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* A highly analytical role in a banking or IT environment.
* Expert in front and mid office reporting, financial market risk and credit ris
k reporting. Familiar with Basel 1 / 2 regulatory standard, IRB approach, MIS-r
oll up / drill-down mapping, financial data mining and data mapping. Expert in
handling MS Excel-pivot tables, design of spreadsheets, interfaces, design of MS
Access relational db and object oriented db setup, SQL-reading, editing and sho
rt query writing ability. Experienced in basic Java script reading and editing.
* Excellent financial product know-how of securities, derivatives, swaps, struct
ured products, FXMM products, precious metals, fixed income, commodities, mutual
funds, private equity, real estate. Familiar with financial instrument static
and exchange data.
* Excellent operational processes know-how of compliance issues, tax, AML, credi
t risk and market risk (VaR, Greeks) reporting. Financial and product control v
ariance reconciliation, Basel 1 and 2 regulatory reporting, Anti-Money-Launderin
g reporting.
* Experienced in IT infrastructure design, development, testing, reengineering,
implementing with complete life cycle of the infrastructure. Familiar with indu
stry standards Six Sigma and CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration.
* Experienced in project management, implementation, scheduling, organizing, and
project committee reporting, communicating to management of all levels, holding
of international telephone conferences, holding of MS PowerPoint presentations.
* Familiar with industry standard Six Sigma and CMMI Level 3.
* Mother tongue is German. Excellent English language skills.

