coach Bo Kuntz.
ers tallied in at 33. Ashland had a win, 92-56, over Also, freshman Julie Anderson ing 20 points, and was the only 13. §| t Kuntz hat has struggled at
The Lakers squad is still wait- Mercyhurst. added seven rebounds and three Laker to gain double digits sta- The game ended with a win by Mercyhurst with an overall
ing for theirfirstwin. During die game sophomore assists. tus. Findlay, 74-54, over Mercyhurst. record of 12-41.

Men's hockey struggles Winter X games to be shown live

with; St. Lawrence
By Cammy Clark
die next seven minutes. Miami Herald writer
By Ryan Palm St. Lawrence junior wing Sta-
Contributing writer ce Page scored just his second
For die first time, the thrills,
goal of the season, putting die
skills and even spills of 250 ath-
The Mercyhurst men's hock- Saints up 3-2.
letes competing in four sports—
ey team was defeated in a non- Tt would prove to be the
Moto X, Ski, Snowboard and
conference match-up by the game winner, although St.
Snowmobile — will be televised
Saints from St. Lawrence Uni~ | Lawrence would get two insur-
as it happens.
versity by die score of 5-2. ance goals in a span of two
"We felt that now was the time
The game was played on minutes.
to take the Winter X games to
Dec. 13 in front of 1,970 in Sophomore John Zeiler tal-
that level and make them even
Canton, N.Y lied his seventh goal of the
grander," said Chris Stiepock,
What started off as a slow season at 17:11, and was fol-
general manager of the games,
game through thefirsttwo pe- lowed just two minutes later by
which will be held at Buttermilk,
riods ended with a lot of ex- fellow sophomore Kyle Rank,
an Aspen/Snowmass area
citement, as four goals were who scored his second goal of
mountain in Colorado, from Jan.
scored between the two teams the season.
24-27. |
in thefinalperiod of play* The Lakers were out shot 46-1
"There was some thought that
St- Lawrence drew first 24, including 15-10 in the im-
these action sports are better off
blood, scoring just four min- portant third period.
with the telecast delayed so you
utes into the game when fresh- Mercyhurst were 1-4 with
can edit out some of the falls
man Drew Bagnall put one past the man advantage! They
and edit out of some of the
Mercyhurst sophomore goalt- managed to hold the Saints 1-
mistakes and enhance it with
ender Andv Franck. 6 on their powerplay advantag-
graphics and audio," Stiepock
| ^Bagnall's goal would stand es. said. "I tend to feel ESPN view-
until sophomore teammate T.J. Franck was in the goal for
ers would really relish live pro-
Trevelayan scored with eight 13:44 and allowed one goal
gramming in winter action sports.
minutes into the second peri- while making 12 saves.
When you see a guy fall live, it
od on freshman goal tender Wakefield played the rest of
affects the whole nature of the
Jordan Wakefield, who had the game, allowing three goals
competition. It's a different tack
replaced Franck. and making 29 saves.
for us to take."
Things were not looking good The final St. Lawrence goal
for die Hurst, until junior left
The timing to go live now also
was scored on an empty tictM
is the result of the influx of
wing David Wrigley scored his "We played well and had a
magazines, videos and Internet
fifth goal of the season on a lot of chances, it was a back
information available about the
power play just one tenth of a and forth game/ remarked
second before the end of the Wrigley when asked about the
'The viewers have told us they PitPttoto
second period. game, "They had two late goals Tricks and stunts continue to get more and mora technical every year.
don't want all the up close and
Wrigje/s goal was assisted by in the third period that possi- dent of ESPN Original Enter-
