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Sheet Music Collection 2000 BRRSSR 102. 109. 112. 116. 128. ii. 132, 136. 146, 141. 150. 162. 155. 166. 176. 171. 180. 192. 196. 202. Contents Artist KCI & JoJo -LONESTAR : -DON McLEAN [HERMAN HUPFELD - -BRITNEY SPEARS BRIAN McKNIGHT -CELINE DION BUTTERFLY KISSES CAT'S IN THE CRADLE CHANGE THE WORLD . THE DANCE . DESPERADO «4.4... DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA . DON'T SPEAK .. EVERGREEN ... FOOLISH GAMES FROM A DISTANCE .... FROM THIS MOMENT ON GOOD RIDDANCE (Time of Your Life) . GREATEST LOVE OF ALL I BELIEVE 1 CAN FLY... .. 1 COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE 1. CROSS MY HEART 1D0 (Cherish You) (Everything | Do) 'DO 11 FOR YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING 1 WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU . 1 WILL REMEMBER YOU : 1'M YOUR ANGEL cee -R. KELLY & CELINE DION KISSING YOU (Theme From ROMEO + JULIET) . DES'REE LARGER THAN LIFE Page Title Artist 212. 28. BEER 240. 185. 223. 244, 248, ZBREZTRRERI SIRS 318. 322. 331. 334. 339, ESEISSASESSE (God Must Have Spent) A LITTLE MORE TIME ON YOU MORE THAN WORDS .. ‘MUSIC OF MY HEART |. . 00PS!....DID IT AGAIN . OPEN ARMS... OVER THE RAINBOW ‘THE PINK PANTHER . . PLEASE FORGIVE ME . RETURN TO POOH CORNER RIGHT HERE WAITING . THE ROSE ... SCHINDLER'S LIST .. .. SEND IN THE CLOWNS ‘SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY . SMOOTH . SOMETIMES . -BRYAN ADAMS, STING & ROD STEWART -CELINE DION & ANDREA BOCELLI SOMEWHERE IN TIME . SOMEWHERE MY LOVE (Lara's Theme) SOMEWHERE OUT THERE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN . SUNRISE, SUNSET . .. -EDDIE FISHER ‘THATS THE WAY IT IS CELINE DION ‘THEME FROM ICE CASTLES (Through the Eyes of Love) - --MELISSA MANCHESTER ‘THEME FROM NEW YORK, NEW YORK... « «FRANK SINATRA ‘THEN THE MORNING COMES SMASH MOUTH ‘TIME TO SAY GOODBYE . -ANDREA BOCELLI ‘TO LOVE YOU MORE . . «CELINE DION NATALIE IMBRUGUA - TONI BRAXTON «++ JIM BRICKMAN WE ARE THE WORLD - U.S.A. FOR AFRICA ‘WEDDING SONG (There Is Lave) WHEN [SAIDIDO ...... THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS . YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL ....... ‘YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME . YOU'RE STILL THE ONE .. ALL MY LIFE Words and Music by RORY BENNETT and JO JO HAILEY Slowly J= 63 Ebm Db AC Db ADIT Bbm7 fi a a (with Pedaly i Ebm z e 45 AWC Bhm? Be Ay tte 7-1 (01997 Mee B=€ SOOM MUSIC? 816 PAOD._INC EMIAPAILMUSIC NC. and JOEL FARLEY MUS ‘x1 Rus or bot 2! HEE BEE DOGINT MUSIC and? BIG PROD. ‘hamster by WB MUSIC CORP, Ai ighs Reseed De. ANC Bim? Go Ab a i fi fi 1. Twill nev-er find another lover sweet-er than. you, sweel-er than you. @ & & @ ea 1 will nev-erfindan-oth-er fov- er mote pre-cious than you... more pre-cious than you. Gi you are lose to me,you'elike my moth-eclose tome, you're likemy father close to me, you're like my sfs-tersclose to me, you're like my broth. 2. See addional lies Bim? Ab Bom? Ab AWC Gh ey it if fiat ir & it Youare the on - Jy one, you're my ev-"ry-thin’, and for you this song T sing. In tM Lte-7-2 a & @ & w 1 pray for some-one like you, AWC Db Fm Bont ae Br that I fi-nal-ly found_ you FA Fic Bho Ab & ie 2 3 io = fot 1 pray for some-one— like you, #é@ee88 @_2 that — you feel the same_ way nitty ts0- 7-3 Jove me, You're ae A ey ze do Ab Bi aoe a that you Gh fe pay 2. Say, and T me = ANN ie To e e i i i all ‘ex know: when you smile_ on my face, all 1 see is a glow You tum_ am auc F BA Bhm BLD cc EE : all that 1 ev-erknows when you smile, my face glow. Youpick me up when T was down, Say, you = all that I ev-erknow; when you stile, my face glow. Youpick me up when I