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KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL NOBEL COMMITTEE FOR PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE cf ie) Enofewer Moarurparmar Aa members of the Nobel Committee of Karolinska Institutet we have the honour of to nominate one or more eandidaces for the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for 1975 You will find on the enclosed page excerpts from the Statutes of the Nobel Foundation with com- ments. In order ta be considered by the Committee your nominstion has to be made on the enclosed nomi+ nation form, Further nominations may be submitted on photocopies of the nomination form. In support of your nomination the following documentary information must be included for each candidate: 1. A description of the discovery and the publications showing why the nominee's work quali fies for the award. 2. A bibliography of the most important publications as mentioned in item 1. 3. A short curriculer vitae, ‘On the nomination form a summery of the description according to item | should be given, ‘To be eligible for consideration for the 1975 Nabel Prize, nominations must be received by the com- mittee before February 1, 1975: The nomination form with enclosures should be addressed 10 ‘The Nobel Cominittee for Physiology or Medicire, Karolinska Institutet, $-104 01 Stockhoim 50, Sweden, Stockholm in September 1974. NOBEL COMMITTEE FOR PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE ae Yon MD. Pret acoso eee Gu teas af me Spee Rep MD. trams seat ee Profemen of cerintey, OQ rae, z ; > ris en Cage M.D, Te in palo seine 2: a Pech eoetoca rl flowae A mel vpeiname eras ry Sins Hoon Comes Fig. 1 - Fotocopia della decisione det Comitato Nobel per la Fisiologia o la Medicina che abilita il professore giapponese Maruyama a «nominare> uno o pitt ricercatori, la cui scoperta potrebbe essere ricompensata dal Premio Nobel. NOMINATION FOR THE 1973 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE Nominations concerning only one discovery or work on a specified subject should be included on each nomination form. ASE TYPE Name C. Louis KERVRAN Academic pesition or tise Member of New York Academy of Scicnces Adalress 12 rus Campagne Premicre - 15014, France in the natural world, the transmutation of various elements often occur with the very low energy. In order to confirm the fact more accurately, the nominces performed the exactly, controled experiments for more than ten years. ( cf. The description of the discovery qualifying for the «ward; aibliographies of the nominees. ) ‘The discovery is supported by Prof. L. TANON, President of Conceil Supér- ior d'lygiene de France, President of I' Medicine, and so on. With Prof, L, TANOW, the nominator also supports the discovery which will serve to contribute the progress of the biological sciences, especi-— ally that of medicine, physiology and agricultural biolosy. ‘Naine of nominator: ‘Academic position or title: Hl. Dey ex-Profeasor, Faculty of Hiroshi MARUYAMA Medicine, Osaka University, \adeess: oe (Home address: 684-30 _Aoshinke, Minoo, Osaka-fu, Japan ) Signature of Date: a ge Wikies ator — — 1975 Fig. 2 - Parte del riassunto della proposta fatta da H. Maruyama, ex professore della Facolta di Medicina di Osaka, allo scopo di attribuire a C. Louis Kervran il Premio Nobel di Fisiologia o di Medicina per le «Trasmutazioni Biologiche degli Elementi», «per avere scoperto che, in Natura, la trasmutazione di numerosi elementi avviene spesso con una debolissima energia»... {Si ticorda che il suddetto prof. Tanon ha fatto nel 1962 la prefazione del primo libro dell'Autore). 26