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By Timur Abimanyu, SH.



Who is more unjust than those who claim to be able to create like my creation (if possible) try it to make a seed corn or make a mosquito
(HR. Bukhari dan Muslim).
By Drs. H. Ahmad Yani

No man who likes it when tyrannized, but the nature of forgetting and controlled by a
human passions precisely doing injustice, whether conscious or not. In addition we've
discussed in previous posts, we will discuss again some form of cruel acts that are essential
for us to know that we do not have and do it.

1. Confessing Can Creating As God's Creation.

Humans do have high creativity so that he could make something of what is there. Wood
from trees made into chairs, tables, cabinets, even the houses and so forth. But it is not
actually created (khalaqa) in the sense of making something from nothing at all to be there,
but it is only to create or make (ja'ala). Science and technology are becoming increasingly
sophisticated berkembangan even make humans are able to create something new out of
nothing, but from materials that already exist, copper, iron and the like are already
successfully made into cars to airplanes and even a robot that many helpful people, but it
will never be able to make human creations that have been created by God Almighty.

Therefore, when mankind has been able to develop something into something else, do not
feel it is able to create like God Almighty created, this is an injustice that is often not
realized by humans because it is an arrogance that was inappropriate owned by a real human
being very weak, in one hadith the Messenger of Allah said:
Who is more unjust than those who claim to be able to create like my creation (if possible)
try it to make a seed corn or make a mosquito (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).
In this life we dasapi time when God Almighty shows his power with a variety of events
such as storms, the weather is very cold or hot to the earthquake and tsunami that all that
makes human beings are powerless, as good as anything has been achieved, yet it is only a
fraction even very small of the power of God Almighty is very large.

2. Taking Other People's Property.

Every person has the right to own something, therefore the property should we respect by
not taking it. Taking property of others without reason that the bias is justified is something
that is not justified in Islam, let alone a lot, a bit is not allowed as this is part of the tyranny,
which will be rewarded by Allah Almighty with a painful response. Messenger of Allah
Anyone who do evil (take the rights of others) with the size of an inch of land, it will be
worn around (in the neck) of the seven layers of soil (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

One of the frequent disputes among fellow humans are changing the boundaries of the land.
Everyone will want to own land or land area, with vast land that he could establish a large
and spacious building to be used as a residence and business land. Such a desire is
something that is fair so that a person is allowed to achieve in ways that is true. However, it
is not justified if someone wants to get or have a vast land, but is achieved by taking a pas ¬
land or rob other people even if only an inch or two inch of land by way of changing the
boundaries for other people's land belong to him, this is something that accursed by God
Almighty as the words of the Prophet:
God has cursed the person who changed the signs of the land boundary (Narrated by
Ahmad, Muslim and Nasa'i)

3. Defer Pay Debt.

In this life, people often do muamalah relationship with each other, one of which is the sale
and purchase transactions. But in the process of selling bell is not always made in cash or a
person does not have any money when he needed it, so she began to borrow money to meet
their needs, this is what came to be called by debt. As human beings, let alone a Muslim
who has self-esteem, as far as possible the debt is not done, especially if you are not able to
pay it, unless it is emergency, so a Muslim must be careful in debt problems, the Messenger
of Allah said:

Be careful in owe, owe it a real sadness in the night and abasement (humiliation) on the tube
today (Narrated by Baihaki)

For a Muslim, the debt is something that must be paid, he should not be shrugged although
small value. If a Muslim has a great concern in the affairs of paying the debt, then he could
be the best man. Messenger of Allah said:
The best people are the most either in paying the debt (Narrated by Ibn Majah).
However, if the man who owed did not want to pay attention or do not want to pay it, then it
will bring harm to himself, let alone later in life in the hereafter, this is because the debt
does not undermine the value dibayarakan dikakukannya goodness someone in the world,
except when he does not have the ability to pay. Messenger of Allah said:

There are two kinds of debt, any person who died leaving debt, then I will take care of it,
and whoever dies, while he was not bemiat will pay for it, then the payment will be taken
from his kindness, because at that time there was no gold and silver (Narrated by Thabrani).
Therefore, if we have a debt must be paid and the money is already there but we do not
immediately pay it, then it is classified as tyranny, which is not recognized or not
understood by humans, because it is better to pay the debt before maturity, the Messenger of
Allah said:

Postponement of debt payments by people who are able are kezhaliman. And if any one of
you is transferred (debt payments) to the rich, then he shall receive a transfer of it (Narrated
by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi, and lhnu Nasa'i Maiah)

Finally, our duty to uphold justice and destroy the tyranny in its various forms in this life,
both in private life, family and community and nation. All this we must start from ourselves,
so do not let us do the things which belong to the form kezaliman.Email: ayani

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