was down, And I iMy Lee -7 28, 8 4 | é i & z Ler 10 Em Db fe £ Em Bhm7 e & # ® 8&8 @ life, 1 pry for some-one— like you. Repeat ad tb, and fade aetée ge & 8 8 & pry that you Verse 2: Say, and I promise to never fallin love with a stranger. You're all I’m thinkin’, love, I praise the Lord above For sendin’ me yout love, I chetish every hug. really love you so much {To Chorus:) ‘tM le 7-7 AMERICAN PIE . Words and Music by DON McLEAN Em D Ad lib, Em7 a Prologue: ‘A long, long time ago | I can still re-mem-berhow that |mu-sic used to make me émil = fa —_——. BRIE And | 1 knew if Thad my chance that | T could make those peo - ple dance and] ES c ° Em Am EE: ie i i - may-be they'd be hap-py for a while. But Feb-ru-ar-y made me shiv - er c D bo i \ el a with ev- ‘ry pa-per I'd de-llv-er, Badnewa on the door-step 1 could - n'{ tako one more step 1 can't. re-mem-ber if I cried when I fread 2 - bout_ his wid-owed bride, ‘amercan Pio-7-1 (©1971 Songs of Univaat ne and Boon Bra Music Rana ‘As ites foc Banny Bia Mace antes by Senge f Univeral ne "Alig Recorved 2 Em ge 8 4 a » - Some-thing touched me deep in-side—. the /day Y In @ moderate tempo ¢ S. D g e i bye, Mies A- mer-1-can Pie_Drove my Chev-y to the lev-ee but the To Coda ‘Them good ole boys_were drink -in‘ whis-key and rye— Sing ~ int Em AT Em E ee = o o this-"ll be the day that 1 die, Tale" be the day— that 1 ‘hen the ts page forthe iron of acanzss 2,3 and 4. Amarean Pie 7 2 Now do |you— be -lleve. in Well, I know that you're. in love with ‘Mm_tcause 1 car-na - tion and a [pick-up truck. 1 start - ed sing - ing — a6 4 # 4 4 i lye = bye, Miss A mer-i- can Ple Drove my maroan Pie 7-4 Ed o til be the day that ‘dle, ‘Thiel be the day that 1 2 ate, __ Am. 1 asked her for some hap-py news, But jehe fust smiled and turned a - way. Avera Po-7 5 se @ 4 1 went down to the sa-cred store. where T c Am, 200 Em, c fae Bf fat x > heard the mu - sic years be - fore But the man there sald the mu - sie Em Am fa A play. in the streets the chil - dren seresmed,— the Em ,, ea a par loy-ers ried and the po-ots dreamed. — co c ee church bells all were bro - ken. And the three men 1 Ameccan Pie 7 6 7 DT S Em, P aH8 a * Fa -ther,Sonand ,the Ho - ly Ghost, They leaught the tat train for the coast 1 6 a a 25. cnt “ ewican Pio-7-7 a And they were sing. — a co § ee Cfo ‘Thin - be the day that I___ de, 4 > Now for ten years we've been on our own,and moss grows fat on a rollin’ stone ‘But that"a not how it used to be when the jester sang for the king and queen In a coat he borrowed from James Doan and a voice that came from you and me Oh and while the king was looking down, the jester stole his thorny crown ‘The courtroom was adjourned, no verdict was returned And while Lennin read a book on Marx the quartet practiced in the park ‘And we sang dirges in the dark ‘The day the music died We were singin’. ..bye-bye. . ete. Helter-skelter in the summer awelter the birds flew off with a fallout shelter Eight malles high and fallin’ fast, it landed foul on the grass ‘The players tried for a forward pass, with the jester on the sidelines in a cast Now the half-time air was sweet perfume while the sergeants played a marching tune We all got up to dance but we never got the chance ‘Cause the players tried to take the field, the marching band refused to yield Do you recall what was revealed The day the music died We started singin’... bye-bye, ‘And there we were all in one place,a generation lost in space With no time left to start again So came on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack Flash sat on a candlestick "Cause fire is the devil's only friend ‘And as [ watched him on the stage my hands were clenched in fists of rage