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Phone: (845) 416-6274 | Email:

Address: 289 Country Club Road, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

Accomplished and highly qualified IT Professional, demonstrating a comprehensive
background in pre-sales engineering, software technical consulting, and system
engineering. Adept at building and leading top-performing teams through the comp
letion of new market software technology projects. Extensive experience in creat
ing and penetrating new markets in North Africa and the Middle East. Currently s
eeking a position in Software Pre-Sales/Consulting or System Engineering which w
ill effectively utilize all acquired skills, abilities, and areas of expertise a
s follows:
* Software Technical Consulting/Support
* Pre-Sales Engineering
* Project Management
* Quality Assurance (QA)
* Team Building/Leadership
* Client/Staff Training
* Process Analysis/Improvement
* Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodologies
* Technical/Product Demonstrations
* Requirements Gathering
* Technical Documentation
* Pre-/Post-Sales Support
Rochville University * Humble, TX Master's Degree in Information Systems
University of Jordan ? B.S. in Computer Information Systems (Feb. 2006)
Docuware * New York, USA Document Management System DMS (2009)
SkyWire Co. * London, UK Customer Communication Management CCM (2008)
Global360 * New York, USA File360: Document Management System DMS (2007)
ReadSoft Co. * Sollentuna, Sweden RD for Forms: E-capturing Solution (OCR) (2007
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ? Certificate
Technical Consultant (Pre-Sales System Engineer - Team Leader) - AIT
* Collaborated with the Sales Manager to create a new market by building allian
ces with "Top Enterprises Software" vendors (Global360, Docuware, ReadSoft, Koda
k & Flowering) to increase profits.
* Improved operational effectiveness of the Software Pre-Sales/Technical Suppor
t team by assessing and realigning employee skills with appropriate tasks and fu
nctions to support the Sales team.
* Strengthened the AIT Support team accordingly with vendors by developing tech
nical severity level schematics for case management and reporting, resulting in
enhanced service and support offerings.
* Successfully established technical support case management practices (call ha
ndling, remote access, etc.).
* Played a key role in business development initiatives by writing standard ope
ration procedures (SOPs) to support gaining Sales/Pre-sales ISO 9000 certificati
on for increasing local and global business.
* Significantly grew and fostered business relationships with top Middle East/N
orth African Telecommunications and top Banking sector accounts, generating 85%
of territory sales.
AIT Oct. 2006 - Present
Technical Consultant (Pre-Sales System Engineer - Team Leader)
* Accountable for managing, planning, and coordinating all activities for the P
re-Sales and Sales team to drive revenue by helping to quality accounts, respond
to RFP/RFIs, and deliver appropriate solutions.
* Supports vendors in penetrating new markets by providing experience of the ma
rket and working with vendors in conducting software product training and applic
ation seminars for reps and customers.
* Builds and leads top-performing teams, providing strategic guidance, training
, and support to ensure the continuous delivery of new market software technolog
y to clients.
* Handles various industries (telecommunications, finance, ministries, banking
etc.) with full initial study of technical infrastructure, documents flow, docum
ent process, variety types of document, process management, business logic, data
migration and integrations, leading to successful EDMS/BPM implementation.
* Delivers technical/product demonstrations, creates training programs, handles
customer relations, and provides pre (70%) and post-sales (30%) support during
the technical aspect of the sales cycle.
* Manages a team of 8 staff, provides support throughout the RFP process, creat
es strategies to optimize revenue, and establishes/maintains relationships with
key technical contacts at each account.
* Continually searches for products to obtain marketing licensure/ownership rig
hts to in order to expand existing product offerings.
* Liaises with Product Management, Engineering, and R&D to ensure the successfu
l delivery of solutions to strategic customers and continued customer satisfacti
on thereafter.
* Creates documentation to support the configuration requirements of different
Lawless & Mangione Co., Architects & Engineers, LLP Mar. 2006 - Oct. 2006
IT Technical Support | Programmer
* Directly responsible for assisting in troubleshooting user problems (relating
to existing software) while performing driver/software installations and upgrad
* Designed/developed applications in VB.NET and ASP.NET, as well as triggers an
d functions for database management in SQL Server 2005.
* Deployed updates, service packs, and hot fixes using Windows Update, Automati
c Updates, and Group Policies.