Zurich, Switzerland
Project Manager, Business Analyst, Application Support (05/2008 - 01/2010)
* Successfully introduced IT infrastructure TCS BaNCS PB platform for the start-
up and Go-Live of Bank Louis and Centrumbank ($0.4 billion in Assets under Manag
ement). Acted as Interim PM, directed five teams with each three staff. Succes
sfully secured all project mile stones to Go-Live.
* Successfully introduced pioneer project "Client Value Management Module". Int
roduced additional modules e-portfolio for internet banking and AVTS for securit
ies and FX trading on trading floor.
* Organized workshops together with software vendor company TCS and gathered the
requirements of Finaclear's new client Bank Louis to parameter the TCS BaNCS PB
core banking platform. Workshops included parameterization of securities tradi
ng platform AVTS, interfaces with financial data provider Telekurs, user group s
etup, functional setup, customer fee charge setup, print output setup to report
every transaction made and interact with back office and customer (order confirm
ation, account statements, performance reports).
* Created test scenario book (in cooperation with stakeholders) and monitored te
st phase of corporate action, securities, derivatives, FX and money market trans
actions and financial accounting reports (e.g. deferrals), starting with functio
nal testing (lowest level / booking level), module testing (booking / reporting
level), end-to-end testing (e2e-level: customer order, front office input, back
office transaction capture, MT548 order confirmation, custodian settlement, prin
t of settlement output, print back office output, print customer output, archivi
ng daily business activities through EoD / TEV batch. Check that trx are proces
sed on settlement day with MT545/547.
* Monitored differences with MT548 order confirmation, client reporting, financi
al control reporting, and daily archiving of end-of-day-batch-based reporting.
* Assigned all phases to sub-project teams. E.g. supervised integration done by
vendor system engineer to attach third party systems (CUSIP/VDP fin. data inter
face, SWIFT interface, print output interface (Print Machine) and test them. En
tered test data of mock-up customers.
* Did a thorough application analysis to implement repo and reverse repo transac
tions as additional products to be traded on the TCS PB BaNCS platform. Paramet
erized customer system to trade repo while producing correct balance sheet and c
redit risk Basel 2 reporting on balance sheet banking book.
* Gathered compliance regulatory information for correct anti-money-laundering a
nd compliance system monitoring and reporting. Did a hands-on customization of
the application to produce correct reporting integrated in daily batch processes
* Have written over 500 documents based on system screenshots and MS Office suit
e to instruct internal staff how to fix repetitive occurring system failures, tr
oubles, and problems. Have written documentation for application user beginners
how to enter transactions, open new bank accounts, securities deposits, and cus
tomer relationships, open and close electronic cash register etc.). Documented
the operational periodic IT processes (EoD, EoM, EoQ, EoHY, and EoY).
* Served in the customer services to support the back office and the financial a
ccounting department of Finaclear as a banking back office outsourcer as well as
the front and mid offices of Finaclear's customers.
* Fixed and solved technical and operational trouble tickets, satisfied the cus
tomers with quick problem resolving according to classification of importance /
priority of the issue.
* Monitored condition keys and indexes for the correct application of conditions
, fees, courtages, and CH and EU withholding tax for each transaction.
* Hands-on deleted manually transactions that were not running properly through
the platform.
* Executed and documented the day-, month-, quarter-, half year, year- end-of-te
rm operational and IT batch processes (EoD, EoM, EoQ, EoHY, EoY) running on UNIX
for the banking back office with securities/derivatives, money/ payment, corp.
Actions and financial accounting departments. Make use of UNIX commands for re
petitive operational system use.
ATIONS (CONTRACT), Zurich, Switzerland
Contracting Consultant (05/2007-12/2007)
* Performed a UBS Wealth Management and UBS Investment Bank IT infrastructure an
alysis for the opening and maintaining CUSIPs/ securities IDs for global fed fin
ancial instrument data of securities, derivatives, fixed income, funds, and stru
ctured products.
* Performed a UBS Wealth Management Financial Instrument back office operational
process analysis for the opening and maintaining CUSIPs/ securities IDs for fin
ancial instruments (securities, derivatives, fixed income, funds, structured pro
* Gathered face-to-face information at UBS Investment Bank about complaints, dat
a errors, delayed arriving or never arriving thus missing data. Evaluated prior
ity of issues and quantity of failures.
* Evaluated reported data of error reports with MIS drill-down mapping and Pivo
t Tables.
* Co-lead a Six Sigma DMAIC program with a Six Sigma certified black belt master
to define measure, analyze, improve and control the processes. Held workshops
with data provider and data receiver teams.
* Defined a priority list to implement quick-win solutions, medium and long-term
measures in order to improve the back office and IT performance at UBS Wealth M
anagement Financial Instruments.
* Rewrote a technical documentation of a work flow tool to improve operational p
rocess, added new instrument and operational attributes which resulted in an opt
imized process.
Zurich, Switzerland
Consultant for One Bank Project (10/2005 - 11/2006)
* Reengineered a balance sheet and credit risk reporting tool of the Credit Suis
se Financial Accounting Global Regulatory Group. The ZAC Zurich Arts and Capita
l Tool reports all Credit Suisse IB & PB host transactions from trading floor ap
plications (Front Arena, Lighthouse FX/MM etc) with following products: securiti
es, derivatives (options, futures, OTC derivatives, swaps, fx-derivatives, preci
ous metal, commodities).
* Studied the Credit Suisse internal credit risk rules based on Basel 1 and 2 st
* Studied the ZAC- IT infrastructure based on SQL-queries / SQL data base / MS A
ccess view tables for the selection and calculation of all host transactions as
defined by the bank's internal rules.
* Tested existing data flow from the host (raw feed) all the way to the finished
reported figures.
* Documented necessary re-engineering requirements on MS Office suite and report
ed to IT to make sure a consolidated feed from IB, PB and AM will report the con
solidated balance sheet and credit risk figures while mapping them according to
product categories on an ADAC mapping standard.
* Documented re-engineering requirements to improve reporting such as the nettin
g of long and short derivative positions of positions with the same counterparti
es with an ISDA agreement.
* Applied Business Analysis CMMI Level 3 standards (writing and storing of all c
hange request documentation).
* Performed MS Access and MS Excel based in-depth data mining, with MIS product