No angel born in hell could break that Satan's spell ‘And as the flames climbed high into the night to light the sacrificial rite 1 saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died. He was singin’... bye-bye... ete. 18 AMAZED ‘Tune guitar down a Words and Music b ‘ultar down a half step MARV GREEN, AIMEE MAYO Slowly J=76 and GHRIS LINDSEY Guitar — A ik Piano ——> Ab Verse: nf 1. Ev-"ty timeour eyes meet, 2. See additional Iyrice E. Fim? Bia) R ta eb Fm? Db) this feel-ing im - side me A Fim7 Ba-by, whenyou touch me, | I caneelhowmuchyoulove me, and it just blows. DO co) ¢ Tve never been this close to | an-y-one__oran-y-thing, ©1009 WARNER. TAMEALANE PUBLISHING CORP. GOLDEN WHEAT MUSL, ‘CAREEAS-BUG MUSIC PUBLISHING. INC. and SONGS OF GREAMWOFKS (admin by CHERRY RIVER MUSIC 00.) ‘5 Pgh for GOLDEN WHEAT MUSIC Aamistradby WARNER TAMERLANE PUBLISHING COME ‘Ai rigrs Record Amz Fr 19 T can hesr your thoughts, T can see your dreams... Ue just keeps get-ting bet -| ter, 1 wan-na spend the rest of Bm DiA g Bhm Diab Gb It just keeps get-ting bet - —_ wan na spend the rest my Ev- ‘ry t-te thing that you (Ev'ry lit tle thing that you do. EA (9) 4 fini Freely FAR NC. Abe) ‘ev- "ry lit-tle thing that you do, ta-by,'ma-mazedby_—_|you. a Verse2: “The smell of your skin, “The tate of your ki “The way you whisper inthe dark ‘Your bal all around me, Baby you ode ‘You touch every place in my heart. Oh. itteels tke the frat tine everytime. Tanna spend the whole night in Jour eyes. {To Chorus:) WHEN | SAID | DO Words and Music by ‘CLINT BLACK Moderately slow J= Guitar capo 1—> 4 DA Piano —> Bo DA 2, These times, are jtrou-bled 2. See additional lyrics always gon -na be. (Wen ad D044 © vag BLACKENED MUSIC “fii sete 23 and | by the ight of | day, by your side, we're a nan 1610-2 Chorus: A 5 Bo Bb F m7 BrVE CmuF ina Sad D048 Fim AME 89 ‘Slowly and freely know that TL C19) A(9) co mn # NC. Bb bo) BW) Bh(9) Well this old world keeps changin’ And after everything that comes and goes around ‘And the world stays the same Has only pasced us by, For all who came before. Here alone in our dreams, ‘And it gocs hand in hand, know there's lonely heart in every lost and found, Only you and lean undo ‘But forever you and Twill be the ones All that we became ‘Who found out what forever means. ‘That makes us so much more (To Chorus) Verse 2: ‘Than ¢ woman and a man. | ‘When | Said 100-44 AS TIME GOES BY ‘Moderato, con expressione Words and Music by HERMAN HUPFELD oe Vere er things tke third di - men - sion, Yet we —— GE AT-5/Eb ‘As Tn Goes 8y-4-1 (© 195 (esones 1988) WARNER BROS. NC. ‘Pigs Record op By/Pt Br/pt ai/D 7 bm Dmt/A — Fms/Ab_ a/c a FFB nan | Se of ite are such they : + moved. You tempo 1 a & f oe [As Tine oes By 4-2 28 Am, Em/G pr Gigust G7 Det G7 : a FR i a ae + da-ment - al things 2p - | ply, As time goss | by. A @ &€ & #88 ot VF OTR NF when two lov - et woo, they | sul! sy, “I low you,” On | that you can rv Iyz i Shah om ee = TF mat = tar what the fu - ture Brings, As time goes | by. fa _& i Moonlight and tow same [nev - er out of date, Hearts full of pes = thn, inf - f poco 2 poco cresc. ‘As tre Goes By 4-3 ‘man must have hig mate, That word ways wel - come . .. BABY ONE MORE TIME Words and Music by MAX MARTIN. Moderately J= 96 Verse: 10h, ba by, ba - by, 20h, ba- dy ba - by, os gy Eb Em & cm that some-thing was-nt right Boy, you've got me blind - i Baby One More Tine 5-1 (A Raptn Adee oy SOMA ENTERPREES WP US and Gard) “ “AE Rights Reserved 31 ous a 5 you go. would-nt do. Fm a cm . ous @ ah Pre-chorus: ef i now you're out of sight, yeah. fH} stow me not the way I planned ' tr fe if @ $8 Chorus: cause 1 need to know flow. Oh, be - cause my lone - li - ness “Dorr ob cys gy EL Ep (Gtill be - tieve_ + Baby Oow Mor Tine 5-2 32 cm . cuB a ab Bb To Code # @@ & —) that when Tmnot with yoo 1 ose my mind. Give me 8 Sgn p = Fm Ggus G Abmaj7 orp 33 Bh = Pa tec you should -a1 have that my fone - i - ness Em BE & ‘that you will be here Baby Ore re Tina 8-4 D.S.Ral Coda EWG Fm NC. i Hite, ba-by, one more ime, ‘a and give me a sign © Coda pn G cm aE ar Gyp Ab iat my lone ~ ness that you will be here Bb Eb Em & cm aby Ope Moe Tine 8-5 Hit me, ba-by, one more time, 35 BACK AT ONE Words and Music by Slowly J=72 BRIAN McKNIGHT Verse: BO) Ghm7 inl a 1.Wsun-de-ni = avble that we should be____to- geth - er. 2s so in-cred - i-ble, the way things work them-selves__ out, that Td fall nev - er. Ws un be-liev - able how I used to say. it's alla ~ bout, hey. And all e-mo - tion-al, once you know what Bo) The ba-sis is need. If you don't know just how I feel, And.un - de-sir for us to_be—_a- part BeckALOne-5 +1 (© 1999 UNWVERSAL -POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING, INC. and CANCELLED LUNCH MUSIC [At Rights tr CANCELLED LUNCH MUSIC Admnstored by UNIVERSAL - POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING, NC ‘AFIS Reserved 36 Amaj7 EONGE let me show you now____ that. 'm_— for re nev - er would have made it’ very far, i “eause you Amaj7 BOGE all things____ in time,__ time will___re - veal__ know you've got the keys to____my heart Gin? Fhsus just wan-na_be £0) Cha E FA i ii q air, i’splain 10 see that you're the on - ly one for me And BeckAtOne-5-2 PL Gtm7 Fisus 37 i fig four, _re-peat steps one through three. Five, makeyou fall in love with me. Eo) in Choa then Til st 12, E. i Sy then I'll start back ‘at one.. Bridge: — farewell to the dark ofnight; I see the com ing of the sun BeckAtone-5-3 38 Gtsus Girt) feel like a__ lit - te child whose life_____ has. just___be - gun,__ came and breathed new__ life in - to. this lone ly heart__ of mine. ne ES Dmi/GG/B iin tar Chae threw out___the life - line, just Sa it is - yourelike a dream come true, justwan-na be with you. Back A One- 5-4 39 girl Wsplain to see that youre the on me And c Am? Gaus four, repeat steps one through three. Five, make you fall in love ev - er L__be-lieve___ my work is. done__ then IM start ¢ F Ami Dmil DaG — Amaj9 fe yg Back At One-5-5 BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME (Theme from “Up Close & Personal”) Words and Music by Perse DIANE WARREN times you stood by me, for al the wings and made me fly. you touched my f Ge Bim7 that you made me see, for all___ the joy you brought to. my Wife, for all___ the 1 could touch the sky. Tost. my faith you gave it back tome. You ssid no Abus Fm? wrong that you made righ for ev = ery dream you made come true. for all___the Mar was out of reach, you stood by me and I. stood tall Thad your a Gbansj7 Ebmvab love 1 found in you l= be for ev = et Tove, I had ie all 'm gate - ful foreach che Bom? May ~ he I dont know — that much, but 1 know this much is true Gbm7 Ebmvab f the one who saw. me through, through it all. was blessed. be - cause Twas loved by you f You were my % Chorus: Di @ ‘ ff strength when I was weak, you were. my voice when I could-n't speak, You were. my t : You're the one who held me up, 7 pov er let___me fall,__ cause You Loved Ma 5-2 Bbm? Ab eyes when I could-n't see, Em? Ghmaj9 Comaj? i up when 1 could- nt reach. faith ‘coz you be- lieved. ev-ery-thing.. Tam be- cause you loved. me. 2¥ou gave me anes Bim? ‘You were al» ways there_forme, the ten- der wind that ear - ried me, A. Deca You Loved Ma 63 43 EA Bb? shin- ing. your love my in - spi-ra-tion,_____ through the ties. you. were the truth, Biggs i. DS.