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by Colleen McManamon

*- V

The Mercyhurst College Challenge Exam policy Challenge exam. Because speakers and special mented that the "Catalogue wasn't that clear '/ 1
was officially changed on January 23rd. Hie tuition movies had been used, the teachers felt that the In changing the policy, Qarvey commented that the
cost for all challenge examination credit is $193.50 for students had cheated. This? specific case is still administration felt that "We should have realised
each course successfully passed. Inr addition, the pending. ,1 I * that this would happen. Everybody was naive in this
testing fee for challenging a course is now $25.00. The College Catalogue states that a student taking situation."
\ The move came as a result of a protest by faculty a Challenge exam can. in no way, have any contact Within this past year, there has been a massive
members who taught the Intersessfon course Alcohol with the faculty member. However, using another upswing f i n the number of students taking
and Drug Abuse. Two students who had not enrolled student's notes (a form of indirect contact) was never Challenge Exams, In revising the rules, the
in the course challenged the course and passed the explicitly forbidden Dean William Qarvey com- Dean indicated that "One of the things that concerned
us, is that we're trying to hold tuition down and at
two-lor-the prico-of one we'd quickly go out of
business!" iw
After weeks
of deliberation the administration
decidedf Change the policy, However, all 23
students who had previously registered can take the
exams at the old price oi" $15.00 for the exam and
$50,00 for the three credits. In addition, students who
have received a D or F in a course, can prove prior
employment in a course area, or Who are taking a
CLKP exam can take the exams at the former price,
m. I In concluding.. (Jarvey stated that'"Though We
The Voice of the Mercyhurst Community abhor changing a policy in midstream, we simply
decided to remove it he advantage* of cheating. In
taking this action, however, we are not implying that
students who took Challenge exams in the past were
VOL 47 NO. 15 MERCYHURST COLLEGE cheating." 4. 1 f • $
FEBRUARY 7, 1975

FEB. 9 - FEB, 15

Black History! Week

During the week of February 9, three area time to Gannon, where a local speakervandja Jam
colleges—Mercyhurst Gannon, and Edinboro State- Session will be featured. The following night, a dance
will hold a joint observance of Black History Week. will be held at Mercyhurst, featuring Black Odyssey
The Black History Week program, which is of Pittsburgh, in the Student Union, f
sponsored by the Black Involvement Association, will The program will end on Saturday night with a
be kicked offton Sunday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. The semi-formal dance at Qannon College. |* '
opening event of|the week, a modern dance presen- There are those who feel that there is no need for a
tation, will take place at* that time inlZurn Recital Black History Week. These|peopie contend that such
Hall. I § 1 I -S _ an event tends to separate and polarize blacks and
Featured in the dance program will be Charon whites. The sponsors of the program, the Black
Mouhedin, Judy iSmith, Pam Richarson, Arleen Involvement Association, disagree with this view.
Hvrd, Chris Cottman, and Diana Johnson. It will be They
4 feel that the purpose ox the program is, to
followed by a special dinner in the Cafeteria at 5:45. 'effect the opposite result—to offset an Imbalance
At 6:30 p.m.. there will be a reception in the faculty that presently exists/' Theyfinvitefthe whole ^Mer-
lounge* » #i cyhurst community to become involved in the ob- P On lait Monday nlghd the Lskeri lost s hfartbreukfr to
WThe program will move to the campus of Edinboro servance of Black History Week and make it a total PUt-Johnitownby ono point, donplte thli hiKh'tlylns pte ce of
State on Monday and Wednesday, where a speech by success. offensive piny. N«M* pii^tHl for ilrliiilfl. " T
Pennsylvania Representative Rhodes of Pittsburgh
and a cultural program will be featured.
On Thursday, the program will move again, this