personals," Stiepock said. "They ing the broadcasts, ESPN exec- meet style" over four days. The
sophomores Preston Briggs bly shouldn't have gone iiti> We tainment, said in a statement that
don't want to see that some ath- utives decided a better brand SuperPipe is being moved clos-
and Dave Boreili, giving the had a few chances that we
lete is good at horseback riding these telecasts would "further er to the base of the mountain
name was needed.
Lakers new hope. didn't finish and bounces did
They want to see that athlete on reinforce that these athletes and to allow athletes and spectators
Although ESPN chose "X" to
Just three minutes into the not go our way."
a snowboard doing tricks. replace "Extreme," there still isn't sports are on the same level as to move from event to event
third period Mercyhurst jun- With the loss the team now ••#
a definitive word to categorize traditional major sports athletes easier.
ior Rich Hansen fed senior Pe- "With the huge barrage of
drops to 6-6-1, and will get the sports. "Alternative$ was con- and events " "If you don't go live and pack-
ter Rynshoven who put the media available to kids, they can
quite a bit of time off for the sidered, but the industry prima- The dates for the Winter X age it, you do miss some of the
puck in the net past the St. holidays. get the background information
elsewhere. Tliey want to see the rily goes by "Action Sports " Games XIII were moved back real drama," Stiepock said. "You
Lawrence goaltender. They resume action on Sun- L Whatever die name, die sports by two days to accommodate the
competition, because TV does get a sense that the telecast is a
The goal tied the game at two, day, Dec. 28 when they travel arc growing by leaps and bounds. live telecasts. ABC will lack off little more scripted. We want to
and would remain that way for that best."
to Troy, N.Y to tangle with RPL
If you prefer to see the action "Back in 1995, ESPN had a the coverage Jan. 24, and ESPN let the games unfold and give our
live — in person — the Winter conscious choice on how to will provide the rest of the 15 viewers more of sense of what
X Games are a good value. All present the action sports — as a hours or original programming. an athlete needs to do to get a
events are free. collection of lifestyles thai were SportsCenter will report live medal. We want to put viewers
PL Stiepock began with ESPN in rebel in nature or as true sports " from the games. more in their shoes, at the start
Join Amerka'$#l Student Tour Operator1994 as the director of market- Stiepock said. "ESPN chose the
latter, and that helped lead to the
IThe games will be held "track- gate."
ing and communicationsforthe
CAHOIN then Extreme Games. But the legitimacy over the years." Intramural Update
name was soon changed to X It took awhile for several of
the athletes to embrace that.;
"Wc took our cue from ath- "Certainly, there was a resis-
Three-on-three intramural basket-
letes after year one," he said.
FLORIDA "The athletes said what we do
tance to the big-time corporate ball tournament will be held after
feel -—- athletes in general allied
isn't any more extreme than away from that" Stiepock said.
break. Sign-up sheets and rosters
what a NASCAR driver does But over the years, they've
come to live with it and embrace
ore still being accepted for basket-
Sc« THpt, Earn Curt, MiNT
J j)
every Sunday. They said it was
just the wrong label for us." it. Because with the exposure and ball. Co-ed volleyball will be held the
G* free! Now Hiring TttAVML "Extreme" also did not trans- sponsors, they are able to do what
toll f or group dttcounts SERVICES ate well in some languages. With they love for a living.**- first week back from Christmas
1 -800-648-4849 /
more than 180 countries receiv- | -Kan Semiao, senior vice presi- break.

