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I would like to pursue a Master of Science degree in the Department

of Computer
Science at Iowa State University. The field of computer science has been
playing a pivotal role in solving the most complex problem, and has coupled
with it, the creativity and serves as a driving force for achieving things
beyond one's imagination. It has done wonders to prove its efficacy and still
is young and inspiring as ever. I wish to enrich my knowledge on this ever
interesting and innovative field.

My Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering gave me a glimpse of

high-level programming language such as C, C++, and Java. It also dealt with
concepts in the realms of machine architectures, data structures, algorithm
analysis, theory of computation and software systems, such as compilers and
operating systems. I was deeply enthralled by the course on Artificial
Intelligence that dealt with imparting intelligence and human attributes like
reasoning, problem solving and rational thinking into mere machines and
reviving them.

My interests in Artificial Intelligence made me work a project on the

development of an Intelligent Context based information dissemination
system with few of my seniors, and my work was focused on developing the
mobile interface and its functions. Our Objective was to develop a system
that maintains and transmits information intelligently such as reminders,
Memos, Tasks and notes for registered users, by keeping an alert on
By seeing a success in my AI project, I considered to do my undergraduate
project on imparting Intelligence to mobile devices to act in independently in
any environments. The objective was to make smart phones and by imparting
intelligence to them and to perform operation without human intervention. It
required the users to design rules for the devices for desired contexts. These
rules contain information about how the device should behave in a particular
context. The device responds to various contexts according to the predefined
rules. The initial prototype was developed over Bluetooth protocol for context
identification, but it can be extended over GPS and other protocols. This
proved that the intelligence and mobility when combined could produce
colossal results.

As a person who believes Competition is the tool to uncover your true

potential, I held the office of DIGIFLASH, association of department of
computer Science as the Vice President for two consecutive times. I was glad
to develop various web based solutions using technology such as AJAX, PHP,
and Java Script as I always had fervor towards working with new
technologies. It helped me to develop a dynamic quiz website, Quiz-o-Pedia
and a registration portal which was considered to be very interactive and
useful tool. Quiz o pedia was an innovative and intelligent test generating
tool that could be used by the faculty members, quiz club to host online tests.
It has a random question selection for each user and it was designed to
handle heavy load. It is highly customizable to generate various levels of
Presently I am working as a systems engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd.,
for 1.5 years. I work on technologies such as Java, Oracle, and other systems.
I have worked under clients such as HALLMARK and AVON and gained
International exposure and diaphanous view of the corporate world. I believe
that with my entrepreneurial skills and thirst for research, I would
prove myself to be an asset for the university by learning and
disseminate knowledge I have obtained.

I would like to carry on my masters in the field from Iowa State University,
as this program provides a research oriented study to have a wider and clear
understanding of the various systems in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. I
strongly believe it will provide me with international exposure and ample
opportunity for research in the field which I love the most. It will also enable
me to utilize my potentials to the maximum by learning from various
innovative researches that have been carried out at your university. I believe
this course will equip me with the necessary skills to complete my quest of