% al Coda world is 8 bet - ter place be cause— of you coda Pb Frt/Bb EL itd strength when I was wesk, you were my Because You Loved le -8-4 voice when I could-nt speak. You were my eyes. when I could-nt see, Bbsus Gm best there was Wit-ed_ me up when I could. a reach, Abmal9 F/B tH faith ‘cor you be = lieved FmtBb Eb ev-ery- thing. I am be cause__ you f Beonvee You Loved Me 8-5 you saw the BREATHE Words and Music by HOLLY LAMAR and STEPHANIE BENTLEY Slowly J = 60 Verse I: Am7 G/B C9) G/B xO OG Ko xo 9 % xO A een meme mn een nn —,_— ee ae ee i $f md pf ee — nl Breathe - 5-1 © 1999 Universal - Songs of PolyGram International, Inc./Hopechest Music/Cal IV Songs Ail Rights for Hopechest Music Controlled by Universal - Songs of PolyGram International, Inc. Ail Rights for Cal iV Songs Centro) fed by Cal IV Entertainment, tne. Ie meee a Ea pamper gy meer ———| Ce 5 ee ee, OOS ee ——— e 65 ee nev-er been this swept 2, All my thoughts just seem to set - tle on 3.In a way, I know my heart_ is wak wrapped_. up in your__ walis..... come tom - blin’ when [’'m ly - in alt the FE oe ae Eee ot Se Pe The whole world Clos-er than just fades a - way, the on I've ev - er felt___ be - fore Breathe -5-2 Am7 D D7 77 ogc. Eo xo road & ~ os a = that the way D7sus a it I i 4 | Am? the mag I can feel G/B G/B ee a ll | | gets me that with you__ be - ing. Breathe - 5-5 50 BUTTERFLY KISSES Words and Music b BOB GARLISLE and RANDY THOMAS Slowly and tenderly J=84 cay c S84 Cc Cais4 € Agis4 FIG c{9) 1. There’s SG Verses 1 & 4: Am7 Cc Am? SSS SS SSS two things I know for sure:__ she was sent here from heavy - en, and she's 3. She'll change her name to - day. She'll make a prom- ise, and J'll zZ z ee @« # ww) eo oe es Butterfly Kisses - 7-1 © 1996 Diacem Music Publishing (SESAC) (Admin. by Benson Music Group, inc.) a Universal - PolyGram Intemational Publishing, Inc. “ All Rights Reserved Used by Permission 51 ¢ Dm7 C/E F§ G7sus G7 dad-dy’s lit - tle girl___ drop to my knees. by her bed i her_ a- way__ Stand-ing in the bride room just —— eres as re i | LE i~s = gf & 88 8 8 she talks to Je - sus. and I close my eyes. And I thank God for all of the asked me what I’m think - ing. and I said, “I’m not sure. I just feel like Fm los - ingmy or a ee most of all___ for o - ver__ and gave me [re | > TF but - ter - fly___ kiss - es__ af - ter bed - time prayer__ stick - in’ but - ter - fly__ kiss - ¢s__ with her ma - ma there,__ stick - in* Buttertly Kisses - 7 - 2 be - side__ down_ “Walk me “Walk I sure “Dad - dy, don't. looks look the cake_ wed - ding gown. know an to de-serve to de-serve her right___. right___ some- thing some- thing 1 must have done i must have done wrong... wrong. that ['ve__ done that I've__ done all all Butterfly Kisses «7-3 2. Sweet six teen__ One part wom Dm? i F (9) e a “~ GiB a eS qj f . = Pk Nr a —— SS cae 4 ae ing her wings_ out Buttertly Kisses - 7-4 PYS7ITI flow hit - tle white. ine stick i os a Es a £ a bed- time f-ter al kiss - es. but-ter-fly__ “You know how much. Oh. with time.” — this the cheek you on_ kiss_ na on- ly gen - Buttertly Kisses - 7-5 BJA G18 +e cot all that I've_. done wrong,_ 1 must have done some - thing right. to de-serve her Gisus 2 ey Pele i ev- TY mom - ing but- ter- fly kiss - es Bridge: oo 2 3 eb Dm 1 st i _ se a © f eo | Oh likethe wind, the years. go_ by. - time. ) (Pre - cious but- ter - ' a i ° se =e Eb Dm? F/A G DS. Sal Coda wings and fly.) spread your Se dim, Butlerlly Kisses - 7-6 ou FO) Gigus FOVA LE a tt _ ev- ‘ry hug in the mom -— ing and but-ter- fly kiss - es. = =— rs o * . a bd o * Sreely = = a tempo Cas c, Gia G7sus (9) rit. e dim. Butterfly Kisses - 7-7 The Dance-3-1 THE DANCE Words and Music by Stowly 1 = 68 TONY ARATA Ne, PR 2 with Pedal Verse GG ac G DIG (GG fon the mem. T held ev with all the stars _ wasn't 1 al the world. how the king] (© 1089 MORGANACTIVE SONGS, NC. and EMH APRIL MUSIC INO, ‘oe MORGAN NSIC GROUP "At Rigrs Posorves 58 c D wwas— sight How could 1 have known that you'd ev ~ er ‘would. fall. Hey, who's[— to say? Youknow 1 might — Chorus: m DIF; E FE c = — say good - bye?