Spring The
BKOG, unless you will enter your senior year in
MERCY SUPERIOR RESIGNS ; September, 1975. TheMtEOG applications are to be
Creative Arts Term of
Sr. M. Anne Francis Cavanaugh, General Superior
the Erie-based Sisters of Mercy, has announced
filed by June 1,197B.*
For any questions or problems, contact Ms. Wendy
In response to the success of last year's Creative her intention to resign that post as of March l. ^% •. ...
M e( !abe, the Financial Aid Director, or Mrs. Jacque
Arts Month, the Creative Arts Division of the This decision was made known to each of the 180 Mazanowski, her assistant, They want to make sure
college has declared Spring term "A Term For the sisters in the Order through individual letters. In the you take advantage of every opportunity for
Creative Arts at Mercyhurst . letter, Sr. Anne Francis is said tofhave told her receiving assistance to continue your studies II
The term will consist of a variety of special ac- community that she can no longer provide them with Mercyhurst?^^^?^! ? *
tivities in the field of Creative Arts, spread over the the leadership that the community should have,
entire ten week Spring term. The reason for the .Replacing Sr. Anne Francis as Acting Superior will
spreading of the activities, according to Division be Sr. Rita Brocke R.S.M., who will hold the job until
head, Dr. Joseph Pizza t, is tot take some of the
pressure off of participants to be constantly working a new superior is elected in June;
through the closing days of then year. Now, the As Superior of the Sisters of Mercy, Sr. Anne
program will be spread out, allowing for greater Francis had been an automatic member of the The next Consortium faculty meetingi a meeting of
participation by both students and faculty. Mercyhurst College Board of Trustees. At the last the faculties of Gannon, Mercyhurst, and Villa Maria
election, the trustees elected her their chairperson.
Several programs have already been scheduled for Sr. Anne Francis willfvacate both of these positions hurst College. 1, J g college, will take place on Friday, March 7 at Mercy-
% f f f
the Creative Arts Term. In April, a Spring Choral on March l. in addition to her duties as Superior. Upon the recommendation of the Consortium
Concerts will take place, with the concert singers Faculty Committee planning the meeting, a group of
accompanied by a full orchestra.* Also in April, the During,the five;and a half years that Sr.f Anne
Dance Dept. will present the ballet, Coppelia, a Francis headed the Sisters of Mercy, she was active selected faculty«from eacn campus *will meet on
traditional favorite for Mercyhurst dance audiences. in the founding and growth of the Mercy Institute On Friday, February 14, with the* President* of the
In the month of May, two Senior Theatre majors Aging I and the Mercyhurst College of Older three colleges to discuss Consortium iMsues. The
will make their Thesis Production. Mari Gardner and Americans. dialogue on that occasion will be uned as a basis for
Jane Basset will do a performance of the comedy hit, planning ihe March 7 Consortium faculty meet ing.
"Hot 1 ^Baltimore'', During that same month, piano A notice concerning the exact time and place of the
March 7 meeting at Mercyhurst college will be
and opera productions are also being planned.
These are but a few of the programs that are un- FINANCIAL AID NOTES I circulated at a later date. \
derway for the Creative Arts term. Dr. Pizzat It's not too late to apply for assistance for the 1975-
pointed out several other interesting programs which 76 school year. The financial aid packets are still
may also take place—among them: a workshop, available in the Financial Aid Office in215 Old Main.
under the auspices of the Music Dept., on piano Included in the packet are the all-purpose Parents' H O E SOCIETY TOMEET s
rebuilding; a gymnastic exhibition; a Radio-TV Confidential Statement (PCS) and the application for On February nth at 4:00 Jin the Facultyjl<oungc
production; a series of artists-in-residence; arts Mercyhurst grants and scholarships. f*i there will be a meeting of the New Hotel
exhibits; and a major theatre production. All in all, The PCS islto be completed byf your parentis). Restaurant Society. *
Creative Arts term at Mercyhurst promises to be an Information and instructions are attached to the The society will cater to dinners, parties, and
exciting experience! fori students interested in form. The PCS must be sent to Princeton, N.J. by banquets in order to raise funds to promote the I lotol
Creative Arts. I> l i [
March 1,1975. * ?§ *. U i • Restaurant School here at Mercyhurst. (A
You should also consider applying for a Penn- Dues for the Huh are $2.00 annually and will|be
sylvania State Grant (PHEAA) and for the Basic used to initially start the clubs activities, some of
SELF-STUDY AVAILABLE Kducational Opportunity Grant (BEOG). which include field trips to the, New York Hotel
The Mvrcyhunrt College Self-Study, recently publlnhecl If you.had applied for, and received, a PHEAA Restaurant Show and the Chicago Hotel-Restaurant
for this year** Middle State* Evaluation, If now available grant last year, you should get the renewal forms at Exhibition. W- $ 3
for the pernf*a I of all interested Mercyhurst • tudentf. home in (he mail. If not, the applications will soon be Elections will he,; held at Tuesday's meeting
Two copies of the work are kept on constant reserve at available in the Financial Aid Office, They should be Nominations for offices should be based on potential
the Main Desk of the Learning Resource Center, and are sent to 1 larrisbui g by May l, 1075. *< * service to the organization and not on friendship or
available for use within the confines of the Library. k It would also be to your advantage to apply for the personality. All interested students are welcome.

