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Cattleya thrives on 1500 to 2000 foot candles bright filtered

light, with no direct sunlight. The leaves should be light
green in color, leathery and stiff in texture. They like a warm
environment, preferably temperatures between 85 to 90 F
daytime and dropping to between 55 and 60 F at night time.

Allow the soil and plants to dry out between watering then
give a thorough watering.

This orchid requires higher strength foot candles between
2000-4000. They can be grown outdoors in areas where
there is no heavy frost. They require filtered sunlight with
good air movement and plenty of light for flowering. Color of
foliage is yellow/green. They can withstand night
temperatures between 45-50 F during fall and winter in
order for them to flower. Day temperatures should be at
least 20 to 30 deg higher.

Water when almost dry and protect them from heavy rains.
They don’t like to stand in water. Fertilize at the same ratio
as the Cattleya Orchid.
These orchids thrive indoors with foot candle lights of 1500
to 3000 with no direct sunlight. Day time temps should be
between 75 to 85 F and night temps approximately 60 F.

These require 1500 foot candles, bright filtered light and no
direct sun. The color of the leaves should be medium green
in color. This plant needs a cooler environment, good air
circulation, and daytime temperatures of between 70 to 75
degrees F and night time about 50 degrees F. Masdevallia
orchids should be kept moist at all times, but not swamped
with water.

The Oncidium requires 1500 foot candles, bright filtered light
and no direct sun. The leaves should remain light green in
color. The Oncidium Orchid can tolerate a vast range of
temperatures. Daytime temps should be between 75 to 85
degrees F and night temps should be no lower than 55 F.
Oncidium Orchids must be allowed to dry out between each
watering. During active growing season you can increase the
watering period.

This plant requires bright filtered light and no direct sun.
Leaves should be a medium green color with a slight pinkish
tinge. They like a cool environment and good air circulation.
Daytime temps must be 70 to 75 F. Night temps must be 50
to 55 F. Water when plants are almost dry. Don’t let them
dry completely.

These require lower foot candles between 600 to 2000
candles with bright filtered light and no direct sun. They
have a mottled leaf. Preferred daytime temp is 75-80 F and
night temperatures approximately 50 to 60 F.

This plant will require modest 1000 foot candles of bright
filtered light and no direct sun. The leaves should be a glossy
medium green in color and each leaf should increase in size.
It needs warmth with plenty of good air movement, and
temps of 75 to 95 F daytimes.

2000 to 4000 foot candles with bright light are required and
no direct sun. The leaves are light green in color. Day time
temperatures should be warm 75 to 85 F. At night it must
not drop below 60 F. For fertilization follow instructions on
package for each species. Repotting is required every 2