___ i | Shave changed .it all Him gist ld, D Bm? c D —~ | the way ic all would end, the way it all_woutd go. Our. fives c Bo? | are better left to chance, could have missed the pain, but Td have had. to miss Ts c D G cae 6G pocGS os 2, Holé-ing- you, ™P ‘The Daca 9-2 Yes, . my life it's beter left 10 —chanee, could have missed the pai Bri? but I'd have had_ to miss ——_ | dance. tempo ———___— Dsus D gear) Em) Repeat ad lib, and fade Tre Oane9-3-3 BYE BYE BYE Words and Music by KRISTIAN LUNDIN, JAKE and ANDREAS CARLSSON Moderately slow J = 86 Gim FL ES Verse: 1. Pm dosing this to - night. You're prob-"bly gon -na start a fight, I _knowthis can't be > 2 Just hit mewiththe truth, Now, girl, you're more than wel-come $0, give me one good yo Bya Bye -4-1 (©2200 Z0MBA MUSIC PURLISHERS LTO, (AI Fights Acninseed ty ZOVBA ENTERPRISES INC. fre U.S.A ond Can "A ign Reserves =) cls Es FAS 61 Ae i 1 loved you end-less - when you were therefor 1 live for you and and now I yeal-ly come to So, now its time to leave ands make Ha that life would be much bet. ter conceyou're take no more. Itaint no le wan-na see you out that door. Ba-by.bye, bye, bye. tye, emtwatena Gea (6oT Toryou just an-oth-er play-er in yourgame for two. re. > ‘bye Bye Bye-4-2 BE De Stn Youmayhateme, but it ain no lie. Ba-by.bye, bye, bye Bye, bye > > Tdon'treally war-na make it tough ss ses geez 1 just Wan-ne tell you that [ had © - nough_ At might sound era - zy, but it ain'nolic, Baby.bye.bye, bye. Vm giv-ing up, 1 know for” sure. 1 don’t wan-na be the rea-son for your love no more. Bye, > Bye Bye ye 4-3 Tm chedking out, Pm sign - ing bye. > ss Bridge: pir Gin = (Bye, bye) Bye Bye Bye td py DS.%alCoda — Coda nde = nough, and it aint no lie, Bye,bye. off Tdon wan-na be the los-er and T'e had © - nough.. be your fool_ Tdontwan-na make it tough, but 1 (Bye,bye, bye) (Makeit tough.) ss ss e cas ain't nolie, Bye, bye, Bye.. ye, bye > 3 CAT’S IN THE CRADLE Words and Music by HARRY CHAPIN and SANDY CHAPIN Moderately, with a 2 feel EAS: tah Verses 1 & 2: Eb Gs AS aa fe = = = child ar - rived just the | oth - er day: came 10 the world inthe son turned en just the | oth - er day “Thanks for the ball, Dad. Come us sual way. But there were |planes 10) and | bills 10 pay.— on, let's play. Can_you | teachme to said, Not to = day.—sTogot_ a Catsinine Cadie-8-1 1974 STORY SONGS, LTO. ‘ngs Aammstred by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘A ighs Reserved 65 Ab B De DWC ee a ie ay e He learned to walk while 1 | was a- way. ‘And he was | talk-in' “for 1 knew it And Tot to do” He st |, | That's 0 - kay." And he walkeda-way, but his Bom? Bbmv/Ab Gs Bbw Eb & i i i i FP ey as he grew he'd say, [I'm gon-na be ike you, smile nev - er dimmed. It said, “I'm gon - na be like him, know I'm gon - 5% Chorus: e =e the cra-dle and the | sil - ver spoon, Tittle boy blue and the —man_| caren me craca-6-2 Db & i Es Pr P P vine you cumin nome, $22” or |e tzow when To Codall @® { \ To Coda @ G Bir EF co Bh iy ae Ea fi me == = oS SS ZH 2 P oe ’ F Son, 7 we'll get to-geth-er then} yeah. You | know we'll have a good time Dad. 7 = v * v Eb EAS. 3. Well, he Catsinne Cnce-6-3 Verse 3: a Eb o Ab = By & r P lege just the | oth - er day, much lke a man just Eb oe Ee ee “Son, I'm |proud of you. Can you | sit for a while?”_ Ab EL ae Ea r t S shook his head and he | said with a smile, “What'd | real - ly like, Bhm7 Bbmv/Ab c Bom Eb g Be i Hoa D.S.