Guest Editorial

by Esther Schreiber

For a person to take up smoking today, in the face tobacco wrapped in paper. When it is smoked, the tar
of evidence that shows it to be proven a health and nicotine from the tobacco enter the lungs. Con-
hazard, is, in my opinion, short of self-destruction! sequently, the tar builds up smothering the tiny air
Smoking has been proven to raise blood pressure, sacs of the lungs. As a result, smoking inhibits one's
cause lung cancer, bring on heart attacks, and act as ability to engage in long-winded activities—as a little
a catalyst in a number of associated diseases. bit of your lungs dies each time you smoke! f
Moreover, the death rate is ten times higher for Smoking also contributes to the already
those who smoke as compared to non-smokers, i atmosphere and seems to dominate the surrounding
I am not trying to say that if you smoke, you will air anachoke and annoy those who do not smoke. Also
die early, or get some "smoking-related" disease. it clings distastefully to clothing and hair and spoils
But, the chances of becoming ill and shortening one's the clean scent.
life span are far greater for smokers. Statistics have In short, the act of smoking does not require any
shown that millions of people have died from special ability or intelligence to hold a cigarette
diseases related to the puffing of coffin nails. between one's fingers and puff away. Smoking though
Many people many argue that they thoroughly has been related to maturity because adults and
enjoy the act of smoking, but others don't because beautiful sophisticated women have been shown on
they are aware of the dangers connected with it. TV in the past to be holding a cigarette. In reality,
These people would like very much to stop but find it oking won't make you better; it may make a nice
difficult if not impossible to stop because of their "crutch", and leave you sicker than when you
physical addiction to it Often people will claim that started. , i i ' >
they need cigarettes to steady their nerves or keep JJ This article was not intended to be belligerent but
from eating. This can be explained by the fact that merely stresses that smoking is not very wise. With
IfJI.11 % smoking involved the use ot nicotine, a drug which this in mind go ahead and enjoy your cigarette but
makes adrenalin, a body hormone, flow and in- remember that cigarette is dangerous to your health.
creases body energy. People will, for example, need Me? I'd rather suck my thumb! ;--
This broken down sign In front of Zurn Hall seems to
a cigarette when angry, to "calm them down." . Esther Schreiber
symbolize the lethargy and inactivity present at Mer-
Unfortunately, the body's natural chemical is thrown
cy hurst-Winter *75. (See page 5). .'*• * out of order. "%
Basically, all that a cigarette consists of is treated

To the Editor: f $ ? * * f' and truthfully. We would like to thank the person who
As the'advisor to the Mercyhurst Laker Varsity wrote the article for stating the truth the way it is.
Cheerleaders, I would like to publicly go on record in Chuck Schmidt k
praising without reservation the present sauad of GregZaffuto
eight young women and men. It is rare to find the high John Zucconi
degree of cooperation and esprit d' corps that exists
among the members of the squad. 1 am personally^
pleased and proud to be associated with this Dear Ms. McManamon, .t
dedicated hard-working group. ? 0 I As an alumna of MC, I'd like'to comment on your
V-would encourage each of you to support the editorial of January 24. If your years at Mercyhurst
cheerleaders and all of our Laker teams as we strive have "simply" stimulated wonders, you should bless
to win and exhibit good sportsmanship, 1 jL. J and; thank everyone who helped effect such a
Edward J. Gallagher "simple" thing in you. ? *
Advisor .• Isi * I am presently involved in an adult education
program; rest assured, if any of the teachers I
supervise "stimulate wonders , they are doing the
Dear Editor: most I can ask of them. As an adult you should nave
The Merciad bills itself as the "Voice of the realized by now that you are your own product, that
Mercyhurst Community" yet it uses its resources to it's up to you how meaningful your college years will
publish irrelevant articles and unsuccessful attempts be. * F
at satire (such as the tacky Sport Opinion series Remember—after graduation, you will probably
which has marred any integrity this paper may have never come in contact with so many interested and
once had). It is difficult to overlook this irresponsible interesting people—all at one time, all in one place,
selection of stories and the common misquotes and including both teachers and students.! Learn this
poor editing present in the Merciad. I'm expecting while you can. It may be the chance of a lifetime.
the comment that I should remain and help the paper After five years, I still feel it was "worth it."
improve. This may have been considered in the past Sincerely, >*
but I no longer have the incentive to work on this Christine (Bogdanski) Finnegan
college's newspaper as it now exists. I hereby an- Class of 1970 i
nounce my resignation. I I
\ Joanie Stevenson Dear Editor:
Joanie, * I agree that the Lakerettes deserve to be com-
It is with deep regret that I accept your resignation mended^ and are worthy of more recognition. The
from the newspaper "as it now^exists." It always question is, when are you going to give it to them? So
hurts an organization to lose a qualified person. much talk and space is given to the men's team, some
Hopefully the future issues will prove more relevant. which is pure nonsense. I think you could give the
Relevance, however, is in the eye of the beholder. women's team equal time. Remember this was an all
women s school just 4 years ago. %
To the Editor \ I Signed,^
We would like to commend the person who wrote Preparation H.
the Letter to the Editor, "Campus Gossip." It was Dear Preparation H.,
not only well-written but the problem, yes, the The fact that this was a women's college 6 years
problem of gossip on this campus, was stated clearly ago does not make the presence of men on campus
any less real. The Merciad would be happy to give
|the women's teams more copy; however, there
seems to be very few women on campus who are so
MERCIAD inclined to write women's sports. I can assure you
that if I presume to write a sports column nonsense
would then be totally abound, k *
Kditor Colleen McMa na m on
Editorial Board:
News Editor: Pat Weschler
Feature Editors Terry Scheib
1 Jim Mariano
Sport* Kditor:
Layout Editor:
Copy Editor:
J Ca r ol Qua rtucclo
Olivia Longo
Photographer: Stark, Jim Prez, Jeff Best
Tina Reichenbach
Layout Staff:
Tony Mancuso
Leigh Kremer
1975 Merciad Editor
Writer* a nd Creators: j
Submit oppfication letters to Colleen McManamon Apt. 123 Seller,
Darla Malone. Kathy Turek. Chris Van Wagenen,
Nancy Willis. Patty Mullaugh. Joni Wheeler or Andy Roth, faculty advisor, 304 Old Main
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Roth
Business Manager: JoeCastrlgnano
Student Poll

