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Work History

Coca Cola United Bottling Company - March 2010 - Present

Service Technician
* Responsible for trouble-shooting the start up process for a new
bottling facility
* Provide assistance to operators, engineers and mechanics as needed
to improve production
* Making on-site repairs to the automation equipment during
production runs
Gmmerler US Corporation - Mount Prospect, Illinois - 2003 through
Field Service Engineer- Assistant Service Manager
I spent six years as lead in the field managing installs, directing
union electricians, and pipe fitters, as well as our own installation
crew. This was a completely hands on position demanding me to work
alongside coworkers, as well as trouble shooting with project
managers, and engineers. Have worked all over the country (in 46
states and Canada) primarily with R.R. Donnelly & Son, Quad Graphics,
Quebecor World, as well as many other print houses installing robotic
automation systems.
Primary duties:
* Installing new and used robotic equipment, with complete
commissioning, start-up and trouble-shooting.
* Responsible for electrical start up of equipment, set up of
frequency drives, and servo drives working with Allen Bradley,
Siemens, Telemechaniqe, Stober, Elau and many other manufacturers
equipment. Loading the corresponding Siemens, RS logic, Fox Pro
and B&R software.
* Providing customers with field engineering, field modifications,
working with and manipulating product flow, as well as engineering
product flow.
* Setting up and running competitive customer demos, and was often
the first choice on a regular basis by the sales staff to do their
* Responsible for documentation for entire crew, and project.
* Repairing and maintaining electrical; mechanical; pneumatic; and
hydraulic systems.
* Interfacing with Italian, German, French and American automation
* Conducting on-site classroom and hands on training usually working
with trainees in entry-level positions.
* Working with Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Germans, and other
nationalities crossing language barriers.
* Maintaining open phone availability for customer off-site
technical support.
Work History Continued
Gmmerler US Corporation (Continued)
* Maintaining a professional relationship with Gmmerler's other
departments, (such as sales), providing them insight to help
continuously improve customer service and relations.
* Being available at any time to travel to customer's site to get
them back into production.
News Web - Greenville, Michigan -1998 through 2003
Assistant Production Manager/Head of Maintenance
Post Press Crew Chief: Press Operator
* In five years, I doubled our press capacity, completely
modernizing and streamlining the production facility.
* Operated Mller Martini saddle stitcher, and Kansa inserter for a
fast-paced growing news service.
Printco - Greenville, Michigan - 1991 through 1998
Press Operator, Roll Tender, Material Handler
* Started at the entry level as a material handler for 6 months,
moved to roll tender for 2.5 years, spent last 4 years as a press
* I helped install and start up 6 lines of Goss C450, also ran Goss
community, C150, C250, Heidelberg Harris NC 400. While roll
tending, ran Butler 4000, 5000, and Enkel splicers.
Certified to operate the following equipment:
Aerial Work Platforms
SkyJack Model 3226
Genie Models 1930, 234, and 560
JLG 2033, E400, and 600A
Forklift/Fork truck Operator
Other Skills
Working knowledge of the following computer software applications

AutoCAD Allen Bradley

B & R Automation MS Word
MS Excel
References are available upon request
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