! 1

SPORTS To contact:

Men's basketball goes 2-0 o n w e e k e n d

game to overtime.
By Ryan Palm Mercyhurst dominated the
Contributing Writer overtime, outscoring Findlay 17-
9. | I [.
The Meicyhurst men's basket- The Lakers hit all of their shots
ball team has been onfireas of from the field, going 3-3 on field
late, picking up two more wins goals and 2-2 from downtown.
this week, both of which were They also contributed nine
conference games. free-throws, which were clutch
The Lakers hosted visiting Ash- in preserving the win.
land University on Thursday, I Helm again led everyone, this
Dec 11, trying to keep their con- time getting a double-double with
ference record unblemished 22 points and 10 hard fought
They did just that, and did it rebounds.
with style, defeating the Eagles Shouse had another great game
76-49. \ scoring 16 points, including nine
The 49 points scored by Ash- in the overtime period.
land was their lowest ever in a He also gave out eight assists
Great Lakes Intercollegiate Ath- and pulled down four rebounds.
letic Conference game. Junior guardJawad All pitched
Mercyhurst featured four in eleven points, possibly none
scorers in double figures, and more important than the three-
played outstanding team defense, pointer he hit early in overtime
forcing Ashland to shoot just to give the momentum to the
over 32 percentfromthe field. Lakers.
Senior forward Josh Helm led The two wins push the Laker's
the Lakers in scoring, with 22 record to 6-3, and an outstand-
points, andrebounds,with nine. ing 3-0 in the GUAC to lead the
Senior guardJustin Shouse had conference, being the only un-
18 points and dished out eight beaten team in the South Divi-
assists. sion.
In hisfirstcareer start, fresh- The Lakers are back in action
man guard Mitch Brennan con- this Tuesday when they host
tributed 15 points and five re- KabeMcAd. U f
Oto Editor Bellarmine in a non-conference
bounds, playing well enough to Tony Mitchell works his way up court against two Ashland defenders. Mitchell earned 11 points on the day. matchup.
earn himself a start in the next Tipoff is scheduled for 8 p.m.
contest vision fi*. Mercyhurst headed to the percent they needed in the Mercyhurst Athletic Cen-
Both Shouse and Brennan shot The Laker defense forced locker room at halftime very , The Lakers still led by 11 on I Following an Oiler free-throw ter. §
the ball well from three-point Findlay to shoot the ball very happy, leading the Oilers 29-20. three different occasions in the and a Mercyhurst turnover, two Following that, Mercyhurst will
territory, with Shouse going 4-8 poorly in thefirsthalf, holding Not surprisingly a different second period, and held a seven lay-ups and a thunderous dunk try to avenge their loss earlier in
and Brennan 3-4. them to just 33 percent from the team came out of the visitor point lead with just over three tied the game at 52-52. the season when they travel to
Just two days the later the Lak- field I locker room, as Findlay played minutes to play. The Lakers got the ball back Edinboro on this coming Satur-
ers entertained the Findlay Oil- The offense fed off of the a much improved second half. Sj However, the Lakers would go with 14 seconds to play, but were day to take on the Fighting Scots.
ers, who coming into the game defense, and shot the ball well at They shot the ball remarkably scoreless for the rest of the unable to score as Shouse missed The action will begin at 7:30
were ranked No. 9 in all of Di- a 48 percent clip. better, making 11-20 to shoot 55 game, giving Findlay the chance a three at the buzzer, sending the pin.