A booklet listing Penn- science, or English as a

sylvania State Civil Service second language. Educators
Jobs is available in the are still the single f largest
Career Planning Center. The group ofc|yolunteers; the
current jobs Tare in greatest need, is for men
Administration, Social Ser- teachers and for individuals
vice, Educational Positions with master's degrees. The
and Natural Science Peace Corps prefers that
Positions. The above jobs are applications be submitted
posted for college ^graduates four months in advance of the
and the final date to be apply actual desired starting date.
is March 15,1975. Volunteers in Service to Ray Korienlowskl*. "I think
CERTIFICATION. .The America (VISTA) work in Health Services is pretty
basic certification education with those who thorough. They always have
requirement^! most states is need it most. Volunteers may Pam Mauonh "Without our what you need and when they
the -bachelor's degree with be involved in adult education health services, we'd all be don't they always refer you to
full certification requiring a paying ^for medication someone?'
classes in Appalachia, or high somewhere else when we can
master's !• degree or com- school equivalency courses get it right here.' 1
pletion of a five year program for drop-outs in Chicago.
in some areas. Certification They may also find them-
requirements can be met selves involved in bi-lingual
while in college by: education for a street Dave Tomczak: "It's good, the
Enrollment&tin a teacher academy, in tutorial doctor should be in more often
preparatory program programs or in a pre-school. if he can put it in his
majoring in elementary or schedule." i
Normally the programs are
secondary education; sponsored by a community
or .enrollment in a liberal arts action agency, churches, ..Feb. 13, Diocese of Erie...
curriculum^ at a college or schools, and grass-roots Feb. 18, Hills Department
university with the com- organizations. The i teaching Store,..Feb. 27. Copley-
pletion of appropriate rarely takes place in a formal Fairlawn School District."
education credits. Each state classroom setting. If you are Interested persons jmay sign- Debbie Mattes: "I think that the
may vary- slightly in its !
interested you may write: up withTMary McLaughlin at Frank Sands: "It's good, the i free cold tablets are nifty. Sr.
certification requirements. ACTION-Peace Corps-Vista, the Placement Office, Room nurse takes care of you* She's Joseph JMary has always
The book *'Requirements for concerned about the students helped me with more than just
Midwest Regional Office, 536 207 Main. • at this school." health problems."
Certification'' will be of great Clark St., Room 1010, .Mrs. I Elaine jjPotoker Field
help in this area, and is Chicago, 111. 60605. * f representative of University
available in the Career R E C R U I T E R S ? ON of Chicago is willing to talk
Planning Center. CAMPUS FOR FEBRUARY. with any student interested in
ACTION-Peace Corps- . j .February 11, Veterans graduate study of any division
Vista offers opportunities for Administration, U.S. Civil of University of Chicago.
the experienced or inex- Service, Bureau of w Social If interested please call 868-
perienced teachers of math, Security, and U.S. Air Force. 6378.

