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Dua’s for Relief from Distress … ..

Posted by: Maryam on: Thursday, February 7, 2008

∑ In: Islam ∑ Comment! I was reading a book Yesterday named ’Islam’s Treatment For Anxiety
In: Islam
I was reading a book Yesterday named ’Islam’s Treatment For Anxiety And Worry’
and came across some beautiful duas to be read to relieve oneself from Distress or Worry.

I found it very useful as I dont think anybody in this world is spared from Anxiety and




That was exactly what i needed the most, Some duas that would help me

increase my faith in Allah, I will be reading those duas daily inshallah as Prevention is

always better than cure, Dont you agree ???? Here they are -

For Distress :

1. Allahumma inni a’oodhu bika mina al-hamm wa’l-hazn wa’l-ajz wa’l-kasal wa’l-bukhl wa’l-jubn wa dala wa’l-dayn wa ghalbat al-rijal

Trans: O Allah ! I seek refuge in You from distress, grief, incapacity, laziness, miserliness, cowardice, the burden of debt and from being overpowered by Men.

2. Allahumma inni abduka ibn abdika ibn amatija nasyati bi yadika, mada fiyya hukmuka, adlun fiyya qada’uka. As’aluka bi kulli ismin huwa laka sammayta bihi nafsaka aw anzaltu fi kitabika aw ‘allamtahu ahadan min khalqika aw ista’tharta bihi fi ilm il-ghayb indaka an taj’al al-Qurana rabee’ qalbi wa noor sadri wa jala huzni wa dhihab hammi

Trans: O Allah! I am your slave , son of your slave, son of your maidservant; my forelock is in Your hand, Your command over me is forever executed and Your decree over is just. I ask you by every name belonging to You which You have named Yourselves with, or revealed in Your Book, or You taught to any of Your creation, or You have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with You, that You make the Quran the life of my heart and the light of my breast, and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety.

3. La ilaha ill-Allah al-Azeem al-Hakeem, laa ilaha ill-Allah Rabb al ‘Arsh al-’Adheem la ilaha illa-Allah Rabb al- Samawat wa Rabb al Ard wa Rabb al-Arsh al-kareem

Trans: There is no God but Allah, the All-powerful. The Forbearing; There is no god but Allah. Rabb of the mighty throne; there is no god but Allah, Rabb of heaven,Rabb of earth, Rabb of the nobel throne.

4. Ya hayyu ya qayyum bi rahmatika astagheetu

Trans: O Ever-Living , O Eternal, by Your mercy I seek help.

5. Allah Allah Rabbee la ushriku bihi say’an

Trans: Allah, Allah is my Lord , I donot associate anything with Him.

6. Allahumma rahmata arjoo fa la takilni ila nafsi tarfat ayn w’aslih li sha’ni kullahu la ilaha illa anta

Trans: O Allah, for your mercy I hope, so do not leave in charge of my affairs even for the blink of an eye: rectify all my affairs. There is no God except You.

Ya Allah-Khair

Trans : O Allah, for your mercy I hope, so do not leave in charge of