line code mapping for Basel 2 reporting for CS Asset Management.
* Generated new MIS and compliance roll-up maps to enable drill-down for capital
allocation top-to-bottom for the business units Credit Suisse Private Banking a
nd Asset Management.
* Successfully performed daily business reporting for the data reconciliation be
tween the data of Product Control and Financial Control. Identified and reporte
d differences in the balance sheet reporting among the two. PeopleSoft / Frango
vs. Arts / ZAC; Insight T vs. DAUS_EMA.
* Replaced temporarily staff in day-to-day business affairs especially for repor
ting in the Basel 1 credit risk standard when team members were absent. Reporte
d balance sheet and capital figures for derivatives, securities, SLBs & repo tra
nsactions. Tracked variances from day-to-day, end-of-month. Reconciliation of
the MIS world vs. the Compliance world.
* Directed project team of 5 individuals to make sure the current infrastructure
for credit risk reporting complies with regulatory standards. During the proce
ss of the corporate reorganization "ONE BANK", the banking book of all securitie
s and derivatives transactions of the Credit Suisse First Boston Zurich Branch w
as successfully merged with the transactions feed from the BUs CS Private Bankin
g and CS Asset Management.
* Oversaw and performed the daily operational balance sheet and credit risk repo
rting according to the banks internal compliance rules as well as the Swiss SEC
and the Basel 2 International rules, resulting in a 40% better asset allocated r
eporting based on improved product MIS-mapping.
Steinebrunn (Thurgau), Switzerland
Consultant, Project Manager, IT Support (01/2002 - 08/2005)
* Designed authority approved plans for the development of a site with four sing
le and eight multiple dwellings. Focused on energy efficient building construct
ion and modern design architecture with panoramic lake view, roof balcony, subte
rranean parking, playgrounds, winter gardens, utilities management etc.
* Improved multiple dwellings, with improved layout of new floor plans, building
space management, modern coloring of facades, introduction of new floor materia
ls and technical utility equipment, additional balconies and outdoor garden spac
* Spearheaded the business plan and start-up of the King's Kurry catering busine
ss. Evaluated various geographic locations. Negotiated with pervious facility
rental contractors for smooth succession of the leasing contracts. Evaluated et
hnic foods markets at the time of 2002 in Switzerland.
* Was part in a team of five to migrate data on notebooks and desktops for the m
igration from Windows NT to Windows 2000 / XP for the MNCs Philips Semiconductor
s, Swiss Life Insurance and UBS Wealth Management. Secured data, installed hard
ware and software, installed individual and customized application.
Zurich, Switzerland
Assistant Asset Manager and Business Analyst (10/2000-11/2001)
* Designed and implemented asset allocation tool based on MS Excel with Bloomber
g and Reuters plug-in for the daily monitoring and reporting of asset allocation
s: allocations of foreign currencies (USD, EURO, GBP, JPY, CHF), geography (USA,
Europe, Asia, Japan) and business sectors (financials, chemicals etc.). Calcula
ted fixed income percentage of portfolios with average duration figure, allocati
ons in mutual funds, alternative assets, private equities.
* Executed the daily reporting for the asset allocation on all risk profiles: On
ly equities, growth, balanced, conservative I+II, only fixed income.
* Set up spreadsheets to calculate FX hedges for each currency and risk profile.
Executed the cash management of all customer accounts, executed assigned trans
actions. (Currency hedging with FX forward contracts).
* Monitored the asset manager's covered call equity holdings (sale of call opti
ons on stock holdings).
* Set up portfolio proposals for new customers according to internal asset guide
lines. Set up the monthly and quarterly HNWI customers (customers with more tha
n 1 million USD in assets).
* Performed excellent customer support by providing information and asset manage
ment solutions, monitoring of compliance relevant documentation. ( e.g. US-QI ag
reements documentation).
* Did the technical analysis of stocks holdings with Monte Carlo random, histor
ical and variance/co-variance model on Bloomberg frontend.
* Did blue chips research on current and potential stock and fund holdings.
Zurich, Switzerland
Head ad-Interim of Middle Office and Risk Management (12/1998 - 10/2000)
* Did the daily position and P&L reporting for the departments of securities sal
es, securities trading, market making, new issues. Did Greek reporting delta, g
amma, vega calculus on all equity option positions. Did daily VaR reporting wit
h Monte Carlo random, historical and variance/co-variance model on Bloomberg fro
nt end. Did daily position and P&L reporting for the FXMM trading and sales dep
* Entered new LIBOR & margin roll over rates for all swaps holdings scheduled in
due time.
* Did daily ALM and NPV reporting for all money market / interest based treasury
positions. Did compliance regulatory monitoring for the new issues of bonds.
Monitored counterparty limits with trading partners. Executed and reporting the
end-of-period P/L bookings of all trading books: End-of week, month, quarter, h
alf year, and year.
* Improving the application infrastructure with the means of Bloomberg / Reuter
s / EBS / MS Excel / Visual Basic. Assisted project management team for the rol
lout of the new MIDAS core banking platform.
* Tested on the user side the reported data of the new MIDAS accounting system
. Delivered demanded data to external auditors such as counterparty limits, cou
nterparty accounts. Checked all transactions generated in the trading floor and
registration of the purchase and sales price. Acted first as assistant then as
Interim-Head-of-Mid Office / Risk Management at the Japanese Mizuho-Fuji Bank t
o monitor trading activities of securities, derivatives foreign exchange and mon
ey market departments.
Zurich, Switzerland
(04/1998 - 12/1998)
* Due to the centralization of all all security treasuries at Credit Suisse and
her acquisition of Swiss Volksbank, a large amount of students were hired on a t
ime limited contract.
* Registered physical securities (registered shares, bonds, CDs etc). Identifie
d actual ownership of unidentified ownership of securities.
* Cut the coupon of physical bonds on due date (corporate action procedure).
* Registered and counted physical Euroclear securities due on custodian settleme
nt date.
ESSO (SCHWEIZ) AG, Zurich, Switzerland, (04/1998)
* Data transfer of legal contracts of retail shops in SAP R3, module SD, MM, FI,
CO .
NALBACH ARCHITECTS, Berlin, Germany, (10/97-12/1997)
* AutoCAD, Architectural Office.
CONTRACT, Basel, Switzerland, 10/95-05/1996
* Architectural project and architectural planning for home improvement. Organi
zation of requests by the Basel housing administration to comply with the constr
uction admission code.
CITY OF LAPPEENRANTA, Lappeenranta, Finland, (05/95-08/1995)
* AutoCAD, architectural design, building dept. Lappeenranta, Finland
TRANSALL AG, Zurich, Switzerland, 08/1990-09/1990
* Building material delivery in logistics firm.