The first half of this article your ^summary notes but correct even though yomare gradesi and get back exam college*! students by the
in The Merciad of January avoid them if it makes you not sure. \ An omission will books, read over the answers. Association of American
24th pointed out that suc- nervous. * > ^ M probably count againstiyou. Compare them to your text- Publishers to help students
cessful preparation \ for an 6. Be sure you have all the In multiple choice, cross out book and class notes in order with their study skills. Copies
exam starts in the beginning supplies! you need| before what you think is wrong and to check mistakes and find out of the complete HOW TO
of each term and continues leaving your room. ^ think about what is left. Be why or how you answered PREPARE SUCCESSFULLY
throughout. It emphasized 7. Arrive in the examination sure toj completely! erase if incorrectly. If you don't un-
the importance ;:• of room a few minutes ahead. you change an answer.
..? derstand your instructor's FOR EXAMINATIONS or
establishing a terms study Take a seat where you will Essay questions test your marks,* ask him where 'you HOW TO GET THE MOST
plan land using good review have good light and not be ability to express yourself, to went wrong. This re- OUT OF YOUR TEXT-
techniques. distracted by friends or noise. interpret land) to ? organize evaluation willj help, you BOOKS can be obtained free
DEVELOP hi CONFIDENT PACE THE EXAM ? * material, i The ^instructor recognize faults in your study by writing to AAP STUDENT
ATTITUDE I % CAREFULLY % ! never expects one question skills. Learn ni by your SERVICE, One Park Avenue,
Your attitude toward When the * exam begins, (or even an entire exam) to be mistakes and go on to the next New I York 10016. Future
exams can make a difference. listen to the instructions and a demonstration of* all you phase of enjoyable % and topics will give suggestions on
Tests do serve a goodf pur- then start reading through the know. Important cue I words successful college work. \ £ other proven techniques for
pose. They give youjan op- entire test. | Organize your will give you the tey as to This article is part of a using study time and learning
portunity to check your thoughts. I I what or how much the in- series recently initiated for materials. m
progress. Students who have Budget time for each structor wants you to write.
formed good study habits question. They might be equal The ones most frequently
throughout the term should in scoring, so answer the easy used are: analyze, compare,
be confident. Exams ? will ones first. Remember to contrast, {criticize, define,
solidify your knowledge of number the answers to match describe, discuss, elaborate, EUROPE
important ideas, and give you the questions. \ enumerate, evaluate, explain,
an opportunity to know now Think'carefully about one illustrate, interpret, justify, BOUND
well youf are doing. question at a time. Your first list, .outline, prove, relate, 75?
Examination grades can also sentence should be clear and review, state, summarize,
help pinpoint your contain some, if not all, of the trace. fEach one of |these wouldn't you rather come with us?
weaknesses and give you a main points in your answer. terms calls for some specific Laat f t t r ovar 200,000 atudanta raMrtd In luropa. And tha
travaiwlaa f i t * on chartara tottHHt It ooata about NALFI
chance to correct them. The instructor wants a? focus type of material, so think Thta yaar • J » 6 WN| tlokat to London la | f | l « | 2 - )
vaakar 1597. And i t a §76?a for OTtf l i t w r t i fro« Haw
ORGANIZE PRE-EXAM on the question and direct about their meanings in ad- Tort, (That's what tha alrlloaa aay now. La at fMr tharo
MM t*0 unforcaat Inoraaaaal) 1 1
HOURS j f answers. J vance.
1. The day before an im- Jot down key words as Finish each Question as best Not only do you fly with yg at half, but you can Juat about
hava your ohotoa of dataa for 4, f» 6, 7» •• 9$ 10 UNfc dur-
portant exam plan to review a guides for -your writing. as you can and then go on to ation during tha i w M r t And All you hava to do to qualify
i t raaarva your aaat no* by aandinc $10O« <*apoalt9 pluj $10»
maximum of>3 hours, in- Indenting paragraphs, the next, leaving some room raglatratlon faa, Undar raoantly now U. 9. OofOfUlnt reg-
ulations wa nuat aubarit all flight partiolpanta na»ao and
terspersed with \ pace- numbering points under them, at the bottom for possible f u l l oayaant aijrty day a bafora aaoh f l i g h t . If you takO tha
Juna 21 - Auguct 19 flight to London for axampla, dapoalt ra-
changing breaks. Remember or making a rough diagram additions. When answering aarvan your goat and April If you aand tha $199* balance.
to question yourself as you or outline can be helpful to essay questions in I exam Juat OIIO prlca for 111 flight a whathar you pioh a waakand
dapartura ( $ l ) t ogtra on tha ragular fara airllnact) or paak
review your notesJRecite the you and the person correc- books, some students find it aagaon aurcharga data.

main points to yourself and ting. I % helpful to use only the right- So uond for our cowplat© nchadula, or to ba aura of vour r+*
Mrvatlon now, nail your dapoalt for OflO of our i to h waailf
reread text | paasages only Write legibly or .else the hand pages, leaving the left daparturaa from June through 'Japtawbar* Juot apactfy tha waav
you want tu traval anil for how long* You will roaolVO your
when you are having dif- instructor will not be able to page for additional remarks axact data confirmation and racalpt by return a a i l t All our

ficulty remembering them. read easily, and your mark or highlights. | * T II flighta ara via fullv rortifloatad 9 U, 3 . OovOnUMOt otandard
Jot and a l l firot elaua oarvica 9 frog London thara ara mhf
2. Eat and sleep well so that will suffer. P jg | | Make answers as concise atudant flightu to all i»artu of ihn Contlnant9 fraquant da-
parturaa and «any gt 2/> off tha ragular flirt* J
you are refreshed the day of Short-form or objective and clear as posible. Do not M r t ' i i u i IC A * a O V g T g M O iNir^NAHONAi

the exam. I .. questions demonstrate your waste time with long-winded •If Mr VOaM ">rW »<>«« |Ott9f

3. Get up early m avoid ability to recognize details or repetitious sentences. \ '' 100 • 22) - 4)09

rushing on the morning of the and your judgement in •Reread e v e r y t h i n g (TOLL nn]

test. -:
| . choosing among alternatives. carefully after tyou have
answered all the questions.
4. Take a shower, have a Attention must be given to key
words like: all. none, never, You might have left out a key the big^st bargain
good breakfast, do some might, or should. Fill in the word or remember some in air travel today
exercises, or take a walk, easy ones first and mark the other points. * 4
breathe deeply. g | spaces clearly. Avoid leaving REASSESS YOUR WORK ?
5. Stay calm. It may be blanks, am answer might be When you? receive your
helpful to takeja last look at