Women's hockey ties No. 2 Dartmouth Wrestling pulls out 2-1

record in Mercyhurst Duals
By Liz Williams
Contributing Writer McAvinew sits atNo. 4 m nation
The women of the Mercy-
hurst Hockey team have much By Matt Jackson
to be proud of after last week- Contributing Writer
end. They are currently ranked
No.8/9 in the nation with two Sophomore 133-pound wres-
consecutive wins over Niagara. tler Ryan Finn recorded a pin
On Dec 6, the record for Nia- and two decisions Sunday to
gara dropped to 2-9-2, after the lead the Mercyhurst Laker team
final scores ended with a 3-1 win to a 2-1 record in the Mercy-
for Mercyhurst. hurst Duals.
Mercyhurst scored their three Finn, ranked No. 2 in the East
goals within the first three min- Region, started his day strong
utes of each period. with a pin in 2:12 overJoe Wor-
Junior Sara McDonald scored noff of Cleveland State and
the second goal of the game, then had a decisive 7-1 decision Fit Photo
making it her fifth goal of the over Rich Gebauer of Frank- Ben McAvinew
season. lin & Marshall
The Lakers offense totaled 16 The biggest of Finn's three when Mercyhurst began their
shots on the goal during the sec- victories would come in his last match with SRU. ;-,
ond period, while Niagara totaled match of the day when he Randazzo and Finn opened
18 shots for the entire game. Jody Mello/ConlribuUng Photographer squared off against Chris Lape the match for the Lakers with
The next day, Mercyhurst Experience from players such as Jessica Dillabough help this year's squad. of Slippery Rock University. a major decision and a decision
played a conference game against Shirley is from Mississauga, December 14 at [hompson Are- At this point Sarah Clark was Already splitting a pair of respectively to give their squad
Niagara. Ontario. na. 1 inside the circle. matches with the SRU fresh- an early 7-0 advantage.
Forward Samantha Shirley's Her offensive strategies earned The score was tied at 0-0, leav- She went for the goal but hit man earlier in the season, Finn SRU would be victorious in
first goal gave Mercyhurst the her the title of Rookie of the ing Dartmouth with a record of the post, leaving the score still at turned in a 4-1 victory in this the nextfivebouts that inciud-
lead 1-0. ;- Year last season. 9-1-1, and Mercyhurst with 13- 0 - 0 . f •:• t ' contest to hike his overall ed a pin and two major deci-
During the second period, Shirley leads the league with 15 2-2. Late in the third period, there record 16-3 on the year and 2- sions to give the Rock a de-
both Mercyhurst and Niagara points. Both goalies made a tremen- were few other chances for 1 against Lape. manding 20-7 lead.
earned a point. Danielle Lansing is from Red dous effort to keep the score Dartmoutl i to score. Finn and fellow teammate, h That set the stage for return-
In the last period, the Lakers Deer, Alberta. board at zero. Consequently, Dartmouth 125-pound wrestler Ricky Ran- ing All-Americans Ben McAv-
scored two goals out of a total On the defense, she limited Goalie Desi Clark of the Lak- could not get anything past goal- dazzo together expressed their inew and Justin Mautz to flex
ofseven shots, leaving them with Niagara to just 34 shots. Lansing ers had 26 saves during the ie Desi Clark. confidence in their ability to their muscles under the spot-
another win 4-1 over Niagara. had six goal shots of her own in game. The game ended with a tie for help the Laker team get off to light for the Lakers.
For Dec. 8, College Hockey the two game set against Niaga- In addition, Dartmouth's Kate the two teams. a quick start McAvinew began the come-
America named weekly player ra. Lane stopped 27 shots. The 0-0 overtime is the sec- "We are the 1-2 punch that fiom-behind effort with a quick
awards to Mercyhurst sopho- Most recently, Mercyhurst During the second period, ond time in history for the Lak- the team needs to get off to a deck job of Dan Scott in 1:03>
mores: Samantha Shirley and played against No. 2 Dartmouth Dartmouth had a chance to ers since Nov. 3,2000 at Find- good start, and it seems to be Mautz would follow knowing
Danielle Lansing. in Hanover, N.H., on Sunday, score. by. working," said Finn, speaking he needed a victory for the
for the two. -_• Laker team to be victorious.
Randazzo was 2-1 on the day He didn't give the Laker fans
Mercyhurst club hockey fights to No.2 to improve his overall record
on the year to 12-4.
As a team, the Lakers turned
any time to doubt he turned in
a dominating performance
over Shawn Adams, scoring
in an impressive perfbmianee, three takedowns before pin-
scoring four goals in each game Freshmen Tim Falkner, Whit- Niagara is the leader in the as well, considering the fact that ning the freshman in 2:02.
By Matt Jackson and is starting to look like the ney Gibbs, and sophomore Ryan EC HL but the victory by the all three teams they competed Angelo Caponi would accept
Contributing Writer player that was named Second Bessey were all sent to the lock- Lakers gives the team a solid against in the quadrangular a forfeit to complete the scor-
Team Ail-American last season. er room early when they showed chance to repeat as conference were Division I, with Mercy- ing, giving the Lakers a 25-20
The Mercyhurst Club Hoc k- The second game of the week- they would not bade down to die champs. This win puts the Lak- hurst being the only Division II victory. ,..;.
ey team continued it's winning end proved to be a real crowd Niagara players. ers 4 points behind Niagara with representative. McAvinew is now 13-3 an the
streak in dominant fashion this pleaser due to the high intensity Looking past the three fights, one game in-hand, The week- The No. 12 Lakers started the year and ranked fourth In the
weekend with victories over between the two teams. the Laker performance was once end also puts the team in sole day off on the wrong foot with nation while Mautz is 13-1 and
Binghamton 12-1 and Niagara' Niagara defeated Mercyhurst again dominant for the second possession of second place for a 25-14 loss to the hands of is third in the nation. Both were
University 7-2. earlier in the year by a score of night in a row. the time being. Cleveland State before bounc- 3-0 on the day.
The wins lengthen the Lakers 7-4 and there was definitely no Freshman goalie Dan La Rue The Lakers now have a long ing back in their second match The Lakers exited the com-
win streak to seven games and love lost between the teams. was impressive behind the net in break before they next compete with a 24-16 victory over Fran- petition with a 3-2 season
gives the team a record of 9-8, It showed in this weekend both games, but tile second game against Kent State on Jan. 7. klin & Marshall. record
thefirsttime all season they have contest as three Mercyhurst was where he got to show his Kent State won the battle be- The match with die mexst. dra- B They will next compete Dec.
been above the .500 mark. players were ejected after the ability as the Niagara players tween the two teams eai lier in ma was appropriately the last 17 in a home meet against
Micky Girardi led the scoring intensity became too high and were able to get their fair share the year 7-3. It was the Laker's of the day in the quadrangular Ashland
outburst for the weekend by fights broke out on the ice. of shots on goal. first game of the season.