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à Gurinder Saini
M 37 Melbourne Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, England, UK, SL1 3ED
 26th July 1989   Ã (+44)7809320447
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Award Achieved: 2.1 with Honors
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A Level Film Studies B
A LevelHuman Biology      C  
A Level Drama and Theatre Studies     D 
AS Level English Literature and Language D
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 "% & Mathematics Π) Double Science Π English Literature Π
English Language Π History Π) Drama Π Electronics Π French
Π Citizenship Studies Π



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  M  *+ At the Phoenix Square I worked as Production Assistant in the TV
and Film Studio based in the building. I worked with a variety of clients such as schools for educational
purposes and I have worked with big companies for commercial advertisements and productions. I looked
after the studio making sure the equipment was fully functioning and that the studio was fully rigged and set
up for the bookings. As Front of House I learnt to use my initiative to be organised and punctual l as I am
given a timetable of the entire day to keep the Cinema running on time for each showing and tend to each
customer͛s needs. As well as looking after the Cinema, professionals hire out the executive suites in the
building and these events also have to be taken care of. Keeping up to date with the latest films and what is
events are happening in the Phoenix Square is essential. 
ËÔ (  Ô  "M  
% M  As a Sales Assistant my main responsibilities are based around customer service and creating
a friendly, helpful environment for the customer to feel welcome. Promotional work to do with the products
is also a part of the job as well as being able to sell the products or to inform the customer about a certain


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  (I freelanced in creating promotional material to be placed online for the national space
centre. This involves planning, shooting the material and editing the material for five short videos. The videos
aim to attract all demographics and promote the Space Centre's new attractions.

 ÔÔ '  Ô   

    ,  M
    I was handed a second opportunity to go to the BBC training centre to be trained up by
professionals in the industry but this time a documentary and a two minute personal piece had to be
completed and reviewed by executive producers. I was assigned the role of Director in which I overlooked
both the projects deciding on the overall creative control in every aspect of the video pieces. I used
leadership and group management skills gained from my previous experience at the BBC.

    ,  M
    In partnership with De Montfort University, I was handed the opportunity to be
trained up by the BBC professionals about the roles that co-operatively run a Television Studio and also by
the end of the week have a televised programmed to be transmitted live. I took the role of Director in my
group and from the experience I learnt how to have stamina and self discipline to stick to the deadline and to
motivate my group. Leadership and management skills were gained as well as learning valuable advice off
professionals in the industry. 

'  Ô   +-+M    

  - The responsibilities given to me as Director when working in partnership with FIFA, were to direct
and co-ordinate a set of interviews for the new representatives of the company. Throughout this experience
my skills for leadership, dedication, communicating, dealing with pressure, creativity, organization became

ËÔ 'Ô    M    

% M  My main responsibilities as a Sales Assistant were to ensure that every customer
was tended to, all enquiries were solved, keeping a high standard of customer service as this was
important to selling products and promoting new products or special offers. The skills I gained
were being able to deal with pressure, communicating, being adaptable to fit in with different
work colleagues, being efficient and using my initiative to get work done at a faster pace.
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Both these roles involve representing the student body for my faculty and degree. This involves attending
regular meetings with higher members of the university to discuss issues in the university and finding the
solutions to them. Being the faculty representative involved having some initiative to go around and ask
students from all courses if any issues needed solving or anything new that needed to be added to their
courses. Being the representative of my degree was similar but things would be discussed and solved in the
lecture theatre with everyone͛s opinions.

The qualities I took in from these roles were loyalty, enthusiasm, having a positive attitude, being logical and


sensible in solving problems, having an approachable appearance and personality, researching and using a
variety of media applications to communicate with the students of De Montfort University.
-         .  - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro,
Soundbooth, Bridge and Encore, 3D Studio Max, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Cinergy, Pro tools,
ADR Studio, Jpad Pro, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I also know how to fully function video and
audio equipment.
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Fluent in English and Punjabi

I enjoy playing hockey; I play for a local ladies team and a mixed team. I particularly have an interest in the
cinematic industry and enjoy watching films, directing films and producing films. In my spare time I also like
to produce video or still picture work for personal or commercial projects. It gives me a chance to work with
different people and I enjoy being a part of different projects to make contacts for the future. I enjoy gaming
and reading books too.

Phoenix Square,
4 Midland Street,
Leicester, LE1 1TG
 Ã 0116 242 2800
c c
Gateway House 5.32,
De Montfort University,
The Gateway,
Leicester, LE1 9BH
 Ã 0116 257 7093