THIS WEEK Creative and motivated

persons needed to develop MEW:
Join the Concert!
and to produce musical and
ON WQLN-FM non-musical programs for If
public radio broadcast.
you likejto sing, come on
Monday and Thursday at 4
Special this week on 91.3 FM: Ability to solidify and ^We need you I
Sandy Nassan and Jonathan sustain efforts important
Kerr; Mercyhurst coffee- Particularly needed at this
house singers who have ap- time are personnel to
peared with such groups as announce contemp and
the Mahavishnu, \ Herbie classical programs, record
Mann, Roland Kirk, James campus events for
Gang, and Linda Ronstadt. broadcast, run taped
Interview and performances shows, and work with COA by Rocco Riazzi
on Wednesday, Feb 12 at 10 panelists. Concern for A black man (Cleavon EARTHQUAKE
pm. content and style vital—we Little) becomes a sheriff of a A REALISTIC
will train in radio town which is corrupted by POSSIBILITY! I Universal
The Sonnets of Shakespeare; techniques. Underclass- lawless gangs who never pictures has come up with the
Interpreted by Barry persons especially en- heard of a Black sheriff. Jack greatest idea since the Jin-
McAndrew and Louis Mennini couraged. Contact Bar- Wilder! becomes his crazy troduction of '20th Century's
on IComposer'sf IChoice, bara Ann Hewitt, WQLN- partner and is hilarious. Cinemascope, it's called
Tuesday at 10 pm. I FM-Mercyhurst, 308 Old Equally funny are Madeline Sensurround.
Main. Kahn as a showgirl hired to Sensurround is a gimmick
Big Band Swing Show seduce the sheriff, and
features music of the 30-40s Harveyc Korman as the to lure the public into actually
Sundays at 10 am with Andy
Cameroa ' I ?
Music Ensembles villian. BLAZING SADDLES
is high entertainment and
hearing *and viewing and
feeling the movie. Itlworks!!
With this new sound you can
Inside Rock tonight at 9 pm Announced should not be missed! (Rated
R. Now showing at| the
actually feel the earthquake
to a i modest degree. The
with Chuck Stevens.w k The Department of Music is Millcreek Mall Cinema).
interested in making Rocco Riazzi
screenplay at times, is long
The Influence of Media on available to | any I brass or and drawn out until the
Events; seminar presented woodwind players on Mer- SERPICO earthquake hits. The all-star
Editor's Note; This film last year brought v
cast is headed by Charleton
by | the social -science cyhurst Campus the op- The following begins a Al Pacino his !i second
department featuring* Len portunity to play together in a weekly feature designed to Heston and Ava Gardner. No
brass or woodwind ensemble. Academy Award nomination. real credit can be given to the
Kholos, Editor of the Erie review current movies and Al Pacino stars as a New
Daily Times, Hyle Richmond, The ensembles will meet inform the community of the show's acting.
news reporter, * Dr. York cop who brings up I Though the acting and
regularly though informally content and style of movies shocking ^ facts about the
McQuillan, and Dr. Davis. and will have as a longe range showing in the Erie area. dishonest activities which screenplay may be dull, the
Monday at 10 pm. * s goal the possibility"of giving cinematography, direction,
performances during the BLAZING SADDLES was going on in the New York special effects, sound and art
school year. Police Dapartment. Who says are breath-taking!
WQLN-FM is Public Radio, •U THE .FUNNIEST PIC- "Honesty is the best policy''
35,000 watts stereo. % *** Students interested in this TURE OF THE YEAR! The Al Pacino does. : Earthquake is a BIG
kind of experience contact Dr. film is written produced, and motion picture event ^and
(Please run column here from Mennini in the Department of directed by ,Mel Brooks, (Serpico rated R. Shown at cannot be missed!!
Millcreek Mall Cinema.) (Rated R. Now showing at
last week requesting per- Music,,Zurn Hall, Extension motion picture's5 new genius
sonnel .) 260. of comedy. - • f the Millcreek Mall Cinema).



Submit application letters to Colleen McManamon, Apt. 123 Sesler, or Andy

Roth, faculty advisor, 304 Old Main. P*^ 1

'Hurst Literary Magazine

Search For Creative Writers Begins

The Mercyhurst Literary may be obtained at* the mainenvelope. *
Magazine is seeking poetry desk of the LRC. . The staff hopes that all
and short fiction writers by {Unfortunately, photographscreative writers in the
members of the college cannot be published in this community will wish to
community. S t u d e n t s , year's magazine because of contribute. The Mercyhurst Hockey In Action
faculty, administrators and the printing process being • .. -mm •