* Master of Business Administration, (2002), SWISS BUSINESS SCHOOL (Switzerland)
* MBA Thesis on Private Banking, (2002), SWISS BUSINESS SCHOOL (Switzerland)
* Master of Architecture, (1997), UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, LAWRENCE, KS (USA)*
* Master of Architecture, (1995), ETH SWISS FED. INSTITUTE OF TECH. (Switzerlan


Product Knowledge 1 2 3 4 Asset Management 1 2 3 4

Securities, Derivatives, Struct. Prod. Credit Risk Reporting KPI / MIS
Mutual Funds, ETF, Fund of Funds Equity and Fund Research
Money Market & Foreign Exchange Asset Allocation & Currency Hedging
Currencies and Precious Metal Write Covered Call Options
Process- & Operations Know-How 1 2 3 4 Private Banking 1 2 3 4
Financial Control, Product Control Client Support & Portfolio Proposals
Risk Management, Trading Floor Trusts, Compliance, Tax, QI-Agreements
Compliance, Mid / Back Office Asset, Cash and Performance Reporting
Regulatory Reporting / SEC Offshore vs. Onshore Banking
Infrastructure Know-How 1 2 3 4 Investment Banking 1 2 3 4
Market Data (Bloomberg, Reuters) IPOs / New Issues
Static Financial Instruments Front Office Profit and Loss Reporting
Exchange Data Value-at-Risk, Market Risk, Credit Risk
Risk- & Compliance Data Counterparty Limit Controlling

Programming languages 1 2 3 4 Software Applications 1 2 3 4

VBA MS Excel
SQL MS Access
Java / JavaScript MS PowerPoint
User Interfaces 1 2 3 4 Data Base 1 2 3 4
MS Windows MS Access, Relational
Unix MS SQL, Relational
MacIntosh SAP Release 3
DOS Oracle, J2EE, SAS
Project / Process Engineering 1 2 3 4 Business Analysis Tools 1 2 3 4
Use Case Modeling IBM Rational RequisitePro

1 Theoretical Know-How / No operational experience 2 Experienc

ed (Is able to do)
3 Lots of practical experience (current environment) 4 Expe
rt in theory and complex business cases (Master)