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Choose the way of power supply

(1) U* USB cabb @nrecl rc for power supply.

When you choose to use USB cable connect PC for power supply, insert

the small end of the connecting wire in USB interface which is on the side of the audio amplifier first,

and then insert the big

plug of another end in USB interface of the computer, make sure the join is firm.

(2) UsetwoAMbafreies

When choosing to use the battery to supply power, please remove the battery cover on the back of the audio amplifier, install two AAA batteries and make sure that the + and on the batteries are aligned according to the polarity diagram inside the battery holder, and then cover the battery mver, this product can use ordinary zinc manganese or alkaline AA/A battery €n also use the nickel cadmium rechargeable AM battery recommend using the rechargeable battery to obtain longer service time and reduce the use cost.

(3) U# the ademal porer

When choosing to use the extemal power, please choose the voltage to be the direct current 5V the electric current is greater than 500 MA, and the interface of the power adapter or charger is standard USB output port, insert the power adapter or charger in USB interface on the side of the audio amplifier first, and then insert the power adapter or exchange plug to the city electricity socket, make sure the join is fim.

Note: a the above AAA battery and external power are not included in product pakcinglist. a when inert USB to supply power under the condition of using battery to supply power will cause no sound output, that is the adhocery function of our products that USB supply power preference, the purpose is to remind users to select the rational power supply way for use, to achieve the goal of reducing the energy consumption of the battery and lengthening the seruice time of battery Put the power selector switch to USB. sound output can return to normal.




Battery cover afrer opening €n put in or take out batteries

Volume +

when pressing volume increase




3 Volume when pressing volume decrease 4. Power LED





+ r



bright light shows the machine is in the state of working

5. Signal input plug input the music output signal of other audio frequency products with 3.smm plug stereo audio wire

6. l\ilini USB

connect with the insert USB of computer, used for getting power from computer or connect with extemal power

7. Power"ON/OFF" medium- off, right-battery power supply, lefr-external power or USB power supply


Output Power


S/N Rate

Frequency Response

1 2W+1 2W (THD 10%,sV)


TsdB( A weisht)

300 20KHz

Input Sensitivity

Power supply




2PCS AM size batleries or


DC 5V/700frA




Important explanation

aDon t expose the Walkbox to excessively high temperatures or humidity while in use.

Caution should be exercised when using walkbox near water to proteci it from direct exposore to moistume that could cause to malfunction. aRemove the batteries and USB power cable from Walkbox when if's not be used for all extended period.

Owhen use battery

Trouble shooting

for power supply, the seruice time is according to users,setting

, battery capacity.



aPleasecheck if the sound sourse is connect propedy.

aPlease check if the colume knob in the mininum.


aPlease check if the Dower is oN.

if the sound sourceis working properly.

Sound disloded:

aLow battery please check aThe signal from mp3 player

the battery change new battery or use externat power suppty. or other sound source is distorted, please reduce the volum-e of mp3

player or other sound source.




FiiO *.$*l$,r[*{i,ri







Please read this operation inshuction carefully before !sing.