%8 at Coda 1 A ia bor-row the car keys. See you lat-er.Can I | have them, please?” © Codat py co Dy Bh Eb Cateinthe Crna 6-4 Eb ce Ab i ae Jong since re - tired, my | son's : 1 called him up just the by eS Ee Ee) other day. 1 said,1'd | like to see you if | you don't mind.”_ He said, “I'd bb DwC Bim? Bim/Ab Go Biv a has-sle and the | kids have the flu, but it's | sure nice hk in’ 10 ‘arsine Case-6-5 B on BomvF ES i fi 2 Ei (ye Ws been | sure nice talkin’ two | you.” = pF Db DWC Bbm7 Bbmvab Gh Bbm/F @ a Fy Fi & bung up the phone - he'd | grown up just like mp EIS G Bbw Eb rey fa a ca DS.% al Coda tt S boy was just like | me. And the mf = ? F 9 coda Ee f Gf fp fe (ye Dad. we're | gonna ave a good time | then.” Catsinine Cada -8-6 70 CHANGE THE WORLD Words and Music by TOMMY SIMS, GORDON KENNEDY Moderately slow = 96 and WAYNE KIRKPATRICK E Fim? G6 Fim? E aE a GE fe E ANE ETB AE OE re Ee BY fr 1. If Tcould reach the stars, Fd pull one down for you, 2.If Tcould be akin e-ven for a day, ae = En AE, ee shine it on my heart so you could see the truth, T'd take you as my queen. Tdhave it nooth-er way. (Change the Word 4-1 me = © 1996 Universal -MCA Muse Publishing, A Dvision of Univeral Sus, Ie ‘Universal - PolyGram nteratonal Pubic, Ie. Sondance Ki Musi, 'BMG Songs, nc end Careers BMG Muse Publshing, in. ‘AV ight for Sonaenee Kd Mane Cotaled snd Admini by ‘Universal - PolyGram rtmatonel Pub. ne "Al Fights Reserved n al. DA ama DA a7 if i ay es that this love Thave in - side is ev ery-thing it seems. And our love would rule — in this king-dom we had made. be ae ee EB Se Bur fornow, 1 find it's on = ly in my dears that 1 ean Tillthen il be a fool — that Land % Chorus Fam? cg Cem = = change the world. Twould be_ the sun-light in your _u - ni-verse.— Fe € e To Coda © Dim705) Ga Cm? Cm? Bm EG 2 2 & & =| ‘You would think. my love was real-ly some - thing_ good, ba - by. L e F Change the Wodd= 4-2 T Gaim? B7sus/Ft —. dao _ 2. Gdim? Brug Bm = Gdim7 BYsusF4 s Fim? G6 o— o Fin? E Fim? 66 pe af ‘Orange the Werid-4-3 Fim? Gi? B DS. al Coda 1 could ose — ZS Gdim7 oman BisugFr BIsusFt ® Coda A BG: a a — change. —3— yes Gdim7 Go 5 change. —3— 4 E_ Fem? 6. Bo (Change the Word 4-4 14 DESPERADO Words and Music by DON HENLEY and GLENN FREY Slowly Gc or c cms ° Em 000 >000 9 a x900 9 G00 c cmé S Em? come to your sens - es? You been ou rid = in’ fenc = es for Despeadc 6-1 (© 1973 WOODY CREEX MUSIC and AED CLOUD MUSIC ‘AIFighs Rocered be Doepeaco hurt you some-how, sat you if she's a- ble, these things mat are pleas - in you Don't you draw the queen_ of dia - monds,. boy, she'll a you know the queen of hearts_ is al - ways your best bet.— 3 Am7/D D D7 G Dm7/G oO al Em, 2 és S 900 ee ep el gettin no young = er, your pain and your tun = 3 espera 6-3 driv - in’ you home. dom, well, that's Just ~ in" through this oy, 8? c Bm7 a = iB 3 world all alone. Don't your feet get cold in the win-tertime?__ G. pyrt Em c fi fe won't snow and the sun_won't shine, it’s hard to tell the night - time from the Desperado +8 -4 B ae) c % pyr Bg, Bn? a 6H, at You're los in‘ all_ your highsand tows.__ Ain't it Desperaco 6-5 SS = Az D7 SG. Dm7 0.9 3 3 pee 3 HEE ti © pen the gate.