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1273 Black Oak Drive Greenwood, Indiana 46143

Events Scheduling Sales Operations
Proven manager with extensive experience administering and coordinating activiti
es in support of company policies, goals and objectives. Adept in strategy deplo
yment and driving profitability through client retention. Expert in using strate
gic and leadership skills to foster employee development and motivation.
Increased monthly profit totals by $20K.
Boosted profits 35% by shifting focusing business from new product sales to ser
vice and high-margin rebuilds and reconditioning of equipment.

Purchasing Inventory Management Personnel Training & Management Cost Control
New Business Development Customer Relations Operations Management
Budget Management Events Scheduling & Planning P & L Promotions Strategy Dev

MEIJER, INC., Greenwood, Indiana 2002-Present
Sales/Planogram Facilitator
Lead and manage all aspects of assigned area. Coordinate functions, processes, a
nd resources to improve sales. Execute implementation of planograms to assist in
companys comprehensive plan to drive sales and profitability. Assist in invento
ry control through overseeing proper unloading and stocking of freight. Conduct
personnel training. Perform various customer relations activities as needed.
Major Contributions:
Invited into store management due to job performance excellence.
FEDERAL EXPRESS, Indianapolis, Indiana 2008-Present
Offload & Onload Specialist
Oversee verification checks of materials and shipments against receiving documen
ts and report discrepancies and damages. Direct routing of packages to prescribe
d areas. Ensure materials are properly prepared for shipment. Perform check-in/o
ut procedures. Verify trucks and planes are loaded and unloaded efficiently. Mov
e and arrange equipment as needed. Oversee staging of materials.
Major Contributions:
Earned unloading certifications for 8 types of planes.
Secured user certification for 6 forms of heavy equipment.
continued . . .
THOMAS J. CARROLL Page 2 317-694-5047

ITS A GOOD THING PRODUCTIONS, LLC, Greenwood, Indiana 1999-Present

Director of Operations
Direct day-to-day operations. Manage purchasing and oversee inventory control. D
evelop plans and establish work schedules. Direct and coordinate employee activi
ties. Oversee personnel training. Monitor and plan for reductions in costs to in
crease profit margins. Secure permits and direct onsite set up.
Major Contributions:
Devised and implemented new business development strategy.
Strengthen and foster new and existing client relationships.
A-1 VACUUM & JANITORIAL SUPPLIES, Greenwood, Indiana 1989-2002
General Manager
Directed day-to-day operations. Planned and managed P&L-level operations. Oversa
w purchasing and advertising to drive brand awareness and loyalty. Evaluated sal
es and payroll goals and implemented action plans to maximize business opportuni
ties. Hired, trained, developed and supervised 12-person sales team.
Major Contributions:
Increased monthly profit totals by $20K.
Boosted profits 35% by shifting focusing business from new product sales to ser
vice and high-margin rebuilds and reconditioning of equipment.
Managed budget of $500K budget.
SNACK TIME FOODS, Indianapolis, Indiana
District Sales Rep & Trainer
Major Contributions:
Oversaw the design of in-store marketing displays and set inventory control sys
GALYANS SPORTING GOODS, Indianapolis, Indiana
Corporate Buyer
Major Contributions:
Managed purchasing and advertising for 40+ high-end sporting goods stores.
Boosted profit margins by 30% by revamping operations for improved efficiency.
Bachelor of Science in Business Leadership & Recreational Design
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Sales and Leadership Training
The National Vacuum Institute