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{CIA document published here today states that the United| ‘States agency urged the Halian Government to maintala secret files on leading Ttalians. that the fact that, the Italian |the “Ttatian equivalent “of th! EXENIMORE SUN Approved For Release 2003/1 ide: Pip-fAR769800369R000200240022-4 CIA Linked To Secret Files Initaly, Foreign Student Aid ‘he eines sates ihe CUA Ttaly lieved hat tho seal es, ay ruoune t rmerow [Wes had been aia ome Bureau of The Suxd flected ‘and maintained by two! lermer “Ghistan Beaeral Rome, Oct. 13 — An alleged ‘ministers of the interior, would, Te ued by “unserpaii’ per ins pleat pupae, Pm coneied By Saha || nsead of arpng thatthe The 199 document emetues| |S, he eseoved, the CIA 23 tthe them over. and give them to SIBAR “ln erder to reduce fo 2 minimum te number of pr} Sons could wie them.” "cording. tothe document] cio" Sosloa” “conceived tn oe ot puting oat dae) jon leading (allan) “peraonally) «;*\;, fies in the poles, business ion and) inteletial field ie, he wat Bier of hy Sclba, who was Interior Mb} ister for. more. than seven years end Premier from Febru} fer BA fe Sat, a lon’ of the leaders of the right CHA, contained reports on ead| [2,07 th leaders of the right ing political, business, Inteliey (MME fee Cristien, tual and eotosastial figures! [Tat Malye adng party, There was even a report on: |eq by Fernando Tambroni, ac-) . ie politcal activities of tatian lending to the. document, wo} JPretitent Giuseppe Seragat to |set up news agency a8 foot Socials, and SIFAR hos been [ior gathering more information leortraled by Ttaly’s Christian lon poitiins, union lenders and IDemoeratic party’ since World journalist, [Government- flowed Central Intelligence "Agency's advice wil amply justify the money spent on this afar.” Discovery of the existence of the secretes by an Tala imagazine last Ape! produced a Intlonal scandal that resuled in the firing of tho Army hie ot stat. Goveroment Admited It ‘The dossiers which the Gov, ernment finally admitted. were being aintained by SIAR, War Tl. ‘When Tambroni, in turn, be- ‘Alter the storm broke in Par caine Premier five years Tater, iiament this spring and an of ibe transferred the files to 2, ictal inquiry was ordered, the private epattment In downtown, JGovernment clamped a lid of Rome, secrecy on-the affairs ‘“Tambroni_ intended to, use ‘The allegedly authentie docu- the files against his political Iment published today by the adversaries "in order to. Keep fitting magazine Lastroleabio himsell in power,” the doc- Jaives the history of the SIFAR ment states laftair and the CIA intervention. The secret files were trans- va aendly sipam Somee "ferred to. vila In Sardinia when Tambren le office few ‘The magazine published @|months later, When he died, photostat of the cover of the Inccoting to the docament, they document, which was labeled|were turned over to Scelba Special heporOtfice of Cu |e, f ret Inteliganee—the Station |°©""Sneaciness And Anger jin Italy, Peal Inteligence ‘The alleged CIA report said Agency.” The doet ‘S/the “case of the Tambroni dc ‘The report says there. werd] marked secret and dated July S[iments” eaised uneasiness an‘several confidential exchanges 1963. a anger “among a large number| of views with political personel One ofthe magain’s ett} af tatlan pollicis, oelding| le" and "it was suggested lsaid tonight the report had been| many of our friends.” It was! would be highly desirable” tol leaked to it by a friendly source| "quite possible,” as some Ita-|regain possession of the files thin SIAbiproved For Reldas@0aaii {ode GLA hipRE90DS69R000200240022-4 oa fal Ino “unerpulos etn of SIPAR, and.

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