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MAAK AR Woo & lowg ration, — MA does not *) Contwsh Method te Detect Adtocoraletion i ACD - pessiole pasitilt od ocarelte i) Methed 4.- Dulon-Watien — 2) Constr DY chide akg sae aie aa b) Dahva-Nal Hypethens sys peo (Ho ARii)) 4 ~ Alterate Hypations: x p>o (ARO) dapinds iF you seaped + or ~ achewelsin a ol wag shod peo (Ae0)°) ©) Fed Raspons ob Racraze B Aephnsin 2) Find dy B hy —> (ia aan Uiedin)-2>” Harcamitats —5"Tablas Esha DW" a Ender sample site (AH oF evictions» ae tein worden nash > eredblecer rengo” > Entec ® oF cgresors (ee neaver oh WS) 2D) Drow, Zones Det age tl nh BBE cov WoAR) cats att CO Bm BR Hy HR A) Cords CF Did geaiohic Falls yttnn a. Zorn of eajechon, KD ve F UD, —s Rajesh Null Hypettesrs > Porterlovuones echevian outotorvelacconadns de ordin 2 (pes/nsg) , ii) Methred a- Brevschn- Coders, . a) (0m Mads| vinden’) > "conbiastes!" > Atocos elecise—> "Orda dl Oost b.) Sav Op 06 Icon : > Define Hypottosts ® Ho! aye ayrayrch.=0 (No AR(Y) » No MAG) Hy ol menoy un 01% (y+ ARCH) 0 U~ wn’) dL) Conspase TRAD (86 sfetistic) ard 5 PeVeler u| SqeFicomce level “WF Reval 40,01/0.05/01 > yayeck null > tewsmes astocor(elactive hota AR) © MACY) ~f mok > Fol to reject null i) Metined 3- LME > = exactly he Metred (06 Above) —> Use UME sect Prvelue sesteas! of TRAD, wy) Method {- Lyyy-Box Box a 4 > Livag-bos O! By ts pevalve ~ eradtly WO Malic a (6 Awe) ve Ne TRAD. f £) Estimating w[ Bvbacoltalation ~ Manienns Cogdrodos Gonsee:zoda/Fecieles ' y EShvarhiny, Mos & Pasamehers, ewe — Coda sy ime i ee ee ns a Medal "See Fewperalts Univoriantes! > Eriocenht y Lo / — letewduce original wrodal yarralros 6a > sale > Cocarame-Onwtt” cea. 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