— Ie may be ran - in’, 3 c cmé Go B7/ER Em, : i oF Boo You bet-ter let some-bod-y love you, go BI/DE Em, if you better let some-bod-y love. you Am7/D a fore it's too, Desperado 6-6 80 DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA aries by From the Opera “EVITA” isto gy % ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Sorly Verse a 1 Ttwon't be ea-sy, you'll think ye nf quasi harp Gre try to ex-plain howl feel, 1 still need your love — all that I've done: You won't be = All you will see pe 7 He He sixes and se-venswith irl youonce knew Al-though she's dressed up to the nines Dont Gry tor Me Argentina 4-1 ror Me ep (21078, 1077 Evia music Aum trina i ard Senate Cone and intra “argh Recoved 2. Thad to let it hap-pen, I had to changes 3. And as for for-tune, andas for fame; fe sue 2%, He # 7 stay all my life down at heel Look-ing out of the window, stay-ing out of the sun. nev- er in- vi- ted them Though it seemed to the world they were all I de-sired, s ¢ a fee Aa if So 1 chose free - dom Run-ning a-round try- ing ev - ‘ry-thingnew, — but Theyare il - tu = sions They'renot the so- lu = tions they prom-ised to be, the —T s pie ore v7 ¢ i el no-thing im-pressed me at all, nev-er ex-pect-ed it to, an-swer was here all the time, love you,and hope you love me. ost Cay to Me Argentina 82 Refrain ——S Allthrough my wild days,——_ fe eae ———— don’t keep your Have I said too much? There's. noth ing more I can think of P colla voce Dont ry or Ma Argaatina = 4-9 Em? Fai? But all youhave to do is look at me to know that ev "ty = Solo - Grandioso | ff tempo main Seif 06 fade 9) nai maid ERS fa a ‘ott ry or Mo Argentine 4-4 EVERGREEN Love Theme from “A Star Is Born” Words by Music by PAUL WILLIAMS BARBRA STREISAND Moderately, with feeling ote Bm/A tHe: with pedal throughout Bm/A soft as an eas - y 34 a (© 1976, 1985 FIRST ARTISTS MUSIC CO, EMANUEL MUSIC CORP. and WE MUSIC CORP. "A Rights Aamir by WE MUSIC CORP, ‘A Pgs oserves| fresh as the morn -ing alt= ap AP a Oe Fim cin? ra _ fea love that is shared by two, Bois Evergoan 6-2 86 Bmt De Es fe al - ways cer ~ tain Nore would grOW Love, 8 SF == re | = chm? aR I age-less and Gus Ss Dmaj7 Ga AZ Evergreen 8-3 Dmaj7 ° a7 Cm? at will make each night @ first, ” AnD —— Ss) Dmaj7 2 E/D a be st. 4 3 chm? GA of”? 4h po”. ees ~ gin ~ nings 1 ‘They warm and ex - cite. us = 3 la un-re- hearsed. af 2 3 DE LA “cause wehave the bright - est 3 2 = — 8 Amaj7 Gmai7/a Soa ‘0000 two lights that shine — i Bm? DE A prot Fhm Time,__________ we've learned. to —_ <=, ee | a ae 3h time won't change the Oi-— 2 es Evergreen 6-5 89 Dmnimay?) A a9) age-less and al Any A Bb/A Ba cis B BA Bhs A Tin, SO DON’T SPEAK Moderatel; cn Words and Music by Rr ERIC STEFANI and GWEN STEFANI Gm Fm Bb Gm a 8 & a We used 0 be =e everyday twegeth = er, Fm Bb cm Gm Bb EB S B & SF T really fee}___ thar Tm los. ing my best. friend. Gm cm Fm Bb Gm Be, =" Es 2 @ Ede can't be-lieve as though - we die, ort pea 5-4 (© 1066 Unieral- MCA Mase Publsing, ne. a Dison of Universal Sus, Ine. "an Kroc Your Ot Wine AI Figs Administra by Univeral" MCA Mande Publating, Ine, & Dukon of Unreal Stu, ne, “At Pigs Hocorved Fm Be Bb 1 E> BR BS — Tet - ting go, and if it's real, well, T____ don’t want_ to know. . _ you and I, with myhead in my hands 1 sit and ery, Fm Bom fo ) | | Don't speak, just what youre say = Eb a Bbm o : & = B = sO please stop_ ex - plain Don’t tell me ‘cause. it hurts. - Fm Bbm? C7, Fm Bom B RB x B & 1 know what. you're think - Dom: Speak 5-2 eb Bbm C1 B # Tocodn fo Don't tell me ‘cause. it hurts. DS. al Coda Bb & Gm Fm Bb Gm Fm = & & ge g + er might ~ y fright = “ning. Em Db AbIC copa g R =o Dont Speak 5-3 co GbiBb A A(bSyDE Ab 93 es « & = sop pre-tend - ing who we a = gE & Play 3 times Instrumental solo cm Fm cm Gm = &” B @ Solo ends You and me, Dont Speak 5-4 94 Fm Bom eb oJ 1 know. just what you're say - ing, 50 please stop ex - plain- Bbm ca Fm Bbm? cr, i Don't tell me ‘cause it hurts, — cr = Es a a what youre think = ing. and [don't need. your rea - Repeat and Fade Bbm 7 Fm Bbm R = a Sa 8 Don't tell me "cause — Don’t tell me ‘causes it hurts, oot Soxak-§-5

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