Literary Magazine is an ex-

staff are invited to contribute. used. Some art will be cellent opportunity for the
This year the magazine reproduced, but at this timeindividual's creative voice to Jon Sedelmyer
plans to award four small the staff is not certain what
be heard .in a publication
cash prizes to the student mediums can be included. which represents the
authors who create the most Artists wishing to contribute
characteristics and quality of
outstanding works of prose to the magazine should life at Mercyhurst College,
and poetry. Recipients of the contact Gretchen Kramp, 501 E. 38th St., Erie, Pa.,
awards will be determined by Dale Patterson or Candy U.S.A., 4 North America,
faculty advisor Dr. Detmar Yanker. Western Hemisphere, Planet
Straub and the staff of the 'All manuscripts must be Earth, the solar system Jon Sedelmyer, Mercyhurst has now spread to the creme-
magazine.' * typed and submitted to the containing the planet with the College senior and former de-la-creme of the music
All who submit their work main desk of the LRC by things around it, Milky Way, student-teacher at Iroquois world- The Treefrog Club of
are requested to include a March first with the The Universe 16509. High School, has become an Mercyhurst College (i.e., the
creative biographical sketch biographical sketch attached. overnight sensation at the Coffeeshop in the Student
of approximately fifty words. Persons requiring the return swinging ; Erie nightspot, Union), where Sam and;Jon
These sketches are to be of their manuscripts should Befwick's at West Erie Plaza. will soon make a command
submitted on a form which also attach a self addressed
IDENTITY Jon and Sam Vallone, a performance. ,
former Mercyhurst student,
; I \%
Seriously, Sam! and Jon do
QUESTIONED sing and strum to raptured play at Befwick's on Tuesday
Erie audiences < every nights; they did begin playing
A group of interested people Tuesday night at Befwick's.
concerned with the Many avid Mercyhurst j, fans together at folk masses; they
"religious" identity of can also be found languidly did get together in Edinboro
Mercyhurst are now meeting sipping cocktails while to "jam"; they are going to
play at Mercyhurst in the,
MOVIES every other Wednesday listening to Sam and Jon at
morning in the Faculty Dining Bewick's on Tuesday nights.
Room. Jj[
Sam and Jon met and got natural people singing some
they are
Cinema I (Millcreek Mall)—Earthquake The group has formed as an their start two years ago at songs, laughing with the
Cinema II (Millcreek Mall)—Young Frankenstein outgrowth of the college's Mercyhurst's Saturday night people, basically enjoying
Cinema III (Millcreek Mall)—Phantom of the Paradise religious identity crisis of the folk masses in pie Faculty what they're singing ana
Cinema 18—Freeble a nd the Bean 'i last few years. Lounge of Preston Half. playing.
Cinema World—Young Frankenstein, Birth of a Legend, Jeremiah All members of the Mercy- However in the Fall of '74,
Johnson. Phantom of the Paradise hurst/ t] community are they began to play seriously Look for the announcements
Plaza (West Erie Plaza)—Towering Inferno welcome at these meetings, to together in Eainboro, Penn- of the date they'll be in the
Warner (8th and State)—Abbey air their viewpoints on the sylvania. They could often be coffeehouse. You can be sure
Strand (W. 10th)—Godfather II subject and share with other heard there practicing their
Kastway I—Birth of a Legend that the * Hurst people who
Kastwav II—Law and Disorder students and faculty. Next intricate arrangements at the have heard,Sam and Jon at
meeting is next Wednesday abode of Marty the Day-Hop Befwick's won't miss them at
morning—8:30 a.m. their manager. Their fame the Coffeehouse.
FEBRUARY 7, 1975


Sport Opinion

Well, to continue our "blatantly sexist" column

we wish to
commend and lend our support to the Women s Crew team.
Yes, Mercyhurst has a Women's crew, which last spring
started as a "cake" course and now is waiting for the
watertime needed to become a top-notch crew.
The Hurst's Women's Crew team under the undying
leadership of Dave (Busch) Shimpeno, consists, so far, of
ten dedicated students whose desire and determination are
only equaled by their male counterparts. Dave's Babes
include Judy (Fountain) Ma honey, Sally (Storm) Gorndt.
Eileen (Atlas) Wiesner, Patty (Peppermint) Mullaugh,
Marsha (Chipmunk) Smith, Gerry (Tony) Sica,^ Pat
(Beetle) Bailey, Sue, (Van) Pagan, Mary Clare (Derby)
Redden, and last but not least Betty (Bull) Gartner.
For those not familar with the sport of crew, it would be
easy to imagine the simplicity involved in racing an eight
oared shell. It isn't a sport where talent, strength, en-
Monday night, ^Mercyhurst took onfthe University of-- durance, or coordination will suffice alone. It's a sport
Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ) under the title of "Laker which combines all four of these factors at once over a 2000
Revenge." Revenge was not achieved when the Lakers meter course with a coxswain constantly shouting in your
dropped a one point decision 80-79. When UPJ came onto the mug. Furthermore, in Brie, the All-American weather
court. I figured that we had the game for sure but when the contributes an additional factor to an already complex
game started my mind was immediately changed. All they sport. When the Babes first get on the water this spring, it
had to do was throw the ball into the air and with the help of TOP: Steve Albert gets two 1
will probably be about 35 degrees and windy. Not reallv
the refs and obviously some luck, the ball wound up coming ideal workout conditions since they'll be walking the boat
down through the hoop. They were unbelievable! Mer- into knee-high water.
cyhurst went into the locker room tra iling 43-38 at halftime. | Besides Notre Dame and Michigan State, the Babes will
When the game resumed Mercyhurst started to play some travel to the Mid-American in Ohio, where some of the top
ball. Mike-Molnar entered the lineup adding the spark he small college crews will be competing for the cham-
has always been capable of and the Lakers came alive, thus pionship. With enoughfwater time-and 100 per cent effort
bringing the crowd to their feet. The game-proved another From every member on the team, the Babes could be a
heartbreaker as the Lakers went down by the point but surprise victor in their first Regatta. \
Lakers Emick, Repko and Albert nonetheless showed their We intended to ask Dave's Babes why they decided to try
talent. v I out for the crew team, but due to mid-terms and our general
lack of time, we had to supply their answers (ourselves.
Marsha Smith says that when it comes to rowing she's a
Results: chip off the old dock. Judy Mahoney joined crew so she
could stav out of water Fountains and take it E-Z. Tony Sica
wants to be able to master more sports than her boyfriend,
while Atlas Wiesnersays she wants to prove to the guys that
Intramural she is stronger than her breath. Peppermint Patty joined so
she could exercise her muscles more than her mouth while
Betty Gartner is simply bullish on crew. Mary (Mare says

Basketball January 28
her dishpan hands and beer gut make her a natural for the
sport while Storm Gorndt says she will be an added seat for
the Hurst's fleet. Beetle Bailey says, "although her racket
is little Richard, her game is crew. •
B-Ball Bogarts 50 Over the Hill Gang Sue Van Fagansays that if she drives with the oar like she
Cook 20 | I jjg Moore 11 drives to the boards, there will be some great days for
Dave's Babes. j* j
Little Richard's 64 Pepperoni 41 In conclusion, Busch Shinpeno commented that his only
Z14, Law 12 Gal legos 15 regret of the girls program so far was Gene Egan's failure
to make the team. But, he adds, the Babes could4 use decent
January 29 cheerleaders.! f ^ f l E ^ v i MK. 5$
P.B.R.'s49 G-Ballers 42 I Jacque Rot « 3 9 R 'PffiiM It *-TE
Jordan 18 Frontinol6 Bottom: J ess ie in Action Flamming Hemmorroid |§ g j-S gflp
P.S. Where's vour article Weasel?-*® £ Wm *
Kail Busters 72 Ten Rats-B 51
I). Rvani8,R. Ryan 18
O'Brien 18
Burrows 30, Hawk 22 Deadwood Dicks 61
Gorniak 20
1 Standin9S
Sons of Suzie Cream cheeze 76 Ten Rats-A 64 Eastern Wffijf^'m|?W.. L ]
Flanegan26, Hoffman 23 I Link 22
January 30 Moon Gang fj P^ E 4 o]
Little Richards's j m * 2
T-Ballers76 f % Losers 40 Busser Bombers $mwn] 111
Parsons 32 *Keith 18 Sons of Suzi asfifSJaB
Creamcheeze BBflH i III
Young's Yardapes 61 Ball Busters 58 Ten Rats-A IIMijJIHRi 2 j
Young 18 R. Ryan 22 Pepperoni WK^BMH ° 2 J
January 31 Central B 1
Moon Gang 74 Ten Rats-A 62 Over the Hill Gang 1 3 III
Jacobs 18 I ILink 20 B-Ball Bogarts | 1 B
• 4

|i i
Young's Yardapes 1K 3 Si j
Over the Hill Gang 69 Coletta'sGang65 Coletta'sClan - a nB 22 2 1
Moore 23 Williamson 20 Ball Busters | H B B 31
Deadwood Dicks BH B° 21
G -Bailers 42 Sweet N'Nasty 32 Ten Rats-B | 6 H Sm ° 4 j
Hedlund 18 W** Hale 9 ii
February 1 Tennis Team H 5 1 1m °i
Little Richard's 1 Sons of Suzi 0 B*
P.B.R 's JUMBim 3 °l
Forfeitf G Bailers j ^ • H
Sweet n Nasty g »
B-Ball Bogarts 79 Ten Rats-B 35 Ant Eaters &B&
Losers i
B° 9
Wnlp % 0 n 5
Weismuel ler 23 O'Brien 13

P.B.K.'sl Ant Eaters 0 Individuals • Groups • Companies

February 2 ID'S
Moon Gang 66 Buzzer Bombers 64 Must Be
Ma honey 22 McLain 18
Young's Yardapes 64 Coletta'sClan56
Condron21 Burrows 30
T-Ballem58 G-Ballers 40 CORNER
I)alv2i Frontinol2 All
Campus 10th & STATE
Over the Hill Gang 58 Ball Busters 52 I ERIE
Sternlieb 14 ChaffieH Movies Contact Mrs. Yolanda Coccareldi